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老河口市人民医院不孕不育预约襄樊市妇幼保健院治疗腋臭多少钱襄阳第一人民医院药房 The Embassy of China in Canada confirmed in a statement on its official website Monday that Chinese citizens have been deported for having pornographic pictures or s of children on their cellphones or laptops.中国驻加拿大使馆周一在其官方网站发表声明表示,近日有中国公民在入境加拿大时,因个人手机或笔记本电脑上存有未成年人色情图片或视频而被遣返回国。An official account ;iask-ca; on the WeChat social network, claimed Sunday that two Chinese students who were separately trying to enter the country were recently deported by Canadian customs for having child pornography on their mobile phones.一个名为“iask CA”的微信官方公众号声称,周日两个试图进入加拿大的中国学生被海关驱逐出境,因为在他们的手机上发现了未成年人色情信息。According to iask-ca, Canadian customs found obscene content in the two students#39; WeChat, a messaging app.根据iask-ca表示,加拿大海关发现这两位学生的社交APP微信上有淫秽内容。Meanwhile, the Chinese embassy statement did not specifically confirm the truth of these two cases. The embassy warned Chinese citizens who plan to come to Canada to delete sensitive or illegal content on their phones, computers or hard disks before traveling.同时,中国大使馆的声明并未明确确认这两起案件的真相。大使馆提醒那些打算到加拿大旅行的中国公民,在来之前要删除他们的手机、电脑或硬盘上的敏感或非法内容。According to Canadian laws, persons who make, possess, distribute, or access child pornography can be sentenced to a jail term of between six months and 14 years.加拿大法律规定,凡制作、持有、传播或浏览涉及未成年人色情信息的人员,将被判处6个月至14年的监禁。While many on Chinese social media questioned whether Customs officials violated passengers#39; privacy by going through their phones, but according to Canada Border Services Agency#39;s code of conduct, Customs officers have the right to search passengers#39; electronic devices.国内社交媒体上许多网友质疑加拿大海关人员查看乘客手机是否侵犯隐私,但依照加拿大边境务局行为规范,海关人员有权搜查乘客的电子设备。 /201602/427218As you lie on the ground with your hands behind your head and your knees bent, you lift your upper body towards your knees.当你躺在地上,双手置于脑袋下方,你弯曲双膝,抬起上身靠近膝盖。That’s how you do a traditional sit-up, an exercise many of us have been doing since elementary school. However, the benefits of this abdominal workout are now in doubt.这是传统仰卧起坐的姿势,很多人从小学就开始接触这项运动了。不过现在这项腹肌训练的效果受到了质疑。Earlier last month, an editorial from the Navy Times, a US military publication, said that the sit-up is “viewed as a key cause of lower back injuries”. A study conducted by the US National Center for Biotechnology Information confirmed that 56 percent of the injuries in the US army’s fitness test result from sit-ups. The Canadian Armed Forces banished the sit-up from its fitness test for the same reason.12月初美国军事报刊《海军时报》的一篇说,仰卧起坐“是腰背损伤的主要诱因”。美国国家生物技术信息中心的一项研究实,56%的美国军队体能测试受伤案例都是由仰卧起坐引发。加拿大武装部队也因此将仰卧起坐从其体能测试中剔除。“Sit-ups can put hundreds of pounds of compressive force on the spine,” Stuart McGill, a spine biomechanics specialist at the University of Waterloo, Canada, told The Wall Street Journal. “[It] can squeeze the discs in the spine, [and] eventually can cause discs to bulge, pressing on nerves and causing back pain, potentially leading to disc herniation.”加拿大滑铁卢大学脊柱生物力学专家斯图尔特麦吉尔告诉《华尔街日报》:“仰卧起坐会给人的脊柱增加上百磅的压力。它会挤压腰椎间盘,最后可能会导致腰椎间盘变形,压迫腰椎神经,造成背部疼痛,很可能形成腰椎间盘突出症。”In addition to its health disadvantages, the sit-up is also seen as lacking efficiency. A new report from Harvard Medical School disclosed that traditional sit-ups only target certain muscle groups instead of strengthening the entire set of core muscles.除了不利于健康,仰卧起坐还被视为低效运动。哈佛医学院的一项最新报道表明,传统仰卧起坐只能锻炼到特定的肌肉群,并不能起到强化全身核心肌肉的作用。As a result, many fitness gurus are abandoning sit-ups. “I really believe that the traditional, antiquated crunch has seen better days, and it’s time to make a change,” said Tony Horton, the creator of the popular P90X workout series. Horton revealed that he no longer does sit-ups.因此许多健身达人不再做仰卧起坐了。P90X系列健身法的创始人托尼眠羃说:“我相信传统、过时的卷腹运动曾风靡一时,但现在是时候改改了。”荷顿透露,他也不再做仰卧起坐了。For fitness lovers who used to do traditional sit-ups, Dr McGill recommends a modified curl-up that puts less stress on spines than traditional sit-ups. It requires adopters place hands underneath the back and then only lift head and shoulders.麦吉尔士建议那些过去常做仰卧起坐的健身爱好者可以改练改良版的卷腹,它给脊柱的压力会小很多。动作的要领是,将手置于背部下方,只需抬起头和肩即可。Sit-ups can also be practiced in different ways, and the variations range from V-Ups, Swiss ball sit-ups and reverse sit-ups. The injury risk not only depends on the variations that people use, but also on an individual’s physical well-being.仰卧起坐也有多种训练方法,从V字向上、瑞士球腹肌训练到反向仰卧起坐。是否会受伤不仅取决于仰卧起坐的姿势,还和个人的身体健康状况相关。John Childs is the CEO of Evidence in Motion, a US company that trains physical therapists, and he remains skeptical about the latest study against sit-ups. He acknowledges that sit-ups can increase the stress placed on backs, but he doesn’t see a direct link between sit-ups and back pain.美国理疗师培训公司运动迹象的CEO约翰蔡尔斯对有关仰卧起坐的最新研究持怀疑态度。他承认仰卧起坐会给背部增加压力,但不认为仰卧起坐和背部酸痛有直接关系。“The most important thing is for people to perform exercises they enjoy so they’ll continue doing them,” Childs told The Wall Street Journal. “Staying active and doing regular exercise the old-fashioned way is far more advantageous than doing nothing.”“最重要的是选择自己喜欢的运动,这样才能坚持锻炼,”蔡尔斯告诉《华尔街日报》。“保持活力,定期锻炼,就算过时的运动方式也比一动不动来得好。” /201601/421317襄阳襄州区人民中心医院预约是不是真的

