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六级英语作文范文:啃老族现象之我见 -01- ::00 来源: On the Overdependence of China’s College Students on Their Parents  In the ed States, students generally seek an independent life at 18. They take on part-time jobs, live away from their parents, and finance their own education partially, if not completely. Upon graduation, they find a job, or launch their own business by filing loans from the bank. They live in rented apartments even after marriage and buy a house only when they can afd it. This is a typical pattern how the American younger generation grows up. By contrast, most college students in present-day China, as the sole children of their families, take granted their excessive dependence upon their parents. They hold their parents responsible furnishing them with all the tuitions and living expenses. They seldom work part-time to alleviate their parents of their burdens. They have expensive dinners and birthday celebrations with their parents’ hard-earned money through months of hard work. In recent years, under the pretext of employment difficulty, some students return home to live with their parents after graduation. While their parents are busy at work, they idle away their time day after day, least concerned with finding a job to have their own source of income. Worse still, they exhaust every penny of their parents and even grandparents to buy an apartment their own enjoyment. In doing so, they even plunge their parents into serious debts. This group of students have come to acquire an infamous name—“the Elderly-Devouring Commy”. A more understandable phrase might be “parasites”. This commy has come into existence as a result of long-time over-indulgence on the part of parents and the indolence and selfishness on the part of students themselves. Compared with their American counterparts, Chinese students should feel ashamed of themselves and take immediate actions to terminate their elderly-devouring behavior and become independent and self-reliant.   啃老族现象   在美国,学生一旦年满18,普遍都要去寻找自己独立的人生他们从事兼职工作,搬出家庭,与父母分开居住;即使不是全部,也会部分地付他们接受教育的费用毕业之际,他们会找份工作,或向贷款来自己进行创业;即使是结婚成家之后,也仍住在租来的公寓里;只有当他们具备了足够的付能力之后,才会去购房这就是美国年轻一代典型的成长模式   与此相反,当下中国的大多数大学生,作为其家庭中的独生子女,将他们对父母的过度依赖视为理所当然他们认为,父母亲有责任来为他们提供大学学习期间所有的学费及生活费他们很少去做兼职的工作以减轻父母的负担他们拿着父母工作数月才能赚得的来之不易的钱,出入昂贵的饭馆,举办生日庆祝晚会   近年来,打着就业难的借口,有些大学生毕业之后回到家中,与父母住在一起在其父母忙于工作的同时,他们却日复一日地虚耗着光阴,丝毫没有出去找工作、拥有其独立经济来源的心思更为糟糕的是,他们会耗竭父母、甚至爷爷奶奶的每一个铜板,就是为着去购房供自己享受在这么做的过程中,他们甚至令其父母债台高筑   这一学生群体,现在已获得了一个臭名昭著的称呼——“啃老族”一个更清晰易懂的说法可能就是“寄生虫一族”该群体之所以得以形成,原因在于其父母长期的溺爱,以及学生自身的懒惰与自私与其美国同龄人相比,中国学生应为自己感到羞愧,并应立即行动起来,终止其“啃老”行为,去寻找自己独立的人生,自食其力

In building socialism with Chinese characteristics, the fundamental interests of the people of the whole country are identical, on the basis of which concrete interest relations and internal contradictions can be adjusted. In the mulation and implementation of the Party's principles and policies, a basic point of departure is that we should represent the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the people, and correctly reflect and take into the interests of different groups of people, enabling the whole people to advance steadily toward the goal of common prosperity. We should protect the vitality further growth of the developed regions, strong industries and people who have become rich first through hard work and lawful business operations and encouraging them to create social wealth. More importantly, we must pay great attention to less developed areas and the industries and people in straitened circumstances and show concern them. In particular, we must see to it that the people in financial difficulties have subsistence allowances, and we must take effective measures to help them find jobs and improve their living conditions so that they will truly feel the warmth of our socialist society.


