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Love is the most important thing in the world. We all need to love and be loved. Love is the glue that makes us one big happy family. It is perhaps the most powerful emotion we feel. It is certainly the one that makes us happiest. Falling in love has to be the greatest feeling ever. It is also the one that makes us saddest. When we lose someone we love it can take forever to get over. Sometimes we never get over it. You can fall in love in an instant. We use the expression “fall in love at first sight” for this. We can also be “head over heels in love,” which is a strange expression. We don’t just love each other. We can love cars, chocolate, holidays, singing in the rain… anything. And, of course, you can also love studying English. Article/201105/137890PART THREE - A YOUNG WOMAN AT THORNFIELDCHAPTER EIGHTLife with Mr. Rochester"Where did you live before you came here?" he asked."I was at Lowood School for eight years, sir.""Eight years! I'm surprised you lasted so long in that terrible place. You know, there is something wonderful in your face. What about your parents?""They died when I was a baby, sir. I don't remember them.""And your other family? Where are they?""I have none.""Who told you to come here?""I put a message in the newspaper, saying I was looking for work as a governess. Mrs. Fairfax asked me to come here and work." I said."Yes," said Mrs. Fairfax, "and sir, I can't tell you how glad I am that she came! She's a wonderful teacher for Adele, and a good friend to me.""Now, Mrs. Fairfax, don't say nice things about Miss Eyre," said Mr. Rochester [-----1-----]. "I am sure that her [-----2-----] made my horse fall down in the road yesterday!"Mrs. Fairfax looked as if she did not understand, but I saw a [-----3-----] of humor in Mr. Rochester's eyes.填空 :1.sternly2.magic3.light Article/200904/66981Laugh for the Health of It 笑能治百病Patients and medical practitioners alike have long believed in the healing power of humor. It is claimed that humor not only affects patients' moods, but can actually help them recover faster.Several studies, as well as a lot of anecdotal evidence, seem to support this. Patients in better spirits are known to have higher immune cell counts. Some have even claimed to have healed themselves of serious illnesses by ing comics and watching comedies.Despite all this, many researchers are not convinced. They point to the fact that many afflictions have been known to disappear spontaneously, with or without a daily dose of laughter. They also say that while optimism in general does seem to be related to better health, it is hard to tell which comes first.Humor in times of stress, however, clearly makes us feel better. On one level, it takes our minds off our troubles and relaxes us. On another, it releases powerful endorphins in the brain that act to alleviate pain. There are cases where the appreciation of a good joke is indeed directly related to a person's health. It can show, for example, whether a person has suffered damage to one particular area of the brain: the right frontal lobe. Scientists confirmed this by having people jokes and asking them to choose the funniest endings from a list. Subjects with normal brains usually chose endings that were based on a relatively complex synthesis of ideas. Subjects with specifically located brain damage, however, responded only to slapstick endings, which did not depend on a particular context. When pressed , the brain-damaged subjects saw the logic in the correct endings. They simply did not find them funny.Of course, humor is largely an individual matter. The next time your friend does not get one of your jokes, there is no need to accuse him of being a lamebrain. However, you might suggest that he lighten up—for the health of it. 