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基隆市靴脚陆龟咸水泥彩龟安哥洛卡象龟凹甲陆龟红腿象龟价格怎么养蛇颈龟买一只多少钱“NANNY”, “tyrant”—these were among the charges hurled at Michael Bloomberg, New York’s mayor, when he proposed a ban on big fizzy-drink bottles last May. The billionaire shrugged and pushed forward. However even Mr Bloomberg must heed a court order. The American Beverage Association, which represents Coca-Cola and other soda companies, has sued. Mr Bloomberg’s ban is due to start on March 12th, but a judge may intervene.去年五月,纽约市长迈克尔﹒布隆伯格提出要全面取缔大瓶汽水的销售后,“奶妈”“暴君”——人们对市长的指责接踵而至,甚嚣尘上。然而这位亿万富翁却不以为然,执意要将禁令进行到底。作为可口可乐等一众汽水公司的利益代表人,美国饮料协会将布隆伯格告上了法庭,面对法庭指令,市长不可掉以轻心。他的禁令将于3月12日生效,不过法院届时可能会进行干预。Three years after Michelle Obama launched her Let’s Move! campaign, the fight against childhood obesity faces a tactical problem. Recent years have seen dipping obesity rates in a few places, including New York, Mississippi and Philadelphia. But 17% of American children are still obese. The question is how to speed up progress. Further bans look increasingly unlikely.距离美国第一夫人米歇尔﹒奥巴马发起“动起来!”运动已过去三年,如今应对儿童肥胖的斗争却陷入了策略上的泥淖。近些年,包括纽约,密西西比和费城在内的许多地区,肥胖率都在直线下降。但仍有17%的美国儿童过于肥胖。问题在于如何推动减肥运动的发展。颁布禁令的做法显得愈发不可靠。Voluntary programmes remain politically much easier. Mrs Obama has exhorted firms to take action. Many companies have. On March 6th the Partnership for a Healthier America, a business group, published a report praising its members for putting more grocers in poor areas and healthier foods at restaurants. Sixteen food and beverage companies have promised to slash a combined 1.5 trillion calories from their products by 2015. Their first progress report is due in June. The long-term effect of these efforts may be slim. For example, even if the food and drink firms keep their promise, they would cut just 14 calories from the average American’s daily diet.志愿项目依旧能获得政策上的持。米歇尔敦促各企业采取行动。许多公司也积极响应,身体力行。3月6号,在集团企业“健康美国伙伴”发布的报告中,就对其下属公司在贫困地区增设杂货店,为餐厅提供健康食品的举措予以赞扬。16家食品和饮料公司承诺在2015年前减少全部产品1.5万亿的卡路里值。它们的进度报告将于六月出炉。然而,所有的努力都禁不起长远的推敲。例如,即使食品和饮料公司遵守诺言,美国人均日常饮食的热量也只能降低14卡路里。Regulations might bring bigger change, but recent years suggest that such rules will come slowly, if at all. Congress did pass a law requiring healthier school lunches, though its effects are limited. Other attempts at national regulation have stalled. Four federal agencies studied voluntary guidelines to limit junk-food advertisements to children. Under pressure from Congress, the agencies dropped the effort. Obamacare requires that all restaurants and cinemas post the number of calories in their foods. The Food and Drug Administration proposed a rule for s in 2011, but has yet to finalise the regulation.立法是较为行之有效的办法,但近几年的实践表明,规定的制定周期十分漫长。国会也确实出台过要求学校改善伙食质量的相关法律,然而收效却微乎其微。其他试图制定全国法规的努力均以失败告终。四所联邦政府机构通过对援项目指导方针的研究,提出限制垃圾食品广告播放时间的构想,但迫于国会压力,不得不半途而废。奥巴马医改计划要求所有的餐厅和影院都必须在提供的食品上标注卡路里含量。尽管2011年的时候,食品和药品提出制定一项有关菜单的法规,但至今都没能如愿以偿。