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襄樊市妇幼保健院私密整形怎么样Around 90% of a childs brain is aly developed by the time they are five years old.And that means the learning that takes place before a kid even reaches kindergarten can have a lifelong impact.Decades of research shows that high-quality preschool can increase graduation rates and future earnings.But while many agree that preschool is a critical investment, early childhood educators earn far less than other teachers.In some states, you can make more working at a fast food restaurant.Karen Paciorek teaches early childhood education at Eastern Michigan University. She joined us today to talk about why the high cost of early childhood education doesnt translate to a reasonable rate of pay for educators.This segment was produced in collaboration with Michigan Radios State of Opportunity project. Support for State of Opportunity comes from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, a partner with communities where children come first.GUESTKaren Paciorek is a professor of early childhood education at Eastern Michigan University. She tweets @KarenPaciorek.201606/451312襄阳东风医院流产多少钱Film and television Blood and cuts电影与电视 删减血腥镜头Unusually, some Chinese want more censorship不同寻常,一些国人期待更严格的审查A FLYING dagger stabs a Japanese soldier in the heart. Another fighter has his neck slit by a Chinese secret agent. Others are shot at close range, gassed or drowned. Like war dramas everywhere, “Royalty in Blood”, a 36-part television series about the war between China and Japan from 1937-45, is pretty gory. Yet unlike elsewhere, the on-screen violence is not just for adult viewers. It is aired each week at 7.35pm, the most popular television-watching hour, when even very young children in China have yet to go to bed.飞掷而来的匕首刺中了一名日本士兵的心脏,另一名士兵被中国特工割破了脖子。其他人或被近距离射杀,或被气体毒死,或被淹死。36集电视连续剧《异镇》,描述了1937年至1945年的中日战争。与满大街的战争戏一样,该剧场景异常血腥。但是与其他国家或地区不同,中国电视荧屏上的暴力场景不仅只供成年观众观看。该剧在每天晚上7点35分的电视黄金时间播放,而那时,甚至中国的小孩子都还没有上床睡觉。All films and TV shows are vetted by a government committee. Oddly, however, China has no ratings system to denote a films suitability for certain age-groups. It has no TV “watershed” either, as many countries do, dividing the day into family-oriented programming and late-night viewing with more adult content. Violent TV dramas are sometimes shown on public transport. Ticket sales at cinemas increased nearly 50% in the first 11 months of 2015 on the previous year to reach .3 billion, a total surpassed only by America. Yet questions are often raised about whether films are safe and appropriate for children, who can watch any of them.所有的电影和电视节目都要经过一个政府委员会的审查。但奇怪的是,中国并没有相应的分级制度说明电影适宜观看的年龄群体;也没有很多国家施行的电视“限时”播放制度----该制度将一天的电视节目分为家庭节目时段与包含更多成人内容的深夜节目时段。此外,含暴力场景的电视剧时不时也会出现在公共交通中。2015年的前11个月中,中国电影票房相比去年全年增加了近一半,达到了63亿美元,仅次于美国。但是,经常有人对电影内容是否适合儿童观看提出质疑,因为儿童看电影没有限制。The government does not want ratings or a watershed because it does not want to be seen to be permitting sex and violence for anyone. Its constraints on what may appear on screen represent a laundry list of the states anxieties. Content must not “endanger” Chinas unity, security or honour. It also should not “twist” history, feature explicit sex or gambling, advocate “the supremacy of religion” or “meticulously describe fortune-telling”. Playing up violence is prohibited, in theory.