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昌都市做飘眉多少钱成都/市眉毛种植的价格哈密市做韩式半永久纹绣多少钱 Speech by Prince Charles at Hong Kongs Handover Ceremony查尔斯王子香港主权交接演讲This important and special ceremony marks a moment of both change and continuity in Hong Kongs history.今夜这个重要、独特的仪式,将在一刻之间,凝聚了香港历史的改变与延续。It marks, first of all, the restoration of Hong Kong to the Peoples Republic of China, 首先,仪式标志着香港在英国管治 150多年后,under the terms of the Sino-British Joint Declaration of 1984, after more than 150 years of British administration.根据1984年签署的联合声明而交还给中华人民共和国。This ceremony also celebrates continuity because, by that same treaty and the many subsequent agreements which have been made to implement its provisions, 同时,本仪式也庆贺延续,因为根据同一条约,和其后为实施条约而签订的许多协议,the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region will have its own government, and retain its own society, its own economy and its own way of life.香港特别行政区将拥有政府,保留自己的社会与经济体系和自己的生活方式。I should like to pay tribute this evening to those who turned the concept of ;one country, two systems; into the Joint Declaration, and to the dedication 今夜,我要向当年把;一国两制;的思想体现于联合声明之中的诸位致敬,同时,对过去13年间付出极大努力,and commitment of those who have worked so hard over the last thirteen years to negotiate the details of the Joint Declarations implementation.献出了忠诚与决心,为实施联合声明而商讨细节的诸位,我也要向他们致敬。201611/47907310.Franklin Delano Roosevelt Pearl Harbor SPeech Declaration of War10.富兰克林·德拉诺·罗斯福要求国会对日本宣战演讲To the Congress of the ed States:副总统先生、议长先生、各位参议员和众议员:Yesterday, Dec. 7, 1941 - a date which will live in infamy 昨天,1941年12月7日,将成为我国的国耻日。the ed States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan.美利坚合众国遭到了日本帝国海、空军有预谋的突然袭击。The ed States was at peace with that nation 在此之前,美国同日本处于和平状态,at the solicitation of Japan, was still in conversation with the government and its emperor 并应日本之请同该国政府及天皇谈判,looking toward the maintenance of peace in the Pacific.指望维持太平洋区域的和平。Indeed, one hour after Japanese air squadrons had commenced bombing in Oahu, 日本空军部队在美国的瓦胡岛。开始轰炸一小时后,the Japanese ambassador to the ed States and his colleagues delivered to the Secretary of State a formal reply to a recent American message. 日本驻美大使及其同僚居然还向美国国务卿递交正式复函,回答美国最近致日本的一封函件。While this reply stated that it seemed useless to continue the existing diplomatic negotiations, 这份复函虽然声言目前的外交谈判已无继续之必要,it contained no threat or hint of war or armed attack.但却未有威胁的言词,也没有暗示将发动战争或采取军事行动。It will be recorded that the distance of Hawaii from Japan makes it obvious that the attack was deliberately planned many days or even weeks ago. 夏威夷岛距日本的距离说明此次袭击显然是许多天前甚至几星期前所策划的,此事将记录在案。201609/463402平凉做韩式眉毛多少钱

