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厦门那里做双眼皮好些厦门省第二人民医院qq多少厦门去痘痘 Business商业报道Canadian retailing加拿大零售业Drug deal 药品生意A merger to see off an American challenge实行兼并抗衡美国的挑战THEY met on July 11th in a minivan on a country road.7月11号,维斯顿·佳林,加拿大零售王朝的孙子和科库至·霍尔格,When they emerged Galen Weston, scion of a Canadian retailing dynasty, and Holger Kluge, chairman of the countrys biggest drugstore chain, had made a deal.乡村最大的药品连锁店董事长在一条乡村道路上的小货车里见了面并达成协议。The Weston groups Loblaw grocery chain, by far Canadas largest,agreed to buy Shoppers Drug Mart for 12.4 billion.维斯顿集团的罗伯劳连锁店,作为加拿大目前最大的食品杂货连锁店,同意以12.4亿加拿大元的价格购买其康药房。With this, the relatively cosy world of Canadian retailing comes of age.随着此合同的签订,加拿大零售业迎来一个比较舒适的氛围。To global retailers accustomed to merciless competition Canada is appealingly civilised.相对于国际零售商惯于的残酷竞争,加拿大则更偏向于文明的请求。Unlike Americans and Europeans, Canadians have not been hammered by a housing bust.不同于美国和欧洲,加拿大没有受到房地产泡沫的打击,Fewer big grocery chains are fighting for market share than they are south of the border.很少有大的百货公司连锁店像他们南边的邻居一样在争取市场份额时那么努力。Compared with the ed States, Canada has about 60% of the retail floor space per consumer and profit margins are higher.加拿大有美国60%的人均零售面积但利润却更大。But things are becoming less comfortable.但是,事情开始变得有点不乐观。Target, an American discount chain, moved into Canada this year, joining Walmart, a behemoth that has been there since 1994.塔吉特公司,一家美国的折扣连锁店,今年加盟沃尔玛,进入加拿大。沃尔玛,自1994年就进入加拿大的大公司。Safeway, another American grocer,pulled out in June,西弗伟公司,另一家美国百货公司,则在6月份退出。but only because a Canadian rival, Sobeys, made an irresistible offer for its stores.原因不仅因为加拿大内部的竞争,超市也为他的商店提供了令人不可抗拒的价格。Clothes retailing is getting more crowded, too.装零售业也人满为患,J.Crew arrived in 2011 and Nordstrom, an American department-store chain, is expected in 2014.J·克鲁2011年进入加拿大,诺斯通,一家美国连锁百货商场有望2014年进入。All this is happening as consumers are becoming less cheery: economic growth is sluggish and debt is high.面对这些,由于经济萧条,债台高筑,消费者越来越不怎么乐观。Century-old Loblaw is part of the Weston familys transatlantic empire, which ranges from food manufacturing to the Selfridges and Fortnum amp; Mason department stores in Britain.世纪公司罗伯劳是维斯顿家族横跨大西洋帝国的一部分。在英国,它涉及食品制造到塞尔福里奇和福特纳姆amp;梅森百货商店。Loblaw hit a rough patch in the mid-2000s, when it briefly fell into loss.罗伯劳公司经营曾在20世纪中叶的时候亮过红灯,陷入短暂的亏损之中。But it has since streamlined operations and upgraded its technology.但是从那时起,它就精简业务,提高科技。Shoppers Drug Mart has built its network steadily over the past half-century.其康药房在上半个世纪里建立了稳定的商业网。The merged group, with sales of C42 billion, is in part a counter to the American onslaught.合并之后的集团,售价高达420亿加拿大元,在某种程度上,是对美国冲击的一种反击。Shoppers will remain a separate unit and keep its top managers.商店依然是独立的单元,并保留其高级管理者。Even so, the partners expect to save C135m on annual technology and marketing costs.即使如此,合伙者希望每年能在科技和市场上节省13.5亿加拿大元。More important, says Ken Wong, who teaches business strategy at Queens University in Ontario, is the opportunity for both chains to wring more from their private-label product lines and loyalty programmes.