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Tang Dynasty唐朝Establishment唐朝的建立Li Yuan, who was a former governor under the Sui dynasty rose in rebellion after being urged on by his second son (later Tang Taizong).李渊原先是隋朝的一名官员,在自己的二儿子(后来的唐太宗)的力劝之下,他在农民起义中揭竿而起。Li Yuan installed a puppet child emperor of the Sui dynasty in 617 but he eventually removed the child emperor and established the Tang dynasty in 618.李渊于617年扶立了隋朝的一位幼年天子作为傀儡皇帝但是最终他取而代之并在618年建立了唐朝。Li Yuan ruled until 626 before being deposed by his son, Li Shimin, known as “Tang Taizong” in history.李渊在位八年,626年时被自己的儿子李世明,也就是历史上的唐太宗罢黜。Taizong then set out to solve internal problems within the government, internal problems had constantly plagued past dynasties.太宗之后开始着手解决政府的内部问题,这些问题在之前那些朝代一直是一个麻烦。The Emperor had three administrations (省, shěng), which were obliged to draft, review, and implement policies respectively.国家设立三省,分别负责起草、审核和补充决策,每个部门都被分配不同的任务。There were also six divisions (bù) under the administration that implemented policy, each of which was assigned different tasks.三省下设六部来执行政策,其中每个部被分配了不同的任务。It was during the Tang dynasty that the only female ruler of China, Empress Wu Zetian, made her mark.唐代的武则天是中国历史上唯一一位女皇帝。Her rule was one of only a handful of examples in which women seized power and ruled China,她的执政仅仅是一小部分女性掌权或统治国家的例子之一,and was the only example of a woman who ruled in her own right.她也是唯一一个自立为帝的女性。The 7th to the 8th century was generally considered the zenith point of the Tang dynasty, and arguably the whole Chinese civilization.七到八世纪被普遍认为是唐朝甚至整个中国文明的顶峰。Emperor Tang Xuanzong brought the Middle Kingdom to its golden age and Tang hegemony reached all the way to Japan and Korea in the east, Indochina in the south and central and western Asia in the west.唐玄宗将唐朝中期带入了黄金时代,国家的霸权向东延伸至日本和韩国、南至印度那、西至中亚和西亚。China was the protector of Kashmir and master of the Pamirs.中国是克什米尔的保护者和帕米尔的领导者。Its authority as far as Tokmak in present-day Uzbekistan (west of Lake Issyk Kul in Kyrgyzstan), Tohuolu or Kabul in Afghanistan, and as far west as the Aral Sea and the Caspian Sea.它的权威远至今日乌兹别克斯坦的托克马克(吉尔吉斯斯坦伊塞克湖西边)、阿富汗的吐火罗,西边远达咸海和里海。Some of the major kingdoms paying tribute to the Tang Dynasty included Kashmir, Neparo (Nepal), Vietnam, Japan, Korea, over nine kingdoms located in Amu Darya and Syr Darya valley in south of mid-Asia.各大王国包括克什米尔、尼泊尔、越南、日本、韩国、分布在阿姆河附近的超过9个国家和中亚南部的锡尔河都向大唐进贡。Nomadic kingdoms addressed the Emperor of Tang respectfully as Tian Kehan (Celestial Kaghan)(天可汗).游牧王国尊称大唐皇帝为“天可汗”。Due to its prosperity,the Tang dynasty was also an era of development of a highly educated society.因为国家的繁荣,唐朝同样也是一个高度教化社会不断发展的时代。The Tang dynasty became synonymous to the birth of famous poems and literatures created by individuals such as Li Bai, Du Fu, Meng Haoran and many others.唐代成为了李白、杜甫、孟浩然和其他一些诗人创作诗文的发源地的代名词。They wrote some of the most famous poems of their time which are still recited to this day.他们当时创作的一些著名作品直到今日还被人交口传颂。 /201511/405193

Culture: The tradition of ancestral worship has a long history in China. Archeologists have found it was practiced even in Prehistoric Times.文化:祭天祀祖在中国有着悠久的历史,在史前时期的考古中曾一再发现这类遗存。With the emergence of farming, people worshipped the heaven in hope of favorable weather for crops. It was actually a kind of nature worship.随着农业的出现,人们为祈求风调雨顺的好年景而产生了对天的崇拜,这是自然崇拜中的一种。Another kind of worship was ancestor worship, also called soul worship.祖先崇拜又叫灵魂崇拜。People offered sacrifice to their ancestors, praying for blessings bestowed by their ancestors.人们祭祀祖先,为的是求得先人的保佑。From the Xia Dynasty onwards, the primitive religion changed greatly.自夏代开始,原始宗教的内容发生很大变化。