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伍家岗区人民中妇幼保健医院尿科宜昌哪家医院治疗尿道炎比较好宜昌哪个医院有男科 Men might think that by spending hours in the gym, honing their bodies until they resemble a buff Adonis, women (or other men) will throw themselves at them, powerless to resist the sexual attraction they feel.男人们或许以为,当他们花大量时间在健身房塑造自己的躯体,成为健硕美男后,女人们(或其他男人)会蜂拥而至,无法抗拒他们身上散发的性吸引力。But it turns out strenuous exercise could be doing your sex life more harm than good.但结果是,剧烈运动可能会对性生活产生负面影响。According to a new study, high intensity workouts may actually lower a man#39;s libido.一项最新研究显示,其实高强度运动可能会降低一个男人的性欲。The research by the University of North Carolina assessed 1,100 men who considered themselves to be athletes. The men were asked questions about their sex lives but also their exercise habits.美国北卡罗来纳州大学的这项研究评估了1100位自认为身强体健的男性,调查了他们的性生活和锻炼习惯。The men who participated in the survey were divided up based on how much and how intensely they exercised, then also based on whether their libidos were high or low.研究者先根据受访者锻炼的时间和强度进行分组,随后再根据他们性欲的强度分组。Incredibly, the patterns which emerged were extremely clear: the men who exercised moderately or lightly reported higher libidos than those whose workouts were longer and harder.难以置信地,调查结果非常清晰:与进行轻、中度运动的男性相比,进行长时间和剧烈锻炼的男性性欲偏低。They found that men who exercise a lot reach a ;tipping point;, where they#39;re too tired or no longer interested in sex.他们发现进行大量运动的男人会到达一个;临界点;,使他们要么太疲惫,要么对做爱失去兴趣。Of course, the authors cannot definitively state that intense exercise results in a lower libido, just that they are linked.当然,研究者并不能定论高强度运动一定会降低性欲,只能说两者有联系。Lead researcher Dr Anthony Hackney, however, believes both physical fatigue and reduced testosterone levels likely play a role.不过,首席研究员安东尼·哈克尼士认为,剧烈运动后的身体疲劳和较低的睾酮水平很可能起了作用。It#39;s one of the first studies to look into the link between exercise and sex drive in men, and the findings are so great that fertility experts are now considering changing the advice they give to men who are trying to conceive with their partners.这是第一项关注男性锻炼和性生活关系的研究,而研究结果如此有意义,以致生育专家现在考虑要对尝试与另一半备的男性更改建议。Previous research on women has concluded that intense exercise -such as the training done by professional marathon runners -can result in menstrual abnormalities. It is believed that a woman#39;s hormone balance can change after intense exercise,which results in lower fertility and diminished sex drive.过去对女性的研究已经发现,高强度运动--比如职业马拉松运动员所进行的高强度训练 会导致月经不调。这是因为高强度运动会使女性荷尔蒙失调,从而影响女性的性欲和怀能力。;Fertility specialists will often ask a woman about whether and how much she exercises,; said Dr Hackney. ;Based on our data, we think they should also be asking the man.;;生育专家常常会询问女性的锻炼情况,; 哈克尼士说,;然而数据表明,他们也应该问男人同样的问题。;译文属 /201703/495385Things you should stop saying at work in 2017新年工作时就别说这些话啦From irritating can#39;t do phrases to cringy management speak, here are the things you should stop saying in your workplace.从激动到无法说话到阿谀奉承的管理发言,你都不该再在职场中说这些话。Just只是Former Google and Apple exec Ellen Petry Leanse has urged women in particular to stop using #39;just#39; when making a statement or request - she believes the word makes the user appear childish and submissive.谷歌和苹果公司的前任执行长官艾伦·佩特里·林思敦促女性在发言或请求时尤其要停止说#39;只是#39;--她认为这个词会让说话人显得幼稚和顺从。