王肯,安大略洲皇后大学商业策略讲师说,更重要是两个连锁店有机会从自有品牌和客户忠诚上赚取更多。By Canadian standards they are adept marketers of their own ranges.按照加拿大标准,他们在各自的领域里是熟练的经销商。But Canada lags private-label powerhouses such as Britain and Switzerland.但在,加拿大在自有品牌上落后于其他强手,比如英国和瑞士。There is much to be gained from selling Shoppers “Life” range of mouthwashes and plasters in Loblaws groceries and pushing Loblaws “Presidents Choice” food in Shoppers pharmacies, says Mr Wong.王先生说,在罗伯劳的百货店销售生活用品,从漱口水到药膏,在其康药房促销“总统的选择”的食物有很大的好处。Loblaws loyalty programme will get a boost from merging with Shoppers superior scheme and both will gain from having a bigger data lode to mine.和其康合并的方案,会让罗伯劳的客户忠诚项目参与人数大增,双方都会有一个更大数据脉矿开发。The deal will mark the arrival in Canada of another global fad.这个决议标志加拿大另一个全球风尚的到来。Until now Canadian grocers have largely ignored the trend in other rich countries to open “convenience” shops in the neighbourhoods where their customers live.目前加拿大百货店已经很大程度上忽视了在其他发达国家有客户居住的社区开便利店的趋势。The acquisition of Shoppers 1,242 stores, which are mainly smallish outlets in cities and towns, provides Loblaw with a full-fledged convenience chain at a stroke.超市的1,242家分店,多为市镇的小网点,这为罗伯劳公司的反击提供了充分的便利链。It places Loblaw “at the front of the pack”, says Kenric Tyghe of Raymond James, a financial-advice firm.金融咨询公司瑞士金融集团的Kenric Tyghe 说,合并让罗伯劳公司走在前列。The stockmarket likes the deal:股票市场看好这个交易:shares of both companies jumped on the news.消息传出之后两家公司的股票都上涨了,So did those of rivals Metro, a supermarket, and Jean Coutu, a drugstore chain.股票上涨的还有他们的对手一个超级市场和一个连锁药店,尚酷都。Investors are speculating that these two will join to form another Canadian champion. That is unlikely to deter further incursions from across the border.投资者认为这两个公司的联合会形成一个新的加拿大冠军并有可能阻止国外进一步的打击。 /201308/252296厦门地区双下巴吸脂哪家医院好

在厦门整形医院去痣怎么收费Traveling at speeds of up to 20 miles around, they drive the mullet onto the beach.海豚的速度高达每小时20英里,它们赶着鲻鱼往海滩去了。Trapped, the fish have nowhere to turn, flatting out their bodies like surf boards, they skim in just inches of the water. 因为被困,鱼儿无处可逃。它们平整的身体就像冲浪板在水中轻轻掠过。The surfer mums are the only dolphins in the world that hydroplane and beach like this.冲浪海豚是世界上唯一会在海滩划水的海豚。It looks fun, but this is a high risk game.看起来很有趣,但也很危险。They can easily strand, but with the few effortless wiggles, they are back in the water.很容易搁浅,但也能轻松的回到水中。Whats so fascinating is that its only the surfer mums and their daughters who surf like this.最吸引人的是,海豚妈妈和女儿们会像这样冲浪。Im getting a lot of exercise this morning, walking up and down the beach.早晨我在海滩上来回走了好几次。The surfing mums have new calves.冲浪海豚妈妈有小宝宝了。Its vital Janet gets photos so she can follow the daughters who are keeping the surfing tradition going.珍妮特拍了很多重要的照片。这样她就能研究还保持着冲浪海豚传统的海豚女儿们。We want to know after they graduated from nursing whether the calves, they are going to be beaches,我们想知道当它们离开妈妈襁褓后,是否还会冲浪。Ive got good shots of all of them, so Im pretty happy about that.我拍了很多照片,真的很开心。