Kings were endowed with supreme authority. In order to secure his power, the king combined ancestral worship and nature worship to create the God or the Heaven, and proclaimed himself the agent or the worldly descendent of the God.由于帝王是世上最高的统治者,为了维护他的统治,就把祖先崇拜与自然崇拜结合起来,创造了天或上帝这样的至上神,并称自己为上天的使者或是其子孙。Characters had existed in the Shang Dynasty, and discovered written materials are the remains of the late Shang, which mainly preserved on tortoise shells or shoulder blades of cattle. Nowadays, they are referred as oracle-bone inscriptions.商代已有文字,现在已发现的文字资料都是商代后期的遗物,主要保存在龟甲和牛肩胛骨上的,今人称之为甲骨文。Since mainly used to record the facts of divination, it is also called oracle inscription.因多为记录占卜之事,亦称卜辞。A piece of it is about forty or fifty words, the longest a hundred words or also.卜辞一篇约四五十字,最长的有百字左右。Apart from this, some bronze vessels are also engraved with a few characters, called jin wen (writings on bronzes) or zhong ding wen (writings on bells and tripods).在少量铜器上亦铸有一些文字,称为金文,或钟鼎文。The longest writing consists of forty or fifty words, while the shortest one only five or six words, even one or two.铜器铭文长的有四五十字,短的只有一二字或五六字。Up till now, not many of such inscriptions have been found, but they are a primary source of historical materials for the research of the Shang period.迄今为止,发现的钟鼎文数量并不多,但它们是研究商代的重要历史资料。Oracle-bone inscriptions are the important state archives.甲骨卜辞是商朝的国家档案。The Shang rulers were very superstitious, and they would enquire ghosts and gods through divination when there was sacrifices, wars, hunting, diseases, agricultural affairs, weather conditions etc.商统治者非常迷信,凡遇祭祀、征伐、田猎、疾 病、农业的丰歉、天气的阴晴风雨等大事,都要用占卜的方法询问鬼神。Usually, a question was written on a tortoise shell or shoulder blade of cattle, then fired ; when cracks were produced, the oracle was interpreted on the basis of the pattern of them, and the interpretation was then written on the bone, too.每次占卜时,先将所问事项刻在龟甲或牛肩胛骨上,然后把骨头放在火上烤,直至有裂纹出 现,这时就可以根据裂纹的形状进行占卜。占卜的结果亦刻在骨上。After the predicted event occurred, the date of the occurrence was also written on the bone.日后预言成真时,事件的发生日期也会被刻到龟骨上面。One hundred thousand of pieces of oracle-bone in-scriptions have been found in the ruins of Yin, which contains about 4500 characters and about 2000 have been deciphered. The written characters were aly formed in four different ways: pictographs, ideographs, associative compounds and phonetic compounds.在殷墟发现的甲骨卜辞约有10万多片,所记甲骨文单字总数约有4500左右,今已确认者约有2 000千字左右,基本上具备象形、指事、会意、形声等造字方式。Scientific Achievements: The development of production is closely related to the advance of scientific knowledge.科学发展:生产的发展与科技进步密不可分。The Shang people made great achievement in astronomy, calendar and mathematics.商代人民在天文、历法、数学等发面均取得了巨大成就。The oracle-bone inscriptions have records of solar and eclipse, some constellations and newly discovered stars, for example, the Shang astronomers discovered Mars and various comets.甲骨文中有日蚀、月蚀、星座和新发现的星宿的记载。商代的天文学家已发现了火星及各种流星。The Shang calendar had been quite perfect. It used a lunar calendar combinedwith the solar year,disciplining month by moon, numbering year by sun and adjusting season with an intercalary month.商代的历法已相当完善,为阴阳合历,以太阴(月)纪月,以太阳纪年,用闰月调整季节。The common year was 12 months, and the leap year 13 months.平年12个月,闰年13个月。The intercalary month was at first added at the end of the year, but later inserted in the middle.最初年终置闰。商代后期,也在年中置闰。Ten characters known as “heavenly stems” and twelve other known as “earthly branches” were used to name the days in a cycle of sixty days.用干纪日,十干,即“天干”和十二地相配合,60日为一个周期。There is a complete list of stems and branches in the oracle bone inscriptions, which is the earliest one in the Chinese history.在甲骨文中发现有完整的干表,这是我国最早的干记录。The advanced astronomy and calendar were closely connected to agriculture.商代的天文学和历法的进步,与农业生产的发展有密切关系。Oracle-bone inscriptions show that numbers as large as 30000 with a decimal system were used ;ideas about odd and even numbers came into being ; the primary ability to calculate was also developed.数学:商代甲骨文中有大至30000的数字,明确的十进制,奇数、偶数和倍数的概念,有了初步的计算能力。Optics knowledge was applied to long ago. The convex mirror unearthed can reflect a man’s whole face in a quite small surface.光学知识在很早就得到应用,出土的商代微凸面镜,能在较小的镜面上照出整个人面。 /201511/407421

