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山东省妇女医院口碑怎样青岛市做双眼皮开眼角多少钱George Osborne has tentatively raised concerns on China’s human rights record in the restive region of Xinjiang, as news emerged that at least 40 people had been killed or injured in a new outbreak of violence.乔治攠斯George Osborne)在不安定的新疆地区试探性地提出了对中国人权记录的关切。有消息称,该地区最新爆发的暴力行为导致至少40人死伤。The chancellor’s trade mission to Urumqi, the Xinjiang capital, was always politically risky but the latest violence in the region involving alleged Muslim Uighur “separatistscast a shadow over his visit.英国财政大臣对新疆首府乌鲁木齐的经贸访问在政治上始终是有风险的,但是,涉及所谓维吾尔族穆斯林“分裂分子”的最新暴力事件仍给他的到访蒙上一层阴影。Mr Osborne’s visit is a first by a serving British minister and one of few by any leading western politician to the autonomous region in the far north-west of China. Asked if his visit would be used as a propaganda tool by Beijing, Mr Osborne insisted he had raised human rights issues as part of a “broader conversation with China奥斯本是首位访问新疆的英国在职部长级官员,也是迄今访问中国西北这个偏远地区的少数西方高层政界人士之一。在被问及他的访问会不会被北京方面用作宣传工具时,奥斯本坚称,他提出了人权问题,作为“同中国全面对话”的一部分。Mr Osborne said he had also publicly criticised the life sentence given to Uighur academic Ilham Tohti exactly a year ago. “Our concerns about the Tohti case are well known and we have made them very public,he said.奥斯本表示,他还公开批评了恰好一年前维吾尔族学者伊力哈木土赫提(Ilham Tohti)被判无期徒刑一事。“我方对土赫提案的担忧是众所周知的,我们已经非常公开地表达了这些担忧,”他说。Dilxat Raxit, Munich-based spokesman for the World Uighur Congress, one of the two main Uighur exile groups, said: “George Osborne’s inability to publicly denounce China’s suppression of Uighurs is disappointing.两个主要的维吾尔族流亡团体之一世界维吾尔代表大World Uyghur Congress)驻慕尼黑的发言人迪里夏Dilxat Raxit)说:“乔治攠斯本不能公开谴责中国对维族人的镇压是令人失望的。”“Britain can’t give the silent nod to China’s particular suppression of the Uighurs due to economic benefits, sending the wrong signal to China and leading to China increasing monitoring and suppression in the region. China is using economic interest to divide the west.”“英国不能因为经济利益就对中国镇压维吾尔人作出无声的点头,从而向中国发出错误信号,导致中国加大对该地区的监控和镇压。中国正利用经济利益来分裂西方。”The chancellor has refused during his five-day tour of China to let concerns about human rights get in the way of his principal goal of building political and trade ties between Beijing and London.在为期五天的访华行程中,英国财相拒绝让人权关切妨碍他的主要目标——在北京和伦敦之间构建政治和经贸关系。He declined to say whether he would raise the Tohti case personally during meetings in Urumqi, adding: “It would be very strange if Britain’s relations with a country that has one-fifth of the world’s population was solely about human rights.”他拒绝透露他会不会在乌鲁木齐的会晤中当面提到土赫提案,并补充说:“如果英国与拥有世界上五分之一人口的国家之间的关系纯粹关乎人权,那将是很奇怪的。”Mr Osborne personally requested to visit Urumqi and spent the morning at a company that was investing in property in the north of England and at an English Premier League football training camp, whose players hail mainly from the Uighur minority.奥斯本亲自提出访问乌鲁木齐。周三上午,他访问了一家曾在英格兰北部投资房地产的公司,还去看了一个英超足球训练营,那里的多数球员是维吾尔少数民族。The visit has taken place under tight security; Mr Osborne has travelled in a 17-vehicle convoy with roads sealed off. Beijing-based British journalists were advised by the authorities not to travel to the region. Beijing’s sensitivity was reinforced by news that a knife attack orchestrated by alleged separatists at a coal mine at Sogan in Xinjiang had resulted in at least 40 casualties, including the deaths of five police officers.