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石台县妇幼保健院大概需要多少钱青阳县人民医院男科东至医院有无痛人流 Radicalism is a disease of the mind. You cannot see it, hear it, feel it or know it exists until it is too late, as revellers in Nice enjoying Bastille Day fireworks found out on Thursday evening. As terrorists evolve strategies to attack innocent life with evermore creative methods, the global response remains mired in advancing techno-gadgetry that no longer gets the job done. Fran#231;ois Molins, France’s counter-terrorism prosecutor, emphasised the point when he made clear that Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, who used a lorry to kill 84 people in Nice, had not shown up in any of the intelligence servicesdatabases.激进主义是一种精神疾病。等你看见它、听到它、感觉到它、知道它的存在时,一切已为时过晚。上周四晚,正在法国尼斯欣赏国庆烟花表演的狂欢群众明白了这一点。恐怖分子袭击无辜生命的策略在不断演变,手段新颖,全球反应却仍执念于发展那些已不再能应付反恐任务的高科技小发明。当法国负责反恐的检察官弗朗索瓦#8226;莫林Fran#231;ois Molins)明确表示穆罕默德#8226;拉胡瓦杰#8226;布哈Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel)——驾驶卡车在尼斯杀4名群众的凶手——从未出现在情报部门的任何数据库中,他着重指出了这种现状。Yet at the heart of our collective failure to halt the march of Islamism against humanity is the unforgivable silence of us peaceful Muslims. While we have long enjoyed “liberté, égalité, fraternité we have failed to root out radicalism where it grows. We have been unable or unwilling to openly challenge wrong-headed views on Islam for fear the lunatic fringe would brand us non-Muslim traitors. This must now stop.我们没能阻止伊斯兰主义朝着反人类方向发展,导致这一集体失败的核心因素,是我们爱好和平的穆斯林不可饶恕的沉默。虽然我们早就享有着“自由、平等、爱”,却未能从源头根除激进主义。我们一直无力或不愿公开挑战在阐释伊斯兰教义方面顽固不化的错误观点,因为我们生怕极端分子给我们打上非穆斯林叛徒的印记。不能这样下去了。We must shoulder responsibility for what has happened to our great religion. We must rebuild the shattered trust between peace-loving Muslims boxed in by Islamists calling us kaffirs, or non-believers, and fellow citizens who see us as pacifist enablers. This will happen more swiftly if western political leaders demonstrate a better grasp of what Islam’s core value system was at its birth and acknowledge how radicalism came to pollute its practice.对于发生在我们伟大宗教的这些事情,我们必须肩负起责任。热爱和平的穆斯林被伊斯兰主义者束缚住了手脚——他们称我们为“卡菲尔”(kaffirs,即不信道者);另一些公民则视我们为绥靖分子。我们必须重塑穆斯林与这些公民之间破碎的信任。如果西方政治领导人对伊斯兰教原本的核心价值体系表现出更深入的了解,并认识到激进主义是怎样败坏了伊斯兰教习俗,我们重塑信任的努力也就能够更快完成。The Prophet Mohammed instructed his followers at his farewell sermon in Mecca to remember: “All mankind is from Adam and Eve. An Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab, nor does a non-Arab have any superiority over an Arab; white has no superiority over black, nor does black have any superiority over white; none have superiority over another except by piety and good action.The prophet was the primary force behind the Constitution of Medina, written in 622 a document with remarkable similarity to modern constitutional frameworks guaranteeing the rights of all people, irrespective of religious affiliation.先知默罕默德(The Prophet Mohammed)在麦加的辞朝演说上指示他的追随者们记住:“全人类都是阿丹和哈娃的后代。阿拉伯人不优越于非阿拉伯人,非阿拉伯人也不优越于阿拉伯人;白人不优越于黑人,黑人也不优越于白人。除了虔诚和行善,没有人能够比别人优越。”先知默罕默德是《麦地那宪章Constitution of Medina)背后的主要推动者,这部宪章撰写于公22年,与保障所有人权利(不论宗教信仰)的现代宪政框架颇为相似。