不采取分级制度和限时播放制度,是因为政府不想被人们认为其允许色情和暴力是适合某些人观看的。电视节目的限制清单反映了国家的关注点。电影电视内容不能危害国家团结、安全或有损国家荣誉。同时它也不能“扭曲”历史,包含直白的性内容、,倡导“宗教至上”或“封建迷信”。理论上,暴力内容也应被禁。But to attract adult audiences, makers of film and TV entertainment often like to push the boundaries of what the Communist Party regards as good taste. And even the prudish standards of the censors are sometimes flexible enough to allow content that might shock children, who are just as impressionable in China as anywhere else. In apparent response to demand from anxious parents, a handful of cinemas in the far western province of Xinjiang introduced their own unofficial ratings in 2014.但是为了吸引成年观众,电影或电视节目的制作者常常挑战共产党制定的规则。而有时保守的审查者也会过于灵活,让一些儿童不宜的内容出现在了荧幕上,这个人群在中国和别处一样,都非常容易受到影响。为了响应忧心忡忡的父母们的请求,2014年,在中国偏远的西部省份新疆,一些电影院采用了他们自己制定的非官方分级制度。Censors shockability has varied over time. The first Communist-era on-screen kiss was a peck on the cheek in “Romance on Lushan Mountain” in 1980, the year that Richard Gere appeared naked in “American Gigolo”, among the first Hollywood films to feature full-frontal male nudity. China has relaxed a bit since: for a while, one film fan had a blog called “Research Centre for Nipples in Chinese Films”.随着时代变迁,中国审查者们的尺度也在不断更改。在第一代共产党时代,屏幕上的亲吻仅是1980年《庐山恋》中出现的嘴唇轻轻一触脸颊,而同年Richard Gere的裸体已经出现在了《美国舞男》中,那是第一批男士裸体正面出现的好莱坞电影之一。据一位电影爱好者的客“中国电影乳房研究中心”所言,自那时开始,中国已经逐渐放开了一些。However, prudishness has revived in recent years. The nude scene in “Titanic”, a Hollywood film, was screened intact in China in 1998, for example, but removed from the 3D version released in 2012. Heaving bosoms have been blacklisted too: in the past year two popular TV dramas have been forced to re-edit shots that include plunging necklines and to zoom in on the actresses faces instead (movies involving such filming techniques are referred to scathingly as “big-head” ones). Online streaming sites, which previously had often succeeded in escaping the censors attention, are coming under closer scrutiny.但是近年来保守之风又死灰复燃。例如好莱坞电影《泰坦尼克》1998年在中国放映时,戏中的裸露镜头是保持完整的,但是在2012年重新发布的3D版中却被删减。丰满的胸部也被列入了黑名单:去年两部热播电视部就被强迫重新编辑镜头,聚焦到将含有低胸画面的镜头改成女主角的脸部(使用到此类拍摄技巧的电影被人们戏谑地称为“大头娃娃”版)。线上媒体先前逃脱了审查者的注意,但现在也被置于更严格的审查中。Moral strictures are not applied equally. Regulators warn against “displaying excessive drinking, smoking and other bad habits”, for example, yet smoking is routine on Chinese screens. One blockbuster released in 2015, “Gone with the Bullets”, had to delay its premiere, probably because it had to adjust some of its sexually suggestive content. But it featured 45 smoking scenes—around one every three minutes.然而道德标准并不公正。例如,监管者们对“播放过度饮酒,抽烟或其他陋习”提出警告,然而在中国电影电视中,抽烟的镜头依旧比比皆是。2015年的电影巨作《一步之遥》不得不延迟上映,或许是因为要修改其中一些性暗示内容。但是电影中出现了45个抽烟的镜头----约每三分钟出现一次。Tolerance for violence is higher than it is for sex, perhaps because so much of what passes for entertainment on TV and in cinemas is in fact propaganda relating to the war against the Japanese and the partys bloody rise to power. Such historical gore is mostly given a clean pass (although some anti-Japanese war shows were reined in for being “overly dramatic” in 2013). A Chinese film released in 2006, “Curse of the Golden Flower”, was given a rating in America that required those under 17 to be accompanied by an adult because of its violent scenes (one is pictured). But these scenes were left uncut when it was screened in China. Viewers were given no warning about them. On TV “The Patriot” (Yue Fei), a popular historical drama, commonly features long fights with bloody swords, arrows through the heart and dripping corpses. It currently airs on one channel in the early afternoon (others show it at 7.35pm).