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unit 552加普通汽油(2)dialogue 英语情景对话A:Fill it up with premium, please.A:请加满高级油。B:Sure. Should I check your radiator?B:好的。要我检查一下散热器吗?A:No, thats OK. How much do I owe you?A:不用了,这样就可以了。多少钱?B:Thats be¥150.B:150元。 /201609/464282。

unit 17找公园dialogue英语情景对话A:Excuse me, can you tell me where central Park Street is?A:对不起,请问中央公园大街在哪儿?B:Turn right at the third light and then go straight for two blocks.B:第三个红绿灯处右转,一直走,过两个街区。A:ls it far?A:请问远吗?B:No. lts only a ten-minute walk.B:不远,走IO分钟就到。A:l see. Thanks a lot.A:我明白了,多谢。B:Youre welcome.B:不客气。 /201504/368000。

Akane: Hey, Ruth.茜:嗨,鲁斯。Ruth: Hey, Akane.鲁斯:嗨,茜。Akane: I just came to pick up my plastic container that I lent you the other day.茜:我来拿那天我借给你的塑料容器。Ruth: Oh, right. Well, Ive just washed it actually, so here you go.鲁斯:哦,好的。我刚洗完,给你。Akane: Thanks. So did you like that potato salad I made you?茜:谢谢。你喜欢我给你做的土豆沙拉吗?Ruth: It was really nice. Yeah, it was really nice. Im not sure how you made it, but I enjoyed it.鲁斯:非常美味。真的很美味。不知道你是怎么做的,我非常喜欢。Akane: Yeah, I gave some to Todd as well and he really liked it too.茜:我也给托德拿了一些,他也很喜欢。Ruth: Oh, good, Im glad he liked it. Thats good.鲁斯:哦,很好。我很高兴他喜欢。太好了。Akane: Yeah. I made some stuffed peppers too, but unfortunately theres meat in it, so..茜:是啊。我还做了些青椒焖肉饭,不过很可惜里面放了肉,所以……Ruth: Oh, no. Thats a shame. I would have really liked some of those, too.鲁斯:哦,不。太可惜了。不然我可以吃到的。Akane: Yeah. I gave it to Todd and he really liked it.茜:是啊。我给托德拿了一些,他很喜欢。Ruth: Really.鲁斯:真的吗?Akane: Yeah.茜:是啊。Ruth: Youre such a good cook. I wish I could cook like you can.鲁斯:你做菜的手艺太棒了。我希望我也能像你一样做出美味的食物。Akane: Oh, Im sure theres a few tricks up your sleeve as well.茜:哦,我确定你也有拿手的事情。Ruth: Oh, I dont think so. Ive yet to discover them.鲁斯:哦,我不这么认为。我现在还没发现呢。Akane: So do you want to go out for dinner again this Saturday?茜:这周六还出去吃饭怎么样?Ruth: Oh, that sounds like a really good idea.鲁斯:哦,听起来是个很棒的主意。Akane: Um, last time, last week I think we went to ;Joyful;, right?茜:嗯,上次,上周我们去了Joyful餐厅,对吧?Ruth: Yeah, thats right. We had rice and things like that. Is that right?鲁斯:对,没错。我们吃了米饭之类的食物。对吧?Akane: Mm-hm, and I think I might of had a hamburger, or something like that.茜:嗯,我记得我吃的是汉堡或是类似的食物。Ruth: Oh, yes, you did.鲁斯:哦,对,是这样的。Akane: Yeah.茜:是啊。Ruth: So, where do you think we should go this time?鲁斯:那这次我们去哪吃饭呢?Akane: Uh, I dont know. Do you want to go for sushi again?茜:嗯,我也不知道。你想不想再去吃一次寿司?Ruth: Oh, I really like sushi. Yeah.鲁斯:哦,我非常喜欢寿司。好啊。Akane: Yeah, theres that, that other store, the sushi shop that we havent gone to yet.茜:好的,那就去我们没吃过的那家寿司店。Ruth: Ok, well, we could go there because that would be a nice walk as well. We could walk there and walk back and we could get some exercise at the same time.鲁斯:好,正好我们去那里也可以散散步。我们可以走着去走着回来,这样还能做些运动。Akane: Oh, thats a great idea.茜:哦,这主意太棒了。Ruth: Yeah, and then we wouldnt feel so bad when were greedy.鲁斯:好,这样我们贪吃的时候就不会有罪恶感了。Akane: Hm, for sure.茜:嗯,没错。Ruth: Why dont you go and ask Todd, and find out if he wants to go.鲁斯:为什么不去问问托德呢,看看他是不是也想去。Akane: OK.茜:好的。Ruth: And then well organize it for tomorrow night.鲁斯:那我们明天晚上再商量。Akane: Great idea.茜:好主意。Ruth: Oh, excellent. Oh, and Akane?鲁斯:哦,太好了。对了,茜。Akane: Yeah!茜:什么事?Ruth: You know, if youre making anymore potato salad,..鲁斯:如果你再做土豆沙拉的话……Akane: Mm-hm?茜:怎么了?Ruth: Feel free to bring some around.鲁斯:一定要拿过来一些。Akane: Sure. No problem.茜:当然,没问题。Ruth: Alright. Bye-bye.鲁斯:太好了。再见。 译文属 /201501/353021。

