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2019年10月22日 01:26:01 | 作者:咨询卫生 | 来源:新华社
A: Hello Mr. Jones, please have a seat. Thank you for coming in today. I have your resume. You completed University in England?B: Yes, I went to Cambridge. After graduation, I started right away into the advertising industry. Later, I made a bit of a switch to focus on marketing research.A: So, what experience do you have?B: I have ten years marketing experience. This includes both entry level and management positions. In my last position, I worked my way up to being director of the markeing department.A: I can see that from your resume. Your last position was marketing director for a pharmaceutical company, is that right? Later, why did you decide to leave your former post?B: I felt after five years in one place, I was y for something new. I would like to have a job that is challenging, something that I can see and do new things every day. I loved many things about my former job, and I left with amiable feelings on both sides. I was just y for something new.A: I see. Do you want to work full-time or part-time?B: I would rather work full-time.A: I'll make note of that. Now, what are your salary expectations?B: I am willing to negotiate, but I expect at least ,000 a year. /12/93370Smith: Where do you see yourself three years from now?Miss Wang: Working for your company, as the top administrative assistant in your firm!Smith: Good answer, Miss Wang—good answer! Seriously, though, are you interested in staying in a staff-level position, or would you hope to move into management someday?Miss Wang: Well, I haven't thought much about this. I think it's too early to tell. What is most important for me now is to do the best possible job for the company and learn and develop my skills as much as possible. 求职锦句:1. If you enter this company, which department would you like to work in? 如果你加入本公司,你想在哪个部门工作?2. If possible, I'd like to work in the Export Department. 如果可能的话,我希望在出口部工作。部门链接:the Planning Department 计划部the Accounting Section 会计部the Business Section 业务部the Publicity Department 宣传部the Import Department 进口部3. No problem for me, I believe I have the capability to take this job. 对我来说没问题,我相信我有能力承担这项工作。 /201108/148385

第一句:Can we start the business matter?可以开始谈生意了吗?A: Mary, sit down, please.玛丽,请坐。B: Martin. Thank you.马丁,谢谢。A: What would you like to drink?想喝点什么?B: A glass of iced-water, thanks. Can we start the business matter?我想要一杯冰水,谢谢。可以开始谈生意了吗?第二句:Mary, would you mind if I start to talk about our business before the dinner?玛丽,你介意我在开饭前谈生意吗?A: Mary, would you mind if I start to talk about our business before the dinner?玛丽,你介意我在开饭前谈生意吗?B: It doesnt matter.没关系的。A: Thats good.太好了。其他表达法:桌位较多时,要摆桌次牌。宴会可用圆桌、方桌或长桌,一桌以上的宴会,桌子之间的距离要适中,各个座位之间的距离要相等。As the executive summary in my proposal shows, I think our new line of graphics workstations are exactly what you need.就像我在建议书的大纲中所提到的那样,我们新的一系列制图工作站正是你们所需要的。In fact, theyre less expensive and more powerful than your stated requirements.事实上,它们比你们所要求的更便宜,更先进。 /201208/194603

