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大家好!今天我们来看一看烦人美语怎么说?irritating 烦人Baijie your music is so loud I can hear it playing through your earphones! Please turn it down! It#39;s irritating!白洁你的音乐声音太大了,你戴着耳机我都能听见!小点声吧!太烦人了!(takes of headphones) What!? 啥?getting on my nerves 让我心烦Turn down your silly music! It#39;s getting on my nerves!把你的破音乐调小声obnoxious 讨人厌的 /201408/318693

give sb. a bad name 有损某人的名声【讲解】该短语亦可作give sb. an ill name。另外,短语 give a dog a bad/ili name and hang him,表示“给人一个坏名声,他就洗刷不掉了”。【对话】A:Don#39;t keep in touch with Jack. He will give you a bad name.A:别和杰克联系了。他会有损你的名声的。B:Mind your own business.B:不要你管。A:You#39;ll regret some day.A:总有一天你会后悔的。B:By no means!B:绝不可能! /201502/359813

  大家好!今天我们来看一看怎么用美语来聊“办理酒店入住”?Check-In 登记入住complimentary breakfast 免费早餐wake-up call 叫醒务 /201506/377966

  今天我们要学的每日一句的内容是:This marks a significant change in the country’s social structure. It means that China has ended the era of “village-based society” and ushered in a “city-based society”.这标志着我国社会结构的重大变化,同时也意味着中国已经结束了“乡村型社会”时代,迎来一个全新的“城市型社会”。【Vocabulary】1. usher:引导;引入Example:Some say the computer have usher in a new era.有人说电脑引入了一个新时代。2. significant:重要的;有意义的;意味深长的Example:Economic conditions are significant in many ways.经济条件在许多方面都是很重要的。3. era:纪元;时代;年代Example:We are living in the computer era.我们正生活在计算机时代。 /201209/198760。

  今日短语lay off 停止;解雇例句Lay off! I don#39;t need you to tell me what to do!别再讲了!我不需要你告诉我怎样做! /201412/344919

  听力训练Answer the following questions about the .1) Where is Aiste#39;s favorite place for holidays?a) A big cityb) The mountains2) Aiste likes ______ on holiday.a) to swimb) to hike3) How does the waterfall help?a) It makes air coolerb) People use the water本期话题Topic:What#39;s your favorite national holiday?Hey, this is Daniel. I#39;m from Chile and the question is what#39;s your favorite national holiday? The name, my favorite national holiday is Independence Day. The reason is because it#39;s in September so it#39;s in between winter holidays for us which is, which are in June and summer holidays which start in December. So we have a break in between that and also because it#39;s a two day holiday. It#39;s eighteenth and nineteenth and since it#39;s a two day, the chances, we have a lot of chances that it#39;s really close to a weekend so we can have four days in a row or if only Friday is in between we can have five days in a row so that#39;s a perfect week. And also because we eat a lot, we drink a lot and we can have till like a five day party so that#39;s why my favorite holiday is Independence Day.听力b b a /201209/202366栏目简介:《BEN老师英文下午茶》栏目通过轻松的英语学习氛围,帮助英语学习爱好者掌握常用的英语词汇和短语,了解当今美国流行的英语习语,是学习地道英语口语的好帮手。通过学习本栏目,可以提高英语听力和英语口语水平,逐渐积累英语词汇和英语知识,是学习英语不可或缺的英语材料。重点讲解:1. have a lot in common with sb 与某人有很多的共同之处2. It#39;s easy to get along with sb 与某人相处得好3. to have good chemistry with sb 与某人一见如故4. very click 一见如故,聊得来5. hit it off 投缘,聊得来 /201504/368829近日,贵州省贵阳警方侦破了一起特大制造、贩卖、管制刀具的案件,共收缴15000,管制刀具120000把。目前有15名涉案的犯罪嫌疑人被警方抓获,这个犯罪团伙的制贩网络覆盖了湖南、广东、四川、贵州等27个省、区、市。【新闻】请看《中国日报》的报道:Guizhou police broke up a gang that was manufacturing and selling weapons and confiscated about 15,000 guns and 120,000 controlled knives, the largest such seizure ever in China.贵州警方破获了一个制造、贩卖武器的团伙,共收缴15000,管制刀具120000把,这是中国一次性收缴和管制刀具数量最多的一桩大案。【讲解】manufacture and sell weapons是制造、贩卖武器;controlled knives是管制刀具。案件调查历时四个月,目前有15名涉案的犯罪嫌疑人被警方抓获(arrest)。依据中国法律,公民个人不得持有(private citizens are not allowed to own guns)。收缴的从外表上看,与真没有不同,只是其使用的子弹是全铁质(made of iron)的钢珠弹(used steel balls as bullets)。据权威机构测定,这种的射程(firing range)大概在30至50米。远距离(fired from a great distance)可以致伤致残(cause permanent disability),近距离(at close range)打到要害可以致人死亡(lethal)。有些的射程更是达到了200米。此外,一些被缴获的刀具已经开刃(hacking knives),有的匕首(daggers)还带有手电筒。据悉,该案最初线索源于一起发生在贵阳的街头抢劫案(robbery),警方在抓获了其中一名嫌疑人(suspect)后,发现其携带有一把买来的手。警方顺藤摸瓜,发现货源来自湖南邵东,逐渐锁定了一个以邵东为集散地的专门贩卖刀具(sold guns and knives)的犯罪集团(gang)。据介绍,刀刃(blade)长度超过22厘米,或是刀刃长度超过15厘米且刀尖角度(point angle)小于60度的刀具被认定是管制刀具。据悉,由于管制刀具存在危险性,购买管制刀具须实名购买。 /201404/287550

