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Apple will establish a new UK headquarters at Battersea Power Station, in a coup for the Malaysian company behind the huge building project by the river Thames.苹果(Apple)将在位于泰晤士河旁的巴特西发电站(Battersea Power Station)建立新的英国总部,这对于该大规模房地产项目背后的马来西亚公司是个意外之喜。The maker of the iPhone and iPad said on Wednesday that it would lease 500,000 square feet in the former coal-fired power station, which has stood empty for decades.iPhone和iPad制造商苹果周三表示,将在以前的这个燃煤发电站租赁50万平方英尺的面积,该电站已空置几十年。The group will move 1,400 employees to its new site from eight offices around the capital in 2021, giving a boost to the area and to a city grappling with its future role following the UK’s vote to leave the EU.苹果将在2021年将其在伦敦的8个办公地点的1400名员工搬到新址工作,此举将促进该地区以及伦敦的发展,在英国公投决定退欧后,伦敦正艰难应对其未来地位的问题。Apple’s European headquarters are in Ireland, but it is the latest global technology company to announce a new London building, following Facebook’s announcement late last year of a move to Fitzrovia and Google’s plans to build new offices at King’s Cross.苹果的欧洲总部位于爱尔兰,但它是宣布在伦敦建新的办公大楼的最新一家全球科技公司,去年底,Facebook宣布将迁往伦敦费兹洛维亚,同时谷歌(Google)计划在伦敦国王十字车站兴建新的办公楼。A consortium of three Malaysian companies — Sime Darby, SP Setia and the state-run Employees’ Provident Fund — is redeveloping the power station and 42 acres around it to include offices, stores and thousands of homes. The area is due to be connected to the London Underground from 2020.由马来西亚3家公司(Sime Darby、SP Setia和国有的Employees’ Provident Fund)组成的财团正在改造这个发电站以及方圆42英亩的地区,开发项目包括办公楼、商店和数百套公寓。该地区将从2020年起与伦敦地铁(London Underground)连接。But the £8bn development and the broader regeneration area surrounding it have struggled with a downturn in the market for luxury apartments, which make up a large portion of the development plans.然而,这个造价80亿英镑的开发项目以及周边更广泛的改造地区,正艰难应对豪华公寓市场的低迷。豪华公寓占该开发计划的很大比例。Apple will take 40 per cent of the space in the grade II listed 1930s power station, which has been derelict for the past 30 years. Its offices will be in the former boiler house, sp across six floors.苹果将占这个旧发电站40%的空间,这个发电站属于上世纪30年代的建筑,被列为二级保护建筑,已废弃了30年。苹果办公区将位于旧发电站的锅炉房,占据6层空间。 /201609/468964


  Thirty years from now, China’s elderly population will vastly outnumber its younger citizens. In a country where assisted-living homes are scarce, and dementia is not widely understood, asks Nathan VanderKlippe, will people pay the price before the government does?30年后,中国老年人口将大大超过年轻人口数量。在老年养护中心稀缺以及老年痴呆症不被广泛了解的情况下,大众会早于政府付出代价吗?Dementia in China presents one of Earth’s largest and costliest public-health crises, a slow-moving calamity of human suffering that also portends economic and political danger.中国的老年痴呆问题是世界上规模最大成本最昂贵的公共健康危机之一,这种导致人类痛苦的疾病也预示着经济和政治危机。As the fuel for China’s industrial engines – cheap labour, hungry consumers, a burgeoning cohort of middle-class workers – slowly dwindles, so too does its ability to propel the global economy.作为中国工业引擎的助推剂——廉价劳动力,饥渴的消费者,壮大的中产阶级工人——正缓慢削弱,所以中国推动全球经济发展的能力也在减弱。Meanwhile, the cost to the nation of caring for the most vulnerable among the elderly will be staggering. In little more than a decade, some scholars predict, demographics will help drag China’s economic growth rate below that of the U.S.同时,照顾老年人口中那一最弱群体(即痴呆患者)所需要的成本也将是惊人的。一些学者预计,在10多年后,人口问题将把中国的经济增长率拉低到美国之下。The fast-growing ranks of the elderly are aly creating difficult and growing social problems.而不断增加的老年人口数量正不断的引发严重的社会问题。 /201611/480828。

