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On spring days like today, it is traditional for us to ponder the steer of the world all you are to help to make it a better place which implies things are somehow worse today, then were up here where you are sitting right now. Im not so sure the plan of the earth, it was shape, was thirty, no eighteen, no four years ago. Thats not to say some better shape either. Refraining from waxing, steering engine, comparing ours then to yours now, avoiding any talk of you kids these days, with your rap, your hip-hop, your snoopy dog, daddies with daddy pops, with your feety sects, sending your quarter sense. A sober look shows that just as the world has gotten to be a better place after all, it has also grown a bit worse, at the exact same rate. One step up, one step back to the cosmic balance between forward progress and cultural trade, it puts mankind on a belt curve as an existence. It shows small segments of joy, ease, and comfort on equal proportion struggle on with little hope, when the fortune remains, the either on the rise, on the winning, on this confounding tight so many damn things we grow oblivious to the shifts in the quality of our lives. Graduation day is a proper occasion to put a toe in the global waters, and I think the mercury shows that things are much as they always have been.在今天的场合,照例该说些指点江山、勉励各位通过努力让世界变得更好的场面话。似乎是说现在的这个世界每况愈下,一代不如一代,我们来这里拯救世界。其实,跟三十年、十八年或四年前比起来,我并不觉得今天的世界变得更糟,只是,也没有变得更好。不提打蜡技术、蒸汽操舵装置,不拿我们那时候的和你们现在的比较,避免说一些你们现在的话题,你们的说唱乐,嘻哈乐,史努比,称daddy为pop……不过冷静地观察一下,其实世界变得愈来愈好,但有些方面同时变得愈来愈糟。人类就是这样,前进一步倒退一步,永远沿曲线前进。经过适当的拼搏,它带来短时间的幸福、轻松和舒适。当运气还在,但既不上升也不能让我们获得成功,这个混淆的世界有太多的事情,让我们察觉不到我们生活质量的改变。毕业时正是我们可以在国际大形势下一试身手的时候,我认为事物还是他们一直以来的样子。201406/305858

I want to send my very best wishes to everyone observing the holy month of Ramadan. This is an incredibly special time of year for Muslims at home and abroad a time for charity, for contemplation and community. First, charity. This is one of the things that Islam is all about. Here in Britain, Muslims are our biggest donors – they give more to charity than any other faith group. We see this spirit of giving all year round from the mosques running sports clubs for local children to the Muslim groups selling poppies for Remembrance Day, to those people from around the country who put their wellies on, rolled their sleeves up, and went to help the families hit hardest by this winters storms. Ramadan is a time when that spirit comes to the fore and I am so proud when I hear, every year, about the millions of pounds raised for good causes for those less fortunate than us here in Britain, and those who are suffering in wars and in famines overseas. Second, Ramadan is a time for contemplation to fast, and to pray, and to think deeply about others. This Ramadan, I hope that we can reflect upon a key aspect of our shared history, the bravery of those who fought and died for our freedoms nearly 100 years ago. Just days after Eid, we will be marking 100 years since the First World War. More than a million men and boys from India fought with our troops during that conflict and many thousands of them were Muslims. They travelled across the world to fight to defend our freedom, guided and sustained by their bravery, comradeship, and, above all, by their faith. Their selflessness and their courage helped to secure the liberties we all enjoy today, so this Ramadan – and this centenary – we will remember them and reflect upon their sacrifice. Third, Ramadan is a time for community. And there is nothing that exemplifies this more than those nightly afters, when the fast is broken, the dates are opened, and all that great food is served. Last year I was delighted to see how many community iftars were taking place across the country, in mosques and in community centres, in parks and even in tents. Again this year Government is supporting the Big Iftar programme, with hundreds more communities, from Leeds to Luton, Woking to Manchester, throwing open their doors, so that people of all faiths and none can break b and get to know their neighbours. So wherever you are this holy month, let me wish you, once again, Ramadan Mubarak.201503/364373

