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重庆激光脱毛哪里好重庆除皱的费用重庆女生腿毛多怎么办 3.Sherlock3.神探夏洛克What do American audiences think of the B One series ;Sherlock;? It elementary: Theyre mad about it.提起B的电视剧《神探夏洛克,美国观众会想到什么?它的基本演绎法:他们对此非常痴迷In , the third season ratings on PBS averaged 6.6 million, an increase of more than million from the prior year.年,第三季在PBS播出,平均收视人数为660万,比上一年增长了0万This updated version of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle legendary detective stars Benedict Cumberbatch (;Star Trek Into Darkness,; ;The Imitation Game;) as the title character, with Martin Freeman (;The Office,; ;The Hobbit;) as the long-suffering war veteran and trusted companion Dr. John Watson.这部电视剧是对阿瑟·柯南·道尔所书写的传奇侦探故事的全新演绎,由本尼迪克特·康伯巴奇(出演过《星际迷航、《模仿游戏)领衔主演,马丁·弗里曼(出演过《办公室风云、《霍比特人)饰演一位经历过战争的退伍老兵,也是福尔斯值得信赖的伙伴约翰·华生医生Some episodes plots are similar to the original stories, but the entire series updates Holmes adventures. The Baker Street Irregulars include homeless Londoners and a graffiti artist.一些剧集的情节忠实于原著,但整体上是对福尔斯冒险历程的新演绎“贝克街小分队”包括无家可归的伦敦人和一位涂鸦艺术家Instead of writing down Holmes cases, Watson blogs about them. Also, Holmes sometimes-adversarial relationship with authority takes a 1st-century spin -- he sends taunting texts to the press.华生不再记录福尔斯的案件,而是全都写在客上同时,福尔斯与当局的对抗也具有1世纪的特点——他向新闻界寄送了嘲弄的信件.Broadchurch.小镇疑云This B series starts out grimly with the murder of a -year-old boy, but the gravity of the plot didnt lessen recognition of its quality.这部B电视剧以一个岁男孩之死冷酷开场,但压抑的情节并没有降低这部剧的高品质After ;Broadchurch; aired on B America in , it received the prestigious Peabody Award its storytelling excellence.年,《小镇疑云在B美国台播出,因其精的故事情节而获得享用盛名的皮迪奖Part of the series appeal is that, in addition to telling a first-class mystery, it also examines how the locals are affected by the tragedy. Family and friends reel from the death, the press interferes and tourism becomes endangered.这部剧的魅力在于,不仅营造了一流了神秘感,还展现了这场悲剧对当地人的影响家人与朋友因死亡而遭受负面影响,媒体干涉,旅游业面临危机The show stars a mer popular Doctor Who -- David Tennant -- as detective Alec Hardy. Newly arrived to the seaside town of Broadchurch, he is all business and nearly emotionless.本剧由前任神秘士——大卫·田纳特——饰演警探亚力克·哈迪他被调到Broadchurch这座海滨小镇上,他非常老练而且几乎不露感情Detective Sergeant Miller (Olivia Colman, ;The Iron Lady;), who had expected to get the inspector position, is resentful but also highly competent and sympathetic to the village residents.警探萨金特·米勒(奥利维亚·科尔曼饰,曾出演《铁娘子)本来有望得到巡官的职位,她虽心怀不满但办事能力强而且与全镇居民惺惺相惜Viewers tuned in to experience the complex nature of the series. Time magazine critic James Poniewozik wrote that ;Broadchurch; was ;a murder mystery that is about far more than its murder or its mystery.;观众们可以体验这部电视剧的复杂性时代杂志家詹姆斯·波尼沃泽科称《小镇疑云是“一个谋杀之谜,但远比谋杀或秘密复杂得多”1.Call the Midwife1.呼叫助产士Contractions just minutes apart! What do you do? ;Call the midwife!; This B One series, which airs on PBS, is based on a British midwife memoirs.宫缩时间间隔只有几分钟!你从事什么工作?《呼叫助产士这部B电视剧也在PBS播出,是一部英国助产士的回忆录Set in London poor East End during the 1950s, the title characters serve their neighborhood, riding bikes to take calls.故事发生在世纪50年代贫穷的伦敦东区,主人公们为她们的邻里务,骑着自行车出诊The realistic portrayals of pregnancy and childbirth fluctuate between joyful and heartbreaking. Other issues of the day, such as social class and mental illness, interweave with the birthing stories.