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Nearly half the species on the planet are failing to cope with global warming the world has aly experienced, according to an alarming new study that suggests the sixth mass extinction of animal life in the Earth#39;s history could take place in as little as 50 years.一项令人震惊的最新研究表明,地球上近一半的物种无法应对当前发生的全球变暖,地球离史上第六次物种大灭绝可能只有50年了。A leading evolutionary biologist, Professor John Wiens, found that 47 percent of nearly 1,000 species had suffered local extinctions linked to climate change with populations absent from areas where they had been found before.约翰.韦恩斯教授是一位杰出的进化生物学家,他发现在近1000种物种中,有47%的物种出现了与气候变化相关的局部灭绝,一些物种在他们原来生存的区域消失了。Professor Wiens, who is editor of the Quarterly Review of Biology and a winner of the American Society of Naturalists#39; Presidential Award, said the implications for the future were serious because his review showed plants and animals were struggling to deal with the relatively small amount of global warming experienced to date.韦恩斯教授是《生物学季刊》的编辑,也是《美国物学家》杂志主席奖的获得者。他认为,种种迹象表明未来的局势十分严峻,因为研究显示,动植物正勉强应对着当前相对轻微的全球变暖问题。So far the world has warmed by about 1℃ above pre-industrial levels, but it is expected to hit between 2.6 and 4.8C by 2100 if nothing is done to reduce greenhouse gases.与工业化前相比,全球气温目前为止已经升高了1℃,但如果不减少温室气体,那么到2100年气温将升高2.6℃至4.8℃。Another problem facing life on Earth is the election of climate science denier Donald Trump as US president.地球生物面临的另一个麻烦是,气候科学否定者唐纳德.特朗普当选美国总统。Professor Wiens, of Arizona University, described this as a ;global disaster; and, when asked what he would say to the President-elect if he met him, he joked grimly: ;Kill yourself immediately.;在亚利桑那州立大学执教的韦恩斯称,特朗普当选是一场“全球性灾难”,当被问及如果遇见这位候任总统想对他说点什么时,韦恩斯开玩笑道:“赶紧带吧。”In his study, published in the journal PLOS Biology, the scientist examined academic papers about 976 different species from all over the world that had been studied at least twice, once about 50 years ago and again within the last 10 years.韦恩斯的研究被发表在《公共科学图书馆.生物学》期刊上,他查阅了全球976个不同物种的相关学术论文。这些物种至少都被研究过两次,一次是在约50年前,另一次是在近10年内。;In almost half the species looked at, there have been local extinctions aly,; he said.他说,“接近一半的被观察物种已经局部灭绝。”;What it shows is species cannot change fast enough to keep up with a small change in climate. That#39;s the big implication - even a small change in temperature and they cannot handle it.;“这说明生物的进化速度跟不上轻微的气候变化。这背后的重大寓意是——气温即使发生一点变化这些生物也无法适应。”The study looked at 716 different kinds of animals and 260 plants from Asia, Europe, North and South America, and elsewhere.该研究观察了来自亚洲、欧洲、北美、南美以及其他地区的716种不同动物和260种不同植物。There were few areas of the planet that were unaffected.地球上很少有未受影响的地区。The current rate of global extinction of animals and plants is believed to be faster than some of the five great extinction events in the Earth#39;s history, but so far the total number lost does not compare to the species lost when the dinosaurs were wiped out about 65 million years ago.人们认为,与地球历史上前五次物种大灭绝中的几次相比,目前全球动植物的灭绝速度要更迅速,但是目前为止灭绝的物种数还无法与6500万年前恐龙灭绝时期的数量相提并论。However one reason geologists are considering declaring a new epoch in the planet#39;s history is the rapid loss of flora and fauna that will have a noticeable effect on the fossil record.不过,动植物的迅速灭绝将对化石记录产生显著影响,这是地质学家们正考虑宣告地球历史迎来新纪元的一个原因。Professor Wiens said: ;It#39;s true that in terms of global extinction of entire species that have aly happened, I think we#39;re not there [at the sixth mass extinction] yet.