长期以来,病人和医生都相信幽默能治病。有人宣称,幽默不仅能影响病人的情绪,还能使他们早日康复。好几项研究和很多奇闻轶事的据似乎都能明这一点。情绪比较好的病人,免疫细胞比较多。有一些人甚至宣称通过看漫画和喜剧治好了自己的重病。 尽管如此,许多研究人员并没有被说。他们指出,事实上不论病人是否接受一日剂量的笑疗,很多苦恼都会自动消失。他们也表示,虽然一般看来乐观的心态确实与健康有联系,但是很难确定哪个更重要。在受到压力时保持幽默,无疑会使我们心情舒畅。从某个方面而言,笑能使我们远离烦恼,身心放松。就另一个方面来说,幽默的时候脑部会释放能量强大的脑啡肽来减轻疼痛。 有一些案例表明,能欣赏好笑的笑话,的确和健康情形有关。举例来说,它能说明一个人脑部某个特定的部位──右脑额叶是否受到损伤。 科学家通过实验实这一点。实验的方法是叫一些人阅读笑话,然后请他们从一份目录中挑出最好笑笑话的结尾。脑部情况正常的受测试者选出的结尾,往往是经过相对复杂综合思维之后才能得出的。脑子某个特别部位受到损伤的人,只对闹剧式的笑话结尾有反应,这种笑话并不需要依赖特定的上下文。对脑部受损伤的测试者施加一定压力之后,他们才会看出正确结尾的逻辑,但不觉得好笑。当然,笑话是否好笑是因人而异的。下次你的朋友听不懂你讲的笑话时,没有必要笑人家笨。但是,你可以建议为了健康,让他放轻松点儿。 Article/200803/28862That evening, when Matthew came into the kitchen, he saw that his sister was crying.那天晚上,当马修走进厨房的时候,看见他的正在哭泣。#39;What#39;s the matter? #39;he asked, surprised. #39;You haven#39;t cried since…well, I can#39;t remember when. #39;“发生什么事了?”他吃惊地问道。“你上一次掉眼泪是在……唉,我也想不起是什么时候了。”#39;It#39;s just…well, I was thinking about Anne, #39;said Marilla. #39;I#39;ll…I#39;ll miss her when she goes away. #39;“只是因为……我在想关于安妮的事,”玛丽拉说。“她走了以后我会……我会想念她的。”#39;When she goes to Queen#39;s, you mean? Yes, but she can come home at weekends, on the train. #39;“你的意思是当她去女王学院的时候?是的,但周末的时候她可以坐火车回来。”#39;I#39;ll still miss her, #39; said Marilla sadly.“但我还是会想念她,”玛丽拉难过地说。In June the Avonlea boys and girls had to go to Charlotte-town to take their examinations.六月里,埃文利村的男孩子和女孩子们必须去夏洛特镇参加考试。#39;Oh, I do hope that I#39;ve done well, #39;Anne told Diana when she arrived back at Green Gables.“噢,我真希望我考得很好,”安妮回到格林·盖布尔斯后对戴安娜说。#39;The examinations were very difficult. And I#39;ve got to wait for three weeks before I know! Three weeks! I#39;ll die! #39;“考试非常难。而且我还得等3周才能知道成绩!3周啊!我会着急死的!”Anne wanted to do better than Gilbert. But she also wanted to do well for Matthew and Marilla. That was very important to her.安妮希望超过吉尔伯特。但她也希望为马修和玛丽拉争气。这对她很重要。Diana was the first to hear the news. She ran into the kitchen at Green Gables and shouted, #39;Look, Anne! It#39;s in Father#39;s newspaper!戴安娜是最先听到消息的。她跑进格林·盖布尔斯的厨房高喊道:“看,安妮!登在父亲的报纸上!You#39;re first… with Gilbert…out of all the students on the island! Oh, how wonderful! #39;Anne took the paper with shaking hands,你是第一名……还有吉尔伯特……超过了岛上所有的学生!哦,多棒啊!”安妮用颤抖的手接过了报纸,and saw her name, at the top of the list of two hundred. She could not speak.看到自己的名字在200个学生的名单中排在首位。她激动得说不出话。#39;Well, now, I knew it, #39;said Matthew with a warm smile.“好,现在,我终于听到这好消息了,”马修面带微笑地说。#39;You#39;ve done well, I must say, Anne, #39;said Marilla, who was secretly very pleased.“我必须说,你干得很出色,安妮,”玛丽拉说,她的心里暗暗高兴。For the next three weeks Anne and Marilla were very busy. Anne needed new dresses to take to Charlottetown.在随后的3周时间里,玛丽拉和安妮非常忙碌。安妮需要一些新衣带到夏洛特镇去。The evening before she left, she put on one of her new dresses to show Matthew. Marilla watched the happy young face.出发的前一天晚上,安妮穿上一件新衣给马修看。玛丽拉端详着安妮年轻快乐的脸。She remembered the strange, thin little child, with her sad eyes, who arrived at Green Gables five years ago, and she started crying quietly.她回忆起5年前到格林·盖布尔斯来的那个奇怪、瘦弱、眼神忧伤的女孩,玛丽拉轻声地哭了起来。#39;Marilla, why are you crying? #39;asked Anne.“玛丽拉,您怎么哭了?”安妮问。 /201205/183767

