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福建泉州欧菲美容医院整形医院泉州欧菲祛痘价目表Senator Hillary Clinton scored crucial primary wins Tuesday in Texas, Ohio and Rhode Island, reviving her campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination. But her opponent, Senator Barack Obama, has more pledged delegates and says he still expects to be the nominee. Republican Senator John McCain clinched his party's nomination.  美国民主党总统候选人提名竞争者希拉里.克林顿参议员星期二赢得了关键的德克萨斯、俄亥俄和罗德岛三个州的初选胜利,给她的竞选注入新的活力。不过,她的竞争对手巴拉克.奥巴马参议员也得到更多党代表的持,因此,他说仍然期待自己最终获得民主党候选人提名。共和党的麦凯恩参议员已经获得本党总统候选人的地位。As the dust settles from Tuesday's Democratic primaries, the party faces the reality of a long and likely contentious battle for its presidential nomination. Senator Hillary Clinton's wins extend the race until Pennsylvania's primary in late April and possibly all the way to the nominating convention in late August. 星期二民主党总统初选的尘埃落定以后,民主党面临一个现实,那就是该党总统候选人提名选战将是长期的,并很有可能是非常激烈的。克林顿参议员的胜利把这场竞赛延长到宾夕法尼亚州4月底的初选以后,并可能一直延续到8月底民主党全国代表大会召开的时候。Clinton ended her losing streak of 12 straight defeats in caucuses and primaries to Senator Barack Obama, and told voters Tuesday in Ohio their state is known for picking presidential winners.  希拉里.克林顿结束了她一连在12个州的初选或党团基层会议选举中输给奥巴马的局势,她星期二对俄亥俄州的选民说,俄亥俄州的初选总是能选出最后当选总统的候选人。"This nation is coming back and so is this campaign," she said. 她说:“我们的国家重获生机,我们的竞选也是重获生机。”Senator Obama had hoped to deliver Senator Clinton a knock-out blow by winning Ohio and Texas, but he came away with only a win in Vermont.  参议员奥巴马希望赢得俄亥俄和德克萨斯,将克林顿参议员击败淘汰出局,但是结果他仅仅赢了佛蒙特一个州。Texas has both a primary and a caucus. Clinton narrowly won the primary, but caucus results are still being counted. They will determine the number of delegates each candidate wins.  德克萨斯的选举是初选和党内预选同时举行,克林顿在初选中险胜,但是党内预选的选票仍在清点中。这些选票将决定两位竞选人各赢得多少党代表。Obama has a lead of about 90 pledged delegates. He told told the CBS News Early Show that he has won more states, more of the popular vote and more delegates. 奥巴马目前比克林顿多获得90名党代表的持。他在哥伦比亚电视公司的节目上说,他在更多的州获胜,得到了更多选民的选票,也得到了更多党代表的持。"Senator Clinton has tried to cherry pick which states she thinks are important," he said. " But what we know is at the end of the day, we feel confident that we are going to have a strong delegate lead and we will have a strong claim on the nomination." 他说:“克林顿参议员总是想挑选她认为重要的州。但是我们知道,说到底,我们感到信心十足,因为我们知道会得到更多的党代表的持,我们有更多的机会获得提名。”Asked on the same morning television show whether she and Obama might join forces as the presidential and vice presidential candidates on the same ticket in November, Clinton replied: "Of course we have to decide who is on the top of the ticket." 在同一个电视节目上克林顿被问到她和奥巴马会不会在11月的大选中成为正副总统候选人搭档时,克林顿回答说:“当然我们将要决定谁是这个搭档的主方。”The next nominating contests are in Wyoming this Saturday and in Mississippi on Tuesday. 下一次总统候选人提名的竞选星期六在怀俄明州举行,然后下星期二在密西西比州展开。It was a night of quiet triumph for Republican Senator John McCain, whose campaign had been prematurely declared "finished" months ago. Speaking in Texas, McCain thanked his supporters.  刚刚过去的夜晚对共和党参议员麦凯恩来说是一个安静的胜利时刻。他的竞选在几个月前曾过早地被宣布“完了”。"Thank you Texas, Ohio, Vermont, and Rhode Island," he said. 麦凯恩在德克萨斯感谢他的持者说:“感谢德克萨斯、俄亥俄、弗蒙特和罗德岛。”His main remaining rival, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, bowed out of the race, pledging support for McCain. 