Tang Dynasty唐朝Buddhism in Tang Dynasty佛教Buddhism had been introduced to China via the Silk Road during the Western Han Dynasty (206 —24 AD).佛教在西汉时期(公元前206年——公元24年)经丝绸之路传入中国。After five hundred years of peaks and troughs, it reached its height during the tang Dynasty.经过500多年的跌宕起伏,它在唐朝达到了顶峰。Chang#39;an, the capital became the main center of Buddhist learning in East Asia.都城长安成为了僧人们在东亚学习的主要中心。Monasteries and temples were built throughout the country in order to bring the teachings to the people.修道院与寺庙在国家各处被建立来将教义传播给人民。Some of the emperors adopted Buddhism as their religion.一些帝王将佛教当做自己的宗教信仰。Due to its dominance during the Tang Dynasty, the influence of Buddhism can be seen in a variety of aspects of social life.由于其在唐朝时期的优势地位,在社会生活的各个方面我们都可以看到佛教的影响。The expansion enjoyed by the faith resulted in an increase in temples and the numbers of monks.信仰的传播导致了寺庙和僧侣数量的增加。Shaolin Monastery, one of the most famous Buddhist temples in China,中国最著名的佛教寺庙之一——少林寺,amassed wealth and influence during the Tang and became a place of pilgrimage for both monks and laymen alike.在唐朝积聚了财富和影响力并成为了僧人和俗人共同的朝圣之地。In the capital, Chang#39;an (present day Xi#39;an), Daxingshan Temple, Straw Hut Temple,在都城长安(今西安),大兴善寺、草堂寺、Xingjiao Si and Xiangji Temple still exist as witness to the glory of Buddhism during the Tang era.兴教寺和香积寺仍然见着唐朝时期佛教的光辉兴盛。The sp of Buddhism in China increased mutual understanding and links with other countries,佛在在中国的广为传播提升了与其他国家之间的互相理解与联系,promoting friendly relations and cultural exchanges.加强了友好关系和文化交流。Many monks traveled into India.许多僧人旅行至印度。The Big White Goose Pagoda and Small White Goose Pagoda serve as reminders of these famous pioneers,大雁塔和小雁塔就是这些著名先驱者的印,such as Monk Xuanzang (602—664),who was a prominent Buddhist traveler and translator and Monk Yijing.比如玄奘(602——664)——杰出的僧旅人和翻译家以及僧人奕经。Xuanzang, concerned by the diversification of Buddhism at home, decided to go to India in order to study original texts and teachings.玄奘意识到国内佛教的多样化之后,决定前往印度学习最原始的著作和教义。He left Chang#39;an in 629 to make his pilgrimage.他于629年离开长安开始他的朝圣。After seventeen years of untold hardships and a journey of some 50 000 kilometers,经过17年不为人知的艰辛与超过500000公里的行程,Xuanzang returned to China bringing with him a large volume of Buddhist scriptures.玄奘回到了中国,带回了大量的佛教经书。He then spent twelve years at the Da Ci#39;en Temple translating the scriptures.接着,他用12年时间在大慈恩寺翻译这些著作。The famous novel A Journey to the West is based on his true story.著名小说《西游记》就是根据他的真实故事写成的。Another famous monk worthy of mention is Jianzhen (688—763).另一个值得一提的僧人是鉴真(688——763)。He was invited to preach in Japan and finally arrived there after five abortive attempts to undertake the journey there.他受邀前往日本讲道,在经历了五次未完成的行程后最终到达目的地。His statue is still enshrined in some Japanese temples to this day.他的塑像在今日仍被供奉在日本的一些寺庙里。 /201511/405223There may be a link between later bedtimes and weight gain, new research suggests.新研究表明,晚睡与体重增加之间可能存在关联。Researchers studied 3,342 adolescents starting in 1996, following them through 2009. At three points over the years, all reported their normal bedtimes, as well as information on fast food consumption, exercise and television time. The scientists calculated body mass index at each interview.从1996年至2009年,3342名青少年接受了研究人员的随访,并分别在这期间的三个时间点上报告了自己平时的就寝时间、看电视时间以及食用快餐和锻炼的情况。