这次访问的安保工作十分严密;奥斯本一行的车队7辆车,沿途实行封路。中国官方建议常驻北京的英国记者不要前往新疆。加剧北京方面敏感的是,有消息称,据称的分裂分子在新疆拜城县铁热克镇附近的一座煤矿发起持刀袭击,造成至少40人伤亡,其中五名警员死亡。The attack, reported by Radio Free Asia, cited local security officials as saying that several suspects were believed to be on the run, resulting in a massive security crackdown in the area. Although the attack happened on September 18, news has only just emerged.这次攻击导致当地实行大规模戒严。自由亚洲电Radio Free Asia)援引当地安全官员的话称,数名嫌疑人据信在逃。虽然攻击发生在98日,但相关消息刚刚传出。来 /201509/401284青岛最好的祛疤医院 Chelsea Clinton and her husband, hedge fund manager Marc Mezvinsky, are expecting their first child. Clinton, 34, made the announcement in the exact same way you would, in a speech she gave together with her mother at a Lower East Side event promoting the Clinton Foundation’s effort to empower girls. The baby is due sometime this fall.47日,美国前总统克林顿与前国务卿希拉里之女切尔西宣布怀,预产期为今年秋天2日,《纽约邮报》刊登一份致切尔西未出生婴儿公开信,全文摘要如下:Dear Baby Clinton-Mezvinsky:亲爱的孩子:Welcome to advanced gestation! Since you’re new around here, I thought you’d like to know a little bit about what makes you so special. The reason is, you’re going to live your whole life in make-believe!既然你刚来到世上,我认为你特别想知道是什么让你变得如此特别。原因就是你的一生将在虚幻中度过。Do you know the fairy stories about a princess in a castle? Well, you get to be that real-life prince or princess, in a real-life castle where Mommy Chelsea is also a princess, Grandma is about to be crowned Queen, and Grandpa Bill is a retired ex-King with lots of helpful advice on ruling the kingdom, er, monarchy. (Your other grandma and grandpa were both a kind of court vassal called Congressmen. Oopsies, other grandpa, Edward Mezvinsky, even went to something called “prison,which is kind of like a big, cozy crib! Can you say “wire fraud Good, you can’t! Don’t! Around here we pretend Grandpa isn’t a criminal!)你听说过公主生活在城堡里的童话故事吗?你将成为现实版的王子或公主。在现实版的城堡里,你母亲也是一位公主,你奶奶将成为加冕的女王,你爷爷作为一位退休的前国王还在为如何治理这个王国献计献策。另外,你还有一群有点像诸侯一样的奶奶和爷爷。他们被外界称为“国会议员”。对了你爸爸的爸爸甚至住进了监狱,这个地方很像带栏杆的婴儿床。你会说:“电信欺诈?”千万别说,我们都假装你的这位爷爷不是一名罪犯!Inside the castle towers you will find that Mommy, Mommy’s mommy and Mommy’s daddy Bill are all really good at make-believe games. So you get to pretend all the time! Mommy’s mommy and Mommy’s daddy even pretend to still be married even though they’ve been living hundreds of miles apart for 14 years!在城堡里,你会发现你的妈妈,奶奶和爷爷确实很擅长伪装游戏,因此你不得不每时每刻都要装样子4年来,你奶奶和爷爷即使一直分居,但他们依旧伪装成恩爱夫妻。Before you were even born your mommy’s mommy pretended that it’s a completely normal thing to announce your own grandchild’s birth to the world at a joint press appearance with your mom, hosted on Skype and live-streamed. With America Ferrera!尽管你将始终假装自己是一名普通婴儿,但你实际上已经拥有了自己的职业。如果你会说“竞选资产”的话,让我们学习一下成套技能,你只需要有一种本事,像泡泡浴一样软化候选人强硬形象。Although you will at all times pretend to be a normal baby, you actually aly have your very own career, like doctor or fireman or lobbyist! Can you say “Campaign Asset Good, now let’s learn about skill sets! You only need one talent. Ready? It’s “Soften the Candidate Sort of like human bubble bath.Now, even though you have a busy life, sleeping 18 hours a day, nursing and learning to roll over, all of this comes second to being a stage prop to the grandma they call “Hillaryor “Madame Presidentor “Lady Pantsuit.When big, scary men with huge, glowing boxes on their shoulders come