But they shouldnt lose what theyve aly worked so hard to build in the process.但是,他们不应当失去他们这么多年辛勤工作所获得的东西。Thats why Social Security and Medicare are more important than ever; we shouldnt weaken them, we should strengthen them.这也是社会保障及医疗保险制度在今天尤为重要的原因;它们不该被弱化,而应进一步加强。And for Americans short of retirement, basic benefits should be just as mobile as everything else is today.对于退休年龄较晚的美国人,基本福利应与当今的其他事物一样尽可能移动化。That by the wya is what the Affordable Care Act is all about. Its about filling the gaps in employer-based care so that when you lose a job, or you go back to school, or you strike up and launch that new business, youll still have coverage.这就是《平价医疗法案》的意义所在。这个法案旨在填补基于雇主的医疗保险系统的空缺,我们失业、返校求学或创业时,依然能享受医疗保障。Nearly eighteen million people have gained coverage so far.目前为止,已有近1800万人受益。And, in the process, in the process.在此过程中..Health care inflation has slowed. 医疗费用通胀也有所缓解。And our businesses have created jobs every single month since it became law.自法案实施起,我们的企业每个月都能创造新的工作岗位。Now, Im guessing we wont agree on health care anytime soon.我想我们在短期内还无法就医疗保险制度达成共识。But there should be other ways both parties can work together to improve economic security.但两党可以在改进经济保障制度的问题上采取一些新的措施。Say a hardworking American loses his job - we shouldnt just make sure that he can get unemployment insurance; we should make sure that program encourages him to retrain for a business thats y to hire him.假设一位辛勤工作的美国人丢了工作,我们不该仅仅确保他能获得失业保险,而应确保这个制度能够持他接受再培训以胜任新的工作。If that new job doesnt pay as much, there should be a system of wage insurance in place so that he can still pay his bills.如果这份新工作的报酬不如上一份工作,那么就该有薪酬保障制度保他能养活自己。And even if hes going from job to job, he should still be able to save for retirement and take his savings with him.即使他一直在换工作,也还能为退休储蓄并能配自己的积蓄。Thats the way we make the new economy work better for everyone.这就是我们让大家更好地受益于新经济的方式。I also know Speaker Ryan has talked about his interest in tackling poverty.我知道国会众议院发言人保罗 瑞恩提到过他对解决贫困问题的看法。201602/425175Oh my goodness! Im at Harvard! Wow!我的天哪!我在哈佛!哇塞!To President Faust, my fellow honor ands, Carl, that was so beautiful, thank you so much, and James Rothenberg, Stephanie Wilson, Harvard faculty with a special bow to my friend Dr. Henry Lewis Gates.尊敬的Faust校长、和我一起获得荣誉学位的各位,Carl(注:Carl Muller哈佛校友会主席),真是太棒了,谢谢你们!还有James Rothenberg,Stephanie Wilson和哈佛的教职工们,特别感谢我的朋友Henry Lewis Gates士(注:美国知名黑人教授)!All of you alumni with a special bow to the class of 88, your hundred fifteen million dollars. And to you, members of the Harvard class of 2013! Hello!感谢所有的哈佛校友,特别要感谢88届的毕业生,你们为哈佛捐出了一亿一千五百万美元(注:哈佛历史上最多的一次同一班次校友捐款)。所有2013届的各位毕业生们!大家好!I thank you for allowing me to be a part of the conclusion of this chapter of your lives and the commencement of your next chapter.感谢你们让我成为你们人生这一篇章的结束与下一篇章开始的纽带。To say that Im honored doesnt even begin to quantify the depth of gratitude that really accompanies an honorary doctorate from Harvard.对我而言,荣幸根本无法表达我内心深处对哈佛授予我荣誉学位的感激之情。Not too many little girls from rural Mississippi have made it all the way here to Cambridge.不是每个来自密西西比州的农村小姑娘都能来到剑桥城的(注:哈佛位于波士顿郊剑桥城)。And I can tell you that I consider today as I sat on the stage this morning getting teary for you all and then teary for myself, I consider today a defining milestone in a very long and a blessed journey.我可以告诉你们,当我今天早上坐在这个台上,为你们和我自己流下眼泪的时候,我觉得今天是我漫长并被祝福的人生旅途中的一个里程碑。My one hope today is that I can be a source of some inspiration.我希望今天我能为你们带来一些启发。