  The European Union agreed to a multi-billion-dollar deal with Turkey on migration on Sunday to address the flow of migrants that has swamped both of them this year as conflicts and instability in other parts of the world forced huge numbers of people to leave their homes.欧盟星期天同意就解决难民潮问题同土耳其达成一项总额数十亿美元的协议。今年由于世界其他地区的冲突和不稳定,迫使人们大量逃离家园,出现的难民潮已经使双方都陷入困境。A summit in the Belgian capital, Brussels, drew Turkish and European officials to discuss a .2 billion aid package intended to help Turkey cope with the millions of refugees it is hosting.在比利时首都布鲁塞尔召开的一次峰会上,土耳其和欧盟官员讨论了32亿美元的一揽子援助方案,旨在帮助土耳其应对身处该国的数以百万计的难民。The largest group of Syrian migrants arriving in Europe this year have passed through Turkey on their way to Greece or Bulgaria.今年抵达欧洲人数最多的叙利亚难民,都是通过土耳其抵达希腊或者保加利亚的。;Our agreement sets out a clear plan for the timely re-establishment of order at our shared frontier,; European Council President Donald Tusk told a news conference with Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker.欧洲理事会主席图斯克在与土耳其总理达武特奥卢和欧盟委员会主席容克一起召开的记者会上说,“我们的协议为及时在我们共同的边界重建秩序制定了明确的计划。”Tusk also said talks regarding Turkey#39;s accession to the European Union will be ;re-energized.;图斯克还表示,有关土耳其加入欧盟的谈判将重新启动。Turkey was declared eligible to join the 28-member bloc in 1997 and officially began the process in 2005.土耳其1997年被宣布有资格加入拥有28个成员国的欧盟,2005年正式开始入盟谈判。 /201512/412951


  Developing “clean coal” technology would help the coal sector in the US and China and prevent further job losses, according to US energy secretary Ernest Moniz. 美国能源部长欧内斯特#8226;莫尼兹(Ernest Moniz)表示,发展“清洁煤”技术将帮助美国和中国的煤炭行业,并防止更多失业。 Crashing prices for coal amid China’s economic slowdown and US investors’ preference for newer, less polluting energy technology has hit the industry hard in both countries. 在中国经济放缓,而美国投资者偏好较新、污染较小的能源科技的背景下,煤价大幅下挫严重冲击了两国的煤炭行业。 Last week US coal group Peabody filed for bankruptcy under the weight of about bn in debt. Meanwhile, Beijing’s bid to shut down capacity and cut jobs in the sector last month prompted mass protests in China by coal workers from at least two big state-owned mines. 上周美国煤炭集团地能源(Peabody Energy)在约60亿美元债务的重压下申请破产保护。与此同时,上个月北京方面关闭煤炭产能和裁员的努力在至少两个大型国有煤矿引发了煤炭工人的大规模抗议。 Clean coal is the holy grail for those who accept the world’s dependence on the energy source but want to curb emissions of carbon and other greenhouse gases that scientists say contribute to damaging global warming. 对于那些接受世界对煤炭这种能源的依赖,但又希望遏制科学家宣称引起破坏性全球变暖的二氧化碳及其他温室气体排放的人来说,清洁煤是他们努力追求的理想。 “The idea of having a continued opportunity for coal use in a highly carbon-constrained world is something that’s attractive for carbon reasons. It’s also attractive in addressing the coal country, the dislocations that otherwise would become even greater,” Mr Moniz said in an interview in Beijing before the Peabody announcement. “在一个高度限制碳排放的世界里继续有机会使用煤炭,这个想法就碳排放而言有吸引力。对于解决煤炭国家原本可能变得更为严重的脱节,这也是有吸引力的,”莫尼兹在地能源宣布申请破产保护之前在北京接受采访时表示。 China and the US, the world’s two biggest polluters, have reached a series of deals to curb emissions and build domestic political support for lower-carbon industrial policies to help meet commitments made late last year in Paris. Mr Moniz said the two countries’ reliance on coal required the development of coal technologies that emitted less carbon. 世界最大的两个污染国中国和美国已经达成了一系列协议,以遏制排放,并为低碳产业政策建立国内政治持,目的是帮助两国履行去年末在巴黎做出的承诺。莫尼兹表示,两国对煤炭的依赖要求开发出碳排放较少的煤炭技术。 Clean coal is contentious among environmentalists. Some see it as the only way to reduce emissions while maintaining or increasing the energy supply available to the world’s 7bn people. Others believe it diverts funds from more promising technologies while so far failing to deliver on emissions reductions. 