around, don’t be afraid! They’re only here to shine blinding lights into your widdle eyes. Kind of like a dozen suns shining at the same time! Just think of them as the Sunshine Men. They will be accompanied by nice pretend journalists who are actually castle-outreach people named Katie or Oprah or Diane, whose job it is to make you and Grandma look good, so don’t cry so much, and only on cue! (Example: When Grandma Hillary says, “That olJohn Boehner sure gets upset when he doesn’t get what he wants,start wailing!)尽管你的生活会非常匆忙,除了1天睡8小时外还得学着滚爬,但和充当“总统女士”即你奶奶的舞台道具相比,这些都是次要的。当肩扛闪亮大盒子,身材魁梧,面目狰狞的人们来到你跟前时,不要害怕!他们只是想用夺目的灯光照亮你的眼睛,给你一种多个太阳一起发亮的感觉。你可以把他们看成是“阳光人士”,陪同“阳光人士”而来的是一群假记者,他们实际上是城堡外联人士,这些人的任务就是使你和你奶奶的形象在外界面前变得光夺目,因此你可要乖一些,不要总哭。There are a few special little things you need to know about. For instance, if you are a girl, mean people will mail you blue Gap dresses. You don’t need to worry about where they came from, because the castle’s shining knights will go after them. These knights work for a castle security program called the IRS. Those blue Gap dresses are a reference to something unfortunate that happened a long, long time ago that we all pretend didn’t happen and anyway was all the fault of barbarians and trolls living outside the castle. We call these twisted creatures Republicans.In two years or so, when most babies are just learning to crawl, you will be hitting the road! Grandma Hillary is going to need you to smile and coo whenever there are Sunshine Men around. So play nice and don’t projectile vomit. Grandma is not what grown-ups call “maternal,and was busy turning ,000 into 0,000 in the magical cow trading market when your mommy was a baby, so she will have to make believe she is really “helping outwith you. No crying if she gets the diaper on the wrong end!两岁时,你就即将“上路”,每当“阳光人士”出现时,奶奶就需要你在他们面前微笑,千万不要露丑。你奶奶身上不具备成人所说的那种母性,当你妈妈还是婴儿时,你奶奶忙着在交易所牛市上把1千美元变万美元呢。因此,当她把你的尿布换颠倒时,不要哭,你得假装她确实在帮助你。When you’re a teenager, you may start getting strange invitations from Grandpa Bill. Don’t be surprised if he asks you to invite all of your girl friends and their bikinis over to his house for a pool party. Grandpa Bill loves young people, especially young female people frolicking in the sunshine!当你成为一名十几岁的青少年时,你也许会收到来自爷爷的奇怪邀请,如果他要求你邀请你的女性朋友们穿着比基尼到他家参加泳池派对时,千万别感到惊讶。你爷爷喜欢年轻人,特别是年轻女性在阳光下嬉戏!The best part of your make-believe Clinton-Mezvinsky life is that people will pretend you’re good at things and give you gifts like high-paying consultancy gigs when you just got out of college, jobs reporting for N News when you have as much camera-awareness as a smoked flounder, and the leadership of the free world because you “deserve it.Learn to accept everything as your due, baby Clinton-Mezvinsky, and maybe Mommy and you will be the third and fourth Clintons to rule the kingdom!你一生中最精的部分就是人们会假装你能力非凡,当你刚从大学毕业时就会收到例如像顾问这样的高薪职务,当你有镜头感时,可以到国家广播公司(N)当记者,甚至有朝一日你会成为自由世界的领袖。你要学会接受这所有的一切,或许你妈妈和你将是克林顿王朝的第三、四代继承人。来 /201404/292270青岛崂山区看腋臭哪家医院好