麦凯恩最后一位主要竞争对手、前阿肯色州州长哈克比宣布退出选举,同时表示持麦凯恩。The senator from Arizona, considered a maverick by some conservative Republicans, will shortly receive a formal endorsement from President Bush at the White House.  参议员麦凯恩来自亚利桑纳州, 被一些保守的共和党人认为是坚持独立见解的人。麦凯恩星期三在白宫接受布什总统的正式表态持。McCain told his supporters Tuesday the contest for the White House in November has now begun, and that he will present himself as the candidate best able to keep America safe from terror attacks. 麦凯恩星期二对他的持者说,11月竞选入主白宫的选战已经开始,他在竞选中将把自己展现为最有能力保护美国不受恐怖袭击的候选人。200803/28746在泉州人民医院祛胎记 KING: You've lived the life of a first lady of a state and a federal government. Would you want it for one of your daughters? L. BUSH: Sure, if they wanted it. I mean, the fact is, I'm the first lady because I happened to marry someone who ran for president and won. And I didn't run for the office. I'm here because he ran, and he wanted to run. As he said, you know, don't feel sorry for him; he's a volunteer; he volunteered for this job, and he ran for the office. I think that I have an unbelievable opportunity to see our country at its very, very best. And do I get to see it at its worst? Sure. But overwhelmingly, every opportunity that I have strengthens and encourages me because of the way the American people are. KING: So you wouldn't mind it if one of them had the same path?L. BUSH: Sure, no, I mean, why did you not suggest that one of them might run themselves? (LAUGHTER)KING: How about running? Would that bother you? L. BUSH: No, not at all. If they were interested in that, I think that'd be terrific. KING: Are you going to get involved in the 2006 elections? L. BUSH: Sure. KING: Are you going to campaign for...L. BUSH: Sure, absolutely, I'll be campaigning for our candidates. I've aly done some and have some more scheduled. KING: When I first met you there in Austin, you were not a fan of running for office. That was not your ball game. L. BUSH: Well, I know how hard it is. I do know how hard it is. And I had -- George and I had an advantage that most people, except John Quincy Adams, haven't had, and that is we had seen someone we loved in this job, and we knew what it was like, and we knew what we were getting into. Certainly, we didn't know how extremely difficult and challenging these years would be for our country because of September 11th. But on the other hand, we knew to expect the unexpected, that that's what happens. That's what has happened to every president...(CROSSTALK) KING: So you like getting out now? L. BUSH: So I do like it. I like it a lot. It's fun. KING: Do you have a favorite? L. BUSH: A favorite state or...KING: A favorite presidential...L. BUSH: ... or a favorite president?KING: Office, for the office in 2008. L. BUSH: Oh, in 2008. I thought you were talking about the 2006 elections. KING: Those governors and senators and congressmen, I don't know.L. BUSH: I'll be campaigning for them, and then we'll see what happens in 2008.200809/47883泉州有胎记医院吗