Im going to address my remarks to anybody who has ever felt inferior or felt disadvantaged, felt screwed by life, this is a speech for the quad.我的演讲是为那些曾在人生中感到自卑或觉得自己没有优势,甚至觉得生活一团糟的人,这就是我给哈佛带来的演讲。Actually I was so honored I wanted to do something really special for you.我真的感到很荣幸,因此我想为你们做些特别的事。I wanted to be able to have you look under your seats and there would be free master and doctor degrees but I see you got that covered aly.我想要跟你们说,请看你们座位下面有免费硕士或士学位书,但是我发现你们已经有了。I will be honest with you. I felt a lot of pressure over the past few weeks to come up with something that I could share with you that you hadnt heard before because after all you all went to Harvard, I did not.说实话,过去几个星期我压力很大,因为我想要跟你们分享一些你们从没听到过的东西,毕竟你们都上了哈佛,而我没有。But then I realized that you dont have to necessarily go to Harvard to have a driven obsessive Type A personality. But it helps.但后来我意识到其实并不是一定要上哈佛才能有一个驱动性强迫型的A型人格,当然上了哈佛还是有帮助的。And while I may not have graduated from here I admit that my personality is about as Harvard as they come.虽然我没有从哈佛毕业,但我认为我的性格和哈佛的毕业生是一样的。You know my television career began unexpectedly.大家都知道,我的电视事业生涯开始的出乎意料。As you heard this morning I was in the Miss Fire Prevention contest.正如你们早上听到的,我当时在参加“防火”比赛。That was when I was 16 years old in Nashville, Tennessee and you had the requirement of having to have red hair in order to win up until the year that I entered.那年我16岁(注:奥普拉出生于1954年,今年59岁),在田纳西州的纳什维尔。在我参加比赛那年之前,想赢的话你必须得是红头发女孩。So they were doing the question and answer period because I knew I wasnt going to win under the swimsuit competition.在进行问答环节时,由于我知道我在泳装比赛中无法取胜。So during the question and answer period the question came ;Why, young lady, what would you like to be when you grow up?;所以当问答环节问道:“年轻的女士,你长大后想做什么?”And by the time they got to me all the good answers were gone.等轮到我回答的时候,好都被之前的参赛者说完了。201507/386964

黛拉.高登与她的学生一起,拿着一把日产标记笔和一台满是尘土的挖土机,挖开了亚利桑那州荒漠地区的蚁群,试图研究复杂系统(是如何运作的)。201505/375904Hi,everybody.Seven years after the worst economic crisis in generations,our economy continues to grow and create jobs.In fact,our businesses have created 13 million new jobs over the past five and a half years.大家好!我们此生遭遇的最严重的经济危机已经过去七年了,现在我国经济持续增长,就业增加。总体而言,我国企业在过去的五年半时间里共创造1300万个就业岗位。But if we want to keep this momentum going-to make sure that working families feel like their hard work is being rewarded with a basic sense of security-then we all need to do our part.但如果我们想要继续保持这一发展势头,我们都需要做好自己的工作。要确保工薪家庭感受到,他们辛勤的付出可以换回基本的保障和安全感。Thats why my Administration has been partnering with states and cities to help grow the middle class.Over the past few years,nearly 20 cities and counties have implemented paid sick days.Six states have enacted paid sick days or paid family leave.Seventeen states,and more than two dozen cities and counties,have raised their minimum wage.All of this will help working families.And across the country,folks are proving that preparing all our kids for the future doesnt have to be a partisan issue.Seattle,a city with a Democratic mayor,just passed universal pre-k,while Indianapolis,a city with a Republican mayor,is starting citywide preschool scholarships.All told,34 states have increased funding for preschool.And thats good for all of us.正是基于这一点,本届政府一直与各州、各市政府合作,帮助中产阶级成长。在过去的几年里,有将近20个市郡实施了带薪病假制度。6个州实施了带薪病假或带薪探亲假制度。有17个州以及24个市郡提高了当地的最低工资标准。这些都将为工薪家庭带来帮助。纵观全国各地,人们正在不断明,让我们的孩子们为未来做好准备并不是什么党派之争的问题。由民主党人担任市长的西雅图市刚刚通过全面的幼儿早教计划;而由共和党员担任市长的印第安纳波利斯市,则正在全市实施学前教育奖学金制度。全国而言,有34个州增加了在学前教育上的资金投入。这些对我们来说都是好消息。Now,we need Congress to do its part to boost the economy,as well.Unfortunately,Congress left town for five full weeks-and they left behind a stack of unfinished business.For the first time ever,Congress failed to reauthorize the Export-Import Bank.That left thousands of business owners and their employees at a serious disadvantage compared to their competitors overseas.Thats not good for jobs. Its not good for our economy.When it returns from recess,reauthorizing the bank ought to be a top agenda for members of Congress.