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7.The Day After Tomorrow7.后天Climate change scaremongering is a popular pastime these days.现如今,用气候现象制造恐慌是一种很流行的消遣方式Some of the terrifying scenarios are believable; others, like those in ;The Day After Tomorrow,; are downright goofy.其中有一些恐怖情节是可信的,但也不乏像电影《后天这样可笑愚蠢的This movie plot hinges on global warming that causes abrupt changes in weather patterns. Enormous tornadoes whip cities. Gigantic hail crushes others.这部电影的情节建立在全球变暖带来了意外天气变化的背景之下凶暴的龙卷风袭卷全城市,巨大的冰雹簌簌地攻击着人类Huge hurricanes and tsunamis and violent temperature swings cause widesp misery. And all of it happens in the span of a few days.再加上飓风、海啸、温度骤变,大家都被虐得痛苦不堪而这一切都发生在短短几天之内Although our planet weather may be changing due to global warming, you wont have to worry about spontaneous sub-zero blizzards occurring during summer anytime soon.虽然地球上的天气可能会因为全球变暖发生变化,但你夜不致于在夏天担心会有暴风雪Our planet climate is actually pretty stable, and as such, extreme weather events happen in a creeping fashion, not in one burst of frenetic atmospheric activity.地球的气候其实是很稳定的,正因为这样,极端天气都变化得很缓慢,才不会以疯狂的大气活动的方式爆发What more, the movie takes its premise to extremes.此外,影片中将前提极端化了In order to see waves hundreds of feet high in New York City, the winds would have to blow more than 1,000 miles per hour.要想在纽约看到几百英尺的波涛,风速得高于每小时00英里The hurricane-like thunderstorms that happen are only possible over the ocean ... not over land, as in the script.飓风般雷电交加的暴风雨只可能在海洋上发生,而不会像电影中一样发生在陆地There are a lot of other flaws in the meteorology and physics in this flick. But suffice it to say, ;The Day After Tomorrow; isnt going to happen tomorrow, or any other day, that matter.电影中还有许多气象学和物理学上的错误但以上我们罗列出的足以说《后天中的场景不会在明天,或今后任何一天发生6.Iron Man6.钢铁侠In ;Iron Man,; the wealthy genius Tony Stark cavorts in a fancy exoskeleton powered by a so-called arc reactor.在电影《钢铁侠中,出身富裕的天才托尼·斯塔克利用所谓的方舟反应堆作为能量来源,制造了一套奇特的装甲This reactor provides his superhero suit with endless clean power flight, advanced weaponry and all sorts of other fantastic capabilities. It also more than a little on the hokey side.此反应堆为他的超级装甲及其飞行装置、先进的武器以及各种不可思议的能力提供持续的清洁能源这实在是太假了There a reason that the movie never really delves into the specifics of the arc reactor. There just no way to explain how one man-sized body suit could seamlessly create so much power without byproducts like heat and radioactive waste.影片从头至尾都没有深究方舟反应堆的细节,这是有原因的一套衣就能完美地产生大量的能量,而且不依靠任何热量也不产生放射性废弃物,这完全说不通In other words, the reactor crumbles our known principles of physics and thermodynamics and tosses them into the scientific wastebasket.换句话说,所谓的反应堆颠覆且抛弃了已知的物理学和热力学原理To add to scientific insult, the suit is purportedly powered by palladium, which is slowly but surely trickling into Stark circulatory system.该片对科学的蔑视还体现在,钯能够稳扎稳打地缓慢进入Stark 的循环系统,还为装甲提供动力Rather than killing him promptly, he somehow manages to not only survive — but thrive — flying around the globe and foiling the nefarious plots of various evildoers.