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原味人文风情:You#39;re gonna guess where this is from.你要猜这是从哪里来的。Fried chicken, fried chicken, fried chicken, fried chicken, fried chicken...炸鸡、炸鸡、炸鸡、炸鸡、炸鸡...All right, open your eyes.好,把你的眼睛打开。This is not what you call fried chicken!这又不叫炸鸡!Can I open my eyes?我可以张开眼睛吗?Mmm...嗯...Justin!Justin!Lobster? Lobster?! Lobster?!龙虾吗?龙虾?!龙虾?!I don#39;t know what that is, and I don#39;t wanna know.我不知道那是什么,而且我不想知道。I kinda see, like, little spikes.我好像有看到小小的刺。It looks like there#39;s eyes in here!这里面看起来好像有眼睛!Give it a little bite. See what you think.咬一小口看看。看看妳觉得怎样。It feels like shrimp, and I love shrimp.感觉起来像是虾子,我最喜欢虾子。Yum!好吃!Don#39;t get poked.不要被刺到了。Hey! It#39;s not alive, Justin.嘿!Justin,这不是活的。Take a bite of your shrimp.咬一口你的虾子。But those eyes are looking at me.可是那些眼睛在看我。Is that shrimp?那是虾子吗?Find out.吃了就知道。Yes. Okay, nope, it#39;s greasy. Okay.好。嗯,不好,这好油。嗯。I#39;ve seen my mom peel the shrimp a lot of times, so I#39;m gonna see if I can remember how to do it. So, okay, do that—and then I give up.我看过我妈妈剥虾子超多次,我来看看我记不记得怎么剥。好,那样用--然后我放弃。Why do you think people barbecue their Christmas meals in New Zealand?你觉得纽西兰人为什么要烤他们的圣诞大餐?To celebrate the birth of Jesus?庆祝耶稣诞生?Yeah.对。Is this meat or something?这是肉肉还是什么?What#39;s it taste like?吃起来像什么?It tastes like it#39;s meat.吃起来像肉肉。Oh, okay. So you chewed it, spit it out, and then you#39;re chewing it again.噢,好。所以你把它嚼一嚼、吐出来,然后你又把它拿来嚼了。Yum!好好吃!Sweet mama! A water, please!妈妈咪啊!请给我水!This is Christmas still?现在还是圣诞节吗?Mmm-hmm.嗯哼。Where do you think it#39;s from, though? What part of the world?不过你觉得这是哪来的?世界上的哪个地方?Japan? I hope I#39;m right for this one.日本吗?希望我这次猜对。It#39;s actually from a place called the Dominican Republic. You ever heard of that place?这其实是来自一个叫「多米尼加共和国」的地方。你有听过吗?The donkeys and the elephants. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. I think Donald Trump#39;s the elephant, and Hillary Clinton#39;s the donkey.多驴子和大象。希拉里?柯林顿和唐纳?川普。我觉得唐纳?川普是大象,然后希拉里?柯林顿是驴子。Close.很接近了。Close, yeah.很接近,没错。Close?!很接近?!No. It#39;s called the Dominican Republic. It#39;s the name of a country.才不。那叫多米尼加共和国。那是一个国家的名字。You can take this away now.你现在可以把这拿走了。Why? Just because of the name?为什么?只因为名字吗?No. Because I don#39;t like it.不是。因为我不喜欢。Yes! Yes! This is happening! This is happening!好耶!好耶!这是真的!这是真的!Now open your eyes.现在张开你的眼睛。Is this...KFC chicken?!这是...肯德基炸鸡?!Santa Claus! I#39;m not gonna eat the Santa Claus.圣诞老公公!我才不要吃掉圣诞老公公。It#39;s chocolate.那是巧克力。You can eat Santa.你可以吃掉圣诞老人。Sorry, Santa.抱歉,圣诞老公公。My...my tummy#39;s pretty big.我...我的肚肚好大。No, it#39;s not. It#39;s small still.不会,没有很大。它还是小小的。No, it#39;s not. Look!不,才不小。你看!We#39;re still doing Christmas food.我们还在吃圣诞食物。Yum!好吃!This is happening! Yes! This is happening! This is happening! This is happening! This is my favorite piece.这是真的!好耶!这是真的!这是真的!这是真的!这块是我最喜欢的。I wish your mom was here.我希望你妈在这。I wish my dad.我希望我爸在这。I am your dad.我就是你爸。Okay, I think... It#39;s a brilliant country that eats chicken for Christmas!嗯,我觉得... 