现在,我们需要国会也做好他们自身的工作,提振经济。不幸的是,国会休假整整5个星期,留下一大堆没有完成的工作。国会首次未能完成对进出口的重新授权。这让成千上万的企业主以及他们的雇员们在面对海外竞争者的时候处于极为不利的位置。这对于增长就业而言有害而无益。对经济发展也是有害而无益的。等他们休假回来之后,对该的重新授权必须作为国会所有议员们最重要的头等大事。Congress also hasnt passed a budget-and when they return from vacation,theyll only have a few weeks to do so,or shut down the government for the second time in two years.Theyve had all year to do this.Months ago,I put forward a detailed plan to strengthen our economy and our national security in a fiscally responsible way.And for months,Ive said I will veto any budget that locks in the sequester—those senseless cuts to domestic and national security priorities.Remember,we cant cut our way to prosperity.We should be investing in things that help our economy grow today and tomorrow,like education or infrastructure or scientific research.此外,国会也未能通过预算法案,等他们休假回来之后,就只剩短短几周时间来完成此事,否则,政府将发生两年内第二次关门事件。他们本来是有时间把这件事做好的。几个月前,我提出了一份详细的预算方案,通过合理的财政资金使用方式巩固经济发展,增强民众安全感。几个月来,我也说过我将否决任何锁定自动减赤计划的预算方案,这种对国内和国防安全重要出的削减毫无意义。请记住,我们不能砍断我们通向繁荣的道路。我们应该继续在能够帮助我们实现当前和未来繁荣的领域进行投资,比如说教育、基础设施建设以及科学研究等领域。Democrats in Congress have made it clear theyre y to sit down and work with Republicans to find common ground on this.After all,Americans expect Congress to help keep our country strong and growing-not threaten to shut down our government.When Congress gets back,they should prevent a shutdown,pass a responsible budget,and prove that this is a country that looks forward-a country that invests in our future,and keeps our economy growing for all Americans.国会的民主党人已经明确表示,他们已经准备好坐下来与共和党人合作,在这一点上寻找共同的基础。无论如何,美国人民都希望国会能够保持我们的经济持续稳健增长,而不是威胁着要让政府关门。等国会放假回来,他们应该避免政府关门,通过一份合理的预算方案,向世人明,这个国家是面向未来的,这个国家关注并投资于我们的未来,保持经济不断发展,为所有美国人民务。Thanks,everybody and have a great weekend.谢谢大家。祝大家周末愉快!201508/394980在TED U的一场充满活力的演示中,安玛丽·托马斯展示了两种不同风格的自制橡皮泥,这些橡皮泥能用于演示电气性能 — 通过点亮LED灯,让马达旋转,这把小孩子们变成了电路设计师。201505/375918

This time it may be different, because there has been a shift in power from the regional to the central authorities, and the local officials of the banks are no longer under the control of the local provincial authorities — but success cannot be taken for granted. Moreover, China may be dragged by a global slowdown. But if Cbhina flounders, the global economy loses its motor. Therefore the relative success of China is more assured than its absolute success.这一次,也许有所不同,因为权力从地方转移到了中央,地方的官员不再受省级机关管辖。尽管如此,成功也不能被视作理所当 然。此外,中国的经济发展可能会受困于全球经济衰退。但如果中国出了问题,全球经济就会失去了动力。因此,中国会获得相对成功而不是绝对的成功。We are at a moment in history which, in some ways, is comparable to the end of the Second World War. Then the prevailing system had actually collapsed and a new one had to be built from scratch. At Bretton Woods, the victorious powers proved equal to the task. Inspired mainly by Lord Keynes, they built a system that could accommodate the entire world even if the ed States was more equal than others. Now, the prevailing multilateral system — call it international capitalism — did not fully collapse but it has been greatly weakened, its inherent flaws have been revealed, and it is challenged by a viable alternative. The rise of China offers a fundamentally different form of economic organization than the current international financial system. It may be given the label of ;state capitalism; as distinct from the international capitalism championed by the Washington Consensus.从某些方面来说,我们现在所处的历史时刻堪比二战末期。那时,主宰体系实际已经崩溃,一个新的体系亟待建立。战胜国在布雷顿森林会议上实了这一任务的公平性。在凯恩斯勋爵的启发下,他们建立了一个能容纳全世界的体系,尽管美国享有“更平等”的权利。当前,居于主导地位的被称作国际资本主义多边体系尽管还没有彻底瓦解,但已被大大削弱。它的内在缺陷已暴露,而且面临着被一个可行的体系替代的威胁。中国的崛起提供了一个与目前国际金融体系截然不同的经济组织形式。它可能会被贴上“国家资本主义”的标签,以区别于《华盛顿共识》所倡导的“国际资本主义”。201409/331586

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