这部电视剧真实地描绘了怀与生产,其中伴随着欢喜与悲伤产的故事中还掺杂着当时的其他问题,例如社会阶级与精神疾病The fourth season of ;Call the Midwife; has made a home itself on Sundays in , anchoring that night drama-heavy PBS lineup.《呼叫助产士第四季已确定于年每周日在PBS晚间播出During its third year, the show drew 3.6 million public television viewers: an increase of percent from the initial season. The midwives are on call to American audiences, as well.这部剧第三季播出时吸引了360万电视观众——比首季增加了%助产士们也为美国的观众随时待命 83018This candlestick is a perfect replica of Darth Vader lightsaber ndash; other than the part where it stands up on your dining table and holds a candle instead of emitting a plasma blade. Other than that, it identical.这款烛台模仿的是达斯bull;维德的光剑,它托着的是一蜡烛而不是等离子光剑最重要的是这是款独一无二的烛台 70内江做隆鼻手术需多少费用

重庆三军医大有哪些医生LOS ANGELES — It’s long, it’s classic and, a jury decided on Thursday, it’s an original.洛杉矶——它很长,它是经典,而且,这个星期四,法庭宣布它是原创的Led Zeppelin did not steal the opening riff of its rock anthem “Stairway to Heaven,” a federal jury ruled here, giving the band a victory in a copyright case in which millions of dollars were at stake.一个联邦陪审团宣判,“齐柏林飞艇”(Led Zeppelin)的摇滚名曲《通向天堂的阶梯(Stairway to Heaven)当中前奏的乐段并不是抄袭而来,令乐队在危及数百万美元利益的版权诉讼案中获胜The case pitted an obscure song from the margins of rock history against one of the canonical hits of the genre. The suit was filed two years ago by Michael Skidmore, a trustee the songs of Randy Wolfe, a member of the band Spirit. It contends that the Led Zeppelin members Jimmy Page and Robert Plant had lifted substantial portions of the Spirit song “Taurus,” from 1968, the beginning of “Stairway to Heaven,” which was released in 1971 and, by some estimates, has earned more than 0 million.这桩案件一头是来自摇滚史边缘的一首名不见经传的歌曲,另一头则是摇滚乐史上的经典名曲两年前,“精神”(Spirit)乐队成员兰迪·伍尔夫(Randy Wolfe)歌曲版权的管理人迈克尔·斯基德莫尔(Michael Skidmore)发起了这场诉讼它主张,“齐柏林飞艇”的成员吉米·佩奇(Jimmy Page)和罗伯特·普朗特(Robet Plant)剽窃了“精神”1968年的歌曲《金牛座(Taurus)中的重要段落,用在他们1971年发行的《通向天堂的阶梯开头,并且估计凭借这首歌赚取了多于五亿美元Mr. Wolfe died in 1997 and complained of the similarity in interviews but never brought a suit. The case was filed shortly after a Supreme Court ruling allowed copyright infringement cases to go ward even after long delays.伍尔夫于1997年逝世,他曾在访谈中抱怨过两首歌的相似之处,但从未提起诉讼这起诉讼是在最高法院做出裁决、开始受理长期延误的版权侵权案件之后不久提出的Lawyers Mr. Skidmore presented evidence showing that the bands crossed paths while touring early in their careers, as well as testimony from music experts saying that both songs shared a similar chord progression and, most distinctively, a descending bass line in a chromatic scale.斯基德莫尔的律师们呈上据,表明两乐队在事业生涯早期的巡演途中曾经碰面,来自音乐专家的词称,两首歌有共同的和弦走向,更明显的是,它们都有一条下行的半音音阶贝斯线Mr. Plant and Mr. Page both testified that “Stairway to Heaven” had been composed independently, and that while both bands had played on the same bill a handful of times, they did not recall ever seeing Spirit perm and had no familiarity with “Taurus” until the lawsuit was brought.普朗特和佩奇都作说,《通向天堂的阶梯的作曲是独立完成的,尽管两乐队曾经同台共同演过几次,他们都不记得看过“精神”的演出,在遭到诉讼之前,对《金牛座这首歌也并不熟悉“I didn’t remember it then, and I don’t remember it now,” Mr. Plant said.