泉州玻尿酸丰太阳穴多少钱"We advanced in silence, saving our battle cries to the last. When the enemy came within reach, my archers released a storm of arrows, and my cavalry attacked without mercy."According to the Secret History(蒙古秘史), each tactic was meticulously planned and ingenious. Temujin(铁木真) held squadrons and weapons in reserve. Then with the enemy in disarray, they regrouped and charged. One of Temujin's cavalry squadrons suddenly fled the battlefield. Jemuqa's(扎木和) men chased them down. But they were being lured into a trap. In the heart of the battle, Jemuqa saw his army destroyed and he ran. squadron: any of a variety of military units containing both personnel and vehiclesmeticulously: very carefully and precisely200809/49719泉州修眉哪里好 to be frozen stiff ------ 冻僵(俚语)英文释义(SLANG) To be very cold.例句After hiking on the snowy mountain all day I was frozen stiff and wanted to get back to my warm hotel.在这座雪山跋涉了一整天后,我已经冻僵了,想回到温暖的旅馆。 /201611/471228福建省泉州晋江市双下巴吸脂哪家医院好

泉州改唇形多少钱McCain Visits Iraq, Clinton Promises to End War麦凯恩访伊不忘批民主党竞选对手Republican presidential candidate Senator John McCain is visiting Iraq, as part of a trip to the Middle East and Europe that highlights his foreign policy and national security experience. In Washington, Democratic candidate Senator Hillary Clinton has given a major speech on the Iraq war, criticizing both McCain and her Democratic rival, Senator Barack Obama.  美国共和党总统候选人麦凯恩参议员目前正在伊拉克访问,这是他这次中东和欧洲之行的组成部分,出访的目的是展示他的外交政策以及在国家安全领域的经验。在华盛顿,争取民主党总统候选人提名的希拉里.克林顿参议员针对伊拉克战争问题发表了一次重要演讲,批评麦凯恩和她的民主党对手奥巴马参议员。Just days ahead of the fifth anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq, Senator McCain is in Baghdad to meet with Iraqi leaders and senior U.S. military officials. He has stressed that he is on a fact-finding mission for the Senate Armed Services Committee, and says he is not there for a photo opportunity for his campaign.  在美国发动对伊战争5周年的几天之前,麦凯恩参议员将在巴格达会晤伊拉克领导人和美国高级军官。他强调,这次访问的使命是为参议院军事委员会了解真实情况,并表示他访问伊拉克并不是为了给自己的竞选造势。McCain has aly clinched the Republican presidential nomination, while his two Democratic rivals remain locked in an extended battle to be their party's candidate for the White House in November. 麦凯恩已经获得共和党总统候选人提名,而他的两个民主党对手在竞争本党总统候选人提名的长期选战中仍然处于胶着状态。Senator McCain strongly supported sending additional troops to Iraq last year to improve the security situation so that the Iraqi government would have breathing room for political reconciliation. Speaking to A news while in Iraq, he again defended the so-called "surge" of U.S. troops and the Iraqi government, while criticizing Clinton and Obama.  麦凯恩参议员去年坚决持增兵伊拉克以便扭转那里的安全局势,为伊拉克政府赢得争取政治和解的喘息之机。他在伊拉克对美国广播公司新闻节目发表谈话时再次为增兵行动和伊拉克政府辩护,并批评克林顿和奥巴马。"Senator Obama and Senator Clinton said the surge would never work, it has worked," he said. "Now they say that they [the Iraqi government] can not function politically. They are functioning politically - very poorly, two steps forward and one step back.  麦凯恩说:“奥巴马参议员和克林顿参议员曾经说过,增兵绝对是无效的,但现在增兵已经产生了效果。现在他们又说,伊拉克政府在政治上不能发挥效能。伊拉克政府正在发挥政治效能,但状况很差,进两步退一步。”Earlier in the presidential campaign, McCain was asked how long U.S. troops would need to remain in Iraq, and he said its possible they could remain for 100 years, if necessary. He tried to explain that comment from Iraq. 在竞选早期,麦凯恩曾被问到美国军队还需要在伊拉克留驻多少时间。他回答说,如果有必要,美军可能在那里再待100年。在伊拉克,麦凯恩试图对这一立场加以解释说:"When I said 100 years, it was obviously after the war is over," he said. "After wars are over, we most of the time have a military presence there." “我说过100年,这显然指的是战争结束之后。