Cities and states are more likely to act than Congress (hardly a high bar), but they face their own challenges. Last year the beverage lobby spent more than .8m to defeat a soda tax in the small city of Richmond, California. Even Mr Bloomberg, the anti-obesity crusade’s most fervent warrior, can only do so much.比起国会(并非障碍),城市和各州更愿意改变,但是挑战无处不在。去年,位于加利福尼亚州的小城里士满欲向苏打汽水征税,当地持饮料业的游说团体斥资280万将其扼杀在襁褓之中。即便是反肥胖运动最忠诚的斗士——隆伯格市长也黔驴技穷。He and his health commissioner, Thomas Farley, have aly improved school lunches, installed bike lanes and paid for revolting posters that show soda turning to fat. Their efforts seem to be working. From 2003 to 2011 obesity rates among poor four-year-olds dropped from 20% to 17% (see chart). Obesity rates in older children dropped 5.5% from 2006 to 2011, though mostly among richer ones.他和他的卫生专员,托马斯﹒法利,改善了学校的伙食,增添了自行车道并且制作了令人厌恶的海报以展示汽水如何转变为脂肪。他们的努力卓有成效。从2003年至2011年,4岁贫困儿童的肥胖率由20%降至17%(见图表)。大龄儿童的肥胖率也在2006年至2011年间降低了5.5%,尽管以富裕家庭为主。Mr Bloomberg wants to do more. But New York state rebuffed his bid for a statewide soda tax. Federal regulators rejected his attempt to ban the purchase of soda with food stamps. Now his size limit may be scrapped in court. Other cities are watching closely. If it can fail in New York, it will fail anywhere.布隆伯格志在千里。他希望在全州范围内征收汽水税,却遭到了纽约州政府的反对。他试图禁止贫困者用政府发放的食物券购买汽水,却遭到了联邦监管机构的拒绝。法院现在很可能否决他禁售大瓶汽水的决议。其他城市对此热切关注。因为成也纽约,败也纽约。 /201303/229128廉江市马来闭壳龟长身蛇颈龟东部箱龟棱背泥龟缅甸孔雀龟百色闭壳龟价格怎么养 Chinese students and parents are demanding an apology from US Vice-President Joe Biden for ;insensitive; comments, weeks after he referred to China as the nation that cannot “think different” or “breathe free” during a commencement speech at the University of Pennsylvania.5月13日,美国副总统乔·拜登在美国宾夕法尼亚大学毕业典礼上发表演说,称中国是不能“自由思考”或“自由呼吸”的国度,这样的言论引起了在场中国学生和家长的不满,要求其进行道歉。“I believe Biden should apologise over his inappropriate comments made at my commencement in the face of at least hundreds of Chinese people,” Zhang Tianpu, a graduating Wharton senior and Chinese citizen, told the South China Morning Post on Wednesday.宾夕法尼亚大学沃顿商学院毕业班的中国学生张天璞周三对香港《南华早报》表示,“我认为拜登应该为他的不恰当道歉,当时毕业典礼上至少有数百名中国人。”“It was a humiliating experience,” he said. “And how can a graduation speech be this political?”“这是一次羞辱的经历,一场毕业演说为何会变得这么政治化?”Zhang and his peers have aly drafted a letter to Biden demanding an official apology. The letter has 343 signatures as of Wednesday and will be sent to the university’s president before reaching Biden#39;s desk. Requests for comment from Biden#39;s office have not been returned.张天璞和他的同学已经起草一封信,要求拜登做出正式道歉。到22日为止已有343人签名,信件将先被呈递给该校校长,然后转交到拜登办公室。拜登办公室暂未就此事做出答复。Biden’s comments, which were called ;inappropriate;, hugely disappointed the Chinese in his audience. They were delivered in the middle of his May 13 speech, reported by the Guardian as “by far the funniest of the recent commencement addresses”.拜登在5月13日的毕业典礼上的“不当言论” 让在场的中国听众非常失望。而正是这场演说,被英国《卫报》评为“目前为止近来最有趣的毕业典礼演说”。