韦恩斯教授称,“就全球所有物种发生灭绝的情况而言,我认为第六次物种大灭绝的确还没有发生。”;But I think unfortunately we are on track for that to happen.“但不幸的是,我认为事情正朝着这个方向发展。”There were aly ;two bad signs; that Mr Trump#39;s election would make things worse, Professor Wiens said.韦恩斯称,已经有“两个坏迹象”显示,特朗普当选会让事情雪上加霜。;One would be this person he#39;s assigned to head the EPA (renowned climate science denier Scott Pruitt) and the other thing is pulling out of the Paris accord,; he said.“其一是特朗普任命的环保局局长(出名的反气候科学者斯考特.普鲁伊特),另一件事就是退出《巴黎协定》。”Asked what he would really say to Mr Trump if they met, Professor Wiens said: ;I guess I would tell him #39;what would you think if there was a country on the other side of the world that was releasing gas that was going to cause extinctions in our country, to hurt our crops and make people starve#39;.在被问及如果二人相遇他会对特朗普真正说些什么时,韦恩斯教授说:“我想我会问他‘如果在世界的另一边,有一个国家正在排放的气体将使美国的物种灭绝,农作物遭到破坏,让人们饿死,你对此怎么看’”。;He would say, #39;tell me where it is and we#39;ll bomb them tomorrow#39;. Then I#39;d say, #39;this is what we#39;re doing to other countries because we are the big polluters.#39;“他会说,‘告诉我是哪个国家,明天我们就炸了那里’。然后我会说,“这就是我们正在对其他国家做的事情,因为我们就是最大的排污国。” /201612/483598

Shane Smith, the co-founder and chief executive of Vice, the online news producer shaking up its old-school rivals, has predicted a “bloodbath” among the world’s biggest media companies as they fight for a future in an industry still coming to terms with digital disruption.Vice联合创始人兼首席执行官沙恩#8226;史密斯(Shane Smith)预言,在一个仍在艰难适应数字颠覆的行业里为未来而战的全球大型媒体公司,将经历一轮“血洗”。Vice是一家互联网新闻制作商,正在搅动传统新闻机构——它的竞争对手们。The 46-year-old former punk rocker turned media entrepreneur was speaking before he was set to deliver the prestigious McTaggart Lecture at the Edinburgh International TV Festival last night.现年46岁的史密斯曾是名朋克摇滚歌手,后来转行在媒体行业创业。昨晚他在爱丁堡国际电视节上发表“麦克塔格特”演讲(McTaggart Lecture,该演讲在全世界享有盛名),他在演讲前发表了上述言论。Mr Smith said that companies such as Rupert Murdoch’s 21st Century Fox, Viacom and Time Warner would look to consolidate as they face dwindling audiences and an increasingly disengaged younger generation of TV viewers.史密斯表示,面临观众不断减少,以及年轻一代电视观众日益疏离,鲁珀特#8226;默多克(Rupert Murdoch)的21世纪福克斯(21st Century Fox)以及维亚康姆(Viacom)和时代华纳(Time Warner)等公司将寻求整合。“You’ve aly seen huge consolidation this year, next year will be a bloodbath,” Mr Smith said ahead of his speech. 史密斯在演讲前表示:“今年已经出现了大规模整合,明年将出现一场‘血洗’。“Fox has aly made a bid for Time Warner, Apple has made a bid for Time Warner and also wants to buy Netflix. 福克斯已向时代华纳发出过一次收购要约,苹果(Apple)已提出想收购时代华纳,此外还打算收购Netflix。If Viacom continues its Shakespearean implosion — which is a glory for me to watch — we will have everyone snapping off bits.如果维亚康姆继续其戏剧化的内部崩塌——我乐于看到这一幕——它会彻底分崩离析。“In the next six months everyone is going to try and buy everyone else and we will be sitting there laughing our heads off.”“接下来这半年,每家公司都会试图收购别家公司,而我们将坐在那儿大笑着看好戏。”Mr Smith’s remarks come as the industry braces itself for further upheaval.史密斯发表这番言论之际,该行业正准备迎来进一步动荡。Univision’s announcement that it was buying Gawker Media last week was just the latest of a string of recent deals. Univision上周宣布将要购买Gawker Media,这是近期一连串交易中的最新一笔。In July Verizon bought Yahoo for .8bn, following its purchase of AOL for .4bn last year, while Comcast’s NUniversal recently acquired stakes in Vox Media and BuzzFeed.