海北黄南海南藏族自治州做立体绣眉多少钱英语日常口语 36:Test results本单元是关于考试结果的对话John:How did you do in the economics test Helen? Helen: I failed miserably.John: Oh poor you! I got 98%. Didn't want to get a perfect score. Might have looked a bit suspicious, given me recent track record. Bet you wished you'd sneaked a peek at the answers when you had your chance.Helen: Oh I don't ... John: You're a fool! It was the easiest bit of photocopying I've ever done.Prof. Lewis: John, Helen hello! John: Oh good morning Professor Lewis. I was just saying how much I've been enjoying your lectures recently. Prof. Lewis: Oh really? Helen, I think it's about time we had a little chat, don't you? Come to my office later and make an appointment, OK?Vocabulary:(词汇)me recent track record:my performance or achievements in the last few months or years (note in some regional accents 'me' is used instead of 'my' 我最近几个月或几年的表现或成就to sneak a peek (informal):to look at something quickly and furtively 偷瞄本单元的语言点是现在完成时态,现在完成时一般是动作发生在过去,强调对现在产生的影响,请看下面的解释和例句。The present perfectThe uses:(用法)We can use the present perfect to:1. talk about a past action that has a result in the present: For example, 'She has gone for a break'. She isn't in the room now because she left the room for her break some time before now.2. tell recent news:For example, 'The Prime Minister has died'.3. talk about a period of time which started in the past and which continues up to the present:For example, 'It was the easiest bit of photocopying I've ever done.'.If we refer to the time when Helen and John sat their exam, then we use the past simple.How did you do in the test?I failed miserably. The form:(句型)The present perfect has two parts - the main verb and the auxiliary verb. For information about the form of the present perfect, see language point The Present Perfect in Episode – Emergency.Been and gone:These two verbs are related to the verb 'go' Both are used in the present perfect but they have different meanings:She has been to Japan (some time in the her life but she isn't in Japan just now).They have gone to Japan (and they are still in Japan, they haven't come back yet).Adverbs of time:(时间副词)There are some adverbs of time that are commonly used with the present perfect.Ever - In the entire time from the minute the speaker was born until the present momentThis is the most delicious cake I've ever eaten.Just - This means it happened recently, not a long time agoShe's just gone for a break.Never - This means it has not happened, not even onceShe's never eaten Polish food. Aly - This emphasises that something has happened before nowShe's aly made an appointment to see the professor. The adverb goes between the auxiliary verb and the main verb.Other time expresssions:(其他表达方式)There are some time expressions that are commonly used with the present perfect:recentlysince Christmas/New Year since breakfast/lunch-time for a long time/ages so far in the last few days/months/years /200707/16041四川省韩式绣眉价格 Now, this nice picture shows a thought-balloon, a thought-bubble.好了,这张图展示的是一个“思维泡泡”。I think everybody understands what that means.我想大家都知道这是什么意思。Thats supposed to exhibit the stream of consciousness.它展示了意识流。This is my favorite picture of consciousness thats ever been done.这是到目前,我最喜欢的展示意识的图片。Its a Saul Steinberg of course -- it was a New Yorker cover.它是Saul Steinberg的作品——是《纽约客》的一幅封面图片。And this fellow here is looking at the painting by Braque.这个人是在看Braque的画。That reminds him of the word baroque, barrack, bark, poodle,让他想起了巴洛克、兵营、树皮、狮毛Suzanne R. -- hes off to the races.Suzanne R. 精正要开始。Theres a wonderful stream of consciousness here这是个极好的意识流and if you follow it along, you learn a lot about this man.如果你一直跟下去,你可以了解这个男人很多事情What I particularly like about this picture, too,我还特别喜欢这个图片里边is that Steinberg has rendered the guy Steinberg in this sort of pointillist style.把整个人渲染成一种点画风格Which reminds us, as Rod Brooks was saying yesterday:这让我们想起,Rod Brooks昨天所说的:what we are, what each of us is -- what you are, what I am --我们是什么,我们每个人是什么——你是什么,我是什么——is approximately 100 trillion little cellular robots.是将近一万亿亿的小细胞机器人。Thats what were made of.那就是我们的组成成分。No other ingredients at all. Were just made of cells, about 100 trillion of them.没有任何其他成分。我们就是细胞组成的,约一万亿亿个。Not a single one of those cells is conscious;这些细胞中没有任何一个有意识,not a single one of those cells knows who you are, or cares.没有一个知道你是谁,或者在乎这个。Somehow, we have to explain从某种意义上,我们需要解释how when you put together teams, armies, battalions of hundreds of millions of little robotic unconscious cells我们如何把数队,数军,数营的成百百亿的无意识细胞机器not so different really from a bacterium, each one of them the result is this. I mean, just look at it.他们每个都与细菌没有多大区别,组合成了这个。我的意思是,就看一下。The content -- theres color, theres ideas, theres memories, theres history.这些内容——有颜色、有想法、有回忆,有历史。And somehow all that content of consciousness is accomplished by the busy activity of those hoards of neurons.从某种意义上,这些意识的内容是由那些聚集的神经元的繁忙活动完成的。How is that possible? Many people just think it isnt possible at all.这怎么可能呢?很多人认为这一点可能性都没有。They think, ;No, there cant be any sort of naturalistic explanation of consciousness.;他们觉得,“不,不可能有任何对意识的科学的解释。”This is a lovely book by a friend of mine named Lee Siegel,这是一本由我朋友Lee Siegel写的可爱的书,whos a professor of religion, actually, at the University of Hawaii,他是夏威夷大学的宗教方向教授,and hes an expert magician, and an expert on the street magic of India,而且还是个魔术专家,是印度街头魔术的专家,which is what this book is about, ;Net of Magic.;也就是这本书的内容,“魔术的网。”And theres a passage in it which I would love to share with you.我要与你们分享里面的一篇文章。It speaks so eloquently to the problem.这些话在这个问题上说的真是太好了。;Im writing a book on magic, I explain, and Im asked, Real magic?“‘我在写一本关于魔术的书,’我解释道,然后我又被问道,‘真正的魔术?’By real magic, people mean miracles, thaumaturgical acts, and supernatural powers.真正的魔术,人们指的是奇迹、魔法,以及超自然力量。No, I answer. Conjuring tricks, not real magic.‘不’,我回应道。‘变戏法而已,不是真正的魔术。’Real magic, in other words, refers to the magic that is not real;真正的魔术,换句话来说,指的是那些并不真实可行的魔法,while the magic that is real, that can actually be done, is not real magic.;而那些真实可行的魔术,又不是真正的魔法。”201607/454865成都/绣眉好还是飘眉好

四川纹绣眼线多少钱If you jot down some notes,it will help you rememberwhat I am saying. (jot down 意指 write down)译文:记笔记会帮助你们记住我说的话 /200608/9185 新东方最新英语口语学习词典O部分暂无文本 /200707/15345固原市做专业绣眉多少钱成都植眉毛



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