青岛临沂激光祛痘的费Vladimir Putin spent five years in the former communist German Democratic Republic in the 1980s as an intelligence officer for the Soviet KGB. He prides himself on his understanding of Germany.上世0年代,身为苏联克格勃(KGB)情报官的弗拉基米#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)曾在前社会主义国家——民主德German Democratic Republic,即东德)待了5年。他为自己对德国的了解而自豪。Yet the Russian president badly miscalculated the mood and determination of Angela Merkel, Germany’s chancellor, over the current crisis in Ukraine. His experience was obviously out of date.然而,作为俄罗斯总统的他严重误判了德国总理安格#8226;默克Angela Merkel)在当前乌克兰危机上的态度和决心。他的经验明显已经过时。When the 28 EU member states agreed to impose tougher sanctions on Russia last month because of Moscow’s support for armed separatists in the Ukrainian civil war, the decision was greeted with shock in the Kremlin. Mr Putin had expected the German chancellor to resist taking any action that would seriously affect German exporters.上月,因莫斯科在乌克兰内战中持武装分裂分子,欧EU)28个成员国一致同意,对俄罗斯采取更严厉的制裁。这个决议让克里姆林宫震惊。普京原以为默克尔会反对采取任何严重影响德国出口商的行动。He was wrong. The sanctions package was driven by Berlin. Central to German policy, led Ms Merkel and Frank-Walter Steinmeier, foreign minister, was determination to maintain a united European front.他错了。欧盟的一揽子制裁方案正是由德国推动的。德国政策的核心,引导默克尔和德国外长弗兰克-沃尔#8226;施泰因迈Frank-Walter Steinmeier)行动的,是维持欧洲统一阵线的决心。“Putin is an old-style KGB operator. He sees everything as a zero-sum game. He keeps different options open and tries to divide the EU and the west through bilateral contacts and sectoral contacts with business,says Andreas Schockenhoff, deputy chairman of Ms Merkel’s Christian Democrats in the German Bundestag.“普京有着老派克格勃的作风。他认为一切事情都是零和游戏。他总是保留不同的选择,并试图通过双边往来和行业性的商业来往分裂欧盟和西方,”默克尔领导的基民盟(Christian Democrats)的副主席安德烈亚#8226;朔肯霍夫(Andreas Schockenhoff)在德国联邦议Bundestag)表示。“The chancellor spent a huge amount of time and energy to get a united European position and bring business on board.”“总理花了大量时间和精力促成欧洲的统一立场,让事情走上正轨。”Mr Putin is not the first global leader to mis Ms Merkel. David Cameron, UK prime minister, did the same when he sought her backing to block the appointment of Jean-Claude Juncker of Luxembourg as the next EU commission president. But Mr Putin’s miscalculation is potentially far more serious.在世界领导人中,普京不是第一个误读默克尔的。英国首相戴#8226;卡梅David Cameron)曾为阻止卢森堡前首相克洛#8226;容克(Jean-Claude Juncker)出任下届欧盟委员EU commission)主席而寻求默克尔的持,他也错看了默克尔。但是普京误判的后果可能要严重得多。His actions in Ukraine, since the Russian annexation of Crimea in March, have alienated the one European leader capable of finding a diplomatic solution. He dug himself into a hole without an exit strategy.在俄罗斯于今月吞并克里米亚后,普京在乌克兰事务上的所作所为,导致唯一有能力找到外交解决方案的欧洲领导人与他疏远了。普京让自己陷入了一个没有出路的困境。Yet the signals from Berlin have been there for months. Ever since Mr Putin’s return to power as president in 2012, Ms Merkel has shown her unhappiness at the authoritarian and nationalist drift in the Kremlin. She was appalled by Russia’s seizure of Crimea, unilaterally altering an agreed international border.然而柏林方面其实从数月前就开始释放信号了。自2012年普京重返总统宝座以来,默克尔对克里姆林宫转向威权和民族主义就表露了自己的不满。俄罗斯夺取克里米亚,单方面改变公认的国际边界的行为让默克尔震惊。She finally lost trust in Mr Putin, according to senior officials, because she believed he lied to her repeatedly (they have had more than 30 telephone calls) about Russia’s involvement and its willingness to restrain the separatists. Trust matters a lot to the chancellor.根据一些高官的说法,默克尔最终失去了对普京的信任,因为在俄方插手乌克兰事务及约束分裂分子方面,她认为普京屡次对她说了谎(他们的通电话次数超过了三十次)。对默克尔来说,信任事关重大。Ms Merkel took the lead over EU sanctions reluctantly. Her instinct to seek a peaceful solution saw her pilloried in Kiev, London and Washington as a Moscow sympathiser. But she was always clear that Russia must compromise or face consequences.