对暴力内容的容忍度比性要高,这或许是因为许多电视节目和电影实际上都是在宣传反对日本侵略的战争,以及宣扬共产党崛起的血腥历程。类似的历史剧一般都不会遭到刁难(尽管2013年一些抗日战争剧因为“过于戏剧化”而被禁播)。2006年上映的电影《满城尽带黄金甲》因为其中的暴力场景(如上图),在美国被评级为17岁以下人员需由一名成人陪同才可观看。但是这些画面在中国上映时并没有被删减,观影者没有接到任何警告。正在上映的流行历史剧《精忠岳飞》中,经常出现带血的刀剑,箭矢穿心而过,以及正在流血的尸体等长时间打斗的画面。该剧每天下午早些时候在一个频道中播放(其他频道在晚上7:35播放)。Censors more often pounce if the context is not related to Chinas military heroism. A Japanese anime film, “Attack on Titan”, was pulled from the Shanghai film festival in June, probably because of its violent content. A childrens cartoon, “Pleasant Goat and the Big, Big Wolf”, a Chinese “Tom and Jerry”, was criticised by state media in 2013 for its “vulgar” language and violent images; they said that the wolf was assaulted with a frying pan over 9,500 times in his attempt to bring a sheep home for his wife to cook. There were no apparent objections to the gender stereotypes.当上映内容与中国的军事英雄主义无关时,审查者们往往都倍加严格。在今年6月的上海电影节中,一部日本动漫电影《进击的巨人》或许就由于其暴力内容被撤。儿童动漫《喜羊羊与灰太狼》----中国版的《猫和老鼠》,在2013年时因为其中的粗俗语言和暴力画面被国家媒体抨击;他们称那只狼为了将羊抓回家让老婆煮被平底锅击中了9500多次。审查中没有明显地对性别的刻板印象提出异议。 译文属译生译世 /201602/428086Knock knock.Whos there?Orange.Orange, who?Orange...glad I didnt say banana.叩 叩 是谁 橙子 哪个橙子 橙子 真高兴我没说是香蕉I said it wrong.You are no better than Harper. - I know.I wont show you all of them, Ellen.我错了 你比哈珀可好不到哪儿去 -我知道 艾伦 我不会把这些全给你看的I just show you the overview.Cause that way I can easily print them.我就大概给你看看 因为这样我就能轻而易举地把它们打印出来Our first guest is a Tony and Emmy award winning actor who will be hosting the academy award for his first time on Sunday.我们的第一位嘉宾是一位托尼奖及艾美奖获奖演员 本周日 他将第一次 担任奥斯卡颁奖典礼主持人Please welcome Neil Patrick Harris.Hey. How are you? - I am very well,thank you.让我们掌声有请 尼尔·帕特里克·哈里斯 嗨 你好吗 -我很好 谢谢Hi,everybody.Hey, Neil.- Hi, Ellen.Im so happy to see you.嗨 大伙儿们好 嗨 尼尔 -嗨 艾伦 见到你我真是太高兴了Im sorry.Im so glad you make time to be here.不好意思 很感谢你挤出时间过来We will talk about all that nonsense in a minute.但我们还是待会儿再扯谈吧-Great. - But since Ive seen you You moved to New York.好的 -上次见过你以后 你搬到了纽约You won a Tony.And you got married.Congratulations.- Thank you.Thank you very much.拿了托尼奖 你还结了婚 真是要恭喜你 -谢谢 十分感谢It was very exciting.Forever bashing David Burtka.很令人激动 永远闪闪惹人爱的大卫·伯尔特考 /201510/406609襄阳市襄州区人民医院男科妇科网上预约

襄阳市第一人民医院男科怎么样襄阳市中医院治疗膀胱炎多少钱JD, its main local rival, saw revenues leap by nearly 58%.京东作为阿里巴巴主要的竞争对手,它的年收入增长也有将近58%。Chinese are still spending heavily abroad.中国人依旧有较高的境外出。Their international tax-free shopping shot up 58% last year, according to a new report from Global Blue, a big operator of duty-free shops.据环球蓝联新公布的一份报告显示,在2015年,国际免税购物额激增58%(环球蓝联是一家较大的免税店运营商)。Overall, Chinese tourists spent 215 billion on outbound travel last year, a rise of 53% on the previous year.总体来说,在去年,中国游客的境外旅游出达2150亿美元,同比增长53%。Ctrip, a big online travel firm partly owned by Baidu, a Chinese internet search giant, saw its revenues jump by nearly half last year, to 10.9 billion yuan.携程一家线上旅游公司,其股东之一是百度(中国的搜索引擎巨头),其年收入为109亿人民币,同比增加近一半之多。As with cars, screens and travel, so with consumption generally.消费跟汽车、荧屏以及旅游是一样的。