在每次访谈时,科学家们均计算了各位参与者的身体质量指数(B.M.I.)。After controlling for age, sex, race, ethnicity and socioeconomic status, the researchers found that each hour later bedtime during the school or workweek was associated with about a two-point increase in B.M.I.在对年龄、性别、种族、民族和社会经济地位进行校正后,研究人员发现,在校时或在每周的工作日期间,参与者每晚睡一小时与其B.M.I.约增加2个点相关。The effect was apparent even among people who got a full eight hours of sleep, and neither TV time nor exercise contributed to the effect. But fast food consumption did.即使在能睡足8小时的人当中,这种效应依然很明显,且它与看电视时间或锻炼均无关,但与食用快餐有关。The study, in the October issue of Sleep, raises questions, said the lead author, Lauren D. Asarnow, a graduate student at the University of California, Berkeley.该研究发表在《睡眠》杂志(Sleep)的十月刊上。其主要作者,加州大学伯克利分校(University of California, Berkeley)的研究生劳伦·D·奥萨诺(Lauren D. Asarnow)表示,该研究提出了一些有待解决的问题。“First, what is driving this relationship?” she said. “Is it metabolic changes that happen when you stay up late? And second, if we change sleep patterns, can we change eating behavior and the course of weight change?”“首先,这种关联背后的推动力是什么?是因为当你熬夜时,新陈代谢发生了改变?”她说。“第二,如果改变了睡眠习惯,那我们是否可以改变饮食行为和体重变化的过程?”The scientists acknowledge that their study had limitations. Their sleep data depended on self-reports, and they did not have complete diet information. Also, they had no data on waist circumference, which, unlike B.M.I., can help distinguish between lean muscle and abdominal fat.科学家们承认他们的研究存在一定的局限性。他们的睡眠数据依赖于自我报告,也没能获得完整的饮食信息。此外,他们没有参与者的腰围数据。而腰围数据较之B.M.I.有一个优点就是它有助于区分肌肉和腹部脂肪。 /201510/403529Every year since 1952, the Book Review has convened an independent panel of judges to select the New York Times Best Illustrated Children’s Books. Judged purely on artistic merit, it’s the only annual award of its kind. 自1952年以来,《纽约时报》书评版每年都会组建一个独立评审小组,挑选出时报最佳儿童绘本。它以艺术价值为唯一标准,也是同类作品的唯一年度奖。The 2015 New York Times Best Illustrated Children’s Books are, in alphabetical order:2015年《纽约时报》最佳儿童绘本书单如下,按字母顺序排列:Big Bear Little Chair《大熊小椅子》(Big Bear Little Chair)Written and illustrated by Lizi Boyd故事、绘图:利兹·伊德(Lizi Boyd)This ingenious take on the “opposites” book shows the youngest children that big, little and tiny are all in how you look at things. Using just black, white and a velvety gray, with a bit of red, Boyd’s delightful cut paper compositions juxtapose the large and the small in unexpected ways: a “big meadow” is big because it’s full of small flowers; a “big seal” towers over a “tiny castle” that’s made of sand.该书巧妙地通过“对立”,向低龄儿童展示了“大、小和微小”的区别在于看待事物的方式。伊德仅仅使用黑、白、柔和的灰,以及一点点红色,搭配赏心悦目的剪纸图案,以出人意料的方式并列呈现了大小事物:一片“大草地”很大,因为草地上满是小花朵;在用沙子建造的“微小城堡”前,高耸着一只“大海豹”。32 pp. Chronicle Books. .99. (Picture book; ages 3 to 5)共32页。编年史出版社(Chronicle Books)。16.99美元。(绘本,适合3至5岁)A Fine Dessert: Four Centuries, Four Families, One Delicious Treat《精致甜品:四个世纪,四个家庭,一种美味》(A Fine Dessert: Four Centuries, Four Families, One Delicious Treat)By Emily Jenkins. Illustrated by Sophie Blackall.故事:艾米莉·詹金斯(Emily Jenkins)。绘图:苏菲·布莱科尔(Sophie Blackall)。Four vignettes, set in England, South Carolina, Boston and San Diego, show how the creamy dessert called blackberry fool has been made and enjoyed over the centuries. Our reviewer, John Lithgow, called out the book’s “abundant charms.” Blackall’s warm, finely detailed illustrations — done in ink, watercolor and blackberry juice — capture the sweep of history and the constancy of family love.书中描绘了四个小片段,分别发生在英格兰、南卡罗来纳州、波士顿和圣迭戈,这些片段讲述了数百年来,人们制作和品尝一种名为“黑莓傻瓜”(blackberry fool)的奶油甜点的历史。评审员约翰·利思戈(John Lithgow)称该书“魅力十足”。布莱科尔用墨水、水和黑莓汁绘制了温暖而精细的插画,展现了历史的跨越和亲情的延绵。32 pp. Schwartz amp; Wade Books. .99. (Picture book; ages 4 to 8)共32页。施瓦茨与韦德出版社(Schwartz amp; Wade Books)。17.99美元。