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You dont need a password, a cauldron or a spell book to gain admission. But you may need rather deep pockets. Muggles are being granted access to the hallowed halls of Hogwarts as the Harry Potter film sets are opened up to fans. But the three-hour tour of the Warner Brothers studios comes with a somewhat less magical price tag ; pound;83 a family of four. Add the cost of travel to the site in Leavesden, Hertdshire, plus food, drinks and merchandise from the gift shop, and the day out could cost parents more than pound;0. Critics have accused Warner Brothers, which grossed pound;5billion from the Potter films, of exploiting the ;pester power; of children desperate to go on the tour. To get out of the building, customers will be ced to walk through the gift shop, where one of the items on sale costs as much as pound;500. Children will see replica wands pound;.95 and T-shirts from the Hogwarts school houses priced between pound; and pound;35. An exact remake of headmaster Albus Dumbledore robes will set you back pound;95.95, while a box of Bertie Bott Every Flavour Beans costs pound;8.95. Even a small glass of non-alcoholic Butterbeer, the drink of choice young wizards, is pound;.95.麻瓜们也能进入霍格沃兹魔法学校一探究竟了!3月31日开始,位于英国伦敦的华纳兄弟Leavesden工作室将对外开放岁以上的成人票售价英镑,5到岁的儿童票的售价则为1英镑除了门票略高之外,其余的衍生产品的价格也有些高魔杖的复制品将被卖到.95英镑,原著和电影中一直出现的;比比多味豆;售价为8.95镑预计,家长们在摄影棚里的消费预计将超过0英镑 5Matthew and Lady Mary get y to walk down the aisle in season 3; sneak a peek at her dress and more here!马修和玛丽在第三季准备走红毯了;来这里一窥她的婚纱和更多美图吧!get the royal nuptials. The real wedding of the century belongs to Downton Abbey Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery, pictured with on-screen father Hugh Bonneville) and Matthew Crawley (Dan Stevens, not pictured). After much on-again, off-again angst, the couple capped off season with a romantic engagement and are y to walk down the aisle in season 3.忘记皇室婚礼吧真正的世纪婚礼当属《唐顿庄园的淑女玛丽(米歇尔#86;达科里,上图是与屏幕上的父亲休#86;纳维尔)和马修#86;克劳莱(丹#86;史蒂文斯,不在此图中)经过不断分分合合的焦灼,这对情侣在第二季剧终时浪漫订婚并准备在第三季走红毯Season 3 kicks off just two months after the proposal, with the Crawleys — including Matthew, left, and in-law Branson (Allen Leech) — preparing the grand celebration. That not to say it actually takes place, however. We dont start with the wedding necessarily happening, teases creator Julian Fellowes, who is well aware of the expectations surrounding this event.在订婚后仅仅两个月第三季就开拍了,和克劳利一家——包括马修(左)和姻亲布兰森(Allen Leech)——准备盛大的庆典然而这并不是说它真的发生了“我们并不以一定会发生的婚礼开篇,”创作者朱利安#86;费洛嘲笑道,清楚的知道关于这个事件的预期Though Fellowes wouldnt confirm the wedding, it evident that that the guest list will include Mary mother and sisters (Dockery, from left, with Elizabeth McGovern, Laura Carmichael, and Jessica Brown Findlay). Like the proposal, you cant just go on and on and on with them not getting together, he says. There does come a moment when you think either theyve got to put up or shut up. Hear, hear!