All retail sales across the economy, adjusted for inflation, rose by 9.6% during the first quarter, compared with the same period a year ago.与去年同期相比,今年第一季度的零售销售额增长率为9.6%(排除通货膨胀因素的影响)。The services sector, which caters to the growing demands of the middle class, has been rising by 8% a year in real terms since 2012.务业满足中产阶级日益增长的需求,从2012年开始,其销售额就已经增加了8%。Services made up 57% of economic output in the first quarter; electricity consumption in services rose by some 10%, but was as flat for industry.在第一季度,务输出占经济总输出的57%;务业用电量增长近10%, 但是工业用电量呈现平稳趋势。Not every market is as bouncy as it once was.并非所有市场都能一如既往地充满活力。A cooling economy and an official anti-corruption drive have squeezed luxury goods, sales of which fell by 2% year on year in 2015, to 113 billion yuan.经济趋冷以及国家反腐行动已对奢侈品造成压力,其2016年年销售额为1130亿人民币,同比下降了2%。But some firms are doing well.但有些公司表现得不错。Remy Cointreau, a premium liquor brand offering tamper-proof bottles on the mainland (near field communications tags tell your smartphone if the booze has been diluted), saw global revenues rise by nearly 10% last quarter and credited improving trends in greater China.人头马君度—一个高档烈性酒品牌,它向中国大陆提供一种NFC酒瓶(近场通讯技术标识会使得智能手机得以分辨出该酒是否已被稀释),其2015年第四季度收入增长近10%,并被誉为大中华地区日益盛行的潮流。According to Bernard Arnault, the boss of LVMH, a luxury goliath: Analysts underestimate the Chinese economy… the fundamentals are good. Household spending is still increasing.奢侈品巨头路易?威登集团的老板贝尔纳?阿尔诺说道:分析员们低估了中国经济……基本情况是好的。家庭出仍在增加。The two Chinas两个中国Can consumption remain resilient given the troubles of the countrys state-dominated industrial economy, ranging from vast overcapacity to record levels of debt?考虑到这个国家国企主导的工业经济陷于困难之中,具体表现在生产能力过剩和负债达到新高,这个国家的消费还能保持弹性吗?One temporary source of comfort is the fact that the state sector may now itself be stabilising, thanks to a massive, debt-fuelled government stimulus.但比较令人宽慰的是,国有部门现在正稳定下来,这要归功于政府大规模的债务刺激。But greater reassurance comes from the fact that even a big shakeout in heavy industry would be unlikely to derail the Chinese consumer.即使重工业严重跌落也不会使中国消费脱轨失控,这才是最大的信心来源。By one estimate, if 30% of capacity is slashed across Chinas most bloated state industries, perhaps 3m workers will lose their jobs over the next three years.根据一项评估,如果中国那些过度膨胀的国有工业30%的生产力被削减,那么在未来三年里将会有三百万的工人失业。But thanks largely to the private sector, the country created 64m jobs between 2011 and 2015, with more than 13m emerging in the past year alone.幸好私营企业在2011年至2015年期间为中国创造了六千四百万的工作岗位,仅去年一年就增加了一千三百万。 译文属译生译世201605/443391Pingyao平遥古城In bankings shadow票号的幽灵A former financial hub now begs for the patronage of tourists曾经的金融中心,如今向光顾的游客乞食The town Mao forgot免遭太祖毒手的小城ITALIAN cities such as Florence and Venice have long made a mint from the architectural wonders built when they were financial centres. China has been slower to capitalise on the physical remains of past commercial glory in Pingyao, an urban backwater in inland Shanxi province, which was Chinas banking hub in the 19th century. Today tourists flock to the walled city, with its unusually well-preserved houses built between the 17th and 19th centuries. But restoring its former wealth remains elusive.像佛罗伦萨、这类曾经是金融中心的意大利城市留有大量辉煌的建筑,人们也早就开始利用这些遗迹赚钱。中国的平遥是位于内地省份山西的闭塞小城,19世纪时曾是全国的金融中心,平遥往日商业辉煌的遗迹之前也开发得相对慢。如今这座城墙高耸,拥有大片保存良好的明清建筑的小城迎来了熙熙攘攘的游客。但要重现往日的富裕,仍是不太可能的。