  Customer: So can you fix it?Sales Clerk: I’m sorry sir. This computer is not broken or damaged. It’s simply just too old! That’s why your programs and applications are running slow. There really isn’t much I can do. Customer: What do you mean? I bought this computer just three years ago! Sales Clerk: Yes, but technology is ever changing and technology is becoming obsolete faster and faster!Customer: OK, I know where this is going. How much will it cost me to get a new computer?Sales Clerk: Well, this desktop over here is our latest model. It has a four gigahertz processor with sixteen gigabytes in RAM and a hard disk with one terabyte. Of course, it includes a mouse, keyboard and desk speakers.Customer: I have no idea what you are talking about. I just want to know if it’s good and if I will be able to play solitaire without the computer crashing or freezing all the time!Sales Clerk: This PC is top of the line and I guarantee it will never freeze! If it does, we’ll give you your money back!【文章大意】对话的话题是买电脑。顾客去修理电脑,店员说电脑没什么毛病,只是太旧了。现在电脑技术发展很快。最后顾客决定买一款新的电脑,店员向他推荐了新款笔记本。 /201010/115734

  [00:00.00](TALKING ABOUT OBJECTS AND PEOPLE)[00:10.19]151. What do you want?[00:12.32]你要什么?[00:14.45]152. I want a cup of coffee.[00:17.03]我要一杯咖啡。[00:19.62]153. What would you like to eat?[00:22.44]您想吃什么?[00:25.26]154. Please give me a piece of pie.[00:27.39]请给我一张馅饼。[00:29.52]155. Which one would you like this one or that one?[00:33.35]你要哪一张。这张还是那张?[00:37.17]156.It doesn't matter to me.[00:40.45]我随便。[00:43.73]157. I'd like to talk with Mr. Jones or Mr. Smith.[00:47.80]我想和琼斯先生或者史密斯先生谈谈。[00:51.88]158. I'm sorry, but both of them are busy right now.[00:55.85]很抱歉,他们两位现在忙着呢。[00:59.82]159. Wouldn't you like some coffee?[01:02.75]你不想喝点咖啡吗?[01:05.67]160. I'd rather have some tea, if you don't mind.[01:09.90]如果你不在意的话,我情愿喝点茶。[01:14.14]161. Do you know any of those people?[01:17.11]这些人当中你有认识的吗?[01:20.09]162. Two or three of them look familiar.[01:23.47]他们中有两三个人看上去面熟。[01:26.86]163. All of those people are friends of mine.[01:30.34]那些人都是我的朋友。[01:33.83]164. Which one of those men is Mr. Taylor?[01:37.80]那些人当中哪一位是泰勒先生。[01:41.77]165. Is he the tall man on the left?[01:44.95]左边那个高个子的是他吗?


  可可每日一句口语:Don#39;t try so hard, the best things come when you least expect them to. 不要着急,最好的总会在最不经意的时候出现。【知识点讲解】Expect 期待,预料例句:I expect to see you back here!我希望你立即回到这里来! /201312/267066

  听力训练Answer the following questions about the .1) Chris likes to eat ______ .a) candyb) popcorn2) Who does he watch movies with?a) His girlfriendb) His brother3) He says at home there are _______ .a) many possibilitesb) fewer interruptions本期话题Topic:Watching movies at home or at the cinema?Hello, this is Christophe from Belgium for elllo.org.Today#39;s question is do you prefer watching a movie in a movie theater or watching it at home on a DVD?This is a tricky question because I love the movie theater. It#39;s a big screen, you can eat popcorn, be there with your girlfriend and enjoy a very nice movie. Everybody loves to do that and it#39;s a very popular way of dating a girl.On the other hand, if you can watch a movie at home on a DVD then you have your girl all by yourself sitting next to you on the couch and I think somehow that gives more interesting possibilities, don#39;t you think so? So maybe I#39;ll take the DVD.听力b a a /201402/275056


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