(绘本,适合4至8岁)Funny Bones: Posada and His Day of the Dead Calaveras《滑稽的骨头:波萨达和他的亡灵节骷髅》(Funny Bones: Posada and His Day of the Dead Calaveras)By Duncan Tonatiuh故事:邓肯·托纳蒂乌(Duncan Tonatiuh)This biography of the Mexican artist, who popularized calaveras both as a form of political protest and a popular entertainment, integrates Posada’s own prints with Tonatiuh’s winsome, cleverly layered compositions. “Befitting its subject, the book communicates through its visual aesthetic,” Maria Russo wrote. “Tonatiuh’s eye-catching earth-toned digital collages, with occasional blasts of dusky purple or blue, feature people who look like the swoopy, postmodern descendants of Mexican folk figures.”本书是墨西哥艺术家波萨达的传记。波萨达普及了骷髅艺术(calaveras),使其既成为政治抗议的一种形式,又成为一种大众的方式。书中将波萨达的作品和托纳蒂乌可爱、巧妙的分层图案融合在一起。“这本书通过视觉美感来表达,与它的主题非常契合,”玛丽亚·罗素(Maria Russo)写道。“托纳蒂乌用引人注目的土地色调的数字拼贴,搭配少量暗紫色或蓝色,让人物看起来像是墨西哥传说人物的后现代后裔,有平滑的线条。”40 pp. Abrams. .95. (Picture book; ages 6 to 10)共40页,艾布拉姆斯出版社(Abrams)。18.95美元。(绘本,适合6至10岁)Leo: A Ghost Story《雷欧:幽灵的故事》(Leo: A Ghost Story)By Mac Barnett. Illustrated by Christian Robinson.故事:麦克·巴内特(Mac Barnett)。绘图:克里斯蒂安·罗宾逊(Christian Robinson)Leo, a little ghost drawn touchingly by Robinson as an improbably sweet and hopeful-looking crayoned outline, feels unwanted in the house he is haunting. So he moves to the city, where he befriends a girl who thinks he’s strictly imaginary. After Leo thwarts a robbery, his real — that is, ghostly — status is affirmed. Our reviewer, Marjorie Ingall, praised Robinson’s “exciting” art. “I love the palette of ‘Leo,’” she wrote. “Black, white, gray and various shades of moody blue, in a mix of acrylic paint and chunky paper collage.”雷欧是一个小幽灵。罗宾逊用动人的笔触,将他绘制成一个极为可爱、看起来充满希望的蜡笔轮廓。雷欧觉得,在他游荡的房子里,大家都不喜欢他。于是他搬到城市,和一个女孩交上朋友,女孩以为雷欧只是自己的想象。雷欧阻挠了一次抢劫,他作为幽灵的真实性得到了确定。评审员玛乔丽·因加尔(Marjorie Ingall)称赞,罗宾逊的绘画很“精”。她写道:“我喜欢《雷欧》的配色,白、灰和各种色调的蓝黑色,以及丙烯酸颜料和厚实纸张拼贴的组合。”52 pp. Chronicle Books. .99. (Picture book; ages 3 to 5)共52页。编年史出版社。16.99美元。(绘本,适合3至5岁)Madame Eiffel: The Love Story of the Eiffel Tower《埃菲尔夫人:埃菲尔铁塔的爱情故事》(Madame Eiffel: The Love Story of the Eiffel Tower)By Alice Brière-Haquet. Illustrated by Csil.故事:爱丽丝·布希耶-阿各特(Alice Brière-Haquet)。绘图:塞希尔(Csil)In this imaginative telling of the story behind the Eiffel Tower, the engineer Gustave Eiffel is inspired by his love for his ailing wife, Cathy. With a strict palette of black and white with dabs of light rosy red, Csil’s intricate, lacy pen-and-ink illustrations convey Eiffel’s keen attention to detail, along with the allure of Paris and the high-flying ambition of his tower. The effect is romantic and utterly charming, inviting you to look and look at the pages.本书讲述了作者想象的艾菲尔铁塔背后的故事:工程师居斯塔夫·埃菲尔(Gustave Eiffel)对病妻凯西(Cathy)的爱激发了他的灵感。塞希尔用严格的黑白配色,加上少许浅玫瑰红,勾画出错综复杂的繁复笔墨插图,展示了埃菲尔对细节的敏锐,再加上巴黎的魅力以及铁塔承载的雄心壮志,整体效果浪漫迷人,引人入胜。24 pp. Little Gestalten. .95. (Picture book; ages 4 to 8)共24页,Little Gestalten出版社。19.95美元(绘本,适合4至8岁)The Only Child《独生小孩》(The Only Child)Written and illustrated by Guojing故事、绘图:郭景A small child is left alone all day to fend for herself. She dozes off on a city bus and wakes in an unknown forest, a silvery fantasyland up in the clouds where she bonds with a flying deer, enormous whales and a seal pup. Our reviewer, Samantha Hunt, was enchanted by this “dreamy, wordless debut,” lovingly illustrated with smoky, mystical-looking pencil drawings. “The dark current flowing underneath such lush imagery,” Hunt wrote, “is the loneliness of childhood under China’s one-child policy.”一个小姑娘一整天都要自己照顾自己。她在城市里的公交车上睡着了,醒来时来到了一片未知的森林里。那是云朵上面的一个银色梦境。在那里,她和会飞的鹿、大鲸鱼和一只小海豹建立起了感情。这本“梦幻题材的无字处女作”让评审员萨曼莎·亨特(Samantha Hunt)沉醉在其中。书中的插图都是烟雾朦胧、看上去有些神秘的铅笔画。“美丽的图画背后涌动的暗流,”亨特说,“是中国一胎政策下童年的孤独。”