The most-visited attraction in modern Pingyao is the Rishengchang Draft Bank, which in 1823 became the first in China to issue cheques. The city lay on the path of a lucrative trade route. The banks manager spied a business opportunity when he saw silver shipments passing each other in opposite direction. He replaced pricey security, wagons and pack animals with a clearing house.日昇昌票号是如今平遥最吸引人的景点,1823年,这家票号开出了中国第一张票。平遥小城坐落在财源滚滚的贸易路线上。票号经理从来来往往运送白银的商队中觉察到了商机。他以这样一间提供结算务的铺子,取代了代价不菲的镖师,马车,牲畜。The bank spawned around 50 competitors across Shanxi (nearly half in Pingyao) with hundreds of branches across the empire. At the time Chinese bankers were held in lower esteem than peasants and tradesmen. They tried to keep staff honest by making them pledge their homes and even to surrender their families as slaves if they committed fraud; investors had no control over the banks daily operations.在日昇昌的刺激下,山西省内诞生了约50家类似的票号(半数都在平遥),数以百计的分庄遍布整个帝国。在那时的中国,票号掌柜的地位比农民商人都低。为了确保伙计的诚信,掌柜会让伙计当掉自己的房子,一旦发现有欺诈行为,会把伙计们的家人卖作佣人;同时票号的出资人无权掌控日常的经营。But it was not the staff that did for the banks. They collapsed soon after the Qing dynastys demise in 1911. The government withdrew its remittance business, currency unification removed the need for the silver trade between cities and competition grew from modern banks.但最终不是伙计们毁了票号。1911年清朝灭亡后,票号很快便都倒闭了。政府取缔了票号的汇款业务,白银流通因统一的纸币而失去需求,来自现代化的竞争日益激烈。Pingyaos ensuing poverty proved to be its saviour. Its picturesque grid of traditional imperial houses survived when most elsewhere succumbed to Maos hatred of the old and his successors love of the new. Now it has reinvented itself. Around 1.5m people visited Pingyao in 2013, up from around 50,000 in 1997 when UNESCO named it a world heritage site.而后的穷困反倒拯救了这座小城。当全国上下都屈于太祖对旧物的憎恨,以及后继者们对新物的狂热的之时,平遥安然躲过了这一切,风景如画,星罗棋盘的旧帝国式建筑群也得以保存。如今平遥又重拾自我。2013年共有约150万人来到平遥,当1997年联合国教科文组织认定其为世界文化遗产时,这个数字只有五万。Hope that the streets would again be lined with silver are overblown. The benefits of the tourist boom are sp only narrowly. A small, spruced-up central area thrums with visitors enjoying the curved rooftops, traditional fa?ades, red lanterns and, strangely, Mao memorabilia. Beyond the centre, many streets look like slums: roofs slump, walls are crumbling and waste is carried away by a horse rather than sewers. Few can afford to fix up their homes, even with financial support from the government and the California-based Global Heritage Fund, a charity that is helping to preserve some of Chinas historical sites.期盼平遥的街巷又一次镶金带银,是过于乐观了。旅游繁荣只是让小范围收益。小小的,打扮整齐的中央区中游客来往,欣赏着建筑的坡顶,古朴的外观,红灯笼,以及一些诡异的太祖纪念品。中央区之外,许多街道看着像贫民窟:屋顶塌陷,墙体摇摇欲坠,污秽甚至不是排进下水道,而是由马匹运出。尽管政府有财政持,意在保护中国某些历史遗迹,总部位于加利福尼亚的全球文化遗产基金会也有捐助,但也几乎没人有钱来修缮一下自己的家。To declutter the town, four-fifths of the citys population have been moved outside the city walls since 1997. But the new towns hotels and karaoke halls are often empty. A high-speed rail link that opened in July running from the nearby provincial capital, Taiyuan, to Xian (home of the crowd-pulling Terracotta Army) should draw the crowds. But ease of access also means ease of retreat: most sightseers come only for the day. Making money from moving people around China may prove harder than profiting from the movement of silver.为整理市容,自1997年起,平遥城五分之四的人口已迁出城外。不过在面貌一新的古城,旅馆与KTV却经常空空如也。七月开通了从省会太原到西安(兵马俑所在地)的高铁,会为平遥古城带来游客。但人方便过来,也方便出去:观光客们一般就在城里逗留一个白天。从人来人往中赚钱,的确比运输白银更为艰难啊。译者:周鼎烨 译文属译生译世 /201411/340143东风襄樊医院正规襄阳市妇幼保健院在那儿

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