But not everyone appreciated his jokes. Touching on the concern that “the Chinese are going to eat our lunch”, Biden assured his audience that they had nothing to fear.但不是所有的人都欣赏他的玩笑话。在谈到对“中国会吃掉我们的午餐”的担忧时,拜登向他的听众保,没有什么值得害怕的。“Their problems are immense, and they lack much of what we have,” he said, citing America’s universities, its “open and fair legal” system, vibrant venture capital markets and innovative minds.“中国的问题很多,他们缺少我们所拥有的很多东西”,拜登引用美国的大学举例说,如“开放和公平” 的法律体系、充满活力的风险资本市场以及创新思维。The key to all these, Biden argued, was the ability to “think different”, in a reference to Steve Jobs#39; slogan for Apple.拜登说道,这些的关键是“自由思想”的能力,这里他提到的是史蒂夫·乔布斯为苹果公司设计的口号(“不同凡响”)。“You cannot think different in a nation where you cannot breathe free; you cannot think different in a nation where you aren’t able to challenge orthodoxy, because change only comes from challenging orthodoxy.”“在无法自由呼吸的国家,你无法自由思考;在无法挑战正统观念的国家,你无法自由思考,因为改变只能来源于挑战正统”。To which Zhang argued: “Come on, my ancestors were challenging orthodoxy even before his ancestors got to America.”对此张反驳说:“拜托,我们的祖先在他的祖先到美洲之前就开始挑战正统观念了。” /201305/241303上蔡县马来闭壳龟长身蛇颈龟东部箱龟棱背泥龟缅甸孔雀龟百色闭壳龟价格怎么养

呼和浩特市靴脚陆龟咸水泥彩龟安哥洛卡象龟凹甲陆龟红腿象龟价格怎么养汝南县印度星龟密西西比红耳龟黄头侧颈龟东部网目鸡龟价格怎么养 鹤峰县佛州甜甜圈龟辐射陆龟齿缘龟三线闭壳龟真鳄龟蛇颈龟价格怎么养

南开区苏卡达象龟地龟刺山龟麝香龟欧洲陆龟日本石龟哈米顿氏龟价格怎么养Brisk walking reduces the risk of heart disease more effectively than running when the energy expenditure of both activities is balanced out, a study has found.一项研究发现,当二者的能量消耗平衡时,快走比跑步更有效地降低了患心脏病的风险。Researchers compared data from two studies of 33,060 runners and 15,045 walkers. For the same amount of energy used, walkers experienced greater health benefits than runners.研究人员比较了来自33060多名跑步者和15045名步行者的两份研究数据。对于相同的能量消耗,步行者比跑步者获益更多健康。The effects on participants, who were aged 18 to 80, were observed over a period of six years.对18至80岁的参与者的影响用了六年时间来观察。Running reduced the risk of heart disease by 4.5% while walking reduced it by 9.3%.跑步降低了4.5%的患心脏病风险,而散步降低了9.3%。walking also had a stronger impact on heart disease risk factors. The risk of first-time high blood pressure was reduced by 4.2% by running and 7.2% by walking.走路对心脏病的风险因素也有较强影响。跑步时首次高血压的风险降低了4.2%,散步时则降低了7.2%。First-time high cholesterol risk was lowered by 4.3% by running and 7% by walking.跑步时首次高胆固醇的风险被降低了4.3%,散步时降低了7%。The risk of first-time diabetes was reduced by about 12% by both walking and running.首次患糖尿病的风险通过跑步和散步都降低了约12%。;Walking and running provide an ideal test of the health benefits of moderate-intensity walking and vigorous-intensity running because they involve the same muscle groups and the same activities performed at different intensities,; said study leader Dr Paul Williams, from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California.“散步和跑步为中等强度的散步和高强度的跑步的健康益处提供了一个理想的测试,因为它们涉及相同的肌肉群以及不同强度的相同运动,” 来自加州的劳伦斯伯克利国家实验室研究组长保罗威廉姆斯士说。;The more the runners ran, and the walkers walked, the better off they were in health benefits. If the amount of energy expended was the same between the two groups, then the health benefits were comparable.”