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今天你穿高跟鞋了吗?Sexy stiletto heels get our women on a highLiz Avery's collection of 'about 30' pairs of shoes puts her in the top bracket of an ownership survey.Avery hasfallen head over heelsfor shoes. And not just any shoes. Stilettos are what make hergo weak at the knees.The 21-year-old owns "about 30" pairs of heels, but she isby no meansa rarity: a survey of more than 450 Australian women found 32 per cent owned between 26 and 50 pairs of heels, while 31 per cent owned between 11 and 25 pairs.Conducted by American shoe guru Meghan Cleary for two online dating services, the survey found that 80 per cent of women would wear stilettos or strappy heels on a first date.Of those surveyed, 66 per cent said buying shoes was better than eating chocolate, while almost half of the women surveyed said high heels were the best way to boost sex appeal. Black was the colour of choice for 60 per cent of women, while 16 per cent favoured red and 7 per cent pink."Australian women overwhelmingly went for the stiletto as their favourite pair of shoes and shoes for a first date," Ms Cleary said."They also named their first pair of high heels as the most important shoe they will wear in their life."Ms Avery wears "all different types and colours of heels".Her favourite is a pair of leopard-print, peep-toe heels from Australian designer Leona Edmiston, but the brand favoured by more than any other of those surveyed was Manolo Blahnik.Favoured by shoe-crazed Carrie Bradshaw of Sex And The City fame, Manolo Blahniks are famous for their sleek lines, not comfort levels. 艾弗里对于鞋子可谓情有独钟,但并非所有的鞋都能投其所好,细高跟鞋才是她的最爱。21岁的艾弗里有“大约30双”高跟鞋,但她绝对算不上另类。一项共有450多名澳大利亚女性参加的调查发现,32%的女性拥有26至50双高跟鞋,31%的女性有11至25双高跟鞋。美国鞋时尚大师梅根·克利瑞为两家在线约会网站所做的此项调查显示,80%的女性在第一次约会时会选择穿细高跟鞋或绊带高跟鞋。66%的受访者认为买鞋要比吃巧克力有意思,近一半的受访女性说穿高跟鞋是增加性感度的最好办法。此外,60%的女性青睐黑色鞋,16%的女性喜欢红颜色的鞋,7%的人喜欢粉色鞋。克利瑞女士说:“澳洲女性尤为钟爱高跟鞋,她们第一次约会通常都会穿高跟鞋。”“而且她们认为自己的第一双高跟鞋是一生中所穿的最重要的鞋。”艾弗里则尝试过“各种款式和颜色的高跟鞋”。其中,她最喜欢的是由澳大利亚设计师莉澳娜·爱德米斯顿设计的一双豹纹露趾高跟鞋。但据调查,最受女性青睐的鞋品牌是莫罗·伯拉尼克。《欲望都市》中“嗜鞋如命”的卡莉·布拉德肖对莫罗·伯拉尼克牌高跟鞋也是钟爱有加。这个品牌高跟鞋的最大亮点是它优美的弧线,而非舒适度。Vocabulary: fall head over heels : love;fall in love with(喜欢;喜爱;例如:He has fallen head over heels for her.他疯狂爱上了她。)go weak at the knees : 屈的;无骨气的;这句话的字面意思是说“艾弗里见到高跟鞋就没脾气了”,也就是说“她喜欢高跟鞋”。by no means : 决不 /200803/32056

  The government hack of an iPhone used by a San Bernardino killer serves as a reminder that phones and other electronic devices aren#39;t impenetrable vaults.政府雇佣黑客成功破解圣贝纳迪诺案件杀手的iPhone数据的案例,警醒我们,手机和其他电子设备并不像金库那样安全可靠,牢不可破。While most people aren#39;t targets of the NSA, FBI or a foreign government, hackers are looking to steal the financial and personal information of ordinary people.虽然大多数人的金融账户和个人信息并非国家安全局、联邦调查局,或外国政府的调查目标,但却时刻可能成为黑客的窃取对象。Your phone stores more than just selfies. Your email account on the phone, for instance, is a gateway to resetting banking and other sensitive passwords.您的手机中不仅存有自拍,还有许多其他关键信息。例如,黑客可通过电子邮箱账户,重置您的账户密码和其他敏感密码。Like washing your hands and brushing your teeth, a little #39;cyber hygiene#39; can go a long way toward preventing disaster.“网络清洁”虽然是不起眼的小事,但就像洗手和刷牙一样,可以为您省去大麻烦。