继去年以44亿美元收购了美国在线(AOL)之后,Verizon在今年7月以48亿美元收购了雅虎(Yahoo);而康卡斯特(Comcast)的N环球(N Universal)最近入股了Vox Media和BuzzFeed。The moves come as audiences for US cable television continue to fall, prompting a dip in crucial advertising revenues as viewers shift online to digital services such as Netflix or YouTube.在观众向Netflix和YouTube等线上数字务转移之际,美国有线电视观众持续减少,导致关键的广告收入减少。Consultants PwC forecast that US digital advertising revenues will overtake TV revenues for the first time next year.咨询公司普华永道(PwC)预测,美国数字广告营收明年将首次超过电视收入。Having risen to prominence five years ago when it pushed into online , Vice — which has a presence in 55 countries — is now a potential target for traditional media companies as they seek to reach its younger audiences.Vice在5年前进军在线视频业务,成为一家著名企业;它在55个国家开设了业务。眼下,在传统媒体公司寻求触及年轻观众之际,Vice成了它们的潜在目标。Last December Walt Disney spent 0m doubling its stake in Vice to about 10 per cent, a deal that valued the Brooklyn-based company at more than bn. Two years earlier Fox bought a 5 per cent stake for m.去年12月华特迪士尼(Walt Disney)斥资4亿美元,将自己在Vice的持股比例增加了一倍、至10%左右,这笔交易对这家总部位于纽约布鲁克林的公司的估值为逾40亿美元。两年前福克斯以7000万美元购买了Vice 5%的股份。Mr Smith was expected to tell the audience in Edinburgh last night: “There is a revolution going on in media. It’s scary, and it’s fast, and it’s going to be ugly#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;Only the most nimble and dynamic companies will survive.”史密斯昨晚在爱丁堡告诉观众:“媒体正在经历一场革命。这场革命非常可怕,速度极快,而且将变得很难看……只有那些最灵活、最有活力的企业会生存下来。” /201608/462853





  This spring, four years after the nuclear accident at Fukushima, a small group of scientists met in Tokyo to evaluate the deadly aftermath.今年春天,也就是福岛核事故的四年后,一小群科学家在东京会晤,旨在评估该事故造成的致命性后果。No one has been killed or sickened by the radiation — a point confirmed last month by the International Atomic Energy Agency. Even among Fukushima workers, the number of additional cancer cases in coming years is expected to be so low as to be undetectable, a blip impossible to discern against the statistical background noise.一个月前,国际原子能机构(International Atomic Energy Agency)实,此次事件中无人因辐射患病或死亡。即使是在福岛核电站的工作人员中,预计未来几年增加的癌症病例数也极少,难以与统计学背景噪音相区分。But about 1,600 people died from the stress of the evacuation — one that some scientists believe was not justified by the relatively moderate radiation levels at the Japanese nuclear plant.然而,却有约1600人因疏散带来的压力死亡。与会的一名科学家认为,以日本核电站相对中等的辐射暴露水平,出现如此多的死亡案例并不合理。Epidemiologists speak of “stochastic deaths,” those they predict will happen in the future because of radiation or some other risk. With no names attached to the numbers, they remain an abstraction.流行病学家提出了“随机死亡”一说,他们预测,因为辐射或其他危险,未来会发生这种情况。1600这个数字没有对应的名字,他们只是一个抽象的概念。But these other deaths were immediate and unequivocally real.但这些死亡案例是切切实实发生的事实。“The government basically panicked,” said Dr. Mohan Doss, a medical physicist who spoke at the Tokyo meeting, when I called him at his office at Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia. “When you evacuate a hospital intensive care unit, you cannot take patients to a high school and expect them to survive.”我前往费城拜访在东京会议上发过言的医学物理学家莫汉·多斯(Mohan Doss)士,在他的办公室里,他告诉我:“当时政府基本上已经慌了手脚。你把患者撤离了医院重症监护病房并转移到高中里,总不能指望他们还能活得好好的。”Among other victims were residents of nursing homes. And there were the suicides. “It was the fear of radiation that ended up killing people,” he said.类似的受害者还有住在养老院的人。此外还有自杀者。多斯士表示:“可以说,是对辐射的恐惧最终造成了人们的死亡。”