这是个超棒的国家,吃炸鸡过圣诞节!What country?什么国家?A brilliant country!超棒的国家!So this is from Japan. This is what Japanese kids eat for Christmas.这来自日本。日本的小朋友圣诞节就吃这个。They have to go to the other half of the world to just get this?他们得大老远跑到世界另一边来买这个?Yeah. We went to Japan this morning and got that chicken.对啊。我们今天早上才跑去日本买炸鸡。I#39;m gonna get really hyper after this.我等一下会变得很嗨。Inside the cake, there#39;s more strawberry.蛋糕里面还有更多草莓。What do you think about Japanese people eating fried chicken and cake for Christmas?你对日本人圣诞节吃炸鸡和蛋糕有什么想法?I think that#39;s a smart idea.我觉得那是个很聪明的点子。I agree.我同意。Japan rocks!日本超赞!Every time you say, ;Japan rocks,; I scoot it away from you.每次你一说:「日本超赞」,我就要让蛋糕从你那溜走。 Article/201703/493267The reasons for the major step forward in our evolution人类进化中最重要一步的起因are mired in controversy,一直处在争论之中but what is certain is that about 1.8 million years ago,但可以肯定的是 大约180万年前the first ancestor whose behaviour was truly human did emerge.行为与人类很像的祖先 第一次出现了This was Homo erectus.那就是直立人It had lost the ape-like characteristics of its predecessors,他们已经没有了其先人那些类猿的特征its anatomy was much like ours其解剖结构与我们颇为相似and it could run as easily as we can.而且可以像我们一样奔跑But crucially, its brain had grown by 20%.更关键的是 大脑容量增加了20%If Wrangham is right,如果朗汉是对的and cooking was the cause of this quantum leap,烹饪确实是这巨大飞跃的推动力it#39;s crucial to find out when cooking started.那么关键就是找出人类开始烹饪的时间This is a matter of some debate.这是个充满争议的问题I think we first started cooking我认为 大约200万年前almost two million years ago with the origin of Homo erectus.直立人开启了 人类的第一次烹饪Cooking could possibly be one million years old.烹饪可能已经有了百万年的历史Based on the evidence we have,根据我们现在所掌握的据I#39;d say we started to cook我只能说人类some time in the last 800,000 years.在过去80万年里的某个时间开始烹饪 Article/201505/374754栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201505/374493

The moon was an ancient, fossilised world.月球是个古老的化石世界Its rocks hadn#39;t changed for billions of years.它的岩石数十亿年来没有改变Scientists were thrilled.科学家喜出望外Basically the surface of the moon kind of froze基本上来说,月球表面about roughly 3 billion years ago and preserved在大约30亿年前结冰really the first one and a half billion years of its history.因此保存了月球历史的头15亿年The moon tells us very much about月球大大提升了the early history of the solar system.我们对太阳系早期历史的了解It#39;s probably one of the best recorders可说是太阳系早期历史of the early history of our solar system.保存最好的纪录This ancient fossil was a scientific gold mine.这个古老化石是科学上的金矿Because the moon was so well preserved it meant scientists因为月球保存良好,因此表示科学家could finally answer the question that had come to obsess them.终于可以回答萦绕心头多年的问题:How was the moon formed?月球是如何形成的?At the time, there were 2 competing theories.当时有两派说法The first was that the moon and the earth一派主张月球和地球来自相同的星云were formed at the same time, from the same cloud of dust and gas.并在同时形成The other theory was that the moon另一派则主张was originally nothing do with the earth,月球原本与月球毫无瓜葛but was wandering alone in space until the earth而是兀自地在太空中漫游sucked it in with the power of its gravity.直到被地球的引力吸住为止But the rocks themselves didn#39;t seem to support either theory.