LOCK YOUR PHONE WITH A PASSCODE使用锁屏密码Failing to do so is like leaving your front door unlocked.手机不设密码锁,就像家里没人、门户大开一样,毫无安全可言。A four-digit passcode - and an accompanying self-destruct feature that might wipe a phone#39;s data after too many wrong guesses - stumped the FBI for weeks and forced them to bring in outside help.别小看这一串四位数密码,输错太多次的话,手机就会自动抹掉数据。连FBI调查员都被这难倒,不得不请外援帮助。Using six digits makes a passcode 100 times harder to guess.六位密码要比四位密码难猜100倍。And if you want to make it even harder, you can add letters and other characters to further increase the number of possible combinations.如果想让密码更难猜,可以添加些字母或其他字符,这会进一步降低猜中几率,增加破解难度。These are options on both iPhones and Android.iPhone和安卓手机都有这些选项。The iPhone#39;s self-destruct feature is something you must turn on in the settings, under Touch ID amp; Passcode.要打开iPhone的数据自动销毁功能,你可以在设置里面的Touch ID amp; Passcode选项下操作。Do so, and the phone wipes itself clean after 10 failed attempts. But the 10 attempts apply to your guesses, too, if you forget your passcode, or if your kids start randomly punching in numbers. Android has a similar feature.这样设置以后,输错密码10次,手机就会自动抹掉数据。但是,如果您真忘记了密码,或者熊孩子随手乱按数字,手机也会在密码输错10次后自动销毁数据。安卓系统也有类似的功能。Both systems will also introduce waiting periods after several wrong guesses to make it tough to try all combos.密码输错几次后,iPhone和安卓系统都会进入停用模式,所以很难再继续试密码。Biometrics, such as fingerprint scanners, can act as a shortcut and make complex passcodes less of a pain.我们还能通过指纹验等生物识别技术,方便快捷地进行验,免去输入密码的麻烦。 /201605/440497


  There are many types of natural detoxes that one could undertake and here are five popular natural detoxes one could find out about:Colon cleanse - to clean out old food and chemicals that are in our system. This helps get rid of parasite that produce some of the toxins in our body.Juice fasting - nourishes the body with the vitamins and nutrients from fresh fruit. Live enzymes can jump start the systems in our body and get them to vitality again.Apple cleanse - for liver cleansing to remove toxins so the liver can function without being clogged.Water fasting - a stringent and effective way to detoxify your body because it forces metabolism of body fat and releases stored toxins into the blood stream for elimination. Can produce overwhelming toxic and sick bodies so water fasting should be for those who are very healthy.Lemon juice and honey fasting - for someone getting onto the path of detoxification as not as hard as water fasting.In part five of this series, I will write about the popular liver cleanse in more detail. 人们可以采取很多自然的方法排除毒素,以下是最受欢迎的五种自然排毒法:1.清肠——将遗留的食物及化学物质排出我们的身体组织之外。这能够帮助我们排出寄生虫,寄生虫会在体内形成一些毒素。2.禁食——只为身体提供维生素和新鲜水果的养分。活性酶能够推动我们的生理系统,使我们的身体再次富有活力。3.苹果清洁法——排出肝脏内的毒素使得肝脏能够没有负担,轻松工作。4.饮水疗法——这是一个艰苦但十分有效的清除体内毒素的方法。这个方法迫使身体的脂肪进行新陈代谢并释放体内积存的毒素,随着血液流动逐渐消除。此方法能够产生过度毒素导致身体虚弱,所以只有健康的人才适用饮水疗法。5.柠檬汁蜂蜜排毒法——这适用于那些初涉排毒之路的人们,这个方法没有饮水疗法那么辛苦。在这一系列等等第五部分,我会详细介绍这些受欢迎的排毒疗法。 /200804/34589