Britains SHAME: Thousands of soldiers quit the army as morale hits historic low不列颠之耻:士气极度低迷之下大量士兵脱离军队MORE than 15,000 soldiers quit the British Army last year as commanders struggled against falling morale.尽管指挥官们努力挽救低迷的士气,但去年仍有超5000名士兵离开了不列颠军队。The shocking figure represents almost one in five of the 83,340 soldiers serving and is thought to be the greatest single fall in 20 years.这个冲击性数字差不多3340(此为英国陆军总人数)名役士兵中的两成,而且被视0年来的最严重失败。According to official Ministry of Defence figures only 1,759 of the 15,325 regular troops to have left in the year leading to November did so because their time was up.国防部的官方数据显示这些在去1月前离开的的15325名正规军士兵中只759人是因为役时间到了。Nearly half 7,439 quit early, exceeding the 7,260 who left the Armed Forces during the previous year. There are now concerns that worsening conditions and a lack of “operational tempois failing to keep soldiers motivated.差不多有近一半即7439人是提前退伍的,这超过了之260人的数据,现在有人担心糟糕的环境以及缺乏“作战节奏”致使军心涣散。The situation was exacerbated by 3,325 who were sacked on disciplinary grounds. A further 2,337 were “medically discharged愈发恶化的情况是325名士兵因违纪被开除,另有2337人是“医疗解职”。(此是指士兵因心理或生理问题无法继续役)Former defence minister Sir Gerald Howarth MP said: “There is little doubt morale is under enormous pressure. Soldiers are concerned about the Future Accommodation Model, which may see them forced to rent or buy properties when what families actually want is to live in an Army environment.前国防部长Gerald Howarth 议员说:“毫无疑问的是军心正处于重压之下,士兵们关心未来的居住模式,即可能会有他们的家人想住在军队周边时却要被迫租房或买房的情况。“Particularly concerning is the effect of ‘historic war crimeallegations. There is an increasing feeling that soldiers or veterans who find themselves arraigned for doing what they thought was right for their country are pretty much on their own.颇受关注的还有“历史战争罪行”这一指控。认为自己为国而战问心无愧的士兵和退伍军人却发现自己因此被指控“Veterans who are now pensioners are waking up to allegations over events in Northern Ireland 45 years ago.”“正在领退休金的老兵发现他们5年前的北爱尔兰事件而受到指控”Andy Smith, of the UK National Defence Agency, said repeated annual cuts have taken away any feeling of job security: “This reinforces what we have been saying for a long time people in the Services have no confidence in the Government’s commitment to defence.英国国防部的Andy Smith说年年削减军费已让人感觉缺乏工作保障:“一直都说要加强,但役官兵们已经不信政府的承诺了。”“Any sense of certainty about the future has been taken away in a 10-year period which saw the defence budget shrink and annual reductions to the size and resources of the Armed Forces.”0年来看着军费不断缩减,军队规模和资源愈发减少已经感受不到未来了。”Last night an MoD spokesman said: “The Army has enough people to perform all of its tasks to keep Britain safe and continues to offer exciting opportunities that inspire the best of our young people. We’ve seen an increase in recruitment over the last year and we expect this trend to continue.”昨晚(39号)一位国防部发言人说:“军队人数足够完成其任务以保卫不列颠安全,并会提供激动人心的机会来鼓舞那些我们最优秀的年轻人。我们可以看到去年入伍人数有所增加且我们希望能保持这一势头。”But this was rejected by Col Richard Kemp, who commanded British forces in Afghanistan.但在阿富汗指挥不列颠军队的Richard Kemp上校对此却嗤之以鼻。“By its own admission the Army is 3,000 troops down,he said.“军队承认有3000人的缺口”他说“These latest figures show that while they may be recruiting, there is a serious retention issue. We have witnessed an erosion of service benefits, legal vendettas and, since the withdrawal from Afghanistan, a lack of operational tempo.”“最新的数据显示招募时仍有严重的痼疾存在。我们发现了役津贴被贪污和法律追杀,以及自从阿富汗撤军以来都缺乏战斗节奏。”Meanwhile, more than 800 UK troops are set to deploy to Estonia with Nato as part of one of the biggest British deployments to Eastern Europe in decades.与此同时作为几十年来不列颠在东欧的最大行动的一部分,超00名英军士兵会被部署到爱沙尼亚。Speaking to the Sunday Express last night defence secretary Michael Fallon said: “I’m proud that the UK is leading the Estonian battle group and providing vital reassurance to a key Nato partner in the face of Russian aggression.”昨晚国防部长Michael Fallon 说:“我自豪于英国在爱沙尼亚战斗群中处于领导地位,且对直面俄罗斯入侵的北约重要伙伴提供了有力保障。”来 /201703/499402

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