清洁煤在环保主义者当中存在争议。一些人将其视为在维持或者提高世界70亿人可用的能源供应的同时减少排放的唯一方法。另一些人则认为,这会分流一些原本将投向更有希望的技术的资金,况且清洁煤技术迄今未能实现减排。 The US is promoting pilot projects in China, including carbon capture and storage. Chinese construction companies have been involved in planning coal-based projects in the US, including the energy department-backed Texas Clean Energy plant, although many of those projects have stalled. 美国正在中国推行试点项目,包括碳捕获和封存。中国的建筑公司参与规划美国基于煤炭的项目,包括得到美国能源部持的德州清洁能源工厂(TCEP),尽管这些项目有很多已被搁置。 “For a carbon-constrained world, we feel we must develop the enabling technologies for all sources, including coal. The marketplace will then decide,” Mr Moniz said. “在碳排放受限的世界,我们觉得我们必须发展使所有能源来源(包括煤炭)都能使用的科技。之后市场会做出决定,”莫尼兹表示。 /201604/438547


  A Chinese man#39;s fate has been changed thanks to a plate of fried oysters.一名中国男子的命运因为一盘炸牡蛎而发生了改变。Li Risheng, who was separated from his family 13 years ago, has found his long-lost father after recalling the name of his hometown while eating its specialty dish, according to Chinese media.李日升13年前和家人分离,在尝到家乡特色菜后想起了家乡名字,最终和分离已久的父亲团圆,中国媒体报道。The 20-year-old was reportedly sold to another family at the age of seven and had tried to find his birth parents for more than a decade.据报道这名20岁男子在7岁时被卖给了另一个家庭,10多年来他都在努力寻找自己的亲生父母亲。Li said one day he followed his mother and two of her friends to go shopping after dinner. The four took a bus and little Li fell asleep on the bus.李说有一天他和妈妈及其妈妈的两个朋友一行人晚饭后去购物。四人坐上巴士,小小的李在车上睡着了。Li said when he woke up, he found himself in a derelict farm house with his mother and her friends.李说当他醒来后发现自己和妈妈以及朋友们在一个被抛弃的农舍里。When he got up the next morning, he could only see one of her mother#39;s friends, who promised to help him find his mother.第二天他醒来后发现只有他妈妈的其中一个朋友在,她承诺说帮他找到妈妈。However, instead of taking Li back home, the unnamed woman transported Li to another town before selling him to a family living in Yangjiang city.然而,她没有把李带回家,这个妇女将李带到了另外一个镇,并将他卖给了居住在阳江市的一个家庭。The family later moved to Yunfu city, where Li grew up.这个家庭后来搬到了云浮市,也就是李长大的地方。Li added that he had tried to escape from his new family when he was first sold to them, but his multiple attempts failed.李说被出卖后他尝试过逃跑,但是都失败了。He later gave up the idea of fleeing because he had got used to living with his new parents, the man claimed.后来他放弃了逃跑,因为他习惯了和新父母一起生活。Last year, Li had some fried oysters at a hawker stall and realised it was the taste from his childhood.去年,李在一个小贩摊档那里吃了一些炸牡蛎,突然他意识到这是他童年时的味道。The stall owner told him that the dish was a specialty from Dianbai District in Maoming, where Diancheng town is.摊主告诉他说这是茂名市电白区的特色小吃,也就是他的家乡电城镇的所在地。Li Risheng, who has been re-named Ye Fengqing by his new family, met his father on January 6 at the Maoming Public Security Bureau, according to Guangzhou Daily.李日升的新家庭给他起的新名字叫做叶逢青,1月6号他在茂名市公安局见到了自己的父亲,广州日报报道。 /201701/488924。

  SALVADOR, Brazil — The Zika virus, some Brazilians are convinced, is the inadvertent creation of a British biotech company that has been releasing genetically modified mosquitoes to combat dengue fever in Brazil. Others here and elsewhere see it as a plot by global elites to depopulate the Earth and install a “one-world government.”巴西萨尔瓦多——一些巴西人确信,兹卡病毒是英国生物技术公司无意间制造的,该公司一直在巴西释放转基因蚊子,以对抗登革热。还有一些来自世界各地的人则认为,这是全球精英阶层旨在减少地球人口,建立一个“单一世界政府”的阴谋。And after a group of Argentine doctors asserted that a larvicide, not the mosquito-borne Zika virus, was to blame for a surge in cases of the birth defect known as microcephaly, Brazil#39;s southernmost state went so far over the weekend as to ban the use of the larvicide in its drinking water — even though scientists and health officials insist there is no such link.