Most of the fallout was swept out to sea by easterly winds, and the rest was dispersed and diluted over the land. Had the evacuees stayed home, their cumulative exposure over four years, in the most intensely radioactive locations, would have been about 70 millisieverts — roughly comparable to receiving a high-resolution whole-body diagnostic scan each year. But those hot spots were anomalies.其实,大部分的放射性沉降物都已经被东风清扫到海上去了,剩下的那些在扩散作用下,单位土地上的浓度也已经降到很低。倘若那些被疏散的人员留在家里,即使是在辐射最强的地区,他们四年受到的累积辐射暴露剂量大约也只有70毫西弗,大致相当于每年接受一次高分辨率全身扫描诊断。需要注意的是,这些核热点地区还都是异常环境。By Dr. Doss’s calculations, most residents would have received much less, about 4 millisieverts a year. The average annual exposure from the natural background radiation of the earth is 2.4 millisieverts.根据多斯士的计算,在不撤离的情况下,大部分居民受到的辐射应该也少得多,约为每年4毫西弗。而地球的年平均天然本底辐射就有2.4毫西弗。How the added effect of the fallout would have compared with that of the evacuation depends on the validity of the “linear no-threshold model,” which assumes that any amount of radiation, no matter how small, causes some harm.要比较放射性沉降物与疏散行动这两者的附加影响,依赖于“线性无阈值模型”的有效性,而该模型假定,任何剂量的辐射——哪怕它非常非常小——都会造成一定的危害。Dr. Doss is among scientists who question that supposition, one built into the world’s radiation standards. Below a certain threshold, they argue, low doses are harmless and possibly even beneficial — a long-debated phenomenon called radiation hormesis.该假设是构成全球防辐射标准的组成部分之一,但多斯士等科学家对它提出了质疑。他们认为,只要低于某一特定的阈值,低剂量的辐射就是无害的,甚至还可能是有益的,这就要说到一种长期饱受争议的现象,称为辐射兴奋效应(radiation hormesis)。Recently he and two other researchers, Carol S. Marcus of Harbor-U.C.L.A. Medical Center in Los Angeles and Mark L. Miller of Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, petitioned the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to revise its rules to avoid overreactions to what may be nonexistent threats.最近,多斯士和其他两名研究人员:加州大学洛杉矶分校港口医疗中心(Harbor-U.C.L.A. Medical Center,位于洛杉矶)的卡罗尔·S·马库斯(Carol S. Marcus)以及桑迪亚国家实验室(Sandia National Laboratories,位于阿尔伯克基市)的马克·L·米勒(Mark L. Miller of Sandia)一同上书美国核能管理委员会(Nuclear Regulatory Commission),要求修订有关法规,已避免人们对可能并不存在的威胁反应过度。The period for public comments is still open, and when it is over, there will be a mass of conflicting evidence to puzzle through.目前仍处于公开征求意见期间,等这一阶段结束后,还有一大堆相互矛盾的据有待探讨和研究。A full sievert of radiation is believed to eventually cause fatal cancers in about 5 percent of the people exposed. Under the linear no-threshold model, a millisievert would impose one-one thousandth of the risk: 0.005 percent, or five deadly cancers in a population of 100,000.一般认为,一个西弗的辐射最终会引起5%的受暴露者中发生致命性癌症。在线性无阈值模型中,辐射剂量每增加一毫西弗,就会将该风险相应提高千分之一,也就是0.005%,换句话说,每10万人中将增加5例致命性癌症。About twice that many people were evacuated from a 20-kilometer area near the Fukushima reactors. By avoiding what would have been an average cumulative exposure of 16 millisieverts, the number of cancer deaths prevented was perhaps 160, or 10 percent of the total who died in the evacuation itself.从福岛反应堆方圆20公里范围内疏散的人数约有20万。按照上面的计算,规避了该地区平均16毫西弗的累积暴露辐射剂量后,可防止160人因癌症死亡,只占疏散行动本身造成的总死亡人数的1/10。But that estimate assumes the validity of the current standards. If low levels of radiation are less harmful, then the fallout might not have caused any increase in the cancer rate.而且上述估算值还是在假设当前标准有效的前提下做出的。倘若低水平的辐射危害性低于预设,那么这些放射性沉降物很可能根本不会引起癌症患病率的增加。