但月岩让这两派说法不攻自破They were different enough from rocks on earth它们和地球上的岩石的差异to make it unlikely they were all formed at the same time.让人觉得它们不太可能是同时形成的But they had enough similarities to make it equally unlikely但两者间的相似性又让人觉得that the moon was a completely foreign body.月球不可能和地球毫无瓜葛Eventually scientists came up with a new theory最后科学家终于提出了一个新的理论that explained these strange rocks.来解释这些奇特的岩石It was a brutal tale.但这是个残酷的故事It takes us back 4 billion years to这要从40亿年前说起when the solar system was a young and volatile place.当时的太阳系新近形成,动荡不安There were many planets and asteroids circling the sun.太阳周围有许多行星和小行星One of these was a young earth.其中之一就是年轻的地球But there was also another young planet, a bit smaller.但当时还有一个体积比较小的年轻行星The two were on a collision course.它眼见就要撞上地球Eventually they crashed together.小行星终于撞上了地球It was the biggest bang the solar system had ever seen.惊天动地的撞击力道为太阳系中所仅见The impact was so massive that it spewed out millions of tons撞击如此猛烈导致数百万顿的of molten rock and gases.熔岩和气体喷出As this debris circled the earth it came together,这些碎片环绕地球时forming a separate body our moon.逐渐凝聚形成一个独立星体,这就是我们的月球When it first formed the moon was 10 times月球刚形成时与地球的距离closer to the earth than it is today.是现今的十分之一So it appeared much bigger in the sky所以看起来不仅大得多and its gravitational pull was much stronger.引力也更强But over time it slowly drifted away from the earth但随着时间过去,月球和地球渐行渐远to its present position about a quarter of a million miles away.直到离地球约25万里远的地方And there its orbit seemed to have stabilised,月球的轨道似乎在此处稳定下来its distance from earth fixed for all time.月球和地球间的距离就此固定,再也没有任何改变 Article/201505/372983

Every man alive today shares a portion of his DNA.如今每个人都有着他的部分基因Two inches taller than a modern american,他比现代的美国人高两英寸(约5厘米)A natural athlete, a born hunter.是天生的运动健将和猎手This is his home.这里是他的家园The Rift Valley of East Africa.东非大裂谷A fertile laboratory for life.是一座丰富的生命研究室In his sights, a thousand pounds of meat.在他的眼中 这是一千磅的肉Enough to feed his family of six for a month.足够他一家六口吃上一个月Soon there will be seven,不就他们就会迎来第七个家庭成员The woman he shares his life with与他共度一生的女人Is expecting their first child.正迎来自己第一个孩子的降临Stereoscopic vision to accurately judge distance.立体的视觉让他们准确判断距离Dexterous hands.他们还有一双灵巧的手Speed on two legs.两条速度惊人的腿But he has none of the natural weapons但是他没有非洲其他捕食者of Africa#39;s other predators.所拥有的天然武器He can#39;t outrun a cheetah.他没有猎豹的速度Nowhere near the strength of a lion.没有狮子的力量Or the bone-crushing jaws of a hyena.也没有土狼那碎骨有力的下颚So he invents.所以他开始发明创造Tools make me better.工具在手 天下我有Weapons make me more powerful.武器一出 谁与争锋You have to be on two feet.你必须双脚站立You have to free up your hands.腾出双手And freeing up your hands to work with tools而腾出双手制造武器这一举动changes the game.改变了游戏规则And there#39;s no other species on this planet这个星球上没有任何物种比人类that committed to weapon use and tool use like us.对使用武器和工具更加情有独钟 Article/201508/392294Okay, I#39;m wet, cold,and I#39;ve got to act fast before I start losing all feeling.我湿透了而且全身冰冷 在我失去知觉之前 我得快速行动Problem is I don#39;t want to put these clothes on when I#39;m this wet.