襄阳中心医院好不好The Vatican says Pope Francis, head of the Roman Catholic Church, has recognized a second miracle attributed to the late Mother Teresa, clearing the way for her elevation to sainthood.梵蒂冈说,罗马天主教教宗方济各确认已故修女特蕾莎生前施展的第二次神迹,为册封她为圣人扫清了道路。Vatican officials said Friday that the pope has approved a decree that attributed a miracle to Mother Teresa#39;s intercession.梵蒂冈官员星期五表示,教宗批准了一项法令,把第二个神迹归功于特蕾莎修女的代祷。The miracle named in the decree is the inexplicable cure in 2008 of a Brazilian man suffering from brain tumors. The man is said to have been cured after his wife prayed for Mother Teresa#39;s intercession.法令中提到的神迹说,2008年,一位患脑瘤的巴西男子神奇地得到治愈。据说,这名男子是在他妻子祷告请求特蕾莎修女代祷之后得到治愈的。Italian media report the formal canonization ceremony is expected to take place in September 2016, making it one of the highlights of Pope Francis#39; so-called ;Holy Year of Mercy.;据意大利媒体报道,正式的封圣仪式预计将在2016年9月举行,它将成为教宗方济各所称的“慈悲禧年”的一大亮点。Mother Teresa was famed for her lifetime of service to the poor, establishing homeless shelters, orphanages, soup kitchens and clinics around the world.特蕾莎修女因为毕生务于穷人,在全球建立无家可归者收容所、孤儿院、爱心厨房和诊所而闻名。 /201512/418311襄阳第四医院做无痛人流需要多少钱 樊城妇幼保健院中医院人流专家

襄阳东风人民医院能做孕检吗?Marilyn Monroe#39;s affinityfor the camera was her ticket to stardom.玛丽莲·梦露在相机面前行动自如,这是她同往万丈星光的通行。Arriving in Hollywood in the early 1950s as Norma Jeane Baker, selling #39;Marilyn#39; became her life work and she quickly succeeded in becoming a page one headliner, a columnist#39;s dream and a photographer#39;s best friend.20世纪50年代早期,诺尔玛·简·贝克来到好莱坞,此后她一生都以玛丽莲自称,并一举成名,成为报纸杂志上的封面人物。她让专栏作家向往,也是 摄影师的密友。In a stunningcollection of rare photographs in the book Marilyn In The Flash, Her Love Affair with the Press 1945-1962, by photographic preservationistDavid Wills and published by Dey Street, an imprint of William Morrow Publishers - the blonde bombshell#39;s true personality can be seen.在摄影保护主义者大卫·威尔斯编著的《镜头下的玛丽莲,1945-1962她与媒体的爱恋》(由戴维街出版)一书中,一组靓丽而罕有的照片集向我们展现了褐发美人的真实品性。 /201512/413004 襄阳第一医院流产手术多少钱襄樊市中心医院妇科官网



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