The idea of hormesis goes further, proposing that weak radiation can actually reduce a person’s risk. Life evolved in a mildly radioactive environment, and some laboratory experiments and animal studies indicate that low exposures unleash protective antioxidants and stimulate the immune system, conceivably protecting against cancers of all kinds.辐射兴奋效应的概念又进一步提出,微弱的辐射反而会降低个人的风险。生命的演化本来就是在轻度的放射性环境中发生的,还有一些实验室实验和动物研究表明,低水平的辐射暴露可激发保护性抗氧化剂并刺激免疫系统,据此可以相信这对多种癌症都有预防作用。Epidemiological studies of survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki have been interpreted both ways — as demonstrating and refuting hormesis. But because radiation regulations assume there is no safe level, clinical trials testing low-dose therapy have been impossible to conduct.在关于广岛和长崎核爆幸存者的流行病学研究中,持和反驳辐射兴奋效应的解读皆有之。但防辐射法规假定并不存在“安全的辐射水平”,使得人们无法进行测试低剂量辐射疗法的临床试验。One experiment, however, occurred inadvertently three decades ago in Taiwan after about 200 buildings housing 10,000 people were constructed from steel contaminated with radioactive cobalt. Over the years, residents were exposed to an average dose of about 10.5 millisieverts a year, more than double the estimated average for Fukushima.一次意外事故却给研究者带来了一个实验的机会。三十年前,台湾约200栋楼房的建筑钢筋受到了放射性钴的污染,涉及1万名居民。多年来,他们的年平均辐射暴露剂量约为10.5毫西弗,是福岛居民平均估计值的两倍以上。Yet a study in 2006 found fewer cancer cases compared with the general public: 95, when 115 were expected.但2006年的一项研究发现,与普通民众相比,这些居民中的癌症病例反而减少了(预期为115例,实际为95例)。Neither the abstract of the paper nor of a second one published two years later mention the overall decrease. (The authors speculated that the apartment dwellers may have been healthier than the population at large.) The focus instead was on weaker results suggesting a few excess leukemia and breast cancer cases — and on a parsing of the data showing an overall increased cancer risk for residents exposed before age 30.该论文的摘要及两年后发表的第二篇论文都没有提到总共减少了多少病例。(作者推测,这些公寓居民可能比普通民众更为健康)相反,这些论文将重点放在了一些说力较弱的结果之上:白血病和乳腺癌病例略有增加,还有一项数据分析显示,总体而言,在30岁前受到辐射的居民中癌症风险有所增加。More recently, a study of radon by a Johns Hopkins scientist suggested that people living with higher concentrations of the radioactive gas had correspondingly lower rates of lung cancer. If so, then homeowners investing in radon mitigation to meet federal safety standards may be slightly increasing their cancer risk. These and similar findings have also been disputed.最近,约翰斯·霍普金斯大学(Johns Hopkins)的科学家进行了一项关于氡气的研究,结果表明,生活在较高浓度的这种放射性气体中的人肺癌的发生率相对较低。如果是这样的话,出资设法降低氡气浓度以满足联邦安全标准的业主们可能正好适得其反——反倒稍微增加了自己的癌症风险。只是,诸如此类的研究结果也一直存在着争议。All research like this is bedeviled by “confounders” — differences between populations that must be accounted for. Some are fairly easy (older people and smokers naturally get more cancer), but there is always some statistical wiggle room. As with so many issues, what should be a scientific argument becomes rhetorical, with opposing interest groups looking at the data with just the right squint to resolve it according to their needs.所有这些研究都受到“混杂因素”的困扰,也就是说,他们必须考虑到人群之间的某些差异。有些混杂因素相当简单(老年人和吸烟者自然更容易得癌症),不过,在统计学上对此也往往留有校正的余地。由于存在这许多问题,原本应该是科学争论的东西变成了文字游戏,对立的利益集团从自己的需要出发,只看那些有利于自己的数据,却刻意忽视了其他。There is more here at stake than agonizing over irreversible acts, like the evacuation of Fukushima. Fear of radiation, even when diluted to homeopathic portions, compels people to forgo lifesaving diagnostic tests and radiotherapies.与其去纠结福岛疏散行动等不可逆的行为,眼下还有更多利害攸关的事。人们对辐射——哪怕是稀薄到顺势疗法的那种极低水平的辐射也满怀恐惧,以至于放弃了可以挽救生命的诊断测试和放射治疗。