  考必会的种时态 -- :7: 来源: 1.一般现在时表示真理性,经常性,习惯性,普遍性[在口语里常用,在叙事性文章和故事里很少用]例句:The earth is smaller than the sun. [状态][真理性]Tom gets up early every morning. [动作][经常性和习惯性]Everybody knows him. [普遍性].一般过去时表示过去某一时间里发生的动作或状态 [叙事性的文章和故事里最常用的时态]例句:Yesterday we went to the park.[动作]The book was there ten minutes ago. [状态]3.一般将来时表示将来某一时间里发生的动作或状态例句:Tom will help you tomorrow. [动作]We shall be here in time next time. [状态].过去将来时例句:Ten years ago, Mary said she would finish the work in a few days. [动作]Yesterday he thought you would be a good player after five years. [状态]5.现在完成时表示在现在之前就已经完成的动作或状态[要特别注意不包括现在]例句:We have done our homework. [动作]He has been a doctor now. .[状态]6.过去完成时表示在过去某时之前就已经完成的动作或状态例句:Three days ago he had aly finished his homework. [动作]When he was a boy, he had aly been a head of the boys. [状态]7.将来完成时表示在将来某时之前将完成的动作或状态例句:Tomorrow morning, I will have cleaned the windows. [动作]Next Sunday, he will have been a new doctor. [状态]8.过去将来完成时表示在过去某一时间之前本该完成的动作或状态[一般用于虚拟语态]例句:If he had worked hard enough, he would have built a new house. [动作] [实际情况是因为他不够努力,所以新房子连影子都没有]If he were alive, he would have been a doctor now. .[状态][实际情况是他已经去世,所以永远成不了医生]9.现在进行时在现在之前开始,以后还要延续一段时间的动作[要注意只有延续性动词可以用进行时]例句:Tom is ing a book..过去进行时在过去某时之前开始,以后还要延续一段时间的动作[要注意只有延续性动词可以用进行时]例句:The dog was eating a bone..将来进行时在将来某时之前开始,以后还要延续一段时间的动作[要注意只有延续性动词可以用进行时]例句:At ten tomorrow morning, I will be writing the letter you..过去将来进行时从过去某时来看将再以后某时之前开始,以后还要延续一段时间的动作[要注意只有延续性动词可以用进行时]例句:Jack told me that he would be working hard the next year..现在完成进行时在现在之前就已经完成并且还要延续下去的动作[较少用]例句:Tom has been ing this book over ten hours..过去完成进行时在过去某时之前就已经完成并且还要延续下去的动作[很少用]例句:The workers had been building the railway then..将来完成进行时在将来某时之前就已经完成并且还要延续下去的动作[很少用]例句:They will have been making their efts after that time..过去将来完成进行时在过去某时之前看来将来某时应该已经完成并且还要延续下去的动作[很少用]例句:We thought they would have been doing physical training till then. 考试。


  英语能力>英语作文>初一英语作文 A Funnier Story 一个有趣的故事 -- :59: 来源: A Funnier Story一个有趣的故事Mr William was deaf, but he didn't like people to know this.One evening he asked some friends to dinner.While they were sitting together after dinner, one of his friends told a funny story.Everyone laughed, and Mr William laughed, too.He said, "That was a funny story, but I know a funnier one." So he began his story.When it ended, everyone laughed louder than ever.Mr William himself smiled happily.But he didn't know he had told the very story that his friend had just told.威廉先生耳聋,可是他不愿让别人知道一天晚上他请一些朋友吃饭当饭后他们坐在一起时,一位朋友讲了一个很有趣的故事大家都笑了,威廉先生也笑了他说,“这是一个挺有趣的故事,可是我还知道一个更有趣的” 于是他开始讲自己的故事当故事结束时,大家笑得更厉害了威廉先生自己也开心地笑了可是他不知道,他讲的故事正是刚才他朋友讲的那个故事  六、要理解词语不同用法时的不同含义:  3. If you are retired, if you are a housewife, if you have what others might consider a humble job -- whatever it is that you do most of the day -- be proud of it.

