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The recent suggestion that breastfeeding should be allowed in the chambers of Parliament has been denounced by MP Simon Burns, who thinks it will open the Commons to ridicule. I wonder what the headmistress who recently enraged the likes of me by asserting that her girls could hope for a serious career or children, but not both, would think of that.近期一个允许国会议庭内母乳喂奶的提议被下院议员Simon Burns谴责,他认为这会使平民百姓耻笑。我很好奇那位女校长会怎样想,她最近因声称女孩只能在正经的工作和孩子之间选择一个而激起众怒。The possibility of combining children with outside work has, of course, always been accepted when it came to menial work – the women down the mines used to complain that the belts hurt them “when they were in the family way” – but not for well-educated middle-class lasses. But even in the days when such women “didn’t work” they actually did a vast amount. For example, as I’ve said before, the young women sent out to marry Englishmen ruling India had to control all the staff and cater for the whole outfit – the kind of stuff which would have counted as a serious job if a man had been doing it.当然了,涉及到粗活累活,大家都能接受将孩子和工作结合起来——矿井下的女性曾抱怨怀的时候传送带勒得他们疼——但对受过高等教育的中产阶级女性却不是这样。但即使是在这些女性“没有工作”的时候,他们也实际上做了大量的工作。比如,像我之前说的,那些嫁给统领印度的英国人的年轻女性要管理全体人员并提供全部装备——这些活如果让男人来做就会被视为正经的工作。My mother had no salaried job, but when my father was a housemaster at a public school she was responsible for the catering and staff, and my father had only become the housemaster because the wife of the one before him had fallen ill, so the man couldn’t continue.我的母亲做着没有工资的工作,但是当我父亲曾任公立学校舍监的时候,她负责饮食和参谋,并且我父亲成为舍监也是因为他之前的那任舍监由于妻子生病而无法继续。There was a time, too, when a doctor’s wife was an essential part of his practice; she’d know a good deal about the patients and maybe how they got their illnesses. It is only now that so many of us get the credit for our work – whether we’ve got children or not.曾经还有一段时间,医生的妻子是他业务中重要的部分,她会了解很多病人的情况,或许知道他们是如何生病的。只有现在我们很多人才能因为自己的工作而且受到奖赏,不论我们有没有孩子。译文属原创,,不得转载。 /201512/415067

China has 731 million Internet users as of December 2016, roughly the size of Europe#39;s population, according to a report released by the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC).据中国互联网络信息中心发布的一份报告显示,截止2016年12月,中国网民数量已经达到了7.31亿人,这一数字差不多相当于整个欧洲的全部人口。The number of Web users grew by 42.99 million in 2016, or 6.2 percent from the previous year, accounting for 53.2 percent of China#39;s total population, the report said.报告指出,2016年中国网民数量增加了4299万人,同比去年增长6.2个百分点,而网民总人数占到了中国总人口的53.2%。Li Yi, a Shanghai-based independent IT expert, told the Global Times the surge in the number of smartphones was the primary reason for the growth in Net users.上海独立IT专家李亦在接受《环球时报》采访时表示,智能手机数量激增是网民数量增长的主要原因。Some 695 million netizens used mobile phones to access the Internet in 2016, with a growth rate exceeding 10 percent for the third straight year, the report said. Smartphone-based Internet use accounted for 95.1 percent of all Internet users, up from 90.1 percent in 2015.报告称,2016年共有6.95亿网民使用手机上网,增长率已经连续第三年超过10%。在所有网民中,用智能手机上网的人占比达到了95.1%,而2015年时这一比例还只有90.1%。The report noted that 201 million people or 27 percent of Internet users were from rural areas, or a gap of 45.2 percent in the Internet penetration rate between urban and rural areas.报告还指出,其中2.01亿(27%)网民来自农村地区,城市和农村地区互联网普及率差距为45.2%。;Poverty has stunted further growth in Internet users, which has kept the Net user population to around 50 percent,; Li said.李亦表示:“贫困阻碍了网民数量的进一步增加,使得网民数量占全部人口的比例只在50%左右。”Meanwhile, domestic Internet users have formed a mobile payment habit, with the number of users making payments through smartphones skyrocketing to 469 million last year, up by 31.2 percent from the previous year.与此同时,国内互联网用户已经养成了手机付的习惯,去年用手机付的用户数量飙升到了4.69亿,同比前一年增长了31.2%。 /201702/490935

Police in Nanjing, Jiangsu, arrested three suspects who allegedly traded thousands of tons of medical waste that was later processed into disposable tableware and fake brand-name toys.江苏省南京市警方近日逮捕了3名涉嫌倒卖数千吨医疗废物的嫌疑人。这些医疗废物经转卖后被加工成一次性餐具和仿冒知名品牌的玩具。Nanjing police in August received reports from residents that piles of medical waste were stored at a dump site near Gujia village, including used needles, glass bottles and infusion tubes.南京警方在今年八月接到当地居民举报,他们在顾家村附近的垃圾场发现了医疗废物堆,其中包括了用过的针头、玻璃瓶和输液管。Police found that the 3 suspects had sold more than 3,000 metric tons of medical waste, which they had collected from several hospitals in Nanjing since 2012. They earned more than 40 million yuan from selling the waste.警方发现,自2012年以来这3名嫌疑人从南京市多家医院收购医疗废弃物3000余公吨,并通过倒卖获利超过4000万元。The suspects paid each hospital 800 yuan to 1,000 yuan per month to collect their waste. Then they hired workers to classify the waste, compressed the disposable plastic infusion bags and bottles, and finally smashed them into plastic particles.他们以每月800-1000元的价格回收医院的废弃物,之后雇佣工人对废弃物进行分类,把一次性塑料输液袋和瓶子进行压缩,最终将其粉碎成塑料颗粒。The suspects confessed that the plastic particles were sold to plastic product factories across the country for RMB2,200 to RMB2,800 per metric ton, the police said.警方表示,嫌疑人供认,以每公吨2200-2800元的价格将这些塑料颗粒卖给全国各地的塑料制品厂。;China only allows authorized companies specializing in medical waste to engage in such business,; said a policeman surnamed Qi. ;Trained workers, specialized containers and transportation vehicles are required before medical waste is burned and buried in certain sites.;一名姓齐的警察表示:“我国只允许授权的、专门从事医疗废物的公司从事此类业务。在医疗废物被焚烧和掩埋在某些地点之前,需要训练有素的工人、专门的集装箱和运输车辆。”The 3 suspects have been prosecuted for crimes of environmental pollution.这3名嫌疑人被以环境污染罪提起公诉。 /201612/485664

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