问题在于 我不想在身体湿漉漉的时候 穿上衣It would just make the clothes wet.I#39;m gonna get into the snow and roll in it.这只会把衣弄湿 所以我得扑向积雪 在上面打滚And what powder snow will do is its crystals will absorb a lot of the moisture,这样一来 积雪 会将我身上大量的水分吸走Just take some of that off me so I keep my clothes dry.没有了水分 衣就不会湿了Okay, let#39;s get an outer shell on.The snow has done its job.Now to get my clothes back on.好的 快穿上我的保暖盔甲 积雪已经发挥了它的功效 现在赶快穿上衣Oh, god.Actually feels like my toes and fingers have been stuck in a fire.我的老天爷 事实上 我感觉我的手指和脚趾 都像在被火灼烧着一样It#39;s a weird sensation.Extreme cold feels sort of like extreme heat.这是一种不可思议的感觉 冷到了极致就仿佛是热到了极致It#39;s just really, really painful and almost unusable.这真的非常的痛苦而且让我难以动弹Once you leave the freezing water,your body starts pumping blood back to the extremities.一旦你离开冰冷的海水 你的身体就开始向手和脚供血It#39;s known as the afterdrop,and with the blood diverted,your core temperature can then plummet.You need fire and fast.这个现象被称为复温 但是随着血液的回流 你的体内的温度会开始下降 因此你需要尽快生一堆火Oh, my...They always talk about that golden five minutes after you#39;ve been in extreme cold water.我的老天... 人们常说 在极其冰冷的水中待过之后 有一段时间被称为;黄金五分钟;Even though you#39;re cold,what you have working for you is adrenaline.尽管你冷的不行 现在正是肾上腺素发挥作用的时候You#39;ve got to use that adrenaline just to fire you,to keep you going until you#39;ve got a lifesaving fire.你需要肾上腺素给你能量 让你能够为自己点燃救命之火 Article/201703/496145Over 99% of the animal species that have even lived are now extinct.And sometimes,an event occurs causing changes so drastic that most species are completely wiped out within a short period of time.So here are the 5 most incredible mass extinctions even to occur,and a look at whether the 6th might be happening right now.99%曾经存在过的动物,如今都已经灭绝了,有时,一件事情的发生造成了剧烈的变化,会导致大部分生物在短期内彻底消失,今天我们来讲讲已经发生的5次大灭绝,以及很可能就快来临的第六次。4.4 million years ago was the The Ordovician extinction.At that time,most creatures swam or crawled in shallow seas.As newly created volcanic rock was worn down by water and wind,it reacted with CO2 and absorbed it.4.4亿提前,发生了奥陶纪大灭绝,当时,大多数的生物都生活在浅水区,新形成的火山岩在水与风的侵蚀下,与二氧化碳发生反应,将其吸收。As a result,carbon dioxide levels dropped,temperatures fell and water got locked away as ice.This caused ocean levels to drop and shallow seas to drain and after several cycles of growing and shrinking glaciers,about 86 percent of species were lost forever.Then over millions of years the oceans slowly repopulated with fish and the land was colonized by early plants.导致二氧化碳含量降低,从而造成了气温降低,水面结冰,海平面因此而下降,浅海地区海水排空,在冰川数次涨跌循环之后,约86%的物种灭绝了,在数百年之后,海洋中重新出现了鱼儿,陆地上也开始出现早期植物。These plants were then eaten by the first crawling and flying insects.Then 374 million years ago these new plants contributed to the next mass extinction.The plants absorbed enough Co2 to create another round of global cooling.They changed soil causing nutrients to wash into the ocean creating enormous amounts of algae which sucked up oxygen.它们成了早期爬行和昆虫的食物,直到3.74亿年前,这些新出现的植物造成了第二冷饮大灭绝,它们吸收了太多的二氧化碳,造成了第二次全球降温,植物还改变了土壤,营养盐被冲刷进海里,造成藻类大量生长,它们吸收了许多氧气。