在欧盟制裁方面,默克尔并非情愿地带了头。她本能地寻求和平解决方案,这使她在乌克兰、英国和美国被抨击为同情俄罗斯的人。但她一直都很清楚,俄罗斯必须作出让步,否则就要承担后果。The chancellor’s tough line in the face of Mr Putin’s intransigence has not happened in isolation. Indeed, the Ukraine crisis accelerated a rethinking of German foreign policy that was aly under way.面对普京的顽固不化,默克尔采取了强硬立场——这并非一个孤立现象。事实上,德国已经在反思外交政策,乌克兰危机加速了这个过程。Hitherto, Germany has been the dominant EU partner on questions to do with the eurozone crisis on the face of it, matters of economic and fiscal policy but never on foreign policy. It has left those to traditional global actors France and the UK.迄今,在欧元区危机的相关问题上,德国在欧盟内部发挥了主导作用——不仅表面上如此,在经济和财政政策方面也的确是这样。然而德国从未在外交政策上扮演领导者的角色。传统的国际事务参与者——法国和英国才是欧盟外交政策的主导者。Christoph Bertram, a veteran analyst of Germany’s foreign and security policy, sees the euro crisis and “the extraordinary weakness of other European governments(he is too polite to single out London and Paris) as having galvanised the debate about the need for a more assertive German role.德国外交和安全政策方面的资深分析师,克里斯托#8226;贝尔特拉Christoph Bertram)认为欧元危机以及“其他欧洲国家政府的异常软弱”(他礼貌地没有指出英国和法国)激起了有关德国是否需要扮演更自信角色的辩论。“They were not rushing into it,he says. “Reluctantly they found themselves in this position.A country that always preferred to be a follower, not a leader, on foreign policy was suddenly forced “to be on the deck and occasionally taking the wheel“他们并非草率行事,”他说,“他们并不情愿地发现自己陷入了这样的境地。”一个在外交政策上总是更愿意做追随者,而非领导者的国家,突然被迫“上了甲板,有时还得掌舵”。Mr Bertram has been asked by Mr Steinmeier to help lead a review of German foreign policy. It follows a much-heralded speech by Joachim Gauck at the Munich security conference in January, when the German president called for the country to show greater responsibility, and a willingness to do more “to guarantee the security that others have provided it with for decades受外长施泰因迈尔之请,贝尔特拉姆参与对德国外交政策发起重新审视。随后,德国总统约阿希姆#8226;高克(Joachim Gauck)今年1月在慕尼黑安全会议上发表了一次反响热烈的演讲。高克呼吁德国展示更大的责任感,以及采取更多行动“保障其他国家几十年来提供的安全”的意愿。Both Mr Steinmeier, a Social Democrat, and Ursula von der Leyen, defence minister and leading member of Ms Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union, lent their support to the president. The chancellor, however, kept quiet, as she often does. She knows a more assertive foreign policy is not popular among voters.来自社会民主Social Democrat)的施泰因迈尔,以及现任国防部长、默克尔所在的基民盟的主要成员乌尔苏拉#8226;冯德莱恩(Ursula von der Leyen)都表达了对总统的持。然而默克尔一如既往地保持缄默。她明白更自信的外交政策并不受选民欢迎。That remains true. A poll carried out by the K#246;rber foundation in May showed that just 37 per cent of respondents think Germany should “engage morein international crises, while 60 per cent wanted to keep a low profile.这是事实。柯尔柏基金K#246;rber foundation)5月进行的民意调查显示,仅7%的调查对象认为德国应该“更积极地参与”国际危机,0%的调查对象则希望德国保持低调。There is certainly no enthusiasm in Germany for “putting boots on the ground On that score, Mr Putin is right to think Berlin is not prepared to intervene militarily in Ukraine. But he is wrong to think that means doing nothing.毫无疑问,德国并不热衷于出动军事力量。在这一点上,普京认为柏林并没有准备对乌克兰事务进行武力干预,是正确的。但他错误以为这就意味着德国不会采取任何行动。Mr Putin may have mis Ms Merkel because her instinct is to wait and see. She is a pragmatist who looks for solutions to problems, and eschews ideology. Although the expression embarrasses most German politicians, she knows there is such a thing as the “national interest普京之所以误读了默克尔,也许是因为她的本能是静观其变。