98 pp. Schwartz amp; Wade. .99. (Picture book; ages 5 to 9)共98页。施瓦茨与韦德出版社。19.99美元。(绘本,适合5至9岁)The Skunk《臭鼬》(The Skunk)By Mac Barnett. Illustrated by Patrick McDonnell.故事:马克·巴尼特(Mac Barnett)绘图:帕特里克·麦当奈尔(Patrick McDonnell)32 pp. Roaring Brook Press. .99. (Picture book; ages 4 to 8)共32页,咆哮溪出版社(Roaring Brook Press)。17.99美元。(绘本,适合4至8岁)Sidewalk Flowers《路边的鲜花》(Sidewalk Flowers)By JonArno Lawson. Illustrated by Sydney Smith.故事:琼阿诺·劳森(JonArno Lawson) 绘图:西德尼·史密斯(Sydney Smith)“Something to treasure,” our reviewer, Carmela Ciuraru, called this dazzlingwordless book. As a girl and her father walk home through city streets, she notices flowers sprouting in unexpected places. She picks them, accumulating a bouquet that she distributes to a dog, a dead bird, a homeless man and finally, back home, her sleeping toddler sibling. In Smith’s elegant and moving drawings, as Ciuraru wrote, “the only pop of color on the first page is the girl’s bright red hoodie, redolent of Peter’s snowsuit in Ezra Jack Keats’s ‘The Snowy Day.’ More color suffuses these pages as the pair gets closer to home.”评审员卡尔梅拉·丘拉鲁(Carmela Ciuraru)对这本令人惊叹的绘本的评价是“值得珍藏”。一个小女孩和父亲穿过城市的街道步行回家。她发现,一些意想不到的地方长出了鲜花。她把献花采来做成花束,分给了一条、一只死鸟、一个流浪汉和家里已经睡着了的弟弟。正如丘拉鲁所写的那样,史密斯的插图简洁感人,“第一页上唯一的色是小女孩鲜红的连帽衫,让人想起了埃兹拉·杰克·济慈(Ezra Jack Keats)《雪天》(The Snowy Day)里彼得穿的风雪。随着两人离家越来越近,书页上的颜色越来越丰富。”26 pp. Groundwood Books/House of Anansi Press. .95. (Picture book; ages 3 to 8)共26页。格朗伍德/阿南西出版公司(Groundwood Books/House of Anansi Press)。16.95美元。(绘本,适合3至8岁)The Tiger Who Would Be King《想当国王的老虎》(The Tiger Who Would Be King)By James Thurber. Illustrated by JooHee Yoon.故事:詹姆斯·瑟伯(James Thurber) 绘图:尹珠熙(JooHee Yoon,音)Thurber’s 1956 comic fable about a power-mad tiger who starts a deadly war is vibrantly illustrated by Yoon in a dense, blocky print style, all in an electric red, a cool blue-green, black and white. Each page teems with evocative images of animal life. The effect is ferocious and ravishing, capturing the beastliness of war along with emotions that include pride, boredom, shock and sorrow.本书是瑟伯1956年推出的一个漫画寓言故事,讲的是一只痴迷于权力的老虎发起一场大战的故事。尹珠熙的插图色鲜艳,全都是鲜亮的红色、冷静的蓝绿色、黑色和白色,印刷风格的色块密集地挤在一起。每一页都满是令人思绪飞扬的动物生活场景。画面冲击感强烈,令人陶醉,既刻画出了战争的残暴,又表现出了骄傲、厌倦、震惊和悲伤等情感。40 pp. Enchanted Lion Books. .95. (All ages)共40页。醉狮图书公司(Enchanted Lion Books)。18.95美元。(适合所有年龄)Tricky Vic: The Impossibly True Story of the Man Who Sold the Eiffel Tower《特里基·维克:一个卖埃菲尔铁塔的人的真实故事》(Tricky Vic: The Impossibly True Story of the Man Who Sold the Eiffel Tower)By Greg Pizzoli故事:格雷格·皮佐利(Greg Pizzoli)This biography of the legendary con man who once managed to sell the Eiffel Tower bursts with cheeky wit and verve. We follow Tricky Vic, as he was known, from his birth as Robert Miller in what is now the Czech Republic to his death in a federal prison in Missouri. In one of many comic touches, a thumbprint stands in for Tricky Vic’s head. “Pizzoli’s jocular, simple but graphically sophisticated collage illustrations draw ers even further into a story it would be hard to be bored by,” Maria Russo wrote.本书是一本传记,主人公是一个传奇骗子,曾经成功地卖掉了埃菲尔铁塔。书中充满了诙谐的玩笑,笔触充满活力,介绍了主人公从出生到离世的一生。他出生时叫罗伯特·米勒(Robert Miller),后被世人称作特里基·维克。他生于现在的捷克,在密苏里州的一座联邦监狱走到了生命的尽头。书中有浓厚的漫画气息,其中一处是用指纹代表特里基·维克的脑袋。“这是一个很难让人感到厌烦的故事,皮佐利风趣、简单却又精美生动的拼贴插图吸引着读者一步步深入,”玛利亚·拉索(Maria Russo)写道。39 pp. Viking. .99. (Picture book; ages 7 to 10)共39页。维京出版公司(Viking)。17.99美元。(绘本,适合7至10岁) /201511/407156