它没有让托尼立即丧命,他不但莫名其妙地活了下来,而且更加强壮了于是他开始环球飞行并阻挠各种坏人的邪恶阴谋And the idea of integrating such a high-level power system of this level into the human body without injuring it? That premise alone seems hazardous, at best.如此高级的动力系统融入人体,竟没有任何带来任何损伤?仅这一点,在最好的情况下也很危险;Iron Man; is chock full of amazing comic book ideas. But if this amazing power source were possible, wed have put it to work on our energy crisis a long time ago.《钢铁侠充满了令人惊奇的漫画概念倘若这不可思议的能源真的存在,我们早就把它用于解决能源危机了5.Ant-Man5.蚁人In ;Ant-Man,; an expert thief dons a special suit that shrinks him to ant size while maintaining his human-size strength.在电影《蚁人中,一位职业小偷穿上特殊的衣后,身体缩小到了蚂蚁的大小,却仍然拥有人类的力量Then he sets off to stop other people from putting the suit incredibly powerful technology to evil uses.接着他便踏上了阻止其他人利用蚁人战作恶之路The actual science propelling the story is, shall we say, rather minuscule. There is a whole script worth of plot loopholes drawing the noose on the reality of an actual tiny superhero.可以说,推动故事情节的真实科学依据非常薄弱贯穿脚本的情节漏洞束缚了现实生活中的迷你超级英雄Atomic principles make Ant-Man impossible. In order to make a person so small, youd have to either remove bunches of their atoms or push those atoms closer to together.根据原子理论,蚁人不可能存在要想使人变得如此的小,必须移除一部分原子或者使原子更紧凑Start taking atoms out of the human body, though, and there no telling what youll end up with — perhaps just a pile of squishy goo.将原子从体内取出结果还未知,可能取出来的只是一滩黏黏的东西And there no way to ce atoms into closer proximity to each other. Doing so would violate the laws of physics.而迫使原子更加紧凑更是不可能,这完全违背了物理学法则There also the fact that a large biological systems dont necessarily translate into smaller ones.同时,生物系统不一定能够变小That is, shrinking our brains and limbs to a smaller proportional size doesnt guarantee that those pieces and parts will all work properly.也就是说,缩小我们的大脑和四肢后并不能保它们正常运转Everything from respiration to blood circulation changes on a smaller scale, and the human body certainly isnt designed to work in the space of a small insect m.要是从呼吸到血液循环的一切都变小了,人体是绝对无法在一个小昆虫体内运转的That means teensy superheroes are impossible. Perhaps you need to set your sights on a larger bug...like a spider. Like the guy on the next page.迷你版超级英雄是不可能的也许你得试试大一点的昆虫……比如蜘蛛,也就是我们即将要谈到的.The Amazing Spider-Man.超凡蜘蛛侠When Peter Parker transms into the Amazing Spider-Man, he instantly develops incredible powers.彼得·帕克变身超凡蜘蛛侠后,立刻获得了超能力He shoots spider webs from his wrist, sticking the ropy ends to skyscrapers as he swings through the metropolis battling evil and saving the day.他从手腕发射蛛丝,把丝粘在天大楼上,从而在大都市飞檐走壁,打击罪恶,拯救光明Let start with Spider-Man origins. He didnt create his superpowers in a secret lab. Instead, a radioactive spider chomped on him, permanently altering his DNA and making him an athletic freak of nature.让我们看看蜘蛛侠的来历他没有在某个秘密实验室中创造他的超能力,而是被受了辐射的变种蜘蛛咬了一口,这永远地改变了他的DAN,使他成了一个运动细胞发达的怪才Then there are those long strands of webs that seemingly emerge from his wrists.注意那些似乎是来自他手腕里的蛛丝Those dozens of feet of web have to come from somewhere, because matter doesnt just spontaneously materialize.这些几十英尺长的蛛丝肯定有个来源,因为物质不会凭空产生Even if those webs were fashioned from his own body cells, hed run out of mass after just a few long swings.