尽管大家不会确认婚礼,很明显客人名单将包括玛丽的母亲和(达科里,从左,伊丽莎白#86;麦戈文、劳拉#86;卡迈克尔以及杰西卡#86;布朗芬)“就像求婚,你只是不能继续容忍他们没有在一起,”他说“确实有某个时刻来当你认为他们要么提出要么闭嘴“听!听!To outfit the bride-to-be, costume designer Caroline McCall spent eight weeks conceptualizing and creating the perfect gown: a long-sleeved lace dress fitted with tiny Swarovski crystals and rice pearls that would ultimately become the series most expensive costume to date. ometimes the character can be quite hard, says McCall of Lady Mary. I wanted her wedding dress to have a bit of softness. I wanted her to look really romantic, really elegant.来装扮这位准新娘,装设计师卡罗琳#86;考尔花了八个星期构思和创造完美的礼:长袖蕾丝裙配上小的施华洛世奇水晶和大米粒的珍珠,这最终将成为到目前为止这一系列剧中最昂贵的装“有时候这个角色相当困难,”扮演玛丽的米歇尔#86;达科里说“我希望她的婚纱柔软一点我想让她看起来真的浪漫,真的优雅” 953

Friend-Next-Door to Hipster 从邻家友人时尚人士America favorite actress was once best known girl-next door style sensibility, but welcomed a new look Aniston ; and an edgier look!美国人最爱的女演员从前就是以非常邻家的造型闻名的,但是年大家迎来了安妮斯顿的崭新造型,一个更时尚的造型!Tips:人都需要改变!;girl-next door style;邻家女孩的风格 3677

Since his death in , Apple mastermind Steve Jobs has been the subject of documentaries, books, a film and even a graphic novel. Now the technology pioneer will be immortalized in song as the focus of an upcoming opera.自年去世之后,苹果之父史蒂夫·乔布斯成了多部纪录片和书籍、一部电影、甚至还有一部漫画小说的主题现在,乔布斯又将会成为未来一部歌剧的主题,这位科技先驱将在歌声中永垂不朽The Santa Fe Opera, based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, announced on August 5 that it has commissioned a new production based on Jobs that will premier in . Entitled The Revolution of Steve Jobs, it will find the creator of the computer mouse and iPhone reflecting on his own mortality while recalling people and events from his life that inspired him.圣塔菲歌剧院位于美国新墨西哥州阿尔布开克市8月5日该剧院宣布,已经委托他人制作一部以乔布斯为主题的作品,于年首映在这部名为《改变时代的史蒂夫·乔布斯的歌剧中,这位电脑鼠标和iPhone的发明者,在回忆人生历程中曾启发过他的人和事时,也在反思自己的命运Jobs operated from in his garage in Los Altos, Calinia, and with partner Steve Wozniak released the compact Apple II at the time Albuquerque was a technology hub. He was fired from Apple in 1985 in a board coup but came back years later. On his second tour, he introduced the iMac, the iPod and the iPhone. That journey is the perfect story an opera, General Director Charles MacKay said.乔布斯从他在加州洛斯阿尔托斯市的车库起步,他和合伙人史蒂夫·沃兹尼亚克发布了轻巧的第二代苹果机,当时阿尔布开克还是科技中心1985年,他在苹果公司董事会的一次意外决策中被开除,年后重新归来在他第二次任职期间,他推出了iMac、iPod 和iPhone总监查尔斯·麦凯说这段历程是最好的歌剧素材He added: We are delighted to take this journey into the life and legacy of a distinctly American figure through the creative genius of Mason Bates and Mark Campbell. Composer Bates, and Campbell, a librettist, will be co-writing the production.他还表示:“我们很高兴能通过梅森·贝茨和马克·坎贝尔这两个创意天才之手,去了解这位典型美国人的一生及其贡献”作曲家贝茨和编剧坎贝尔将共同谱写这部作品Bates said the story of Jobs is a great intersection of creativity, innovation and human communication. His relationship with those who helped him along that journey also will help tell the story in the opera, Bates added.贝茨说,乔布斯的故事很好地融合了创造力、创新和人类交流这三种元素在乔布斯的一生中,许多人都曾帮助过他,他们之间的关系将有助于歌剧故事的讲述He said: Each character will have their own music. When they collide, that when it gets interesting.他说:“每个人物都有自己的音乐当这些音乐碰撞交融的时候,便是故事的趣味所在” 39

