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讲解:Today’s key word is Dialogue.Dialogue 对话Dialogue is communication or discussion between people or groups of people.我们今天为啥要说这个词儿捏?我们要办对话会了!We are going to hold a Dialogue in Shanghai on September th.中美大学生对话作为一档高端严肃的节目,英文名字那是一定要有的: ;University to the World; China-U.S. University students’ Dialogue.What does this dialogue look like?Q:这个对话会将会什么样子呢?A:这是一场木有底线,但又节操的聊天大会Q:那是什么样的呢A:就是我天朝大学生和美帝大学生们一起,看雪看星星看月亮,从诗词歌赋谈到人生哲学……Well, a lot of issues will be mentioned in the dialogue. example: 美帝大学生是不是天天开party 不上课? 中美大学生谁比较聪明凌厉?Q:这么诱人的活动,怎么围观?A:这个要严肃的回答,恩恩,9月日周三,晚上8点,上海纽约大学带上自己来就能围观了 533

地点:中央公园咖啡厅人物:乔伊,莫妮卡,瑞秋,罗斯事件:瑞秋和大学同学梅丽莎重逢,她向朋友们透露,大学时她曾和梅丽莎接过吻Joey: Hey, guys! Look who back! It Ray-ray!Rachel: Shut up. That was my friend Melissa from college.Ross: She seems really, really fun!Rachel: She actually very sweet and we used to be very close.Monica: Wait a minute, she isnt… She not the one who you…Joey: Who you what? Who you what?Rachel: Yes.Monica: Wow!Joey: Wow? Wow what? Wow what? Who you—what?Rachel: It not a big deal!Monica: They were lovers.Ross and Joey: What?Rachel: No, we werent! It was nothing! It was one night, senior year we went to a party, had a lot of sangria and yknow, ended up… kissing a bit. 791

Page: 1Questions:a.What is the time?The time is four-ty-two.b.What are these?They are apples.c.What is this?It is a pot.d.What are these?They are leaves.e.What are these?They are roots.f.What is this?It is a bottle of milk.g.What is this?It is butter.h.What is this?It is b.Page: 1Questions:a.What is this?It is cheese.b.What is this?It is a cup.c.What are these?They are flames.d.What is this?It is a horse.e.What is this?It is a high building.f.What are these?They are a box and its cover.g.What is this?It is a pig.h.What is this?It is a sheep.Page: 1Questions:a.This is a family.What do you see?I see a father and mother and their son and their daughter.b.This is a plant.Which parts of the plant do you see?I see its roots and its stem and its leaves and its flower.c.This is an icebox.What do you see in it?I see a bottle of milk and four eggs and two roots.d.This is a dog.Which parts of dog do you see?I see its head and ears and noses, its body,its legs and its tail.e.What do you see?I see a bone.It is on the floor.And I see the leg of a table.f.What do you see?I see two glasses.One of them has liquid in it.g.What do you see?I see a woman.She has a spoon in her hand.She is tasting the soup.h.What do you see?I see a man.He has a glass in his hand.He is having a drink from the glass.Page: 7Questions:a.Where are the women?They are in a store.It is a clothing store.What has one woman in her hands?She has two dresses in her hands.b.What are these?These are shoes (women shoes) and stockings and gloves.c.What is the girl doing?The girl is putting her hand up to the apple.Where is the apple?It is on the branch of an apple tree.d.Where will she put the apple?She will put it in her basket.Where was it bee she took it?Bee she took the apple it was on the tree.e.What are some different sorts of food?B,butter,milk,cheese,meat,eggs and fruit are different sorts of food.f.What are some different sorts of animals?Cows,pigs,sheep,goats and horses are different sorts of animals.g.What are some different sorts of fruits?Apples and oranges are different sorts of fruits.h.What are some different sorts of people?Men,women,boys girls and babies are different sorts of people.Page: 8Questions:a.This is a glass of milk.Is it clear?No,it is not clear.Do you see through it?No,I do not see through it.b.Is the glass in this window clear?Yes,the glass in this window is clear.What do you see through the window?I see some mountains and a house.c.Is glass hard?Yes, glass is hard.d.Is meat soft?Yes,some meat is soft.But some meat is hard.e.Is ice warm?No,ice is cold.f.Are flames cold?No,flames are not cold.g.What is she doing?She is taking potatoes out of the earth with a k.h.What is she doing?She is putting some salt in the potato soup.Page: 9Questions:a.What do you see?I see a man.He is in the street.His hat is in the air.The wind is taking it up.The wind took it off his head.b.what is he doing?He is putting his hat on his head.c.What are they doing?They are in their seats at the table.They have their spoons in their hands.They are taking their soup.d.What are these?One of them is a clock.The other is an instrument measuring heat.e.What do we keep in the icebox?We keep the milk,butter,cheese,eggs,meat,and fruit in the icebox.f.What are some different sorts of things?Give the names of ten different things which you see in a house.Rooms and doors and windows and tables and seats and boxes and knives and spoons and ks and shelves are different sorts of things. 00

