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The television program by that name would inspire;比尔教科学;这一电视节目激发了an entire generation to become interested in science and my guess is many of you are here this morning一整代人对科学的兴趣我猜 其中很多人今天早上都来到了这里How many of you remember who are fans of the show?有多少节目的粉丝 还记得这个节目He won 7 Emmy Awards for writing, performing and producing the show他由于节目剧作 表演和制片赢得过7次艾米奖The show won 18 Emmies in 5 years including 7 for sound design节目在五年间获得过18次艾米奖 包括7次音效设计奖which were shared by UMass Lowells sound recording technology alum该奖项的分享者包括马萨诸塞大学洛厄尔分校校友Tom McGurk whos here with us today今天也在现场的汤姆·麦格克He has since hosted 4 other television series比尔之后还主持过四部电视节目and continued to educate and entertain and fight他一直都在持续着教育 和奋斗for sciences place in education and in our national conversation让科学在我们的教育及国家对话中占有应有的位置His recent television appearances on the reality of danger of climate change他最近亮相的电视节目谈到了气候变化的现实威胁and the importance of science education have included以及科学教育的重要意义 包括Ns Meet the PressN节目;与媒体见面;CNNs CrossfireCNN节目;穿越火线;Late Night with Seth Meyers and last week, in a very, very funny piece;塞斯晚间脱口秀;上周 他又参与制作了很有趣的一期节目Tonight with John Oliver on HBO这是一期HBO节目;奥利弗秀;It was a great piece这一期非常棒201509/400875;OK,; I said, ;lets go for it.; 我说:“好。那我们就这么做吧。”The two became Lakers, and then it only remained to have a guru with mythical statistics, Phil Jackson. Another Hall of Famer added to my cup, which no doubt was runneth over. Another three championships, each one distinct and flavorful. 就这样,这两人成了湖人队的成员。就剩下菲尔·杰克逊这个有着神秘魔力的人物还没说到了。有了这样一个名人堂巨星在我的队伍里,我别提有多髙兴了。所以之后我们捧得了三年的冠军。每一次都贏得那么不同寻常。But chapter two had an ending as well. We had a few bad years. We missed the playoffs another time, the second in my 31 years. But good fortune was still on my side. He listened to my plea when I said ;Come back, Phil, come back!; I mixed in a little Spanish future Hall of Famer named Gasol, and voila! Another two championships. 这第二章的结局很好,但是之后我们又经历了一段糟糕的时间。 在我31年的职业生涯里,我们第二次错过了季后赛。不过,幸运之神还是眷頋我们。我哀求道:“回来吧,菲尔,回来吧丨”我招进了 有西班牙血统的、将来会在名人堂占有一席之地的加索尔。瞧吧,我们就又得到了两次冠军,Life is good, life is sweet. I am blessed with a wonderful family, who have helped me and guided me every step of the way. This support is the best anybody could ever have. I say thank you, my children. 生活是美好的,生活是甜美的。我有幸拥有这样美好的家庭,他们帮助我,指引我在这条道路上前进。这种持是相当难得的。孩子们,我要对你们说声谢谢。So you see its really not such a miracle Im here. These men put their hands together, their souls together, and brought me with them. And I thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart.;所以,我站在这里完全不是一个奇迹。是我们的队员们手拉着手,团结一心,把我带到这个奖台上的。我从心底里感谢每一个人。201401/272726

I have a story about following dreams.Or maybe more accurately, its a story about finding a path to make those dreams real.我给大家讲个追梦的故事,确切地说是一个将梦想变为现实的故事。 You know what its like,to wake up in the middle of the night with a vivid dream?And you know how, if you dont have a pencil and pad by the bed it will be completely gone by the next morning.I had one of those dreams when I was 23.When I suddenly woke up, I was thinking:what if we could download the whole web,and just keep the links and… I grabbed a pen and started writing!Sometimes it is important to wake up and stop dreaming.I spent the middle of that night scribbling out the details and convincing myself it would work.想想看:午夜你从美梦中醒来,然后躺下接着睡回笼觉,第二天早上准会把昨晚的美梦忘个精光。我23岁时,就做过这样的美梦。我猛然惊醒,想把所有的网络内容下载下来,通过链接的方式保存。