  Facebook worked on special software so it could potentially accommodate censorship demands in China, according to a report in the New York Times.据《纽约时报》的一份报告显示,Facebook正致力于研发一种适应中国审查要求的特殊软件。The social network refused to confirm or deny the software#39;s existence, but said in a statement it was ;spending time understanding and learning more; about China.该社交网站拒绝承认或者否认此种软件的存在,但在一份声明中,Facebook称正在花时间以更多地了解和学习中国。No decisions about the company#39;s approach in the country had yet been made, a spokeswoman said.一名发言人表示,该公司还未做出在中国采用此方法的决定。The Electronic Frontier Foundation, a group which campaigns for better privacy online, told the B the project sounded ;extremely disturbing;.电子前沿基金会是一个致力于更好的保护线上隐私的团队,它向B透露,这个项目听起来;很令人不安;。Since 2009, the only way to access Facebook in China has been via a virtual private network - software designed to ;spoof; your real location and avoid local internet restrictions.自2009年起,在中国访问Facebook的唯一途径是通过虚拟专用网络,这款软件的设计旨在欺瞒你的真实位置,避免本地互联网限制。Facebook, which has 1.8 billion active users, is aggressively looking to expand in parts of the world beyond its existing markets.Facebook现在总共拥有18亿活跃用户,在现有市场的基础之上,它正积极寻求向世界其它地方扩张。 /201612/481408India’s capital city said it was banning “surge pricing” by US-based taxi-hailing app Uber and its local rival Ola, highlighting the challenges the companies still face in what they see as a vast, potentially lucrative market. 印度首都德里表示,将禁止总部位于美国的叫车应用优步(Uber)及本土竞争对手Ola实行“高峰期定价”。此举凸显出在这个被这些企业视为巨大且潜在有利可图的市场,它们依然面临着种种挑战。 Surge pricing is a computer-driven, dynamic pricing system — similar to the one used by airlines — that raises fares when demand for rides outstrips the supply of available taxis. 高峰期定价是一种由电脑实施的动态定价体系——与航空公司的定价体系类似,这种定价体系会在搭乘需求超过等待载客的出租车的供应量时提高车费。 In India, that means cab fares may rise six to seven times higher than the base fare at peak periods. The taxi aggregating companies say the higher fares help balance demand and supply. 在印度,这种机制意味着高峰期的车费可能会升至基础车费的六到七倍。这几家调度出租车的企业表示,较高的车费有助于平衡需求与供给。 But Arvind Kejriwal, Delhi’s chief minister, called surge pricing “daylight robbery” in a series of tweets and said it would not be permitted in the Indian capital, where both Ola and Uber have developed large fleets. 然而,德里首席部长阿尔温德#8226;凯杰里瓦尔(Arvind Kejriwal)在Twitter上发布一系列消息称,高峰期定价是“光天化日下的抢劫”,并表示印度首都不会允许这种做法。目前,Ola和优步在德里都发展了大规模车队。 “Some taxis are saying they will not provide a cab if they are not allowed to loot,” Mr Kejriwal said. “This is open blackmailing and the government will not let that happen.” 凯杰里瓦尔表示:“有些出租车公司表示,如果不允许他们赚这个外快,他们就不会出车。这是公开勒索,政府不会允许这种事情发生。” Mr Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi (Common Man) party government is considering setting a “price band” that places limits on what taxi-hailing apps may charge. Indian authorities also set the fares of standard taxis and autorickshaws, keeping a lid on prices, while simultaneously restricting the number of taxi and rickshaw licences to keep supply tight. 凯杰里瓦尔的平民党(Aam Aadmi party)政府正在考虑制定“价格区间”,对叫车应用的收费加以限制。印度当局也为标准的出租车和三轮托制定了收费标准,确保车费有一定上限。同时,印度当局还严格限制出租车和三轮托的牌照,以确保供应处于紧张状态。 Surge pricing by taxi aggregators — who have put tens of thousands of private taxis on the streets — aggravated Mr Kejriwal last week, as New Delhi began the second phase of its anti-air pollution “odd-even” scheme. The scheme restricts the use of private cars in the city to every other day, depending on their licence plate number. 在新德里开始实施对抗空气污染的“单双号”计划第二阶段之际,出租车召集公司(这些公司向大街小巷投放数万辆私人出租车)的高峰期定价在上周惹恼了凯杰里瓦尔。