be curious about 对……感到好奇show curiosity about 对……显露出好奇心例句:They were very curious about the people who lived upstairs.他们对住在楼上的人非常好奇。He showed curiosity about her past.他对她的过去显露出好奇心。A:Where will you go? Who will you go with? And when will you come back?你要去哪里?和谁去?什么时候回来?B:Dont be curious about everything.不要对一切都很好奇。A:Im not curious, I just worry about you.我不是好奇,我只是担心你。B:Ill be fine, Mom, really.我会很好的,妈妈,真的。背景音乐:Nouvelle Vague—Blue Monday更多英语资讯欢迎关注微信公众号 SmethilyFM(注意:“S”“FM”均为大写) /201607/455385。

far from it 还早着呢;远非如此例句:A:Can you help me with my English homework? Youre a genius.你可以帮我看一下我的英语作业吗?你是一个天才。B:Far from it, but Ill try to help you. Whats your problem?我离天才还远着呢,不过我会帮助你,你有什么问题?A:We have finished this task successfully.我们已经成功完成了这项任务。B:Far from it, there are still a lot of work to be done here.还早着呢,我们还有很多工作要做。背景音乐:be my forever更多英语资讯欢迎关注微信公众号: SmethilyFM(注意:SFM均为大写) /201605/444484。

Todd: So, Rina, where are you from?托德:丽娜,你来自哪里?Rina: I am from Davidson, Saskatchewan, and its a small town in Saskatchewan, about 1,000 people, and I grew up there.丽娜:我来自萨克其万省戴维森镇,那里是萨克其万省的一个小城镇,人口只有约1000人,我在那里长大。Todd: Now, Saskatchewan, thats a part of Canada that doesnt have a lot of people, right?托德:萨克其万省,那是加拿大的一个省,而且人口不多,对吧?Rina: Theres, in the whole province, theres a million people.丽娜:整个省有一百万人口。Todd: Thats it.托德:对。Rina: In all of Canada there is only 33 million, so yeah.丽娜:加拿大的人口也仅有3300万。Todd: And you only have one?托德:你的家乡只有1百万人?Rina: One. Theres 33 million.丽娜:对。加拿大有3300百万人。Todd: Yeah, actually, is there any major Canadian cities in Saskatchewan?托德:好,萨克其万省有没有重要的加拿大城市?Rina: Well, the capital is Regina. (Really) Yeah, if youve heard of that.丽娜:萨克其万省首府是雷吉纳。(是吗)对,不知道你听说过没有。Todd: No.托德:没听过说。Rina: But I live in, right now my parents live in Saskatoon.丽娜:我生活在……现在我的父母生活在萨斯卡通市。Todd: Oh, OK.托德:哦,好。Rina: And thats, my town is between Regina and Saskatoon, called the midway town.丽娜:我成长的城镇位于雷吉纳和萨斯卡通之间,被称为中间镇。Todd: Whats it like growing up in a very small rural setting?托德:在小乡村长大是什么感觉?Rina: It was awesome. My parents, because they immigrated from Lebanon were very strict with me so I really wasnt allowed to do very much until I was about in grade 11, when my brother was old enough to come with me, but it was, once I was able to start going out and going to dances and things like that I loved it.丽娜:棒极了。因为我父母是从黎巴嫩移民来的,所以他们对我非常严厉,在我上11年级以前他们不允许我做很多事情,我11年级时我哥哥的年纪足以照顾我,所以那时我可以外出,可以去跳舞,去做一些我喜欢的事情。Todd: Oh, really, even in your small town?托德:真的吗?即使在你们的小城镇里?Rina: In my small town, yeah. Cause I had it, I was very close with a lot of, like a very small class, very very close with a lot of people there, yeah.丽娜:对,在我们的小城镇里。因为我和那里的许多人都很亲近,就像一个小型群体一样。Todd: Sounds good. So, in all of Canada, like when you go back and you settle down and you live in Canada, do you want to live in Saskatchewan?托德:听起来不错。那如果你回到加拿大定居,你想住在萨克其万省吗?Rina: No.丽娜:不想。Todd: No.托德:不想吗?Rina: No, its not, its, Ive developed a lot more since I was that age and its just not the same anymore. Id like a bigger center, preferably Vancouver, or Montreal, on one of the coasts. Yeah. So.丽娜:不想,我离开以后成长了很多,已经与以前大不相同。我喜欢大一点的城市,我更倾向于在温哥华或蒙特利尔这样的海岸城市生活。Todd: Not Toronto?托德:你不考虑多伦多吗?Rina: No, Im not a big fan of Toronto.丽娜:不,我不太喜欢多伦多。Todd: Ah, why?托德:为什么?Rina: Because Im a little jaded. When I was, in 94, we went to Niagara Falls, and we drove through Toronto and it was just so, it looked so busy and smoggy and just crazy, and so I never really liked it since then. I have that image in my head still of that.丽娜:因为我有些厌倦那里。94年的时候,我们去尼亚加拉瀑布旅行,当时我们开车经过多伦多,那里看上去又繁忙又烟雾弥漫,非常疯狂,那以后我就不太喜欢多伦多了。我现在还记得当时看到的情景。Todd: Yeah, well, thats how I feel about L. A.托德:嗯,那正是我对洛杉矶的感觉。Rina: Yeah.丽娜:对。Todd: Yeah. I dont like Los Angeles. OK, well thanks.托德:嗯,我也不喜欢洛杉矶。好,谢谢你。 译文属 /201503/361383。

忐忑英语:这样训练说英语不好吗?乘务员 flight attendant /201604/433576。