“我那时候不记得有这首歌,现在也不记得,”普朗特说The jury found that, although Mr. Page and Mr. Plant had access to “Taurus” bee the release of “Stairway to Heaven,” the two songs’ original elements did not contain enough similarities. Bee reaching the verdict on Thursday, the jury asked to listen to audio recordings of the introductions to both songs twice.陪审团发现,尽管佩奇和普朗特在《通向天堂的阶梯发行之前就有渠道听到《金牛座,但两首歌的原创成分并不具备足够的相似性在周四做出判决之前,陪审团两次要求聆听这两首歌曲前奏的录音“We are grateful the jury’s conscientious service and pleased that it has ruled in our favor, putting to rest questions about the origins of ‘Stairway to Heaven’ and confirming what we have known 5 years,” Mr. Plant and Mr. Page said in a statement on Thursday.“我们很感激陪审团认真的工作,也很高兴判决结果对我们有利,从而结束了对《通向天堂的阶梯来源的质疑,实了我们5年来确知的东西,”星期四,普朗特与佩奇在一份声明中说The plaintiff’s lawyer, Francis Malofiy, said an appeal was being considered.原告律师弗朗西斯·马洛菲伊(Francis Malofiy)说,原告正在考虑上诉The statute of limitations past copyright infringement is three years. The two sides presented widely different estimates of Led Zeppelin’s earnings from to , when the case was filed.已过去的版权侵权案的法定时效是三年该案件立案时,双方对“齐柏林飞艇”自年至年的收入给出了相差甚远的估算Experts the plaintiff pointed to a million music publishing deal that Mr. Page and Mr. Plant signed with Warner Music and suggested that a large portion of that could be attributed to “Stairway.” But later in the trial, an ant called by Led Zeppelin’s side put the amounts at ,000 Mr. Page and ,000 Mr. Plant.原告方的专家指出,佩奇与普朗特与华纳音乐公司签署了一份带来6000万美元收益的音乐版权发行合同,并认为其中有一大部分应当归于《通向天堂的阶梯名下但随着案件发展,“齐柏林飞艇”一方找来的会计师称,该合同为佩奇带来61.5万美元收益,为普朗特带来53.万美元收益The trial was the second major case in a year to involve copyright issues and the music industry, after Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams were ordered to pay .3 million to the family of Marvin Gaye over their hit “Blurred Lines.” That case, which has been appealed, has led to a wide debate in the music world over the limits of copyright protection, and whether the musical elements of homage — a song’s atmospherics, rhythms and overall “feel” — can cross the line into infringement.这桩诉讼案是今年以来涉及版权问题与音乐产业的第二桩重大案件,上一桩是罗宾·西克(Robin Thicke)与法瑞尔·威廉姆斯(Pharrell Williams)被判决为他们年的金曲《模糊的线(Blurred Lines)向马文·盖伊(Marvin Gaye)的家人付530万美元那桩案子正在上诉之中,也在音乐界激发了一场广泛的的讨论:版权保护究竟应当达到什么限度?一首歌中的氛围、节奏,以及整体“感觉”如果含有向其他音乐致敬的成分,那么是否构成侵犯版权? 5大足区治疗胎记多少钱 China office box sales are expected to exceed the total of billion yuan (6.8 billion U.S. dollars), the country film watchdog said.据中国电影监察机构日前表示,年中国票房总额有望超过年的0亿元人民币(折合68亿美元)Box office sales in the world second largest film market have posted average growth of 35 percent year on year since . In alone, it grew a whopping 8.7 percent, according to the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television (SARFT).据国家新闻出版广电总局介绍,自年以来,中国这一世界第二大电影市场的票房总额平均逐年增长35%仅仅在年,这一数字就猛增了8.7%The regulator said that although this year growth will be slightly lower than 35 percent due to the Chinese currency depreciation, the film market will still see robust growth.此外,广电总局还透露,虽然今年的票房增长受人民币贬值影响要稍低于35%,但是电影市场增长势头依旧强劲The country film output ranks third in the global market and is expected to exceed 700 by the end of . Sales of film rights to online sites raked in billion yuan (560 million U.S. dollars) in the same period.中国的电影产出量在全球市场上排行第三,有望到年年底突破700部同期,出售给网络视频网站的电影版权达到了近0亿元人民币(5.6亿美元)China box office sales have increased from 1 billion yuan to 0 billion yuan in the past decade as the industry has adopted more market-oriented rem measures.由于电影业采取了更为市场化的改革措施,中国的票房总额在过去几十年里从亿元人民币增长到了00亿元人民币By , annual box office sales are expected to reach 0 billion yuan, according to industry estimates.据行业估计,到年,我国年度票房有望达到00亿元人民币 8333四川重庆彩光祛斑费用