“单双号”计划限制私家车在德里只能依照牌照的号码隔天使用。 As demand for Uber and Ola taxis soared as a result, so did complaints about surge pricing. On Monday, Mr Kejriwal threatened “strict action”, including cancelling the permits and impounding vehicles charging more than government-prescribed rates. 由于“单双号”计划导致对优步和Ola出租车需求激增,人们对高峰期定价的投诉也急剧增加。本周一,凯杰里瓦尔威胁要“采取严厉措施”,其中包括撤销许可,以及没收收费高于政府规定价格的车辆。 After his warning both companies said they were suspending surge pricing during the “odd-even” pilot programme, due to end on April 30. Delhi commuters then appealed to Mr Kejriwal to ban surge pricing in the capital permanently, which he says he will do. 在凯杰里瓦尔提出警告之后,两家企业均表示,在“单双号”计划试行期间暂停实施高峰期定价,试行阶段定于4月30日结束。在两家企业表态之后,德里的通勤者呼吁凯杰里瓦尔永久禁止在该市实施高峰期定价,后者也表示将会这么做。 “We are not against taxi aggregators. We fully support them. But they will have to follow law,” the chief minister tweeted. 这位首席部长在Twitter上发消息称:“我们不是反对出租车召集公司。我们完全持它们。不过它们必须遵守法律。” /201604/438935



  妇也能跳芭蕾Far from being heavy, lumbering and clumsy, pregnant women are often fascinating, beautiful andserene, according to the artistic director of one British ballet company.And to prove it, Balletlorent is recruiting 12 pregnant women to star in a dance production alongside six professional ballet dancers."MaEternal" will be performed in the northern English city of Newcastle in May and is offering the 12 who get through the auditions "a chance to share with an audience the beauty of what it means to carry the life of another within you."Artistic Director Liv Lorent, who, coincidentally, is pregnant herself, says she has always been keen to combine trained dancers with people from all ages and stages in life to make her ballet productions richer."I've done projects in the past where I have invited all sorts of people -- children, old people, builders, footballers, doctors, all sorts -- to take part," she said."This is another development of a long-held wish to mix up the different physical types in my choreography. The shape of people changes the way they move, and I like that very much."She notes the stark contrast between the typically lithe light and muscular physique of a dancer, and the softer, rounder contours of a pregnant woman, and delights in it."You can't get a 25-year-old size 8 ballet dancer type body to move with the weight, the gravitas or the sheer cheerful spirit of a pregnant woman," she said.Lorent promises that no previous dance experience is necessary to audition for a part in MaEternal. The only requirement is that anyone wishing to take part should be up to 32 weeks by the time of the performance on May, 14. Beyond that, she says, the risk is too high of unplanned dramas on stage.As well as recruiting 12 pregnant women, Lorent has also signed up Lynn Campbell, an active birth therapist who runs pregnancy classes in and around Newcastle, to advise on the movements and abilities of expectant mothers."Culturally we don't always have the words to celebrate the beauty of pregnancy, and although people are often fascinated by it, they don't know how to express that, so they say things like 'Aren't you big!'" Campbell said."So this is a real opportunity for pregnant women to be seen in a new way." 