  考研英语 考研英语(二)翻译及 -01- :: 来源: 说明:  如课堂上所说,英语二翻译试题和去年难度一致不出所料,考了环境话题今年的试题来源于New Statesmen,经过出题老师改编过,我把改编之后的原题放在后面了这篇文章的原作者是Jason Stamper,原题目是The green IT myth  尽供参考,时间仓促,如有错误,请指出,并谅解  祝福所有考研的朋友们  Who would have thought that, globally, the IT industry produces about the same volumes of greenhouse gases as the world’s airlines do-rough percent of all CO emissions?  全球范围内,信息技术行业与航空业产生的温室气体总量相同——约占二氧化碳排放总量的%,这有谁曾想到过?  Many everyday tasks take a surprising toll on the environment. A Google search can leak between 0. and 7.0 grams of CO depending on how many attempts are needed to get the “right” answer. To deliver results to its users quickly, then, Google has to maintain vast data centres round the world, packed with powerful computers. While producing large quantities of CO, these computers emit a great deal of heat, so the centres need to be well air-conditioned, which uses even more energy  许多日常工作对环境造成的损失大得惊人每一次谷歌搜索能释放0.到0.7克的二氧化碳,这取决于为了获得“正确”你试过多少次为了迅速向用户提供搜索结果,谷歌不得不在世界各地建立大型数据中心,安装一台台强大的计算机这些计算机不仅产生大量的二氧化碳,还释放大量热能,这些数据中心需要良好的空调设备,这甚至会耗费更多的能源  However, Google and other big tech providers monitor their efficiency closely and make improvements. Monitoring is the first step on the road to reduction, but there is much to be done, and not just by big companies  然而,谷歌和其他大型技术供应商严密地监控其效果,并做出改进监控是减排的第一步,仍有太多问题需要解决,并且不只是由大公司来解决  试题在改编前的原文:  Who would have thought that, globally, the IT industry produces about the same volume of greenhouse gases as the world's airlines do - roughly per cent of all CO emissions?  Many everyday tasks take a surprising toll on the environment. A Google search can leak between 0. and 7.0 grams of CO, depending on how many attempts are needed to get the "right" answer. At the upper end of the scale, two searches create roughly the same emissions as boiling a kettle  To deliver results to its users quickly, Google has to maintain vast data centres around the world, packed with powerful computers. As well as producing large quantities of CO, these computers emit a great deal of heat, so the centres need to be well air-conditioned - which uses even more energy  However, Google and other big tech providers such as BT, IBM, Microsoft and Amazon monitor their efficiency closely and make improvements. (Google claims to be more efficient than most) Recently, industry and government agencies from the US, Europe and Japan reached an agreement, orchestrated by the Green Grid, an American industry consortium, on how to benchmark the energy efficiency of data centres. Monitoring is the first step on the road to reduction, but there's much more to be done, and not just by big companies  Simple things - such as turning devices off when they are not in use - can help to reduce the impact of our love affair with all things digital. Research from the National Energy Foundation in the UK found that nearly per cent of workers don't turn their PCs off at the end of  the day, wasting 1.5 billion kWh of electricity per year - which equates to the annual CO produced by 0,000 small family cars  Technology could have a huge role to play in reducing energy consumption - just think of the number of car and bus journeys saved by something as simple as online banking. But the sector must still work harder to get its own house in order  Jason Stamper is NS technology correspondent and editor of Computer Business Review  作者:新东方考研名师 唐静The Austin Advertising Agency 奥斯汀广告公司

  3、I know he meant business.


  首先,“welcome”作为动词指当客人到场后主人进行欢迎活动主人表达高兴的心情“欢迎你们明年再来中国”的这个动作还没有发生,客人明年才可能到场,现在怎么举行欢迎活动呢?只有在客人到达后才能用动词“welcome”所以这句话只能在中国用,若你在美国则说错了还有就是“Welcome to my home!”(欢迎到我家!)只能在客人到你家并且你也在家的情况下使用,若你不在家则不能这么说

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  The shipper shall be liable all damage caused by such goods to the ship andor cargo on buard.

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