而一些阿根廷医生声称,导致先天性小头症病例增加的是一种杀虫剂,而不是蚊媒传播的兹卡病毒,随后巴西最南端的州上周末甚至开始禁止对饮用水使用这种杀虫剂,尽管科学家及卫生官员坚称不存在这种关联。Like Zika itself, rumors about it have replicated with viral ferocity through social media and word of mouth, frustrating the Brazilian authorities as they grapple with a poorly understood pathogen whose origins and implications are still something of a mystery.相关传闻就像兹卡病毒本身,通过社交媒体和口口相传疯狂传播,令正在应对这种人类知之甚少的病原体的巴西当局十分苦恼,该病原体的源头及影响仍然是个迷。With many of the rumors started and sp abroad, Brazil#39;s Health Ministry has been scrambling to do damage control.由于很多谣言都是在国外传开的,巴西卫生部正在紧急行动起来,防止影响扩大。In a statement on Monday, the government noted that microcephaly, which causes brain damage, was also growing in communities that did not use the larvicide, pyriproxyfen, and declared bluntly, “The association between the use of pyriproxyfen and microcephaly has no scientific basis.”在周一发表的声明中,政府指出那些没有使用杀虫剂、蚊蝇醚的社区,也在不断出现会引起脑损伤的小头症病例,并明确指出,“使用蚊蝇醚与小头症之间的关联没有科学依据。”Graham B. White, a medical entomologist who is a consultant to the U.S. Defense Department on disease-carrying insects, called the Argentine doctors#39; assertion “ridiculous” and “not credible.”医学昆虫学家、在带病昆虫问题上为美国国防部提供咨询的格雷厄姆·B·怀特(Graham B. White)称,阿根廷医生的说法是“荒谬”和“不可信”的。White said that the larvicide did not work through the nervous system, the part of the developing fetus affected by microcephaly. He noted that it had been approved by the World Health Organization and had been widely used for years to treat drinking water in places where mosquitoes breed.怀特表示,小头症会影响正在发育中的胎儿的神经系统,而这种杀虫剂不通过神经系统发挥作用。他指出,这种杀虫剂获得了世界卫生组织(World Health Organization)的认可,多年来广泛用于处理滋生蚊虫的饮用水。None of which was mentioned in myriad posts on Facebook and Twitter, where the American actor Mark Ruffalo was among those sounding the alarm, with a post on Monday that was shared nearly 500 times.Facebook和Twitter上的各种敲响警钟的帖子并没有提到这些信息,其中包括美国演员马克·鲁法洛(Mark Ruffalo),他周一发布的帖子已被转发将近500次。Though Brazil is at the center of an epidemic now affecting more than two dozen countries, many of the dubious claims about Zika are born abroad, their purveyors a well-known coterie of critics of genetically modified crops and creatures.兹卡病毒已经蔓延至20多个国家,虽然巴西是疫情的爆发中心,很多有关兹卡病毒的可疑说法都源自国外,散布谣言的是那些众所周知的批评转基因作物和生物的机构。With reputable-sounding names like The Ecologist and Global Research, they produce slick websites that weave facts, half-truths and pseudoscientific analysis into sinister assertions. They trace the hidden hand of “Big Pharma” sping disease for profit and claim that billionaires like Bill Gates are closeted eugenicists seeking to address overpopulation by promoting poisoned childhood vaccines.《生态学家》(The Ecologist)和全球研究(Global Research)等听起来有声望的机构纷纷创建漂亮的网站,将事实、半真半假的描述及伪科学分析编造成邪恶的断言。它们列举那些为盈利而传播疾病的“大制药公司”幕后黑手,并声称比尔·盖茨(Bill Gates)等亿万富翁私下里都是优生主义者,他们寻求通过推广有毒的儿童疫苗来解决人口过剩的问题。Brazil, where mistrust of government is high, is fertile ground for such theories to gain traction.巴西人民极不信任政府,为此类观点的继续传播提供了沃土。Nailma Souza, 40, who owns a nail salon in Salvador, a city that has been hit hard by the outbreak, is certain that Zika was concocted to divert attention away from a cure for cancer that the authorities want to keep secret.40岁的尼尔玛·苏扎(Nailma Souza)在萨尔瓦多开了一家美甲店,该市是兹卡疫情的重灾区。苏扎坚信兹卡病毒是一场阴谋,目的是转移对政府希望保密的癌症治疗方法的注意力。