在英国一家芭蕾舞公司的艺术指导看来,妇并不笨重、迟缓、笨拙,相反,她们常常十分美丽迷人、宁静安详。为了明这一事实,“芭蕾洛伦特”公司目前正招募12名妇,与另外六名专业演员共同出演一部芭蕾舞剧。这部名为《MaEternal》的芭蕾舞剧将于5月在英国北部城市纽卡斯尔上演,顺利通过选拔的12名妇届时将“有机会与观众共同分享‘生命育之美’”。“芭蕾洛伦特”公司艺术指导丽芙#8226;洛伦特自己也是个准妈妈,她说为了使自己的作品更加丰富,她一直喜欢邀请不同年龄、不同社会背景的人与专业演员同台演出。她说:“在过去的一些作品中,我邀请过小孩、老人、建筑工人、足球运动员、医生等各种各样的人参与演出。”“我一直希望能在编舞中加入各种不同体型的人物,邀请妇同台是又一次新的尝试。人的体形会改变其动作方式,我对此很感兴趣。”洛伦特注意到,舞蹈演员身体轻盈柔软、体格健美,而妇的形体则更加柔和圆润,她对这种鲜明的对比很感兴趣。她说:“你不可能让一个身形苗条的25岁芭蕾演员跳出妇的那种厚重、庄严或欢愉的感觉。”洛伦特说,报名参选者不需要有任何舞蹈经验。唯一的条件是有意参演的妇在5月14日演出当天期最多为32周。她指出,如果超过32周,上演“意外剧目”的风险太大。除招募妇外,洛伦特还聘请了一位名叫琳#8226;坎贝尔的生育专家,为参演妇提供动作及技能指导。坎贝尔在纽卡斯尔市内及周边地区开设有期培训班。坎贝尔说:“从文化意义上说,我们似乎一直没有合适的言辞来赞美育之美,尽管人们常被这种美所吸引,但却不知道该如何表达,所以总会说‘你的肚子好大啊!’之类的话。”“所以妇跳芭蕾是以一种全新的方式展示育之美的绝好机会”。 /200803/31194。



  When diners ask for the bill in an urban Chinese restaurant, they are more likely to reach for their mobile phones than their wallets.在中国城市的餐馆里,当食客买单的时候,他们更可能拿出手机而非钱包去结账。This reflects the rapid sp of mobile payment platforms, which are pushing urban China towards becoming a cashless society, leapfrogging credit cards in the process.这反映出移动付平台的快速扩张,它们正在推动中国城市跳过以信用卡付为主的阶段,迈向无现金社会。In a survey of 1,000 urban consumers conducted by FT Confidential Research, a unit of the Financial Times, 98.3 per cent of respondents said they had used mobile payment platforms over the past three months, with little difference across city tier, age group or income level.英国《金融时报》旗下研究务部门“投资参考”(FT Confidential Research)对1000名城市消费者展开的调查显示,98.3%的受访者表示他们在过去3个月里用过移动付平台,这个比例在不同级别城市、年龄区间或收入水平的受访者中相差不大。Alibaba’s Alipay was the most frequently used payment platform, cited by 79.5 per cent of respondents, as the first chart shows.如第一张图表所示,阿里巴巴(Alibaba)旗下的付宝(Alipay)是最多消费者经常使用的付手段——有79.5%的受访者选择了这一选项。That is a far greater proportion than those who said they most regularly used credit cards (45.5 per cent), debit cards (30 per cent) or even cash (79 per cent).这个比例远高于表示自己经常使用信用卡(45.5%)或借记卡(30%)的受访者的比例,甚至高于表示自己经常使用现金的受访者的比例(79%)。Alipay’s chief rival Tenpay, owned by Tencent, was cited by 26 per cent of respondents. Just 0.3 per cent said they used Apple Pay.选择了财付通(Tenpay)的受访者比例为26%。财付通是腾讯(Tencent)旗下的付平台,是付宝的主要竞争对手。只有0.3%的受访者表示自己经常使用Apple Pay。Alipay’s dominance is nationwide, selected by 79.3 per cent of respondents in first-tier cities, 80.2 per cent in second-tier cities and 79 per cent in third-tier cities. It was 5.9 percentage points more popular than cash in first-tier cities, though narrowly lost out in second and third tiers.付宝在全国范围内占据主导地位,一线城市选择付宝的受访者比例是79.3%,二线城市和三线城市的这个比例分别为80.2%和79%。在一线城市,选择付宝的受访者比例比选择现金的比例还高5.9个百分点,尽管在二三线城市,选择付宝的受访者比例略低于选择现金的比例。The rapid adoption of such platforms means credit cards may never gain traction in China. Credit card penetration fell to 0.29 per person at the end of last year, after peaking at 0.34 at the end of 2014, according to central bank data.此类平台的迅速普及,意味着信用卡在中国可能永远不会迎来势如破竹的发展。央行数据显示,信用卡普及率在2014年底达到每人0.34张的峰值以后,于去年年底下降至每人0.29张。The number of users of mobile payment platform grew 64.5 per cent in that time to 357.7m.移动付平台的用户数量同期增长64.5%,至3.577亿人。Respondents said they most often used them for payments in supermarkets and shopping malls, but they are also popular for paying utilities, ordering food, buying travel tickets or eating out, as the second chart shows.