It has been a good day for Janet, but theres still no news on Puck or missing India.今天对珍妮特来说很不错,但还是没有帕克分娩和因迪亚的消息。 201405/295001福建省厦门市人民医院预约挂号系统 Science and technology科学技术Another Earth?另一个地球?Home away from home远离家乡的家ONE of the more memorable slogans to come out of the climate-change talks in Durban over the past few days is:在过去几天的Durban气候变化会谈上提出的较难忘的口号之一就是:there is no planet B.没有星球B,But what if there were?但是如果有呢?Over the past couple of decades astronomers have logged thousands of so-called exoplanets在过去的几十年内,天文学家记载了数以千计的所谓的外行星worlds which orbit stars other than the sun.饶太阳以外的星球轨道运行的宇宙。On December 5th the scientists in charge of Kepler, a space telescope designed to look for such planets, confirmed their instruments discovery of its first Earthlike world.12月5号,负责开普勒号的科学家确认他们的仪器发现了第一个类地球星体,It is dubbed, rather unromantically, Kepler 22b.开普勒号是专门为寻找这样的类地球星体而设计的太空望远镜。The existence of this planet, which circles a star 600 light-years away, in the constellation of Lyra,存在这么一个行星,它环绕天琴座星系中一颗600光年远的恒星运行,之前被怀疑的不存在,had previously been suspected. Kepler, which belongs to NASA, Americas space agency, works by observing dips in a stars brightness as a planet passes in front of it.开普勒号,隶属于美国国家航空与宇宙航行局,即美国航天局,它通过观察当行星通过时恒星光亮度的变化来工作。It flags likely looking reductions as candidate planets, of which Kepler 22b was one.它标识显现的光度弱化可能为候选行星,开普勒22b就是一个。But three passes are needed to confirm a planets existence, and Kepler 22b has now passed this test. Crucially, it orbits well within its stars Goldilocks zone:但是一个行星的确认需要通过三个检测,开普勒22b现在已经通过检验。最重要的是,他环绕着其恒星的适居带很好地运行;neither too close nor too far away for liquid water to exist on its surface.不会太近也不太远液体水可能存在在上面。It joins two other Earthlike planets.它加入了另外两个类地球行星。Gliese 581d and HD 85512 b—discovered by another instrument within the past few years.Gliese 581d 和HD 85512 b—在过去的几年里被另外的仪器发现的。In truth, the term Earthlike is a stretch.事实上,类地球行星这个词言过其实,Kepler 22b has a radius 2.4 times that of Earth, and if it is made from roughly the same stuff its surface gravity will also be about 2.4 times as strong.Kepler 22b半径是地球的2.4倍,如果它和地球的组成大致相同,它的表面引力也将大约高达地球引力的2.4倍。But NASAs astronomers remain unsure whether it is predominantly gaseous, liquid or solid.但是美国国家航天与宇宙航行局的天文学家仍不能确定它主要是气体的、液体的或是固体的。Nevertheless, Kepler 22b is the most promising exoplanet yet found.然而,Kepler 22b 是目前发现的最有希望的外行星。Unlike the others, which skirt the edges of their stars Goldilocks zones, Kepler 22b orbits comfortably within its own.不像其他行星不在恒星的适居带,Kepler 22b 在它的适居带舒适地运行。NASAs researchers reckon its surface temperature is about 22C, compared with 15C on Earth.美国国家航空与宇宙航行局的研究人员通过与地球表面温度15C比较,估算出它表面的温度大概是22C。Its parent star is similar to the sun, again unlike those of the other two candidates, both of which orbit cooler, dimmer stars.它的母恒星与太阳相似,这又与其他两个候选外行星不同,其他两个候选外行星都环绕较冷的、较昏暗的恒星运行。Indeed Gliese 581ds parent is a red dwarf—the tiniest stellar species.Gliese 581d的母恒星确实是一个红矮星-最小的星系。That means its Goldilocks zone is so close to it that the planet may be tidally locked, as the moon is to the Earth.