Each night, after the people in the house had gone to bed,I stole some of their food for myself. But soon I realized that the old man was blind. And I realized too that often the three of them did not have enough to eat.I saw the two young people put extra food on the blind man#39;s plate, although they were hungry themselves.每天晚上,在屋子里的那三个人睡下之后,我便把他们的食物偷来给自己吃。然而不久我就意识到那个老人是个瞎子。并且我还意识到那三个人常常食不裹腹。我见到那两个年轻人常给那个老盲人的盘子里多放些食物,尽管他们自己在挨饿。When I saw that,I stopped stealing their food.Their life was aly hard enough, so I went back to the wild fruit in the woods. I tried to help them in other ways, too.During the night I cut firewood for them, and added it secretly to the wood which the young man had cut during the day. I was very happy to see how much this pleased the young man.看到这些后,我就不再偷他们的食物了。他们的生活已经够艰苦的了,于是我便重新靠树林里的野果为生。我还尽力想一些其他办法帮助他们。晚上我为他们砍柴火,还暗中把它们添在那个年轻小伙子白天砍的柴火中。我很高兴看到这能如此取悦于那个年轻人。After a while I began to understand some of the noises that the people made to each other. The first words that I under-stood were words like ;fire;, and;b;. I also learnt that the three people called each other by names. The girl was Agatha, the young man was Felix, and the old man was called Father. I tried to make the noises that they made, and slowly I began to speak.不久我开始懂得了那些人彼此之间发出的一些声音了。我最初理解的单词是像“火”还有“面包”这样的词。我还了解到那三个人彼此之间称呼的名字。那个女孩叫“阿加莎”,那个小伙子叫“菲力克斯”,而那老人则叫“父亲”。我努力去发他们发出的声音,于是慢慢地开始说话了。The two young people were very beautiful. One day I saw my own face in the water of the river. It was a terrible face.I understood why people were frightened, why they shouted and threw stones. I knew then that I could not let these beautiful people see me. They would be frightened by my horrible face and body.那两个年轻人很漂亮。有一天我从河中看见我自己的脸。那是张可怕的脸。我明白了人们为什么会害怕、为什么会喊叫并扔石头的原因。那时我才知道我不能让这些漂亮的人们看见我,他们会因为我那可怕的脸和身体而惊恐的。Summer was coming, and I continued to watch and learn. I also continued to help the two people and their father, and did many jobs for them in the night. They were always surprised in the morning when they saw what I had done. I heard them talk about the ;good creature; who did these;wonderful;things.夏天临近了,我在继续观察和学习。我也在继续帮助那两个人和他们的父亲,并且在晚上给他们干很多活儿。他们早上看到我所做的事情后总是感到很惊奇。我听到他们谈论那个做了这些“好”事的“好人”。But the family were often sad, and I wished I could make them happy.I looked forward to the time when I could speak well enough to talk to them. And I was happy because I was sure I would soon have three good friends.可是这家人经常闷闷不乐。我希望我能让他们高兴。我期盼着我能学会说话而同他们交谈的那一时刻。我也很高兴,因为我确信不久我便会有三个好朋友了。 /201205/181695

Eurasians in the Sportlight "混"出名堂Can an ethnic mix be trendy? At the moment, Eurasians are enjoying an unprecedented high profile in the news, in advertising, and in the entertainment industry. People of numerous cultures have embraced Eurasians like actresses Karen Mok and Maggie Q, not to mention superstar golf player Tiger Woods. Modeling agencies are scrambling for women with mixed blood, while Eurasians are becoming the darlings of music stations MTV and Channel V. Eurasians have not always basked in the warm glow of public attention. Historically, there has been a lot of deep-seated prejudice against ethnically mixed people. In countries such as the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam, such