More than half of ocean species essentially choked to death.Although somewhere in the world,a small family of fish with foot like fins and lungs managed to scrape by.Over the next 100 million years,these creatures would evolve into amphibians,reptiles and nearly all modern land animals.250 million years ago is the Permian extinction.超过半数的海洋生物血缺氧窒息而死, 但是在世界上某个地方,一种长着脚状鳍和肺的鱼类勉力熬过了这个劫难,在之后的1亿多年里,这些生物进化成了两栖动物,爬行动物和接近现代的陆地生物,2.5亿年前,发生了二叠纪大灭绝。The single worst mass extinction in history.70 percent of life on land and over 95 percent of life in the oceans was wiped out.Billions of tonnes of volcanic gases destroyed the ozone layer and the average ocean temperature hit 40 degrees celsius,which is hotter than most hot tubs.这是历史上最大规模的一次大灭绝,70%的陆地生物和超过95%的海洋生物都灭绝了,数亿吨的火山气体破坏了臭氧层,海洋温度来均达到了40℃,比最热水浴缸还要热。Acid rain fell all over the planet,devastating life on land.Life had only 50 million years to recover until the fourth mass extinction came.At this time early small dinosaurs roamed the land.A huge volcanic rift opened in the middle of the planet;eventually splitting the Americas from Europe and Africa,and forming the Atlantic Ocean.全球范围的酸雨,毁掉了陆地生物,在第四次大灭绝来临之前,生物们只有5千万年的恢复期,那时,早期的小恐龙在陆地上撒欢,地球中间裂开了一道巨大的火山裂谷,最终它将美洲与欧洲和非洲分开了。The volcanoes spewed out CO2,increasing temperatures and killing about 80 percent of the species around at the time.Yet in this newly emptied world dinosaurs did extremely well and during the next 135 million years,they grew to become some of the largest land animals the world had ever seen.火山爆发喷射出的二氧化碳导致气温升上,弄死了当时约80%的物种,这次大灭绝彻底整顿了恐龙喜欢的那个世界,在之后的1.35亿年里,恐龙长成了前所未见的最大型的陆地生物。But all good things must come to the end.Many scientists believe that the extinction of dinosaurs was caused by an asteroid the size of a small town crashing into what is now Mexico#39;s Yucatan peninsula.The impact shot millions of tons of dust into the atmosphere,blocking out sunlight and spelling an end to all large dinosaurs the small ones that survived evolved into birds.但是一切美好都有尽头,许多科学家认为,恐龙的消失,是因为一颗城镇大小的行星,砸在了如今的墨西哥尤卡坦半岛上,撞击导致无数尘埃进入大气,阻挡了阳光,并使所有的大型恐龙都灭绝了,小型恐龙们则进化成小鸟。The world was now primed for a small,scuffling,rat-like creature,the ancestor of all modern mammals.Whthin 50 million years,its descendants-from wildebeest and whales to horses and us humans-have diversified and grown to dominate nearly every available environment on earth.So where does that leave us now,64 million years later?世界准备好迎接小型,长脚,像老鼠一们的生物了,即所有现代哺乳类的先祖,在五千万年里,它的后代,从牛羚和鲸鱼到马匹和人类,变得多种多样,并在地球几乎所有生态位中占据了主导地位,所弄死我们的下一次大灭绝何时来临?6500万年后?Well,human dominance of earth has led to big changes too,except the changes of today are happening over decades,not millennia.Carbon dioxide levels,implicated in so many of the past extinctions,have climbed at least 25 percent in just the last 50 years,almost no time in geological terms.嘛,人类对地球的控制导致了巨大的变化,当下的形势最多只能再继续上数十年,与多次大灭绝有关的二氧化碳含量,在过去50年里提高了至少25%,就地质条件而言是史无前例的。