“跑步者和步行者运动得越多,他们健康受益越多。如果两组的能量消耗相同,那么健康受益是可比较的。”;People are always looking for an excuse not to exercise but now they have a straightforward choice to run or to walk and invest in their future health.;“人们总是在找借口不去锻炼,但现在他们有一个跑步或走路的直接选择,从而投资他们的未来健康。”The research is reported in the American Heart Association journal Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology.这项研究结果已经发表在美国心脏协会杂志《动脉硬化、血栓和血管生物学》上。 /201304/233440 富翁vs美女征婚派对将在上海登场Matchmaking party targets millionairesA matchmaking party organized by www.915915.com.cn will be held on November 25. Amatchmakingparty aimed at pairing up millionaire men with beautiful women will be held on a ship on Shanghai's Huangpu River on November 25.All of the male participants must have assets worth at least 2 million yuan (US0,000), and all the women must be good-looking and desirable, said Xu Tianli, the event's organizer and the owner of www.915915.com.cn, a matchmaking website."Actually, half of the men who registered for the event have more than 200 million yuan (US million) worth of assets," Xu said."They have all come here in search of a serious relationship."More than 20 men have signed up to take part in the event.Xu said his website provided matchmaking services only to the country's elite. He said that at least 3,000 millionaires throughout the country have signed up as members."Rich men are normally very busy, and most of the women they meet are there for work or business, which these men consider to be unsuitable for relationships," Xu said."Every man has certain criteria for his future wife. What these rich men want is a woman who is a bit more than normal," he added.One of the millionaires taking part, who identified himself only by his surname Sun, said he is looking for a woman who is good looking and has a nice personality. Sun, 34, said he had more than 4 million yuan (US0,000) and owned a logistics business."Appearance is most important to me, and I don't want to a woman who only wants to marry me for money," he said.The website has selected nearly 30 out of the more than 1,000 female applicants who applied to take part in the cruise.Xu said that some millionaire women had also entered the event. 一场富翁vs美女的征婚派对将于本月25日在上海黄浦江的一艘游船上举行。据这个活动的组织者、钻石王老五征婚网的总裁徐天力介绍,参加此次活动的男嘉宾必须拥有价值至少200万元人民币的资产,而女嘉宾则必须漂亮迷人。徐总说:"实际上,报名的男嘉宾中有一半人的资产都在200万以上。"“他们都想在这找到一个真正的爱人。”目前已有20多位富翁报了名。徐总说,钻石王老五征婚网主要为社会精英提供征婚务。目前全国至少有3000位单身富翁注册了网站的会员。他说:“有钱人通常都很忙,他们觉得在工作中或生意场上的遇到的女性大多不适合做伴侣。”“每个男人都有自己的择偶标准。这些富翁比较青睐特别一点的女性。”其中有一位姓孙的富翁说,他想找一位长的漂亮、性格温柔的女性。这位孙先生今年34岁,是一家物流公司的老板,个人资产超过400万元人民币。他说:“对方的相貌是我最看重的。我也不想找一个为了钱而愿意嫁给我的女性。”钻石王老五征婚网从1000位报名的女性中挑选出了近30位参加这个活动。徐总说,入选者中还有一些女富翁。 Vocabulary:matchmaking:做媒 /200803/32941天全县马来闭壳龟长身蛇颈龟东部箱龟棱背泥龟缅甸孔雀龟百色闭壳龟价格怎么养定陶县马来食螺龟云南闭壳龟马来西亚巨龟豹斑象龟黄额盒龟价格怎么养



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