如第二张图表所示,受访者表示,他们最常使用移动付平台的地方是超市和商场,但他们也喜欢使用移动付平台缴纳公用事业费、订餐、买机票和火车票、外出就餐时付餐费。Unsurprisingly, the younger the respondent, the more likely they were to have adopted this relatively young technology: only 56.1 per cent of respondents aged 35 or older said they prefer making mobile payments to paying via PC, even though almost all owned smartphones. In contrast, 88 per cent of 18 to 24-year-olds preferred paying via their mobile device.并不令人意外的是,受访者越年轻,就越有可能已经接受这种相对较新的技术:在35岁以上的受访者当中,只有56.1%表示他们倾向于使用移动设备而非个人电脑付,即便几乎所有受访者都有智能手机。相比之下,在18岁至24岁的受访者当中,88%的人更喜欢通过移动设备付。Mobile platforms are now trying to move beyond a simple scan of a QR code for a retail transaction. Taking advantage of the big data resources of their parent companies, they are expanding into consumer finance, some with a view to challenging the traditional banks.移动平台已经不满足于提供扫描二维码的零售交易付务,现在正在努力拓展其他业务。通过利用母公司的庞大的数据资源,它们进入了消费金融领域,一些还有意挑战传统的。The central government has given its blessing. Tencent’s WeBank was launched at the start of last year by Premier Li Keqiang, who approved its first loan in a PR stunt designed to signal Beijing’s determination to increase financing support for underserved parts of the economy.中国政府做出了持的表态。去年年初,李克强考察腾讯旗下的微众(WeBank),见了该行发放首笔贷款——这场公关秀旨在暗示中国政府决心加大对扶持不足的经济部门的融资持。The take-up has not been entirely smooth, however. The new online banks have not overcome a central bank regulatory hurdle to become deposit-taking institutions, which requires in-person verification of an account holder’s identity.然而,移动平台进军消费金融的努力并不是特别顺利。新的网络并未克央行监管障碍,成为吸收存款的金融机构——央行要求存款的金融机构现场确认账户持有人的身份。Predictably, China’s big banks are refusing to co-operate with the upstarts, limiting the range of services they are able to offer. The head of WeBank lasted just 10 months before resigning in September last year.意料之中的是,中国的大拒绝与这些后起之秀合作,限制了后者能够提供的务范围。去年9月,时任微众行长辞职,距其上任才10个月时间。Regulators have cause to be nervous. The proliferation of online financial services in China has brought with it a wave of under-regulated lending practices and outright fraud.监管机构有理由感到担忧。中国互联网金融务的迅速扩张带来了一波监管不足的借贷活动和彻头彻尾的欺诈活动。On the other hand, China’s banks, particularly the big four state lenders, are known to fiercely guard their turf.另一方面,中国的(尤其是四大)以激烈捍卫自己的地盘而著称。Both regulators and China’s well-entrenched banks will need to adapt if these online lenders are to succeed. As is so often the case with new technologies in the Chinese economy, mobile payment platforms have grown despite, rather than because of, the government and state companies.要让那些互联网取得成功,监管机构和中国根基深厚的都需要做出调整。中国经济中的新技术往往都是顶着政府和国企的阻力、而不是在它们的帮助下发展起来的——移动付平台的情况就是如此。Even the act of paying for dinner ends with a reminder of how far the state needs to come.即便是付晚餐账单这件事最后也给人们提了个醒:政府要走的路还很长。Having effortlessly used their mobiles to settle the bill, diners still need to wait for a machine to slowly print out the all-important fapiao, the official, government-issued invoice used to record taxable transactions in the economy.在不费吹灰之力用手机买完单之后,食客仍需要等待机器缓慢地打印出重要的正规发票——由政府发行,用来记录经济中的计税交易。 /201606/448012

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