offspring were seen as negative reminders of Western male colonizers and Eastern female war victims and opportunists. For decades, Eurasian children have had to challenge negative stereotypes and fight for their rights. Does this current prominence of Eurasians represent a new acceptance, or is it merely a marketing twist on old racial biases? Many of the VJs on Channel V and MTV look racially mixed only because they have had plastic surgery to change their features. They say they feel pressured to look mixed because Western beauty is still the ideal to many people. Hopefully, in the future, this admiration and acceptance of those with multicultural heritages will deepen, and people will appreciate others, and themselves, regardless of their ethnic background. Race has always had a huge impact on history, society, and culture. But according to many scientists, the concept of race has no biological basis; it is merely a social construct. The American Anthropological Association has stated that race simply cannot be tested or proven scientifically. Because humans have been around for a relatively short time by evolutionary standards, scientists say that there is not enough genetic diversity in humans to allow us to be divided into neat, racial cubbyholes or subspecies. . It is generally believed that humans originated in Africa about two hundred thousand years ago and migrated to other continents one hundred thousand years later. Although environmental variations have produced the physical differences in hair and skin we see today, underneath the surface there has been little change. Systems of racial categorization, first developed in the eighteenth century, have divided people into three, nine, twenty-six, and as many as three hundred races. Scientists reject such thinking as myth. They say that geographic patterns of sets of genes show that people have been migrating and merging from the start; race may be heavily tied to culture and how people see one another, but it is something we have created. Scientists know this may be difficult for some people to accept. As summed up by Jonathan Marks, a University of California at Berkeley anthropologist, "Teaching that racial categories lack biological validity can be as much of a challenge as teaching in the seventeenth century that the earth goes around the sun." 种族混血也可成为时尚吗?此时此刻,新闻、广告和圈对欧亚混血儿都有空前广泛的介绍。许多源自不同文化的人都相当欣赏混血儿,诸如莫文蔚、玛吉Q等等,更不要说超级高尔夫明星泰格·伍兹了。模特儿经纪公司竞相争夺混血美女,欧亚混血儿俨然成为音乐频道MTV及Channel V的宠儿。 欧亚混血儿并非生来就沐浴于公众关心的温煦的光辉之中。历史上,对种族混杂的人有许多根深蒂固的种族偏见。在菲律宾、泰国、越南等国家,混血后裔勾起人痛苦的回忆,使人们想起当年的西方男性殖民者和东方女性战争受害者,以及投机分子。数十年来,欧亚混血的孩子们不得不与人们对他们抱有的负面偏见抗争,为自己的权利而斗争。 现今欧亚混血的声望,是否代表一种新的包容,或仅是在旧的种族偏见基础上的市场手段?Channel V和MTV的很多主持人看上去好像是混血儿,这是因为他们通过外科美容手术改变了面容。他们说由于他们看起来像混血儿而感到有压力,因为西方美人还是许多人心中的理想。但愿对多元文化的赞赏与接纳,在未来可望与日俱增,人们会欣赏别人,也会欣赏自己,无论源于哪一个种族,哪一种背景。 种族问题一直对历史、社会和文化有巨大影响。但是根据许多科学家的观点,种族概念没有生物学上的立论根据,纯粹仅是社会建构出来的产物。美国人类学协会指出,种族基本上无法用科学方法加以测试及验。因为就进化的标准来说,人类的存在相对较短,因此科学家认为,人类的基因不够的多样化,还不足以划为纯粹的种族分或亚种。一般认为,人类在二十万年前源于非洲,十万年后陆续迁徙到其它大陆。虽然各地的环境差异使人们在外观如肤色、发色上大相迳庭,但是骨子里不同之处极少。 首先在18世纪发展起来的种族分类体系,将人分为3、9、26,甚至多达300个系种族。科学家斥之为神话。他们认为,各地域基因组合的规律显示,人类从一开始 就在迁栖、在结合;种族可能与文化及人们怎样相互看待有紧密的联系,但这些不过是我们自行建构出来的产物而已。科学家也知道这种理论很难为一些人所接受。正如加州大学伯克利分校的人类学家乔纳森·马克斯所概括的,“宣扬种族分类缺乏生物学依据所具有的挑战性,绝不逊于在17 世纪宣扬地球是绕着太阳运行的”。 Article/200803/29553

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