即使是他自身的细胞制造了这些蛛丝,他也应该在几个跳跃后,就用光了体内的物质That particularly true of the fantastically strong web material, which has a tensile strength of about 0 pounds per square millimeter.对这种强度极大的蛛丝材料来说,尤为如此要知道这种材料能承受每平方毫米0磅的拉力Then there all that swinging and jumping. As Spider-Man hurdles off of tall buildings and into a downward swinging arc, his body remains remarkably intact, with nary a shredded limb or broken neck.可他却能一直飞檐走壁当蜘蛛侠从高楼荡下时,他的身体看起来完好无损,既没有缺胳膊少腿,也没有摔断脖子That in spite of the incredible acceleration and deceleration hed have to withstand. Those ces are entirely too much a normal human body, and possibly too much even a superhero like Spider-Man.这还没算上他必须承受的瞬间加速减速这些力对正常人体来说太大了,可能对蜘蛛侠这样的超级英雄也太大了 6186

  Humans have a lot of talents. Some of us can juggle, others can play the guitar, while others can juggle guitars (probably). Yet most of what we can do relies on our brains and hands. That means that there are a whole bunch of things well never be able to do, like tie ourselves in a knot, liquefy our bodies to squeeze through small spaces, or swallow a guitar (short of some horrifying juggling accident). Those kinds of talents are left to other animals, like the underwater critters here.人们有很多才能有人会杂耍,有人会弹吉他,还有人(可能)会用吉他玩杂耍而我们所做的一切大部分依靠我们的大脑和双手这也就意味着有很多事我们永远也做不了,比如把自己打成一个结,把身体融化后钻进细小的空间,或者吞掉一把吉他(某些令人震惊的杂耍除外)这些才艺属于其它动物,比如下面这些水生动物.Black Swallowers Eat Enormous Prey.黑色饕餮鱼捕杀大型猎物The horrifying black swallower has a talent that given away by the huge sack of a stomach that dangles beneath its body. Chiasmodon niger has many of the features that make other deep sea fish frightening, like its bulging black eyes and abominable teeth. Yet it the fish ability to swallow its prey whole that makes it stand out. When the black swallower finds something it wants to munch on, it darts out, grabs hold, and inches its jaws over the victim until the entire prey is consumed.黑色饕餮鱼长相很吓人,身体下面藏着一个巨大的胃,它们而具有一项特长黑色叉齿鱼(Chiasmodon niger)有许多令其它深海鱼害怕的特征,如肿胀的黑色大眼和让人生厌的牙齿然而这类鱼天生能一口吞掉整个猎物——在鱼类中;出类拔萃;当黑色叉齿鱼发现了它想吃的东西,它会突然冲出来,一把抓住猎物,张开嘴一点一点吞噬猎物,直到把猎物全部吃掉It not fussy about what it eats, and it can swallow animals twice its length and over times its mass. Its stomach becomes so stretched that it ends up translucent, so you can see the swallower latest meal being digested. And digestion takes so long that the swallower cant process some of its bigger targets bee they start to decompose. This ends up filling the stomach with gas, and turns the fish into a balloon. It these inflated black swallowers that end up floating to the surface, and they are the ones we find most often.它们不挑食,能吞下比自己长两倍、大十倍的动物它们的胃被撑得紧紧的,变得半透明,你能看见它们正在消化最近吃下去的东西消化花的时间比较长,有些大家伙不腐烂,叉齿鱼还消化不了所以它们的胃里充满了气体,身体变成了一个气球这些膨胀的黑色饕餮鱼常常浮在水面上,也就是我们常常见到的那些9.Sea Slugs Can Perm Photosynthesis9.