We’re bad at balancing risks, we humans, and we live in a world of continual uncertainty. Trying to avoid the horrors we imagine, we risk creating ones that are real.人类并不擅长在风险与我们自己之间权衡,更何况,我们还生活在一个充满了不确定性的世界里。为了躲避想像中的危机,我们往往宁愿甘冒风险,哪怕此举会酿出真正的祸事来。 /201510/402139A survey showed 28.4 percent of young Chinese spend more than what they earn each month, while 45.4 percent said they still occasionally need financial support from their parents.一项调查显示,28.4%的中国青年每月工资会透,45.4%的青年在平时生活中会偶尔需要父母的经济资助。The survey, jointly conducted last week by China Youth Daily and Wenjuan.com among 1,571 young people in the 19-35 age group, also found that 26.2 percent of the respondents are barely able to make ends meet.上周,这项由《中国青年报》联合问卷网,对1571名19岁至35岁青年进行的调查显示,26.2%的受访者勉强处于收平衡的情况。While 45.4 percent spend less than what they earn, only 4.3 percent said their monthly income far exceeds spending.尽管有45.4%的受访者表示能够有所富余,但其中仅有4.3%的人表示会富余较多。According to the data, 51.2 percent of respondents hope ;a certain proportion of their monthly income would remain; after necessary spending, while 69.4 percent believe young people should plan their consumption and raise wealth management awareness.据调查数据显示,有51.2%的受访者希望每月在必要开销之外能够有一定的富余资金,而约69.4%的受访青年认为,年轻人应该学会制定自己的消费计划,同时也要提高理财意识。Zhang Ye, a native from Hunan Province who works at a state-owned enterprise in Beijing, said the rent she pays for her apartment almost accounts for half of her monthly income and little money is left after spending on meals, transport and socializing.在北京某国企工作的湖南女孩张叶表示,每月房租几乎占了她一半收入,平时除了吃饭、交通等费用以及社交等花销之外,每月工资的状况是“所剩无几”。Wang Min (a pseudonym), a middle school teacher based in Tangshan of Hebei Province, said children should learn to budget and that part of their spending results from peer pressure.河北省唐山市某中学教师王敏(化名)认为,现在的孩子应该要从小学习规划预算。此外,同龄人带来的压力也是他们花钱的原因之一。;Take electronic products for example. Many young people#39;s bills keep rising as they rapidly update their electronic gear,; Wang said. ;Many of the replaced products might not have broken down; they were just not the #39;latest#39;.;王敏说道:“拿电子产品消费来说,随着电子商品的快速更新换代,许多年轻人的消费账单也跟着堆积。很多电子产品被更换可能并非因为坏掉了,只是因为不是最新品而已。” /201608/463782


  Indians deported from China for sex offense印度人因性侵犯而被从中国驱逐BEIJING: Two Indian visitors who had been detained by the police for molesting an young girl were deported back to India on Thursday. They were in policy custody for eight days after a 17-year old Taiwanese girl complained that she had been molested by them in the elevator of a Beijing hotel on July 7.2名印度游客因猥亵一名年轻女孩而被警方逮捕,并于周四被驱逐回印度。据报道,一名17岁台湾女孩投诉7月7日那天在北京一家酒店的电梯被两名印度游客猥亵。后来两名印度游客被警方拘留了8天。The two men from Haryana, aged 28 and 50, initially denied the accusation but records in the cctv camera proved them wrong. They later admitted what they did, police sources said.两名印度人分别是28岁和50岁,来自哈里亚纳邦。他们最初否认相关指控,然而摄像头记录的视频明他们是撒谎的。警方称, 他们后来承认了自己的罪行。They initially asked for a selfie before trying to get rough with her. Even after the lift came down from the 10th floor and the girl tried to leave, the two men dragged her back to the lift.两人最初是要求和她一起自拍,然后想对她动粗。甚至电梯从10楼下来后,女孩想走出电梯,然而两名印度男子扔把她拽回电梯。The two were kept in a detention camp in the outskirts of the city两名印度人被拘留在郊区的一个拘押营Both work for a Kolkata based tea company. One of them is the father of two children, and the other one has grand children, reports said.据悉,两人都是为总部在加尔各答的茶叶公司工作。据报道,其中一人是两个孩子的父亲,另一人已经有了孙子。 /201607/454804。




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