那意味着适居带非常接近它以至于行星可能被潮汐力锁住,就像月亮对于地球一样。If that were the case, one side of Gliese 581d would be permanently lit while the other experienced unending darkness.如果是那样的话,Gliese 581d的一面将会是常年光亮的,而另一面将会是无尽的黑暗。These three potentially habitable exoplanets may soon be joined by many more.很快可能有更多的外行星加入这三个可能适合居住的外行星中。In the two and a half years since its launch, Kepler has spotted 2,326 candidate planets.Kepler自发射以来的2年半里已经发现了2,326候选行星。About 650 others have been discovered by other instruments.其他仪器大约发现了另外650个行星。That plethora allows astronomers to start drawing conclusions about how common various sorts of planets are.大量的行星使天文学家开始得出行星种类繁多的结论。Of Keplers haul, 9% seem to be of a similar size to Earth;Kepler捕获的行星中9%大小与地球相似;a further 29% are Super Earths—planets substantially larger than Earth that are nevertheless rocky.Kepler 发现的行星29%是超级地球-实质上比地球大,不过地球是岩石类行星。Forty-eight of Keplers unconfirmed candidates look as if they orbit within their stars habitable zones; of those, ten seem to be Earth-sized.Kepler未能确认的候选行星48%看起来似乎是在适居带运行;其中,有10个与地球大小类似。The ultimate goal, of course, is to let astronomers make a plausible estimate of the total number of planets in the galaxy, of the number that could conceivably support life, and of the fraction of those that could sustain human colonists.当然最终的目标是让天文学家对系的行星总数、确定可以维持生命的行星数和那些可以维持人类殖民者生命的行星比例做出一个接近可信的估算。If only a few of Keplers possible Earthlike planets turn out to be real, that third number is likely to be in the millions.如果Kepler类地行星中只有很少被明是真的,第三个数可能是数百万。Such knowledge will mark an historic transition, says Chris Lintott, an astronomer at Oxford University who is giving the Kepler team a hand with the data analysis,一位牛津大学的天文学家Chris Lintoot说这些知识是历史转变的标志,他对Kepler团队给以数据分析的援助,since the uncertainties around the question of whether life exists elsewhere will cease to be astronomical and become purely biological.从此关于其他地方是否存在生命问题的不确定性将不再是天文学问题,Based on the preliminary data, it looks as if there are numerous suitable planets.而是变成了纯粹的生物问题基于这些初始数据,似乎有许多合适的行星,The science of exobiology may soon cease to be an oxymoron.外空生物学将不再是一个矛盾修饰。 点击此处下载本期经济学人讲解PDF与音频字幕 /201306/245485福建厦门二院到底好不好

厦门治太田痣要哪家医院好 Londons lockups伦敦车房Garage music车库音乐How to make use of unloved urban spaces怎样利用被弃置的城市空间MERIJN ROYAARDS, a musician and architecture student, does not own a car. But for two years he has rented a small garage in east London. Tucked behind a row of shops, it has no electricity, is freezing in winter and stuffy in summer. Yet without any close neighbours it makes an ideal music studio for him and his friends.“ Drummers jump on it,” he grins.音乐系兼建筑学学生MERIJN ROYAARDS虽然没有车,但是在过去的两年中他却在伦敦东区租了一间小型车库。车库在一排商店后面,由于没有通电的缘故,冬冷夏热。但是车库方圆几里都没有任何邻居,这使得其成为一个他和他的小伙伴们十分理想的音乐工作室。“鼓手能够直接上手,”他咧嘴一笑道。