In addition to climate change,we#39;ve exterminated hundreds of species by hunting,fishing,habitat destruction and pollution.It#39;s been estimated that current species extinction rates are between 100 and 1000 times highter than the natural background rate,and that if all the species that are currently threatened by declining populations actually do go extinct,we may reach the level of a true mass extinction in just a few hundred years.除了气候变化,我们打猎,,破坏环境和污染环境的行为,导致了无数物种灭绝,据估计现在的物种灭绝率,约为自然本底率的100到1000倍,如果现在面临种群衰退的物种,真的全都灭绝了,那么几百年后我们就会再一次迎来大灭绝。And while all the mass extinctions of the past have had some survivors,it#39;s worth remembering that the creatures at the top of the food chain are usually hit the hardest.We may be setting the stage for history to repeat itself,and for some small,unexpected organism to replace us as the planet#39;s dominant form of life.虽然过去每一轮的大灭绝中都有一些物种幸存下来,我们应当谨记于心:位于食物链顶端的物种所受冲击往往最大,我们应当做好迎接历史重演的准备,让一些渺小,意想不到的生物,取代我们成为新一代和地球霸主。 Article/201505/376896

栏目简介:《英语视频之Top5》是英语视频听力下的子栏目,栏目包含中英字幕,而且能够了解世界上5大新奇或者有意思的事物,比如美军飞行器、社交媒体、核武器等,通过简单有趣的讲述,能够提高学习英语的兴趣,积累一些英语知识,是比较生动的英语学习材料。 Article/201510/400371Fostering that sense of an imagined community was a key Imperial strategy-and it didn#39;t come cheap. Typically, the emperor paid out a large chunk of state revenue every year to provide allies and vassal states with luxury gifts, including thousands of rolls of silk and hundreds of lacquer cups. So, our cup is very much part of a system-it was given either as an Imperial gift or in lieu of a salary, to a senior official at the Han military garrisons near present day Pyongyang in North Korea. We can be pretty sure that, apart from its sheer monetary value, it was intended to bestow prestige and to suggest a personal link between the commander and the emperor.给人民一种“想象的共同体”的归属感是巩固帝国的重要策略,但这种归属感代价高昂。皇帝每年都要花费大量税收赠送珍贵的礼物给盟国和属国,包括成千匹丝绸及数百件漆器。因此,我们这只漆杯是帝国体系的一部分,被当作礼物(或某种形式的俸禄)送给了驻扎在今朝鲜平壤附近的一位高级官员。除了货币价值之外,它还代表着荣耀,体现出皇帝与官员之间的亲密关系。At this point in the Han#39;s history, however, the affairs of state were not in the hands of the emperor but of the dowager empress, the formidable Grand Empress Dowager Wang, who effectively ran the state for 30 years, as none of the emperors had much time for business. She had one emperor son-who spent most of his time with his concubine, Flying Swallow, who, it was said, was so light that she could dance on the palm of his hand-one grandson emperor-who was besotted with his male lover-and another grandson the one on the throne at the time of our cup, who had acceded at the age of nine, and was to be poisoned with pepper wine at the age of fifteen, two years after our cup was made. So this cup lived in interesting times, and its making was almost certainly organised by the Grand Dowager Empress.但在当时的汉朝,国家事务并非由皇帝掌管,太皇太后独揽了朝政大权。这位太后实际掌管了朝政三十余年,因为当时的几个皇帝要么平庸无能,要么沉迷声色。她的儿子成帝与妃子赵飞燕(相传体态轻盈,能在皇帝的掌上舞蹈)终日厮混,一位皇孙沉迷男色,另一位皇孙九岁即位,十五岁便被人用酒鴆杀,就在本文中的酒杯制成两年之后。因此,这个酒杯一定是在太皇太后的授意下制作的。The machinery of the state, and the production of luxury goods, was so well structured that it could work perfectly well despite any foibles at the top. This cup is remarkable for the supreme craftsmanship of its making, and even more so because it was subjected to a level of quality control that far exceeds any designer handbag today.尽管宫闱中丑闻不断,但当时的国家机器运行良好,包括奢侈品制作在内的一切仍在有条不紊地进行。我们的耳杯除了有登峰造极的制作工艺之外,对其生产品质的监管甚至超过了今天的许多奢侈品。 Article/201411/344515