Figuring out whether the man or woman you#39;re with is the ever-elusive #39;one#39; is no mean feat.想要了解自己的另一半并非易事。But, if a new checklist is to be believed, it#39;s rather simple to work out.但如果有份检查表作参考则会相对容易些。According to a study, couples who talk about bodily functions, have access to each other#39;s passwords and shower together are the most committed.一项研究表明,最忠贞的伴侣具有以下几个特征:告知对方自己的身体状况、知晓对方的密码,并且一起沐浴。Planning a holiday, driving each others#39; cars and having a key to your partner#39;s flat are other signs that a relationship has got serious.此外,假期计划二人出游、开对方的车、有对方公寓的钥匙也可以反映出双方对待这段关系的认真态度。Researchers quizzed couples on the different stages of their relationship to determine the top signs that indicate a couple are past the #39;seeing each other#39; phase and taking things into more serious territory.研究者通过对伴侣关系发展的各个阶段进行调查,总结出一些典型特征。若满足这些特征,则表明双方已过了“约会”阶段,开始认真对待这段关系。Posting a #39;loved-up#39; photo on Facebook, changing your status to #39;in a relationship#39; and being introduced to wider friendships circles also show couples are the #39;real deal.#39;在Facebook上发布秀恩爱的照片、将感情状况设置为“恋爱中”、把对方介绍给自己朋友,这些都能表明这段关系不是玩玩而已。Meeting potential in-laws, staying overnight and divulging salary details also prove that couples are the #39;real deal.#39;见对方父母、双方一起过夜、互相告知收入状况,这些也都能明双方对这段关系是真心的。The study also highlighted that couples deem a relationship more serious when they get more comfortable with each other - which means seeing each other without make up, showering together, lounging around the house in pyjamas and even discussing intimate health issues and bodily functions.这项研究还强调,若双方能相处得更自在,也能说明彼此认真对待。这里的“自在”是指,素颜相对、一起洗澡、穿着睡衣在家乱晃,甚至互相讨论健康隐私和身体状况。Other relationship milestones include meeting the parents, becoming the #39;plus one#39; on all invites, seeing each other through an illness and comfortably phoning each other at work.其他特征也能表明双方关系正在更上新台阶,比如见对方父母、带对方一起赴邀、生病时互相照顾,还有工作时互相打电话聊天。Buying a dog or cat together, choosing their partner#39;s favourite foods in the weekly food shop and sharing their friends secrets are also sure signs that you#39;re with the one, according to the research by Monarch.双方一起养或猫、在每周的食物采购时挑选对方喜爱的食物、一起分享朋友的秘密,这些也都能表明双方是在真心相处。以上结论均来自Monarch的研究结果。 /201601/422052Donald Trump has sold the Miss Universe Organization to William Morris Endeavor-IMG, the Hollywood talent and marketing agency, just days after buying his former partner NUniversal out of the beauty pageant business.唐纳德礠朗普(Donald Trump)把环球组织(Miss Universe Organization)出售给了好莱坞人才与营销机构威廉莫里斯奋进-IMG(WME-IMG)。就在几天前,特朗普刚刚从他的前合作伙伴N环球(N Universal)手中买入了环球组织的股权。Mr Trump, who is leading polls among Republican presidential candidates, had co-owned the business, which also includes the Miss USA and Miss Teen USA events, for 13 years. But the relationship with N fell apart earlier this year over Mr Trump’s controversial comments on the presidential campaign trail.在共和党候选人资格角逐中领先的特朗普,曾跟N环球共同拥有“美国”(Miss USA)和“美国妙龄”(Miss Teen USA)赛事举办权长达13年。但今年早些时候,当特朗普在总统竞选中发出争议性言论之后,N环球终止了与特朗普的合作。In June the Comcast-owned broadcaster cut ties with the outspoken businessman and reality television star, citing his “derogatory statements” about immigrants. On Friday Mr Trump announced on Twitter that he had bought N’s 51 per cent stake in Miss Universe.今年6月,这家康卡斯特(Comcast)旗下的电视公司终止了与这位敢言的商人、真人电视节目明星的合作,并引述了他关于移民的“诽谤言论”。上周五,特朗普在推特(Twitter)上宣布,他已买入了N持有的51%环球组织的股份。“When I purchased the pageants many years ago, they were in serious trouble. It has been a great honour making them so successful and I have really enjoyed watching the pageants grow throughout the USA and worldwide,” Mr Trump said on Monday.特朗普周一表示,“当我多年前买入这家选美公司时,它正处于严重困境中。我很荣幸给它带来这么大的成功,我真的高兴看到选美大赛在全美国和全世界成长壮大。”The purchase price was not disclosed. In financial disclosures related to his political campaign, Mr Trump said Miss Universe was worth between m and m and had .4m in revenue.购买价并未对外披露。在与政治竞选相关的财务披露中,特朗普表示,环球组织的价值为500万美元至2.5亿美元,其营收为340万美元。