海蛞蝓可以进行光合作用The sea slug Elysia chlorotica has an ability that never been found in any other animal—it able to photosynthesize its own food using sunlight. The ancestors of the slug lived on a diet of algae. The slug is able to steal the chloroplasts—organelles that perm photosynthesis—from the algae and incorporate them into its own cells. This gives the slug a distinctive green color, and they have been nicknamed ;leaves that crawl.;绿叶海蛞蝓(Elysia chlorotica)有一种独一无二的能力——它能通过光合作用的方式为自己产生食物蛞蝓的祖先以藻类为食蛞蝓能盗用藻类的叶绿体——进行光合作用的细胞器官——并将它们融进自己的细胞中这让蛞蝓呈现耀眼的绿色,还为它们得到一个昵称:;爬行的叶子;Even more surprisingly, the slug has stolen genes from the algae and is able to produce its own chloroplasts. Researchers found the genes even in juveniles that have never eaten. Yet in an added wrinkle, other scientists have found that the slugs are able to go long periods of time in the dark without eating, and still survive quite happily. It suggests that the photosynthesis may not be the only key to their survival strategy. However much importance it has the slug, it a unique talent that no other animal can boast.更让人惊讶的是,蛞蝓还盗用藻类的基因,能产生自己的叶绿体研究人员在蛞蝓幼体体内发现了还没吃过的东西的基因而在后来新设计的研究中,其它科学家发现蛞蝓能够在黑暗中长时间前行而不吃东西,而且活得很好这表明光合作用可能不是它们唯一的生存战略无论这对蛞蝓多么重要,这种特异功能是其它动物无法拥有的8.Planarians Heal Better Than Wolverine8.涡虫的复原能力比狼獾还强Planarians are a type of freshwater flatworm, which is an animal notable its ability to regenerate. In fact, their regenerative abilities have given them two list-worthy talents. If you decapitate a flatworm, it will grow a new head. That impressive by itself, but researchers have found that the new head gets the memories that developed bee the old one was removed.涡虫是一种淡水扁形动物,以其再生能力而出名实际上,它们的再生能力赋予它们两种值得列在这里的才能如果你切掉扁虫的头部,它会长出一个新的这让人们印象深刻,但是研究员发现新长出的头具有切去旧头之前的记忆Scientists trained some planarians to tolerate light, which the worms normally avoid, then chopped off their heads. Two weeks later the worms had regenerated their missing noggins, but retained the learned tolerance to brightness. The researchers arent certain how this happened. It may have been a change to the animal DNA, or an unknown mechanism.Another team of researchers have found that a single cell has the ability to regrow an entire body. They bombarded a flatworm with radiation until its tissues were destroyed and its cells were no longer able to divide properly. They then injected a single cell from another adult, which was able to regrow every single part of the animal. This shows that adult stem cells in flatworms are able to turn into literally any body part, unlike adult human stem cells, which tend to be more limited.科学家训练一些涡虫忍耐光线——涡虫一般躲避光线,然后切掉它们的头两周以后,涡虫长出了失去的脑袋,但是保留了忍耐明亮的习惯研究员不确定这是怎么发生的这可能是因为动物的DNA发生了改变,或者未知的生理反应另一组研究员发现,一个细胞有能力再生形成一个整体它们用放射线辐射涡虫,破坏它的身体组织,让它的细胞不能再正常分裂然后注入一个从另一个成年涡虫身上取下的单细胞——它能再生出所有部位这基本表明,涡虫体内的成年干细胞能够转变成身体的任何一部分,不像人体干细胞那样有限7.Hagfish Tie Themselves In Knots7.盲鳗把自己打成结Weve mentioned hagfish here bee, but being around 300 million years gives you plenty of time to develop more than one interesting trait. There one talent possessed by these gooey not-really-fishes that weve never covered—hagfish are able to tie themselves in knots, an ability that comes in useful both in defense and when catching prey.