Political leaders who flay Islam and its lunatic fringe are not wrong in their criticisms of us. But their proposed solutions are short-sighted. Whether American, British or French, they must constructively challenge Muslims of all kinds to stand up and be counted as citizens abiding by their country’s laws, not just by religious belief. Working with local Muslim communities to design ways to protect all our citizens against the terrorist violence bred in the name of Islam is far better than the confrontational approach some leaders have laid out.有些政治领导人对伊斯兰教及其极端分子予以严厉指责,他们对我们的批评并没有错,但他们提出的解决方案是短视的。无论美囀?英国还是法国,都必须积极要求所有穆斯林挺身而起,扮演好遵守国家法律、而不只是遵守宗教信仰的公民身什?领导人应该与当地穆斯林社区合作制定策略,以保护我们所有公民不受那些以伊斯兰之名繁衍的恐怖主义暴行的伤害,这远远胜过某些领导人所提的对抗性路线。Meanwhile, peace-loving Muslims across the west must now take action. We should start by doing three things inconceivable to many of us before the spate of attacks in France and elsewhere things that will go against the grain of the freedoms we have enjoyed until now, and which will make us targets of the very terrorists who threaten us all with their insane notions of a caliphate.此外,西方世界所有热爱和平的穆斯林现在必须行动起来。我们应该从三件事入手,在法国及其他地方接连遭袭之前,这三件事在我们很多人看来是不可思议的,这些事将有悖于我们迄今所享有的自由,将令我们成为极端恐怖分子的目标,这群人疯狂地想要建立起一个哈里发国,他们威胁着我们所有人。First, imams should filter access to community mosques that have become hotbeds for extremism in our midst, until each one can fully account for those who attend as peace-loving, prayer-offering almsgiving Muslims, not as planners of terror. We should consider issuing mosque ID cards. Public accountability is now our obligation.首先,对于那些已经变成极端主义温床的社区清真寺,伊玛目应该对进入的人加以筛查,直到每个人都能说清那些进入清真寺的人是热爱和平、祈祷慈悲的穆斯林,而不是恐怖活动策划者。我们应该考虑颁发清真寺身份。公共问责现在是我们的义务。Second, we must develop integrated neighbourhood watch committees whose job it is to know all those who go in and out of our areas. These groups should comprise Muslims, Jews, Christians, agnostics anyone who wants peaceful coexistence able to assist local authorities in getting to know the residents of our communities and what they are up to. Local officials should give these citizensgroups the authority to demand compliance and should also interact frequently with them to insure smooth relations.其次,我们必须建立起邻里守望委员会,其职责是了解所有出入我们所在地区的人员。邻里守望委员会的成员应包括穆斯林、犹太人、基督教徒、不可知论者以及所有愿意和平共处的人,这些团体有助于地方当局了解我们社区居民,以及他们所从事的工作。地方官员应赋予这些公民团体要求人们从规定的权力,同时还应与他们频繁沟通,以确保关系顺畅。Third, our political leaders should more frequently invoke the direct words of the Prophet to define clearly what a Muslim is and is not. While military measures are necessary in the short term, and forceful as they must be to stamp out the fanatics, western leaders bear a great responsibility to protect the good in Islam and the right of those citizens who practise it to peacefully coexist among us. This will help raise up the silent Muslim majority in a manner no other action can, countering the proliferation of radicalism.第三,我们的政治领导人应该更频繁地援引先知的原话,以明确定义什么是穆斯林,什么不是穆斯林。对于西方领导人来说,虽然从短期来看军事手段是必要的,也是消灭狂热分子的强有力的手段,但他们还承担着一项重任,他们要保护伊斯兰教好的方面,也要保障那些践行伊斯兰教义心怀和平共处意愿的公民的权利。只有这种做法才有助于鼓舞沉默的多数穆斯林,从而抑制激进主义的扩散。