It#39;s not fair这不公平Dr Travis Bradberry of TalentSmart, the world#39;s leading testers of emotional intelligence, reckons this whiny phrase is a big no-no. ;It makes you look immature and naive,; he says. Instead, stick to the facts and be constructive rather than negative when you can.TalentSmart是世界领先的情商测试务商,在该公司工作的特拉维斯·布拉德伯里认为绝对不能说这一句牢骚话。;这会让你显得不成熟、太天真,;他说道。相反,可以的时候应该坚持事实,不要有负面情绪,应该有点建设性。Sorry, but抱歉,但是……Many people have the habit of saying #39;sorry, but#39; before they ask for something. Bradberry is no fan of this phrasing. ;Don#39;t apologize for taking up space, or for having something to say,; he advises.很多人在请别人办事时,都会有这样的习惯#39;抱歉,但是……#39;。布拉德伯里可不喜欢说这话。;千万别为占了点位置或有话要说而感到抱歉,;他建议道。No problem没问题Bradberry isn#39;t keen on this expression because it insinuates that the thing you#39;ve been asked to do is a problem or inconvenience. He prefers the more positive ;it#39;s my pleasure; or ;I#39;ll be happy to take care of that;.布拉德伯里也不喜欢这一表达,因为这暗示着别人请你做的事是个问题或会造成不便。他更喜欢说积极一点的话;我的荣幸;或;我很高兴帮你解决。;This is the way it#39;s always been done以前都是这么做的Being a stick in the mud won#39;t get you very far in the workplace. ;Saying this not only makes you sound lazy and resistant to change, but it could make your boss wonder why you haven#39;t tried to improve things on your own,; says Bradberry.职场中墨守成规不会让你有多大成就。;这样说不仅会让别人觉得你懒、不愿改变,而且也会让老板琢磨你为什么不思进取,;布拉德伯里说道。It#39;s not my fault这不是我的错Shirking responsibility and being all too eager to point the finger at someone else#39;s failings won#39;t do you any favors in the workplace either according to Bradberry. ;Stick to the facts, and let your boss and colleagues draw their own conclusions about who#39;s to blame,; he says.在职场中推卸责任和过于指责别人的过失都不会让你有好果子吃,布拉德伯里说道。;说出实情就行,然后让老板和同事决定该责罚谁,;他说道。You look tired你看起来很累Another of Bradberry#39;s pet peeves. ;Tired people are incredibly unappealing,; he says. ;They have droopy eyes and messy hair, they have trouble concentrating, and they#39;re as grouchy as they come. Telling someone they look tired implies all of the above and then some.;布拉德伯里也很讨厌这句话。;疲倦的人看上去特别不具有吸引力,;他说道。;他们的眼神迷离、头发凌乱,很难集中注意力,只要他们来了就会不停的发牢骚。说别人很累暗含着上述所有不好行为,甚至还有其它不好的地方。;Try尽力Saying #39;I#39;ll try#39; indicates that you#39;re unsure of yourself and lack confidence in your abilities. Bradberry recommends that you take ownership of the task in hand and either commit wholeheartedly or offer an alternative plan.说;我会尽力的;意味着你对自己不确定,对自己的能力也不自信。布拉德伯里建议解决手头上的事情,要么全身心投入其中,要么就拟出备用计划。 /201701/488352三峡仁和医院有治疗前列腺炎吗

宜昌市不孕不育医院哪家好1. We are no longer finding ourselves in the 19th century1.我们现在并不是活在19世纪Let me start off by reminding you that we are no longer finding ourselves in the 19th century where women had to wait for their Mr. Darcy to come knock on the door, sweep them off their feet and take them out for a nice romantic stroll before he proposes to them.让我一开始就提醒你,你已经不再活在19世纪了,那时候女人必须等他们的达西先生来敲门,在他跟女人求婚之前,需要扫干净女人鞋子上面的灰尘,带女人出去浪漫地散步。We are in the 21st century where women have a say and instead of resorting to the obsessive social media stalking of the guy in order to get to know him. I say, “Stop mellowing in passivity and profusely drowning in the pressure of waiting for the guy to make the first move and just go and ask him out.”