我们曾提到过盲鳗,但是大约3亿年的生存历史让它有足够的时间发展多项有趣的特点这些又软又黏又并不真是鱼的动物,有一项我们未曾提到的才能——盲鳗能把自己打成结这种能力在防御和捕猎时发挥作用When hagfish hunt, they do so by searching fish burrows. When they find a fish hiding in a hole, they lunge face-first into the hole to pull it out. But sticking your head into a tunnel while your rear end flails around isnt the easiest way to pull out a fish that doesnt want to be eaten. To make it easier, the hagfish tie their rear end into a knot which is bigger than the hole. This gives them a perch around the top so they can pull themselves—and their lunch—back out. Hagfish have also turned this ability into an escape trick. If theyre being held at one end, theyll tie the free end into a knot. They can then push the knot up their body, and when it reaches whatever gripping the hagfish, the knot pushes against the predator and pulls the hagfish free.盲鳗通过搜寻鱼儿的洞穴进行捕猎当它们发现洞里藏着一条鱼时,它们脸朝洞穴冲进去将鱼拉出来但是脑袋伸入地道、尾巴在外面摆动——要用这种方式抓出一条不想被吃掉的鱼并不容易方便起见,盲鳗会将尾巴打成一个比洞口大的结这样,它们在高处就有了位置上的优势,能够将自己——和午餐——拉出来这个本事还是盲鳗逃生的技能如果它们头尾一端被捉住了,它们会将另一端打成结,然后把这个疙瘩顺着身体移动当结接近抓住盲鳗的动物时,这个结将对手推开,盲鳗就自由了6.Sea Cucumbers Liquefy Themselves6.海参会融化Sea cucumbers have a famous defense mechanism that weve told you about bee. They eject their guts at predators, and regrow them later. Yet they have a second, equally unusual defense mechanism—they can liquefy themselves. Essentially, they unhook the bonds keeping their cells together and let themselves flow into (or out of) awkward spaces.海参有一套出名的防御机制,我们之前提到过它们将自己的内脏朝对手弹出去,之后再重新长出它们还有第二套防御机制,同样不同寻常——它们能将自己融化掉本质上,它们断开连接细胞的纽带,让自己流进(或流出)细小的缝隙When it where it wants to get to, the sea cucumber can solidify itself again and become difficult to extract from a hiding place. This talent is so extreme that it even possible a cucumber to liquefy itself to death. It would turn purely into goo, and would simply flow through your fingers if you were holding it (at which point you would tell aquarium staff, ;I swear I didnt do anything!;).如果这个地方是它想去的,海参能将自己再变坚固,这样就很难从藏身之地被拉出去这项才能很极端,过分融化甚至能要了海参的小命它会变得十分粘稠,如果你拿在手里,它会直接从你指缝间流走(你会对水族馆的工作人员说:;我发誓我什么都没干!;)翻译:罗惠月 来源:前十网 3957

  This year many new prohibitions have been issued in cultural fields. Some of them were well received, such as prohibiting teachers from accepting gifts, while others triggered heated buzz, such as the removal of several US TV shows. Let have a review年,中国文化产业领域出台了不少禁令新规其中不乏广为大众认可的规定,例如禁止教师收礼,也有引来一片争议的禁令,诸如禁播部分美剧现在就让我们来回顾一下 Smoking to be banned on screen荧屏“禁烟令” Smoking may be banned from the small and the big screen, and media workers are welcoming the idea影视剧中的吸烟镜头应该被取缔对此,媒体工作者们表示欢迎According to the website of the Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council, the Health and Family Planning Committee issued a draft in late November on Regulations on Smoking in Public, which will punish those who show smoking scenes in media platms, including films, television and the Internet月下旬,据国务院法制办公室网站消息,卫生计生委起草了一份有关控制公共场所吸烟的条例,内容包括禁止电视、电影、网络等大众媒体平台播放吸烟镜头 3751。