Owning a car used to mean housing it in a garage—in 1951 one resident of Coventry told the local press that there was “no joy in having a new car if it is going to be exposed to the elements and ruffians to be ruined”. Developers obliged: over half of the homes built between 1919 and 1980 had one. But many are becoming redundant. Between 2002 and 2012 the proportion of vehicles kept in garages at night dropped from 22% to 14%.拥有一辆车曾经意味着养在车库中落灰,1951年考文垂的一位居民这样告诉当地媒体,如果一出门爱车就将面临着被各种因素或恶棍毁坏的风险,那么拥有一辆新车只会徒添烦恼。据开发商们披露:“建造于1919年至1980年间的房屋之中,有超过一半以上的房屋配备了车库”。但有许多车库逐渐变得多余。2002年至2012年期间夜间车库的存车率从22%下降至14%。This is partly because some households now have more cars than garage space. But it is also because big modern cars do not fit in older garages, says David Leibling, a transport expert. Few rust when left outside, and many are more difficult to steal: between 2003 and 2013 the number of vehicle thefts in England and Wales fell 76%. Instead, garages now solve a different set of problems. Householders unable to move to larger homes have taken to filling their garages with clutter. Some have become “granny annexes” for ageing parents, says Paul Bishop, who runs a garage conversion company in Bedfordshire. Others house youngsters unable, or unwilling, to leave home.这一部分是因为现在有一些家庭拥有私家车的数量要比车位要多。不过这又可能是因为大型的现代化轿车与老旧车库的搭配并不协调,运输专家David Leibling这样说道。当车辆停放在街道外面时很少有车会生锈,并且对大部分车来说很难被偷:2003年至2013年期间,英格兰与威尔士的偷车贼下降了76%。而如今的车库反而能为我们解决一系列不一样的问题。无法搬去更大房间的房主们利用车库来堆放杂物。还有一些车库被改造成“老人厢房”,专为上了年纪的父母提供便利,在贝德福德郡经营一家车库改装公司的Paul Bishop这样说道。这样的改装车库也提供给一些无法或者是不愿意离开家的年轻人居住。In desirable parts of London garages can sell for vast sums. But many publicly owned ones lie empty. Of the 6,000 garages owned by Hackney council, around 40% are free. Over 3,000 garages owned by ten housing associations are unused and the land they take up is unfit for building homes upon, says Steve OConnell, a councillor at the London Assembly. He thinks they could be turned into small offices. That has aly happened in places such as Berlin. Boosters hope such projects could be funded from the 9m which Boris Johnson, the mayor of London, has promised to councils who want to spruce up their boroughs.在伦敦,车库的合意部分能卖出个好价钱。但是却有很多公家所有的车库被空置。哈克尼委员会所有的6000间车库中有大约40%的车库是免费使用的。由十家住房协会联合所有的车库中有超过3000间是从未用过的,并且车库所占据的土地也不适合在上面建造房屋,伦敦市议会的议员Steve OConnell这样说道。他认为这些车库都能被改造成小型办公室,这样的想法也在很多地方实践过,比如柏林。持者们希望这样的工程能够得到政府的资金资助,伦敦市市长Boris Johnson曾经向希望整顿区容区貌的委员会做出拨款900万英镑的承诺。But converting garages can be tricky, says Bill Hodgson of University College London. Few councils are enthusiastic enough to truly champion the idea. A recent proposal to turn some garages in north London into shelters for the homeless foundered; councillors feared that local residents would not approve. Getting planning permission can be complex, and developing on local authority land is often fraught. Like the garages themselves, these plans may moulder.但是改造车库是一件麻烦事,伦敦大学学院的Bill Hodgson这样说道。很少有足够热情的委员会会真正实施这个想法。最近一项要求将北伦敦的一些车库改造成流浪者的避难所的申请被拒绝了;议员害怕当地居民不同同意此项议案。获取计划的许可是件十分复杂的事,并且要在地方政府土地上发展项目通常是充满问题的。如同被空置的车库自身一样,这些计划也许也会流产。 内容来自:201406/306688厦门自体脂肪鼻翼整形手术多少钱长泰县复合彩光祛斑多少钱



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