Also on Monday, N announced that Arnold Schwarzenegger, the film star and former California governor, would host the next season of Celebrity Apprentice airing in 2016. Mr Trump had hosted the show and its predecessor, The Apprentice, since 2008, but relinquished that position when he decided to run for the White House.也是在周一,N公布称,电影明星、加利福尼亚州前州长阿诺德施瓦辛格(Arnold Schwarzenegger)将在2016年主持下一季的《名人学徒》(Celebrity Apprentice)电视节目。自2008年以来,特朗普曾主持过《名人学徒》及其前身《学徒》(The Apprentice),但他决定竞选总统时,放弃了那个角色。At WME-IMG, the pageants join a growing portfolio of events including fashion weeks in New York, Berlin and Sydney and music festival Lollapalooza.在WME-IMG,选美大赛已成为了一系列不断增多的活动的一部分。其他活动包括在纽约、柏林和悉尼举办的时尚周,以及俊杰(Lollapalooza)音乐节。Univision, the US’s largest Spanish-language TV network, dropped its plans to televise the pageants this year following Mr Trump’s remarks. Mr Trump is suing the company for 0m for breach of contract.在特朗普发表上述言论之后,美国最大的西班牙语电视网络Univision放弃了今年电视播放选美大赛的计划。特朗普目前正起诉该公司违约,索赔5亿美元。Other companies have also severed their relationships with Mr Trump this year, including Macy’s, Serta and the PVH Corporation, which all had deals to produce or sell merchandise with the billionaire’s name on them.今年,一些其他公司也终止了与特朗普的合作关系,包括梅西百货(Macy;s)、Serta和PVH Corporation。这些公司都跟特朗普签定了制作或销售印有他名字的商品的协议。 /201509/399121Steps are being taken in Thailand to wean Buddhist monks off unhealthy food after a study suggested that almost half of them are overweight.泰国正在采取各种措施帮佛教僧侣们改掉不健康的饮食习惯,因为已有调查表明,近一半的泰国僧侣超重。Jongjit Angkatavanich, a health and nutrition expert at Bangkok#39;s Chulalongkorn University, says 48% of monks are obese, the Bangkok Post reports. Her warning that ;Obesity in our monks is a ticking time bomb; seems to have given the religious authorities cause for concern, with her figures showing that 42% have high cholesterol levels, 23% suffer from high blood pressure, and over 10% are diabetic. Dr Jongjit didn#39;t say how many monks were involved in a study, but she#39;s helping to roll out a national programme aimed at slimming down Thailand#39;s holy men.据《曼谷邮报》报道,曼谷朱拉隆功大学营养饮食专家宗集德提供的数据显示,泰国48%的僧侣过于肥胖,42%的僧侣体内胆固醇含量偏高,23%患有高血压,还有超过10%的僧侣患有糖尿病。宗集德认为,“僧侣肥胖问题是一颗定时炸弹”。宗教当局似乎也开始注意到这个问题了。宗集德教授并未透露此次研究中所涉及的僧侣人数。她本人正在协助推动一个全国性项目的展开,旨在帮泰国圣僧减肥。The government aly covers medical fees for monks, who play a prominent part in Thailand#39;s social and religious life, and spent more than 300m baht (£6m; .5m) on countering chronic obesity-related problems in 2012 alone, the paper says. Dr Jongjit singles out the sweet drinks and fatty foods that members of the public donate to the monks, and her Faculty of Allied Heath Sciences university is launching a campaign to promote leaner clerical living.该报道称,僧侣在泰国的社会和宗教生活中扮演着举足轻重的角色,政府已经为僧侣们下发了医疗拨款,仅2012年一年,政府在解决僧侣们因肥胖导致的各类慢性病上花费的金钱就超过了3亿铢。宗集德教授会在香客捐赠给僧侣的饮食中进行筛选,剔除含糖饮料和高脂食物。她所任教大学的联合健康科学系也推出了帮助僧侣日常瘦身的系列活动。A monastic college and four temples in Bangkok are pioneering nutritional cooking programmes heavy on fibre, protein and calcium, and encouraging the clerics to take more physical exercise. Dr Jongjit says the monks involved have aly lost an average of one kilogram (2.2lb) in weight over eight weeks, cut their waistlines by 1.4cm (half an inch), and seen drops in cholesterol levels. Some monks complain that they don#39;t know how much weight they#39;re putting on, which is why Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital has launched a special girdle that tightens around the waist as a gentle reminder.曼谷的一所僧侣学院和四座寺庙,都在力推高纤维、高蛋白和高钙质的僧侣营养餐项目,还鼓励僧侣们多运动。宗集德教授表示,参与这些项目的僧侣们在8周时间内平均瘦了1千克,腰围缩小了1.4厘米,体内胆固醇含量也明显下降了。一些僧侣抱怨无法从直观上判断自己到底长了多少肉,为此,朱拉隆功纪念医院推出了一款特制束腰带,可以在僧侣们长胖的时候给他们一点温馨提示。 /201603/432569

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