  3B0H**(;93ICb!Yrp+Ldu-)s6+Eobt0ukv@veRfTBuMd!CVDancing Tree Optical Illusion is a snapshot taken of an actual tree. The roots and branches m the figure of a woman dancer or a ballerina. These little sitings are one of mother natures ways of showing us her unique beauty.这棵跳舞的植物实际上是一棵树XsGp7nVfOU@7kT树根和树枝形成了一个芭蕾舞女孩跳舞的形象u7to[gKtDS通过这棵小树,自然之母向我们展示了她的美丽OW_ygCYSpQO#+paMT[YNGl+THzHR6]inC!b0KXq6MjYCf(sKk]wDlU 08

  Got a passion buying sneakers? It could be a good sign, with a poll finding that people who buy three pairs of sneakers or more year are far more likely to be a leadership type than other people.总爱买运动鞋?这可能是个好“兆头”,因为一项民意调查发现,一年买三双或三双以上运动鞋的人具有领导潜质的可能性要大得多Mindset Media, a media company that examines personality traits of different consumers, found that people who buy more than three pairs of sneakers a year are 61% percent more likely to have the qualities of a modern leader.专门研究不同消费者性格特征的“思维”媒体公司发现,一年买三双以上运动鞋的人具有现代领导者品质的纪律要高出61%These qualities were defined as having ideas and vision, and a style with others that is both inclusive and decisive.所谓“现代领导者品质”指的是远见卓识、能够包容他人,并且行事坚决果断The survey of 7,500 people found multi-sneaker buyers were 50 percent more likely to be very assertive and 7 percent more likely to be spontaneous.该项对7500人开展的调查发现,一年购买多双运动鞋的很有主见的几率比其他人高出50%,性格直率的几率高出7%Lauren Arvonio, a spokeswoman Mindset Media, said sneakers were more likely to fly by the seat of their pants.“思维”媒体公司的女发言人劳伦#86;阿芙尼奥说爱买运动鞋的人在毫无头绪的情况下,更倾向于自己摸索行事Previous Mindset Media surveys found that people who pay their credit card bills off each month were more likely to be “highly deliberate”, thinking through their actions, but also less modest than others, likely to brag about their habits.“思维”公司之前的调查发现,每月还清信用卡账单的人更加“从容谨慎”,凡事考虑周全,但同时他们不够谦虚,爱炫耀”Hybrid car owners were found to be 78 percent more likely to be highly creative than other people and less dogmatic.调查发现,拥有混合动力车的人不爱遵循教条,他们拥有非凡创造力的几率比其他人高78% 73. Puffer Fish 河豚 8Aliens exist and they live in our midst disguised as humans -- at least, that what percent of people polled in a global survey believe.外星人不仅存在,而且假扮成人类生活在我们中间--至少有%的人这么认为The Reuters Ipsos poll of 3,000 adults in countries showed that more than 0 percent of people from India and China believe that aliens walk among us disguised as humans, while those least likely to believe in this are from Belgium, Sweden and the Netherlands (8 percent each).日前,路透社与益普索集团对个国家的.3万名成年人开展的一项全球调查显示,印度和中国有0%的人相信外星人伪装成人类生活在我们中间,而比利时、瑞典和荷兰(各8%)相信这一说法的人最少However, the majority of people polled, or 80 percent, dont believe aliens in our midst.不过多数受访者(80%)不相信外星人就在我们身边;It would appear that that there a modest correlation between the most populated countries and those more likely to indicate there may be aliens disguised amongst them compared with those countries with the smaller populations,; said John Wright, Senior Vice President of market research firm Ipsos.市场调查机构益普索集团的高级副总裁约翰·怀特说:“相对于人口较少的国家,人口最稠密的国家民众似乎更倾向于认为可能有外星人潜伏在他们中间”;Maybe it a simple case that in a less populated country you are more likely to know your next door neighbor better,; he said.他说:“道理很简单,在人口较少的国家,人们更容易知道周围都住着什么人”More men than women -- percent vs percent -- believe that alien beings are on earth.此外,男性比女性更相信外星人藏身地球的说法,比例分别为%和%Most of those believers are under the age of 35, and across all income classes, the survey showed. Of those who do not believe, most are women.调查显示,多数相信外星人存在于地球的人年龄在35岁以下,而且各收入阶层的人都有在不相信外星人存在的人中,女性居多 3930