重庆吸脂价格Everybody loves the swimming pool. But how clean is the water in the average backyard or public pool? If you trust chlorine to take care of germs, you're in a surprise. 每个人都喜欢游泳但,普通的自家后院的泳池和公共泳池中的水干净吗?如果你信任氯的杀毒功效,本文会让你大吃一惊Chlorine and other disinfectants do indeed help to clean the water, but some germs can survive in even the best-kept pool. example, cryptosporidium may live in pool water several days. Crypto causes a diarrheal illness and may rinse off the bodies of infected people or diapered children into the pool. If you swallow infected pool water, you may become sick.氯和其他一些杀菌剂的确可以帮助净水,但就算在卫生条件最好的泳池里,一些细菌仍然能够存活比如,隐孢子虫能够引起人的腹泻,并可以在泳池中存活几天受感染者或使用尿布的儿童都能将隐孢子虫带到泳池内如果你呛了口有隐孢子虫滋生的池水,你可能会生病Other germs may live a few minutes or a few hours in a chlorinated pool: Giardia, Shigella, and E. Coli may cause diarrheal illnesses. Pseudomonas Aeruginosa may cause an ear infection called swimmer's ear and also a skin infection called "hot tub rash," that is usually associated with very warm pools and spas.在用氯消毒过的泳池内,有些细菌能够存活几分钟或是几小时:鞭毛虫,志贺氏杆菌,大肠杆菌它们都能引起腹泻通常,在水温较高的泳池和温泉中,绿脓杆菌能感染人的耳部和皮肤,导致游泳性耳炎和毛囊炎的发生While keeping the correct chlorine and ph levels will minimize water-borne illness, prevention is also a good idea. Keep diapered children in the water only brief periods and keep sick people out of the water altogether. And, don't ever swallow pool water.控制好水中的氯的含量和PH值会减少水传播疾病的可能,除此之外,做好防护工作也是一条可行之路不让还戴尿布的孩子长时间在水中逗留,生病的人都不要下水还有,不要呛到池水 78 3.Anguilla Eels Can Walk On Land3.安圭拉鳗能在陆地上行走Anguilla eels, commonly known as European eels, live in the lakes and waterways of northern Europe and the UK. Theyve been recorded at lengths of nearly meters (6.5 ft), though theyre normally only about half that size or smaller. But they dont always stay where theyre supposed to—Anguilla eels can leave the water and slither across dry land a short amount of time. They do this two reasons—the first is to feed, although they usually stick to insects and earthworms. The second reason is to migrate.安圭拉鳗一般称作欧洲鳗,生活在北欧和英国的湖泊、航道中根据记录,它们有近米(6.5英尺)长,尽管一般的要小一半或者更小但是它们并不总是待在人们认为它们应该待的地方——安圭拉鳗能离开水体,短时间内滑过干燥的陆地它们这样做有两个原因:其一是取食,尽管它们通常吃昆虫和蚯蚓;其二是迁徙Anguilla eels spend about years in the same lake. But they start and end their lives 6,500 kilometers (,000 mi) across the Atlantic in the Sargasso Sea. To get from their European lakes to the Atlantic, anguillas work their way up and down waterways using an as-yet-undiscovered navigation system. If the waterway is blocked—with a dam, example—the eels leave the water and cross fields and ests to the next stream or river. Environmentalists are actually using that unique ability to build climbable ;ladders; on dams and weirs to allow the eels to complete their migrations. On a slightly more terrifying note, the larger cousins of anguillas, conger eels, can also cross dry land, and also have the tendency to attack people.