Ignorance is no excuse for bigotry. But silence and inaction are inexcusable in the face of the scourge of radicalism. Muslims citizens everywhere must stand together to douse the flames of hatred fanned by those who love chaos and terror, not liberty and freedom.无知不是偏执的借口。但是,面对激进主义的祸害,沉默和无所作为是不可原谅的。那些喜欢混乱和恐怖活动、厌恶自由的人煽动起了仇恨的火焰,全世界穆斯林公民必须站在一起,去扑灭这些火焰。The writer, an American of Pakistani ancestry, is a hedge fund manager who negotiated Sudan’s offer of counter-terrorism assistance to the Clinton administration in 1997 and in 2000 co-wrote the blueprint for a ceasefire in Kashmir注:本文作者为巴基斯坦裔美国人,是一名对冲基金经理,他曾997年参与苏丹向克林Clinton)政府提供反恐协助的谈判,并在2000年参与撰写了克什米尔停火计划。来 /201607/455672池州贵池区男科医生

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青阳医院TCT的价格Angela Merkel has called for a ban on the full Islamic veil in a hardening of her approach to integration by immigrants as she seeks to win over critics of her refugee policies before next year’s parliamentary elections.德国总理安格默克Angela Merkel)呼吁禁止佩戴遮盖全脸的伊斯兰面纱。此举突显出她在移民融入问题上的立场变得强硬。默克尔正寻求在明年议会选举前赢得那些对其难民政策持批评意见的人的持。“With us, the rule is: show your face, that’s why the full veil is not appropriate,said the German chancellor to loud applause at her conservative Christian Democrat (CDU) party’s annual conference. The veil “should be bannedwherever this is legally possible, she said.“对我们而言,规则是:露出你的脸,这就是为什么全脸面纱不合适,”这位德国总理在保守的基督教民主联CDU)年度党代会上说。这番话赢得了热烈的掌声。她表示,只要符合法律规定,这种面纱“应该被禁止”。The chancellor, who is standing for a fourth term next year, is toughening her approach to integration in response to public concern about the arrival of more than 1m mainly Muslim immigrants in Germany over the past two years.明年将寻求第四个总理任期的默克尔在移民融入问题上趋于强硬,是为了回应民众对过去两年以穆斯林为主的00万移民涌入德国的担忧。Ms Merkel is seeking to confront the rise of the populist anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany party, which is threatening support for her centre-right CDU.默克尔正寻求应对反移民的民粹主义政党德国新选择Alternative for Germany)的崛起,该党正在威胁默克尔所在的中右翼的基民盟的民意持率。The ban was proposed in a wide-ranging speech by Ms Merkel aimed at convincing the CDU to rally behind her in the election battle. Through the speech, the chancellor was reaching out to the CSU, the CDU’s more conservative Bavarian sister party, which has so far withheld its formal approval for an expected joint campaign next year.默克尔是在发表一场涉及广泛范围的演讲中提议禁止全脸面纱的,演讲的主要目的是说基民盟团结起来持她参选。默克尔在演讲中向巴伐利亚州的基督教社会联盟(CSU)抛出了橄榄枝。基社盟是基民盟更保守的党,预计将在明年的选举中与基民盟联合参选,但迄今还未正式批准这一行动。In the conference’s annual vote for the chairmanship of her party, Ms Merkel won 89.5 per cent. That fell short of the 96.7 per cent the German chancellor won two years ago before the refugee crisis, but party officials saw it as a good result as some had feared her support could drop to as low as 80 per cent following the migrant crisis.在基民盟党代会推选党主席的年度投票中,默克尔的得票率9.5%。两年前尚未爆发移民危机时她的得票率6.7%,不过党内官员认为这个结果已经不错,一些人原本担心移民危机后默克尔持率会降到80%。“A vote of nearly 90 per cent is a success, especially when you recall that Sigmar Gabriel [leader of the centre-left Social Democrats] recently scored only 74 per cent [in his party chairmanship vote],Gunther Krichbaum, chairman of the Bundestag EU affairs committee, told the FT.德国联邦议院(Bundestag)欧盟事务委员会主席贡特尔.克里希鲍Gunther Krichbaum)告诉英国《金融时报》:“能赢得0%票数已经算成功了,尤其是考虑到西格马加布里尔(Sigmar Gabriel)只拿到了74%的票。”