  w9WWSpudvRDun(_uUwyi@M*dbxQZSFrom the party beaches of Ibiza to the remote sand stretches of Thailand, the world is covered with miles of spectacular shoreline.从伊比沙岛的派对海滩到泰国遥远的沙滩延展,世界满是绵延万里的壮观海岸线GBMqlZW8(g+9m@;Weve scoured world to find the best beaches you should put on your bucket list.我们满世界四处搜寻找到了你应该写在你的遗愿清单上的最好海滩7J-!FE^n1qxhQrqMuF%+55!o@sFodht%0SThe remote Whitehaven Beach at Whitsunday Island National Park, Australia, has nearly 5 glorious miles of uninhabited coastline and has more than once been named Queensland Most Beautiful Beach.位于澳大利亚降灵岛国家公园里的遥远的白色天堂海滩,将近5英里的无人海岸线以及不止一次被命名为昆士兰最美丽的海滩_LRrJH[A;ygOdj|j#cCm~kIZe)D3vz;%8_Rbk.Qcnj;Tr,O3g0#Z.e7GKsWOnGj 6898


  A doting father lost 9st in just six months after being shamed into dieting when he became too fat to play with his young daughter一位溺爱女儿的父亲在半年内猛减9英石(约57斤),原因是他过胖而不能和闺女玩耍,这刺激他控制食欲Morbidly-obese Chris Willis, 7, tipped the scales at 7st 7lbs following a lifetime of fry-ups, takeaways and pork pies患有病态肥胖症的克里斯·威利斯今年7岁,从小到大都非常爱吃煎炸食品、外卖食品和猪肉馅饼,而他的体重也曾经达到公斤The painter and decorator had to take long pauses just to climb the stairs or walk more than a few yards. He also carried an inhaler to treat his obesity-induced asthma克里斯的职业是油漆工兼装修人员,他在爬长楼梯或是走多几码路后,就不得不停下一段时间喘口气为了治疗因肥胖诱发性哮喘,克里斯也得随身戴上一个吸氧机,以备不时之需But overweight Chris turned to dieting when he realised he was too fat to play with his ten-year-old daughter, Sophie, who had a passion running克里斯的岁小女儿苏菲亚非常热爱跑步,当他意识到因为肥胖超重而不能和女儿玩耍时,他决心要减肥The determined dad-of-one cut out all the fatty foods he had binged on, and began exercising. He now weights st 7lbs after losing a stone-and-a-half every month since July慈父克里斯终于下定决心,坚决不吃所有最爱的肥胖食品,并开始锻炼身体自7月起,他每月能减掉公斤,现在的他体重减至1公斤Chris, who lives in Shepreth, Cambridgeshire, with his wife Jackie, 51, a coach driver, said: ;The hardest thing was seeing my little girl in the garden and not being able to join in because I was so unhealthy;克里斯和妻子杰琪住在剑桥镇的Shepreth,妻子杰琪今年51岁,是一名长途汽车司机克里斯说道:;最痛苦的事,莫过于看到自己的闺女在院子里飞奔,而我却因肥胖而不能和她一起运动;;But now I am making up lost time - we do so much together and it is just great. A few months ago when I started getting active again I remember chasing my daughter around the garden;;但是,现在我可以弥补过去的时间了—我和女儿一起运动,一起玩乐,这样的感觉实在太好了在几个月前,那时我又开始运动起来,记得当时我想在院子里追着和女儿玩;When she suddenly turned around with an amazed look on her face and said, ;Daddy, I didnt know you could run;.