战争结束后,我们在多数情况下都要在当地保留军事力量。”Senator Clinton gave a major speech outlining her Iraq policy. She said McCain would stubbornly continue what she termed President Bush's failed Iraq policy. 克林顿参议员发表了一次重要演讲,阐述自己的伊拉克政策。她说,麦凯恩固执地坚持她所说的“布什总统失败的伊拉克政策”。"Senator McCain will gladly accept the torch and stay the course, keeping troops in Iraq for up to 100 years if necessary," she said. "They both want to keep us tied to another country's civil war, a war we cannot win. And that, in a nutshell, is the Bush-McCain Iraq policy - 'Do not learn from your mistakes, repeat them.'" 希拉里.克林顿说:“麦凯恩参议员将愉快地接过火炬,继续走这条路,如果必要,就让军队在伊拉克再待100年。他们都要把我们束缚在另一个国家的内战上,而这是一场我们不能打赢的战争。很简单,这就是布什和麦凯恩的伊拉克政策,也就是‘不从错误中吸取教训,而是重复错误。’”Clinton outlined her policy to begin withdrawing troops from Iraq within 60 days if she becomes president, saying she would redeploy one to two brigades per month. She accused Senator Obama of merely giving speeches and making promises on the war, and said he had failed to take action in the Senate until he began running for president.  克林顿阐述了自己的政策。她说,她如果当选总统,首先就要在60天之内开始从伊拉克撤军,每个月撤出一两个旅。克林顿指责奥巴马参议员只是发表演讲,对战争问题作出许诺,并说奥巴马在开始竞选总统之前一直都没有在参议院采取任何行动。Speaking on the campaign trail in Pennsylvania Monday, Obama denied that he has been inconsistent on the Iraq war, saying he had opposed it during a speech in 2002 and ever since. 奥巴马星期一在宾夕法尼亚州进行竞选活动时发表讲话,否认他在伊拉克战争问题上的立场不一致,表示他早在2002年发表演讲时就反对这场战争,而且立场一直没有改变。"I opposed this war in 2002, I opposed it in 2003, '04, '05, '06 and '07," he said.  他说:“我在2002年反对这场战争,而且我在2003年、04年、05年、06年和07年都反对这场战争。”He said Senator Clinton has still not taken responsibility for her vote to authorize President Bush to invade Iraq five years ago. 奥巴马说,克林顿参议员5年前投票持授权布什总统出兵伊拉克,而至今都不肯对此承担责任。200803/31233 Welcome back!欢迎回来!This is whats happening today: as a result some of embarrassing mistakes in deliveries,这是今天的情况:由于在送货上出现了一些令人难堪的错误,Tip Top Tradings big boss in America has ordered a re-check of every order this month.Tip Top Trading在美国的大老板命令重新核查本月所有的订单。So, Paul is talking to key customers to see if theyve got what they needed.所以保罗正在与重要客户们谈话,看看他们的货物是否没问题。I just want to check youre happy with the grapes?我只是想核对一下你对你的葡萄很满意。Tom, whom we all know was responsible for the disaster, is phoning his clients to make sure he has the correct information about what they want.我们都知道汤姆该对这场灾难负责,他正在给他的客户打电话确保他们的信息正确。I just want to make absolutely sure we get the order right for you and have the correct number of fruit...我只是想百分百确定我们的订单无误,而且水果的数目也是对的。Denise is, well, talking on the phone to a friend.丹尼斯正在打电话和朋友聊天。Brown shoes dont look right on him!棕色的鞋子不配他!Hes not a brown shoe sort of person...他不是穿棕色鞋子的那种人……Anna has to go down to the warehouse, where the products are prepared for delivery.安娜必须下到仓库去,那里有准备运送的产品。I have to speak to Mr Ingle. Apparently hes not very friendly!我必须要跟英格尔先生谈谈。显然他不是很友好!He might not like me asking lots of questions!他可能不喜欢我问这么多问题!Well, be polite, and start your sentences with things like: I just want to make sure that...要有礼貌,比如开始的时候这么说:我只是想确定……Could you possibly clarify...您能澄清一下……I just want to check...我只是想核对…… /201612/483616泉州重睑术泉州福建医科大学附属第二医院祛痘多少钱



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