At 80, Sanmao, China most popular comic strip hero, is not aging at all.Skinny limbs, big head and three curly strands of hair crowning the top, he is brave and quick-witted as Tintin and acts as an ultimate survivor like Charlie Brown.But unlike his western counterparts, Sanmao tales are much darker, since they mirror some of the most turbulent moments of Chinese history in the th century.Shao Jianqiu is a comic buff born in the 1980s.;When I the books as a kid, I could only memorize the scenes. But as I get older, I start to recognize the political connotation and irony of these comic strips. There are many elements of historical background embedded. In terms of the plot, drawing style, and the incisive reflection on the society, Sanmao series are truly master pieces. ;In 1935, Sanmao, literarily meaning ;three hairs; in Chinese, was devised by cartoonist Zhang Leping in Shanghai. Though at that time, modern comics had aly been popularized ten years, it was rare to see a comic strip featuring a child as protagonist. 3983Oo-oo-oo, oo-oo-oo, oo-oo-ooOo-oo-oo, oo-oo-oo, oo-oo-ooWhen she was just a girlShe expected the worldBut it flew away from her reachSo she ran away in her sleepAnd dreamed of para-para-paradisePara-para-paradisePara-para-paradiseEvery time she closed her eyesOo-oo-oo, oo-oo-oo, oo-oo-ooOo-oo-oo, oo-oo-oo, oo-oo-ooWhen she was just a girlShe expected the worldBut it flew away from her reachAnd the bullets catch in her teethLife goes on, it gets so heavyThe wheel breaks the butterflyEvery tear a waterfallIn the night, the stormy nightShe closed her eyesIn the night, the stormy nightAway she fliesDream of para-para-paradisePara-para-paradisePara-para-paradiseOh oh oh oh oh oh oh ohShe dreamt of para-para-paradisePara-para-paradisePara-para-paradiseOh oh oh oh oh oh ohLalalalala lalalalala lalalalala lalaSo lying underneath the stormy skiesShed say oh oh oh oh ohI know the sun set to riseThis could be para-para-paradisePara-para-paradiseCould be para-para-paradiseOh oh oh oh oh oh oh ohThis could be para-para-paradisePara-para-paradiseCould be para-para-paradiseOh oh oh oh oh oh ohOo-oo-oo-oo-oo-ooThis could be para-para-paradisePara-para-paradiseCould be para-para-paradiseOh oh oh oh oh oh ohOo-oo-oo, oo-oo-oo... 3756

An Ugly Woman 丑女 Mike: My aunt was very embarrassed when she was asked to take off her mask at the party.麦克:一次舞会上,当大家要求我姑姑拿掉她的面具时,她非常尴尬Mary: Why was that?玛丽:为什么会那样呢?Mike: She wasnt wearing one.麦克:她根本就没有带面具1.auntaunt阿姨,姑妈的意思,伯母,婶婶,舅妈,姑姑,姨妈都用aunt我们在看港剧经常听到里面说aunty,aunty是aunt的昵称,就跟mom(妈妈)和mommy(妈咪)一样的关系顺便一提,叔叔的英文是uncle伯伯,叔叔,舅舅,姑父,姨父都用这个 .take off her masktake off在这里表示脱下的意思脱下(衣帽、鞋子等),脱掉;拿掉,取下;移去;拆下,拆掉:He took off his coat and sat down.mask就是面具,假面的意思3.wearwear用来表示;穿着,戴着;的状态,用现在进行时,表示目前暂时情况例如: Children like wearing new clothes.孩子们穿着新衣 本节目属 9518 The Earthquake18 地震Johnny lived with his mother and father in a restful mountainous town in Switzerland.小约翰和爸爸妈妈一起住在瑞士一座宁静的山城里One day there was an earthquake near the town. Many houses were injured. Everybody thought that there would soon be another earthquake. They were worried that the second earthquake would be worse than the first.一天小城附近发生了一场地震,很多马匹都受伤了大家都认为不久就会有第二场地震他们担心第二场会比第一场更猛烈;We must send Johnny to a safe place,; Johnny mother said to her husband, ;many of our friends are sending their children to relatives in other towns.;“我们必须把小约翰送到安全的地方,”小约翰的妈妈对她丈夫说,“很多朋友都把孩子送到住在别的城市的亲戚家了”;Well send him to my brother, Peter.; ;Johnny mother said, ;He lives a long way away. Johnny will be safe with him.;“我们把他送到我兄弟彼得那里吧,”约翰的爸爸说,“他住得离这里很远,小约翰和他在一起会很安全”He telephoned Johnny Uncle Peter, an expert in botany, and asked him if he would let Johnny live with him.他给约翰的叔叔彼得,一个植物学专家,打电话问他是否可以让小约翰和他住在一起;Your nephew is a good boy,; he said, ;He wont give you any trouble.;“你的侄子是个好孩子,”他说,“他不会给你带来麻烦的”;All right,; Johnny Uncle Peter said, ;But Im not used to children. I live a very quiet and peaceful life.;“好的,”小约翰的叔叔彼得说,“但我不太习惯孩子,我的生活非常安静平和”;You wont know Johnny in the house,; his father told him.“你不会觉察到小约翰在屋里的”约翰的爸爸对他说So Johnny, who was five, went to live with his uncle.于是五岁的小约翰就去和叔叔住在一起了Two days later, his mother and father received a telegram from Peter. It said: ;An returning child. Please send earthquake.;两天后,爸爸和妈妈接到一封彼得发来的电报上面写着:“孩子已寄回,请把地震寄来” 5690

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