三分钟搞定科技英语(视频+中英字幕) 第2期:自媒体客《三分钟搞定科技英语》属于《原来如此》系列的英语视频听力栏目,用一系列绘图拼接视频,生动形象地展示了科技英语知识,能够激发人们的英语学习兴趣 ,是拓展英语知识面,积累科技英语词汇,了解科技中的一些常识的极好材料。 Article/201507/386345Don’t you just hate it when a fellow moviegoer provides a running commentary? Here’s how to silence the squawker.你是不是很讨厌和你一起看电影的人不时发表?下面是让这些喋喋不休的家伙安静下来的方法。You Will:Need Self-control; Persistence; Daring; Theater management你需要:自我控制;持之以恒;大胆;影院管理人员Steps步骤STEP 1 Identify the evildoer1.找出罪魁祸首Positively identify the miscreant. You don’t want to wrongly accuse someone who appears to be speaking, but is actually just chewing his popcorn aggressively.积极找出这个罪大恶极的人。不要错误地指责看上去像是在说话,实际上只是在努力嚼爆米花的人。STEP 2 Consider moving seats2.考虑换座位See if there’s a seat you can move to without much fuss. In these situations, an avoidance maneuver is always preferable to a confrontation.看一下是否能够不动声色地换座位。在这些情况下,机动规避比避免冲突更加明智。STEP 3 Assess your adversary3.评估对手Assess your adversary. Does the loudmouth have tattoos that might have been acquired in prison? An aura of insanity? A weapon? If so, it’s probably best to wait until the movie comes out on DVD.评估一下你的对手。这个大喇叭是否有一些纹身表明曾经入狱?是否有些疯狂的意味?对方是否有武器?如果这样的话,你最好等到这部电影的DVD出炉。STEP 4 Start out nicely4.以友好的态度开口Begin with a polite approach. In a soft, calm voice, explain that while you are impressed with how well he is following the plot, you’d appreciate it if he’d keep his observations to himself.以礼貌的态度开始。用温和平静的声音解释,如果他能够遵守纪律的话你会印象深刻。如果他能够严于律己,你将非常感激。STEP 5 Kick it up a notch5.提高一个等级If he ignores you, raise your voice a notch and say you are begging him to pipe down, as you paid good money to hear Daniel Day-Lewis’s voice, not his.如果他无视你,把声音提高一个档次,说你求求他安静下来,因为你花钱买电影票是想听丹尼尔·戴-刘易斯的声音,而不是他的。Ask loudly if anyone else is bothered by this boorish behavior. It’s in your best interest to get the entire theater riled up against noise.大声询问是否还有其他人为他讨厌的举动感到厌烦。让整个电影院的人联合起来反对他的噪音对你来说是最有益的。STEP 6 Complain to management6.向管理人员投诉If nothing is getting through to this chucklehead, complain to management. Even if the #39;manager#39; is a pimple-faced teen, he has the authority to throw out unruly customers.如果任何方法都不能让这个讨厌的人停下来,向管理人员投诉。即使“管理人员”是个脸上还在长粉刺的青少年,他也有权把不遵守纪律的观众请出去。STEP 7 Request a refund7.请求退款If all your efforts have led to naught, plus you’ve missed a good chunk of the movie, politely request a refund. If you come off as reasonable, you might even score some free passes.如果所有努力都无效,而且你也未能好好观赏电影,礼貌地请求退款。如果你表现得比较合理,你甚至可能会得到一些免费的入场券。Action movies and those with a PG rating are the most likely to have problems with audience behavior, according to officials at one large movie-theater chain.根据一个大型连锁电影院的官员所说,动作片和PG级的电影最有可能遭遇行为有问题的观众。 Article/201411/345143

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