于是,我抓起笔就开始写。还好我把握住机会,从梦里及时醒来,花了一整晚研究出实现方案,自信满满。Soon after, I told my advisor, Terry Winograd,it would take a couple of weeks for me to download the web -he nodded knowingly, fully aware it would take much longer but wise enough to not tell me.The optimism of youth is often underrated!Amazingly, at that time,I had no thought of building a search engine.The idea wasnt even on the radar.Much later we happened upon a better way of rankingand we made a really great search engine,and Google was born.When a really great dream shows up, grab it!When I was here at Michigan,I had actually been taught how to make dreams real!我对导师Terry Winograd说:下载整个网络需要几周时间。他点点头,其实心里清楚需要更久。但他很明智,没打击我。年轻人的不可小视!不过那时,创造一个搜索引擎,对我而言是天方夜谭。我从没动过这个念头。很久以后,我们偶然找到了更好的排序方式。做出了一级棒的搜索引擎,谷歌就这么诞生了。所以,当梦想闪现时,抓住它吧!我在这儿念书时,曾学过如何梦想成真。I know it sounds funny,but that is what I learned in a summer camp converted into a training program called Leadershape.Yes, weve got a few out there.Their slogan is to have a ;healthy disregard for the impossible;.That program encouraged me to pursue a crazy idea at the time.I wanted to build a personal rapid transit system on campus to replace the buses.Yeah, youre still working on that I hear.It was a futuristic way of solving our transportation problem.I still think a lot about transportation you never lose a dream, it just incubates as a hobby.Many things that people labor hard to do now,like cooking, cleaning, and driving will require much less human time in the future.That is, if we ;have a healthy disregardfor the impossible and actually build new solutions.听起来有点扯,但我确实从 ;塑造领导力;夏令营中得到了启发。看,真的有人参加过的吧。我们的口号是“世上无难事只怕有心人“!我们被要求去实现自己看似疯狂的梦想。我想建立个人快速交通系统来替代公交,我知道你们还在研究。没准是今后解决交通问题的好方法。我时不时还在考虑交通问题,梦想不会消失,会变成习惯!我们现在花费精力做的事情,比如做饭、打扫、开车,今后占用的时间会越来越少,这不是天方夜谭。世上无难事,只怕有心人!201307/248876

So that is a fact.这就是事实。Now I have this thought experiment that I play with myself, when I say,imagine if I walked you into a room and it was of a major corporation, like ExxonMobil,and every single person around the boardroom were black,you would think that were weird. 我跟自己玩思想实验,我对自己说,设想我走入一个房间,是一家大公司的会议室,如埃克森美孚,全体董事会成员都是黑人,你会觉得这很奇怪。But if I walked you into a Fortune 500 company,and everyone around the table is a white male,when will it be that we think thats weird too? 但如果你走入一家财富500强企业,在座的每位都是男性白人,我们什么时候会认为这也是奇怪的?And I know how we got here.我知道历史是如何发展到今天的。I know how we got here.我知道我们是如何发展到今天的。You know, there was institutionalized,at one time legalized, discrimination in our country. 你们也知道,在我们国家,歧视曾被制度化,有段时间还被合法化了。Theres no question about it.这是不争的事实。But still, as I grapple with this issue,my mothers question hangs in the air for me: 但是,当我深陷在这个问题中时,我母亲的问题依然在那里,How did they treat you?他们对你的态度如何?Now, I do not raise this issue to complain or in any way to elicit any kind of sympathy.今天,我抛出这个问题,不是在抱怨,也绝不是为了得一丝同情,I have succeeded in my life beyond my wildest expectations,and I have been treated well by people of all races more often than I have not. 我此生取得的成就,已超出我最大胆的期望,各个种族的人对我予以善待,要多于我所受到的恶待,I tell the uniform story because it happened.我告诉你们制的故事因为那确实发生了。I cite those statistics around corporate board diversity because they are real,and I stand here today talking about this issue of racial discrimination because I believe it threatens to rob another generation of all the opportunities that all of us want for all of our children,no matter what their color or where they come from. 