突然,她转过身来,一脸惊讶地说道;爸爸,我觉得你不能跑吧;正是这句话刺激了克里斯下决心减肥Delighted Sophie said:;Im so proud of my dad. It brilliant being able to run around and play with him.;苏菲亚对父亲的减肥事业表示很开心,她说道:;我为爸爸感到骄傲能和爸爸一起跑步和玩耍实在是太好了;Chris used to tuck into an incredible 5,000 calories a day, bee he swtiched to a healthy lifestyle. On average he would eat five slices of buttered toast breakfast bee a full English breakfast as a mid morning meal在以前那段肥胖的日子里,克里斯每天能摄入5000卡路里,食量让人目瞪口呆肥胖时的每天,在进食全套英式早餐前,他还要吃掉5块奶油面包作为早餐前的甜点He would then eat a sandwich, a large pack of crisps and a pasty lunch bee chomping on a whole packet of biscuits in the afternoon. dinner Chris would demolish a curry, ice cream, and sink four pints of beer, bee grazing on fatty snacks all evening之后,他会吃掉一块三明治、一大堆薯片和一碗糊粥作为午餐,小息后还会吃去一大包饼干晚餐时间,克里斯能吞咽掉一碟咖喱和雪糕,喝下品脱啤酒,之后一个晚上都会不停地吃脂肪零食Amazingly Chris claims he still eats the same amount - but has simply cut out the unhealthy fatty foods惊讶的是,克里斯声称自己吃得份量与之前差不多,但在食谱中已经去掉不健康的肥胖食品Chris said:;At , I was 18-and-a-half-stone and I remember a teacher pointing this out to the whole school. From then on I was picked on and bullied. My weight went up and up. But I now have a new found freedom;克里斯说:;岁那年,我的体重达到8公斤,我记得当时老师还向全校同学公布了我的体重自那以后,我总被人欺负作弄,我的体重也越来越重然而,现在我拥有一个新发现的自由;;My family and friends have been so supportive and my wife and daughter are so pleased me. In fact it them I did it more than anyone else. The whole journey has been amazing and I am still shocked myself that I have managed to lose so much weight.;;我的家人和朋友在我的减肥事业上非常持我,我的妻子和女儿还非常高兴说实话,我就是为了家人而减肥整个减肥之旅很令人惊讶,我现在还被当时的自己所震惊:我竟然减掉了这么多体重;Chris is now aiming a new target weight of st现在,克里斯又有了新的体重目标:96公斤 187。


  mer Romanian President Ion Iliescu leaves words on the condolence book Chinese quake victims, at the Chinese Embassy in Bucharest, capital of Romania, on May , . Ion Iliescu came to the Chinese Embassy on Tuesday to mourn the victims of the 8.0-magnitude quake hitting southwest and northwest China on May . (Xinhua) Afghan eign Minister Rangin Dadfar Spanta speaks during a press conference in Kabul, capital of Afghanistan, May , . Spanta expressed concern over reported talks and a possible peace deal between Pakistani government and militants on Tuesday. (Xinhua)Steck, head of the Protocol Department of the German eign Ministry, leaves words on the condolence book to mourn China's earthquake victims, on behalf of German president, government as well as the eign Ministry, at the Chinese Embassy in Berlin, capital of Germany, May , . (Xinhua)Bangladesh's eign Advisor Iftekhar Ahmed Chowdhury (R) mourns China's earthquake victims, accompanied by Chinese Ambassador to Bangladesh Zheng Qingdian, at the Chinese Embassy in Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh, May , . (Xinhua)French President Nicolas Sarkozy leaves words on the condolence book as he attends the ceremony mounrning victims in the earthquake happened in southwest China's Sichuan Province, in Chinese Embassy to France, Paris, France, May 19, . (Xinhua)Japanese Ambassador Yuji Miyamoto (R) shakes hands with Chinese eign Minister Yang Jiechi after attending a mourning ceremony victims of the May earthquake hitting southwest and northwest China, at China's eign Ministry in Beijing, capital of China, May 19, . (Xinhua) 39638


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