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The Time 时间账户Say there is a bank that credits your each morning with RMB86,00. Every evening, the bank deletes whatever remains of this sum that you have failed to use during the day. It does not carry over any balance from day to day.假设有一家每天早上往你的帐户里存入86,00元,每天晚上删除你当天没有用完的钱,而不会把民账目转入下一天What would you do if you had such an ?如果你有这么一个账户,你会怎么做?Draw out every cent, every day, of course!当然是每天取出所有的钱Well, each of us has such an . Its name is TIME.每个人都有这样的一个帐户,账户名是“时间”Every morning, time credits you with 86,00 seconds. Every night it writes off, as lost, whatever you have failed to put to use. It carries over no balance. It allows no overdraft.每天早上,时间给你存入86,00秒,每晚消除你没有利用上的时间,不会自动转入第二天,也不允许透Each day, time opens a new you. Each night, it burns whatever remains in the . If you fail to use up all of the day deposits, you cant keep them tomorrow. Neither can you draw from what you will be put in the next morning.每一天,时间为你开办一个新账户,每天晚上,把账户里的所有余额当作损失消掉如果没有用完当天的存款,你不能保存到明天也不能动用第二天的积蓄Time clock runs non-stop.时钟在不停地奔跑 360

Too Close Comt第单元 危险的亲密接触A guy goes to a barbershop his weekly shave. While the barber is foaming him up, he mentions the problems he has getting a close shave around the cheeks.有个家伙每个礼拜都会上理发店修面理发师帮他涂泡沫时,他问怎样才能把脸颊上的胡子刮得更干净;I have just the thing,; says the barber, who goes to his cabinet and comes back with a small rubber ball.“我有个好东西,”理发师边说边去柜子那里拿了颗小橡胶球出来:;Just place this on the inside of your cheek and you should be able to get a closer shave.;“只要把这颗球放进脸颊内侧,胡子就会刮得很干净了”The client places the ball in his mouth and the barber proceeds with the closest shave the guy has ever experienced.于是这位客人把球放进嘴里,理发师继续修面时,他果然感受到刮胡刀和脸颊前所未有的亲密接触After a few strokes the client asks in garbled speech.刮了几下后,客人用含糊不清的声音问道:;And what if I swallow it?;“如果我不小心吞下去怎么办?”;No problem,; says the barber.“没关系,”理发师说;Just bring it back tomorrow like everyone else does.;“明天再拿来就好了,反正别人也都是这样” Tara McAteer 著 黄惟郁 译上海交通大学出版社出版 86

Re-Finding Faith第单元 重新找回信仰I grew up in a very religious family. By the time I was in my teens, I had had enough of God and spent the early years of my adult life ignoring him.我成长在一个宗教信仰虔诚的家庭,当我十几岁时,我受够了上帝,而在成年之后又一段时间忽视了他的存在By the age of thirty-four, I had three children, was going through a divorce, and my business was going under. I had no money, no credit, and our small apartment was far too cramped a family of four. the first time in years, I prayed to God.到我三十四岁时,我有三个小孩,历经离婚和事业的低潮,我没有钱、没有信用,而房子小到不够四个人住我向上帝祈祷,那是我多年来第一次这么做The following day I began my search a new home. I called a number listed in the classifieds and went to see the house. Instantly, I knew it was meant us. Four bedrooms and right on the lake, perfect! The man made an offer to let me lease to own. I was thrilled but still knew I didnt have the money.隔天我开始找新家,我打了分类广告上的一个电话号码,前往看屋,我立刻觉得那简直是为我们而设计的房子,四间卧室,靠近湖边,太完美了!屋主提议让我租下,我很兴奋,但是也知道我没有钱I went home and prayed again. The following week, a lady from my woman group offered to invest twenty thousand dollors into my business! I knew it was God helping me. I went to the bank and I was granted a mortage the house.回到家后,我再次祈祷,隔个礼拜,一位妇女团体的女士说要投资我的公司两万美元!我知道是上帝帮助了我,我到,申请抵押贷款租那栋房子 1968

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