STEP 1: GET THE LOOK第一步 拥有傲娇的造型1. Buy expensive tailored clothing that only sort of fits so that most of the time your buttons appear to be just seconds from bursting.衣要买那种又贵又紧的定制款,达到下一秒纽扣就会被胸肌爆开的效果. Get a Belstaff coat and blue scarf. The coat cost about 50 pounds. It got good twirl those dramatic moments in life.外套来一套贝达弗的大衣和蓝围巾一套价值50英镑的大衣,随时准备迎接人生的精时刻3. Grow your hair slightly longish, if it isnt naturally wavy (poor you), wear curlers to bed every night.发型略长的卷发——蛤?你不是自来卷哦?小可怜,那你只好每晚带着卷发夹入睡了. Stop eating, gotta get those cheekbone sharp enough to cut butter.脸型不要吃!要瘦!瘦出能切开黄油的颧骨STEP : STIM第二步 重复标志性动作Once you grow your hair slightly longish, be sure to play with it at every opporty.一有机会就炫一下小卷毛Fiddle with items, your hair, flick your fingers, rub your leg, pace, rock, and bite your lips.(Well, most of that could just be on the ;how to cumberbatch; list)性感的小动作,比如摆弄头发、轻弹小指、擦双腿、踱步、摇晃、轻咬嘴唇(好吧,上面很多其实都是在回答“如何变成康伯巴奇”)STEP 3: PRACTICE CREEPY LOOKS第三步 练习古怪表情scary puppy like head tilts and glares斜着头,怒目,像受到惊吓的那样smiles and puma snarls笑并且像美洲狮一样咆哮STEP : REMIND EVERYONE about what an ;idiot; or ;moron; they are第四步 提醒所有人“你们其实是蠢货”Play up being smarter than everyone, develop some obvious insecurities. get social skills if you happen to have any.一定要展现自己过人的智慧,努力地表现出心神不定的样子把那些社交技巧抛到脑后吧!STEP 5: GET RID of most of your friends第五步 帅到没朋友Keep around people who like to remind you how smart you are, and stay even though they think you are a dick.只跟那些能凸显你聪明的人做朋友,哪怕他们觉得你坏坏哒Care about them, but dont let on mkay?偶尔关心他们一下,但也别太真情流露,收到?STEP 6: FIND A WATSON第六步 找到你的“花生”This is B Sherlock, so your Watson isn’t stupid. He rather smart in his own way and insecure about his sexuality (probably straight).因为这里说的是B的夏洛克,所以你的华生不是真傻,只是用自己的方式展现智慧他还有点不确定自己的性向(万一是直的呢)He also has serious thrill issues dude.他也是个妥妥儿的喜欢刺激事的家伙Be prepared to save his life on numerous occasions.请做好准备随时当他的救世主STEP 7: DEVELOP a special interest第七步 培养癖好It has to take over most of every waking minute. It all you want to talk about. Prepare to watch people eyes glaze over.你一定有一个连走路时都念念不忘的怪癖你只想聊这个瞧着吧,观众会被你帅到的Nothing else matters, not even basic astronomy.斗转星移关我何事?我的癖好才最重要Make it dangerous, this will help you keep your Watson happy.让它具有一定的危险性,因为这也会让你的“华生”兴趣盎然STEP 8: PRACTICE the method of loci or roman room, or at least pretend to第八步 反(假)复(装)练习轨迹或者罗马房间法This way you can tell everyone to shut up and get out so you can go to your ;mind palace;.让别人都滚粗闭嘴,这样你就能特别牛掰地走入“记忆宫殿”了STEP 9: BE SURE to tell everyone to shut up on a daily basis, it endearing you know第九步 每天,告诉全世界“别BB了”,其实这样蛮圈粉的STEP : Even if you dont really fit the criteria, tell everyone you are a SOCIOPATH第十步 如果以上几条都做不到——就公告天下说你有反社会人格It scaresintimidates people and they dont know better anyway.这会吓走一些人,这些人不了解你更好Except your Watson, he thinks it hot.除了你的华生,他会觉得这样的你性感极了! 01901

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