安圭拉鳗能在同一个湖泊里待上年左右但是它们生命的开始和结束却要跨越大西洋,在6500千米(000米)之外的马尾藻海里为了从欧洲的湖泊到达大西洋,安圭拉鳗借助各条航道完成自己的旅程——它们使用什么样的导航系统我们还不知晓如果航道堵塞——比如有水坝——这些鳗会离开水体,穿过田野和森林到达下一条小溪或小河环境学家就运用它们这种独特的能力在水坝上修建了;梯子;,让它们爬过去,完成迁徙有一点比较吓人,安圭拉鳗的亲戚,康吉鳗也能穿过干燥的陆地,并对人类也具有攻击性.The World Largest Migration Happens Every Day.世界上规模最大迁徙每天都在进行The Sargasso Sea is perhaps the most unique body of water in the world. It doesnt have any borders other than a series of converging currents that hold it roughly in the same place, even though it right in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. It a body of water within a body of water—the Gulf Stream, the North Atlantic Current, and the Canary Current all hit it on different sides, with the Sargasso Sea acting as the calm center. It was called the ;Sea of Lost Ships; by sailors because the air is unnaturally calm and ships could get stuck there days or weeks.马尾藻海应该是世界上最具特色的水体了它没有什么边界,只有一系列汇聚到一起的洋流可以大概确定它的位置,即使它就在大西洋中间这是一片水域之中的一部分——湾流、北大西洋暖流、加那利洋流都从不同方向汇聚其中,马尾藻海扮演着平静的中心的角色它被水手称为;迷船之海;,因为气流异常平静,船只可能被困上几天或几个星期Most importantly, the Sargasso Sea is an almost completely self-sufficient ecosystem. The sargassum, a floating seaweed that covers the surface of the sea, provides food and shelter thousands of species, which in turn provide food the sargassum through their waste. There are layers upon layers of marine life in the sea, from surface dwellers to deep-sea life over 5000 meters (,000 ft) down. And at night, it the setting the largest migration in the world—over 5,000 species comprising millions of sea creatures surge up from the deep to feed, then return to the bottom bee dawn.更重要的是,马尾藻海几乎是一个完全自给自足的生态体系果囊马尾藻是一种漂浮在洋面上的海藻,为成千上万种生物提供食物和庇护,动物的排泄物也反过来为海藻提供养料海里的生物一层叠一层,从海面直到深海超过5000米(000英尺)晚上,这里就是世界上最大规模迁徙的舞台——5000多种生物,总共几百万海洋生物,从深海突然出现,寻找食物,黎明前再回到海底1.Google Street View: Oceans1.谷歌街景:海洋Google Street View is a popular addition to Google Maps that lets you look at any location from street level. In , Google sent a fleet of cars around the world to photograph literally everything. Then they took the photos and composited them into a long string that lets you ;walk; any route with the click of a button. But that old news and hardly exciting.谷歌街景是谷歌地图的很受欢迎的附加功能,让你能用在街上的角度看任何地点年,谷歌在全世界派出一车队,为一切东西照相然后他们将照片合成一长串,让你点击一个钮就能;走;任何路线但是这已经不是新闻了,不值得兴奋Street View: Oceans is sort of the same thing, except instead of looking at your ex-girlfriend house you can stroll directly into the Great Barrier Reef, or any one of dozens of underwater spots sp across six oceans. Theyre adding more locations to the program as fast as they can, but so far they only have the reefs around the Galapagos Islands, Heron Island, Wilson Island, and Hanauma Bay, to name a few. This is part publicity stunt and part science project—while anyone can enjoy the tour, theyre also using the photos to monitor the growth (and decay) of the world most important coral reefs, which provide a combined home a full 5 percent of all marine life.街景:海洋也与此类似,除了你看不见前女友的房子,取而代之,你能直接在大堡礁里散步,或者走进六大洋几十个水下景点的任何一个他们正全速增加这个应用里的位置,但是目前为止为数不多,只有加拉帕戈斯群岛、苍鹭岛、威尔逊岛和恐龙湾等附近的珊瑚这一部分是公众信息特技,一部分是科学项目——当人人都可以享受这样的旅行时,他们也在用相片监管世界最重要的珊瑚的生长(和腐坏)情况,这些珊瑚是整整5%的海洋生命的大家庭翻译:罗惠月 来源:前十网 386761合川区中医院专治内江玻尿酸注射隆鼻



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