她是一个务实主义者,寻求问题的解决方法,并回避意识形态问题。她知道有“国家利益”这么一回事,尽管这个词会让绝大多数德国政治人士感到不安。On Ukraine that means taking a stand against the unilateral redrawing of agreed international borders, even if it means paying an economic price. It is about security as well as prosperity. It involves European solidarity, defending the rule of law and protecting human rights. It is not just about protecting export markets.在乌克兰事务上,这意味着对单方面改变公认边界的行为采取反对的立场,即使这意味着付出经济代价。这关乎安全也关乎繁荣。采取这样的立场需要欧洲团结一心,以捍卫法治,保护人权。重要的绝不仅仅是保护出口市场。来 /201408/322285青岛市北区隆鼻手术价格 On May 13 1939 the SS St Louis, a German ocean liner, set sail from Hamburg. On board were 915 Jewish refugees hoping to escape gathering oppression in Europe. There were dances and concerts aboard the luxury vessel and the indulgent captain permitted passengers to throw a tablecloth over an offending bust of Adolf Hitler. Two weeks later, the ship dropped anchor in Havana, pending what passengers, who had purchased Cuban visas, fully expected to be a warm reception. It was not to be. The Cuban authorities turned them away as, subsequently, did those of the US and Canada. The St Louis was obliged to return to Europe. An estimated quarter of its passengers ended up perishing in Nazi concentration camps.19393日,德国远洋班轮“圣路易斯号SS St Louis)从汉堡起航。船上有915名犹太难民,他们希望逃离欧洲日益逼近的迫害。这艘豪华客轮上频频举办舞会和音乐会,宽宏大量的船长还允许乘客在令人不悦的阿道夫#8226;希特Adolf Hitler)半身像上盖上桌布。两周后,该船抵达古巴哈瓦那,已经购买了古巴签的乘客们满心期待着热情的接待。结果并非如此。古巴当局拒绝他们入境,后来美国和加拿大有关部门也作出同样的决定。圣路易斯号被迫返回欧洲。据估计,其1/4的乘客最后死于纳粹集中营。The St Louis story is served up as a shameful indictment of our forefathers. Yet 75 years later, something just as grotesque is playing out on the azure waters of the Andaman Sea (not to mention the Mediterranean). In the past few weeks, at least 6,000 refugees have been cut adrift in the ocean, refused entry by Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. Some 300 have died this year, according to the UN. Dehydrated, emaciated and desperate, unless the situation changes rapidly, many more lives will be lost.圣路易斯号的故事是对我们的祖先的指控,令人愧疚。然6年后的今天,同样令人匪夷所思的事发生在湛蓝的安达曼Andaman Sea),且不提地中海了。过去几周,至少6000名难民在海上随波逐流,被泰国、马来西亚和印尼拒绝入境。据联合UN)称,今年已有00个难民死亡。尚存的难民们脱水、虚弱、绝望,除非形势迅速出现转变,否则将有更多人死亡。For the Rohingya, the bulk of the refugees, there are echoes of the treatment of Jews in Europe. Many are fleeing refugee centres that have been compared to concentration camps. They are a Muslim minority in Myanmar and Bangladesh. In March the Simon-Skjodt Center for the Prevention of Genocide sent a mission to Myanmar, where up to 1m Rohingya live in Rakhine state. It found they had been “subject to dehumanisation through rampant hate speech, the denial of citizenship, and restrictions on freedom of movement Its report concluded that the Rohingya, at least 170 of whom died in mob violence in 2012, were at “grave risk of additional mass atrocities and even genocide大多数难民都是罗兴亚Rohingya),他们的遭遇令人联想起当年欧洲的犹太人。很多难民是从被比作集中营的难民中心逃出来的。他们是生活在缅甸和孟加拉国的一个穆斯林少数民族。今月,Simon-Skjodt防止种族灭绝中心(Simon-Skjodt Center for the Prevention of Genocide)向缅甸派出一个代表团,缅甸的若开Rakhine)居住着多达100万的罗兴亚人。该中心发现,他们“遭受着非人化待遇,包括猖獗的仇恨言论、得不到公民身份、迁徙自由受到限制”。该组织的报告得出结论认为,2012年至少有170人死于群体性暴力事件的罗兴亚人,面临着“更多大规模暴行甚至种族屠杀的严重风险”。This conclusion may be premature. As Richard Horsey, a political analyst, points out, an organisation whose raison d’être is the prevention of genocide will tend to see things through that lens. Still, the conditions of the Rohingya most of whom are denied citizenship by both Myanmar and Bangladesh are deplorable and getting worse.