加布里尔是中左翼的社会民主SPD)的领导人,该党最近举行了党主席投票。Recognising the importance of immigration policies for her audience and the voters, Ms Merkel opened her speech, in the industrial city of Essen, with a pledge to prevent any repeat of the mid-2015 refugee crisis, when inflows into Germany increased from thousands monthly to tens of thousands.认识到移民政策对听众及选民的重要性,默克尔在演讲一开始就承诺要防015年中期的难民危机重演,当时流入德国的难民从每月数千名上升到数万名。基民盟这次会议在工业城市埃Essen)举行。That situation “cannot, should not and must not be repeated said the chancellor, who has previously said the full veil was incompatible with integration and called for a limited ban in public buildings such as courtrooms默克尔表示,这种局面“不可以、不应当、也绝不能再现”。此前,她曾表示全脸面纱与移民融合不相容,并呼吁在法庭等公共设施内实施有限的禁令。Even though only an estimated few thousand women wear the full veil in Germany, many conservatives portray it as a symbol of the reluctance of many Muslims to integrate fully.在德国,估计只有几千名妇女佩戴全脸面纱。尽管如此,许多保守派人士称它是许多穆斯林不愿完全融入德国社会的象征。Ms Merkel’s pledge was welcomed by many in her party. “It was good to hear this so clearly from her own mouth. We need a ban on the full veil in Germany because the veil is a hindrance to integration,said Mr Krichbaum.默克尔的承诺受到了党内许多人的欢迎。克里希鲍姆表示:“听到这话从她嘴里如此明确地说出来是件好事。我们需要在德国禁止佩戴全脸面纱,因为这种面纱已成为移民融入德国的障碍。”However, the chancellor’s comments left unresolved how a ban might be implemented given constitutional guarantees for freedom of religion and expression. These have previously been cited as obstacles by some officials including Thomas de Maizière, the interior minister.不过,默克尔的言论没有触及一个问题:考虑到德国宪法对宗教信仰自由和言论自由的保障,这样的禁令该如何实斀?此前,包括德国内政部长托马德迈齐埃(Thomas de Maizière)在内的部分官员曾称,上述保障条例是实施禁令的障碍。In conference motions the CDU was expected to support a wide-ranging toughening of party immigration policies including a call for agreements with North African countries so that migrants heading to Europe and intercepted at sea could be returned to North African refugee processing centres.基民盟预计会在此次党代会的动议中持大面积收紧该党移民政策,其中包括呼吁与北非国家签署协议,以便将前往欧洲和在海上截获的移民遣返北非难民处置中心。The CDU/CSU bloc has risen modestly in recent opinion polls following a series of government measures to toughen asylum and integration laws. But at about 33-35 per cent the bloc’s support is short of the 41 per cent it won in the 2013 election.在推出一系列政府举措收紧有关避难和融合的法律之后,“基民盟/基社盟”联盟在近期民调中的持率已略有上升,不过,其目前大3%5%的持率还是低于2013年大选中1%的水平。Perhaps seeking more connection with her party, Ms Merkel addressed delegates using the informal “Ihr(meaning “you rather than the more formal “Sie In return she was given an 11-minute standing ovation that seemed to reflect the habits of a well-disciplined party rather than spontaneous enthusiasm.也许是为了加强与本党的联系,在向党员代表讲话时,默克尔用了非正式的“Ihr”(意思是“你们”),而不是更为正式的“Sie”(您)。作为回报,迎接她的是长1分钟的起立鼓掌。不过,这似乎反映了一个有良好纪律约束的政党的习惯,而不是自发的热情表现。“I would have wanted even more [of a conservative line] but this was her best conference speech in more than a decade,said Josef Rickfelder, a delegate from the city of Munster in north western Germany.来自德国西北部明斯特Munster)的代表约瑟夫.里克费尔Josef Rickfelder)表示:“我本希望能听到更多(保守主义言论)。不过,这是她逾十年来最好的一次会议演说。”来 /201612/482405 石台县妇幼保健院男科咨询池州第一人民医院预约电话



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