我列举企业董事会的数据是因为它们是真实的,而今天我站在这里,谈论种族歧视问题,是因为我相信种族问题会威胁下一代拥有公平机会的权利,公平的机会是所有人期望所有的孩子能够拥有的,无论肤色,无论来自何方。And I think it also threatens to hold back businesses.而且,我认为种族问题会威胁到商业发展。You see, researchers have coined this term color blindness to describe a learned behavior where we pretend that we dont notice race.你们知道,研究者造出了一个新词无视肤色用以描述一种假装没注意到种族差异 的习得性行为。If you happen to be surrounded by a bunch of people who look like you, thats purely accidental.如果你恰巧跟一群长得跟你很像的人在一起,那纯是巧合。Now, color blindness, in my view,doesnt mean that theres no racial discrimination,and theres fairness.所谓无视肤色,在我看来,并不意味着消除了种族歧视,带来了公平。It doesnt mean that at all. It doesnt ensure it.根本就不是这样。 无视肤色并不能保消除歧视。In my view, color blindness is very dangerous because it means were ignoring the problem.在我看来,无视肤色极其危险,因为它意味着我们有意地忽视问题。There was a corporate study that said that,instead of avoiding race,the really smart corporations actually deal with it head on. 有企业研究表明,与其避免谈论种族问题,不如直面问题,迎难而上。 这才是真正有智慧的企业的做法。They actually recognize that embracing diversity means recognizing all races,including the majority one.这些企业意识到,包容多元化意味着承认各种种族的存在,也包括人数最多的种族。But Ill be the first one to tell you,this subject matter can be hard,awkward, uncomfortable-but thats kind of the point. 但我会第一个告诉你,这个问题解决起来会有困难,会棘手,会让人感觉不舒—但这是关键所在。In the spirit of debunking racial stereotypes,the one that black people dont like to swim,Im going to tell you how much I love to swim. 为揭露种族歧视问题的顽疾,有人说黑人不喜欢游泳,我来告诉你我有多热爱游泳。I love to swim so much that as an adult, I swim with a coach.我如此喜爱游泳,以至于作为成年人,还请了一位教练。And one day my coach had me do a drill where I had to swim to one end of a 25-meter pool without taking a breath.有一天,教练让我做一项训练,我不得不在25米长的泳池里从头游到尾,不能换气。And every single time I failed,I had to start over. 每次失败后,都要从头来过。And I failed a lot.我屡战屡败。By the end, I got it, but when I got out of the pool,I was exasperated and tired and annoyed,and I said, Why are we doing breath-holding exercises? 最后,成功了,但当我从泳池出来后,心力憔悴,但更恼火,我说,为什么要做憋气练习?And my coach looked me at me, and he said, Mellody,that was not a breath-holding exercise.我的教练看着我说,麦勒迪,这不是一个憋气练习。That drill was to make you comfortable being uncomfortable,because thats how most of us spend our days.这项训练是为了让你适应不舒的感觉,因为这就是我们大部分人的生活。If we can learn to deal with our discomfort,and just relax into it,well have a better life. 如果我们知道如何适应不舒的感觉,以轻松的态度来应对,我们的生活会更加美好。So I think its time for us to be comfortable with the uncomfortable conversation about race:因此,我认为到了适应这个让人感觉不舒的种族话题的时候了:black, white, Asian, Hispanic,male, female, all of us,if we truly believe in equal rights and equal opportunity in America,I think we have to have real conversations about this issue. 黑人,白人,亚裔,西班牙裔,男性,女性,我们所有的人。如果我们真正相信在美国拥有平等的权利和机会,我认为我们不得不真正地谈一谈这个话题。我们经受不起无视肤色。We cannot afford to be color blind.We have to be color brave.我们必须勇敢地面对肤色差异。We have to be willing, as teachers and parents and entrepreneurs and scientists,we have to be willing to have proactive conversations about race with honesty and understanding and courage,not because its the right thing to do,but because its the smart thing to do,because our businesses and our products and our science, our research,all of that will be better with greater diversity. 我们—作为老师、父母、企业家和科学家—必须高瞻远瞩,乐于讨论种族问题,心怀诚意、理解和勇气,不是因为这么做是正确的,而因为这是明智的举措,因为更广泛的多元化会让 商业、产品和科学研究等等一切都变得更好。201506/383337

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