这个结论可能下得太早。正如政治分析人士理查德#8226;霍西(Richard Horsey)所指出的,以防止种族灭绝为存在理由的组织,总会倾向于透过那样的棱镜看问题。话虽如此,罗兴亚人的处境——他们中的多数人得不到缅甸和孟加拉国公民身份——是悲惨的,而且正变得更糟。Who are the Rohingya? Like any ethnically charged question, that is fiercely disputed. To the Buddhists who are the majority in Rakhine state, the dark-skinned Rohingya are interlopers from Bangladesh, referred to pejoratively as “Bengalis The Rakhine, who have a proud history of independence, are themselves a persecuted minority. Rohingya trace their origins in Rakhine back to the 15th century. Many others arrived in the British colonial period from 1825 when both Rakhine and Bengal were part of British India. In the second world war, the Rohingya fought with the British, while the Rakhine supported the Japanese who were fleetingly regarded as liberators. Bitterness from that period has lasted until this day.谁是罗兴亚人?就像所有涉及种族的问题那样,这个问题也存在极大争议。对于在若开州占人口多数的佛教徒来说,皮肤黝黑的罗兴亚人是来自孟加拉国的外来者,他们轻蔑地称罗兴亚人为“孟加拉人Bengalis)。若开人对自己的独立史引以为豪,他们本身也是受迫害的少数民族。罗兴亚人在若开的起源可追溯5世纪。还有很多罗兴亚人在始于1825年的英国殖民时期来到若开,那时若开和孟加拉都是英属印度的一部分。二战时期,罗兴亚人与英国人并肩战斗,而若开人则持曾被短暂视为解放者的日本人。那个时期的仇恨延续至今。Anti-Rohingya and anti-Muslim sentiment more generally has hardened since 2010, when the generals who had run Myanmar for decades slowly lifted their oppressive boot. More free speech has meant more hate speech, much of it directed at Muslims. In April, the government withdrew temporary identity cards after a backlash from Buddhists who did not want the Rohingya to vote. Now, without an official identity, most Rohingya are even more exposed to arbitrary arrest and curbs on movement that imperil their ability to make a living. The sense of hopelessness has pushed increasing numbers to flee.010年统治缅甸数十年的将军们开始逐渐放松铁腕统治以来,反罗兴亚和反穆斯林情绪普遍抬头。更多的自由言论意味着更多的仇恨言论,其中很多都针对穆斯林。今月,政府收回了罗兴亚人的临时身份,原因是不希望罗兴亚人拥有投票权的佛教徒发起抗议。如今,在没有官方身份的情况下,多数罗兴亚人更容易受到任意逮捕和限制行动,危及他们的谋生能力。绝望的感觉推动越来越多的罗兴亚人逃离缅甸。The boats on which the Rohingya have escaped offer no dances or on-board entertainment. Now, cut adrift at sea, like the Jews on board the St Louis, the Rohingya have been refused entry to potential safe havens although Malaysia and Indonesia have announced an offer of temporary shelter. With smuggling routes cut off at least for the time being it ought to be a relatively simple matter to rescue the 6,000 or so refugees still at sea and to find them a home.罗兴亚人的船上显然没有舞会和船上活动。如今,在海上随波逐流的罗兴亚人就像当年圣路易斯号上的犹太人一样,被拒绝进入潜在的安全港——尽管马来西亚和印尼已宣布提供临时庇护。在偷渡路径被切断的情况下——至少现在是这样——解000来名仍在海上漂流的难民并安置他们,应该是相对简单的事。That, of course, leaves the more intractable problem of whether Myanmar can reverse its blatantly discriminatory policies. When even Aung San Suu Kyi, the country’s democratic icon, hesitates to use the term Rohingya for fear of offending her Buddhist constituents, there seems little prospect of that. Yet if nothing is done to alleviate the suffering of this blighted minority, comparisons with the Jews of 1930s Europe will look evermore apt.当然,还有一个更加棘手的难题:缅甸能否扭转其公然歧视性的政策?就连该国的民主偶像昂山素季(Aung San Suu Kyi)也犹豫着不敢使用罗兴亚一词,担心这会冒犯她的佛教徒持者,有鉴于此,这一点看起来希望渺茫。但是,如果不能有所作为、为这个遭受摧残的少数民族减轻苦难的话,930年代欧洲犹太人的遭遇进行对比将越来越贴切。来 /201505/376852青岛吸脂去眼袋

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