我们现在生活在21世纪,女人拥有了话语权,为了认识心仪的男人,女人不用再求助那些强迫性的媒体来跟踪那个男人。我说“不要再被动,不要再忍受等待男人做出第一步行动的压力,简单地走到他面前,约他出去。”2. Women that ask men out are no longer seen as desperate and immoral ladies of the night2.约男人出来的女人不再被视为夜间饥渴淫荡Yes, ladies, it is the 21st century and women that ask men out are no longer seen as desperate and immoral ladies of the night, they are now seen as strong and sufficient ladies who know what they want and are not afraid to go after it and claim it – come hell or high water.是的,女士们,现在是21世纪,约男人出来的女人不再被视为夜间饥渴淫荡,现在那些不管有何种困难或者障碍,都知道自己想要什么,不害怕追求和承认的女人,都被认为是坚强充实的女人。It perplexes me greatly that the norm for ladies is still to somehow hold an air of mystery and sophistication around them. They honestly believe that by playing hard to get they will encourage the guy that they are interested in to want them even more and who can blame them.让我感到非常困惑的是,女性的一些规范还在某种程度上有一种神秘感和复杂。她们诚实地相信通过努力去追求喜欢的男人,她们会鼓励那个她们感兴趣的男人更想要她们,谁又能责怪她们呢。For centuries we have been manipulated to resort to passivity or even indirect strategies in order to get the guy. Yet, in a society that is constantly evolving and moving forward, this seems to be petty and inconsequential. Come on girls, own what your mama gave you and go for the guy!几百年以来,我们女人一直都被约束着处于被动地位或者为了获得那个男人,甚至会采取间接的策略。但是,在一个不断进化和进步的社会中,这似乎很微小,不那么重要了。来吧,女孩们。你拥有你妈妈给你的身躯,大胆去追求喜欢的男生吧! /201702/490325湖北省宜昌人民中妇幼保健医院割包皮手术价格 He might pay you extra attention in the pub and laugh at your jokes but how do you know if he#39;s really interested in you?他可能在酒吧对你格外留心,并会对你讲的笑话做出回应,但是怎样才能摸清楚他是否真的对你感兴趣呢?1.Closing the gap1.跨越隔阂We all have our own personal body space that we protect at all times. If someone is interested in you then they#39;ll do their best to get closer to you.我们都有自己一直在维护的个人身体空间。如果某人对你感兴趣,那么他们就会想尽办法来靠近你。This can be by placing a hand on your arm or by moving their chair a bit nearer. If you are responsive to their touch then things could escalate quickly.他们可能通过在你的胳膊上搭只手或者是把椅子移到稍微靠近你的地方来跨越隔阂。如果你对他们的接触做出回应,那么事情便会快速发展。2.Rapid blinking2.快速眨眼If you notice they are blinking much more than usual, that#39;s a great indication they like you. That#39;s because prolonged eye contact, combined with excitement, forces their eyes to dry out much faster.如果你注意到他们眨眼比平常更为频繁,这是他们喜欢你的一大暗示。因为长时间的眼神交流,再加之兴奋,他们的眼睛会眨得更快。3.Talking too much and teasing you3.说话过多并且挑逗你Men who are interested in a woman will try and talk as much about themselves as possible.对某位女性感兴趣的男性会试着尽可能多说一些关于他们自己的事情。That#39;s because men are conditioned to boast and attempt to impress, so they#39;ll do their best to show off in the hope you#39;ll be attracted to them.这是因为男性习惯于夸夸其谈,并试图留下印象,所以他们将会尽力去炫耀自己,希望你会被他们吸引。4.Noticing little changes4.注意细微变化If they comment when you change your hairstyle or wear something different, then they could well like you.当你换个发型或者是换身装扮,如果他们做出,那么他们可能是非常喜欢你。5.Playing hard to get5.欲擒故纵Unfortunately, some people who like you will try to make you think the exact opposite. They won#39;t text you back for ages and won#39;t make you feel special.不幸的是,有些喜欢你的人会试着使你往正好相反的方向想。他们多年来都不会回你短信,也不会使你感到有什么特殊。 /201610/475027湖北省宜昌市男科咨询

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