“The Brazilian government wants to patent the drug to make money, but the investigators behind it want to give it away for free,” Souza said after showing a , purportedly made by a Brazilian actress, pleading for the cancer drug to be released. “The government is involved in this, for sure. They always want to get our money.”“巴西政府希望取得这种药物的专利权,以便盈利,但背后的调查人员希望免费发放药物,”苏扎说,在此之前她展示了一段据称由巴西女演员制作的请求发放抗癌药物的视频。“政府肯定参与了。他们总是想从我们身上捞钱。”Claudio Maierovitch, the Brazilian Health Ministry#39;s director of surveillance of communicable diseases, said there was a danger that fear and scant scientific information would lead people to ignore the government#39;s exhortations about protecting themselves from mosquito bites and removing standing water that allows mosquitoes to breed.巴西卫生部传染病监测部门主任克劳迪奥·梅罗韦奇(Claudio Maierovitch)表示,恐惧心理及科学信息的缺乏可能会导致人们无视政府的劝告,即防止蚊虫叮咬,清除滋生蚊虫的积水。“Everything about Zika is new, and there is an aura of mystery about it, which leaves everyone open to new stories and new ideas about where it came from,” Maierovitch said. “The biggest risk is that people don#39;t do enough preventive procedures because they don#39;t believe Zika is dangerous or that the disease even exists.”“有关兹卡病毒的一切都是前所未闻的,有一种神秘的气氛,导致大家可能听信有关其源头的新传闻、新想法,”梅罗韦赫说。“最大的危险在于,人们没有采取足够多的预防措施,因为他们认为兹卡并不危险,或者这种疾病根本不存在。”Michel Misse, a sociologist at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, said that rumors and conspiracy theories played an outsize role in Brazilian society, and that the spate of crises buffeting the Brazilian government made people question and doubt authority.里约热内卢联邦大学(Federal University of Rio de Janeiro)社会学家米克尔·米塞(Michel Misse)表示,谣言和阴谋论在巴西社会中发挥了巨大作用,巴西政府接二连三遭遇危机,使得人们质疑、怀疑其权威性。“Given the political moment we are living in,” he said, “a lot of people are not happy with our government, and it definitely plays a role when it comes to believing rumors that blame the government for things that are going wrong.”“鉴于我们目前所处的政治时刻,”他说。“很多人对我们的政府感到不满,这在一定程度上促使他们相信一些谣言,认为是政府引发了一些不好的事情。”Some Zika skeptics have been especially focused on a British company that began releasing genetically modified mosquitoes in Brazil in 2011 in an effort to stem a deadly outbreak of dengue fever. The company, Oxitec, inserts a modified gene into male mosquitoes so that when they mate with females in the wild, they will produce offspring that die before they reach adulthood.一些对兹卡病毒持怀疑态度的人尤其关注2011年在巴西释放转基因蚊子的英国公司,该公司此举是为了阻止致命的登革热的疫情爆发。Oxitec公司将一种经过改造的基因植入雄性蚊子,使它们与雌性蚊子在野外交配繁衍出还没成年就会死亡的后代。Discover magazine is among the authoritative sources that have disproved the allegation that the engineered mosquitoes are behind the Zika outbreak, born last month on a Reddit board devoted to conspiracy theories. Still, the dubious link has been picked up and expanded by scores of other outlets, including the anti-Western website Russia Today, the British tabloid The Daily Mail and conspiracy-minded websites like Natural News.经过遗传工程处理的蚊子导致兹卡疫情爆发的说法,最初出现在Reddit的一个专门讨论阴谋论的版块,一些权威信源对此提出了驳斥,《发现》(Discover)杂志就是其中之一。但还有数十个机构在提出并传播这种令人怀疑的关联,比如反西方的今日俄罗斯(Russia Today)网站、英国小报《每日邮报》(The Daily Mail)及Natural News等推崇阴谋论的网站。“It#39;s fantasy,” Hadyn Parry, Oxitec#39;s chief executive, said in an interview. “If children weren#39;t involved and people weren#39;t getting sick, it would be quite an amusing fantasy, but this is quite serious and irresponsible.”“这是幻想,”Oxitec公司首席执行官哈迪恩·帕里(Hadyn Parry)接受采访时说。“如果没有涉及儿童,人们没有得病,那么这是一个相当逗乐的幻想,但就目前来说,这是十分严重和不负责任的。”Brazilian health officials and scientists say the Oxitec program has reduced mosquito populations in affected areas by up to 90 percent, though its expansion is being held up by the government for technical reasons.巴西卫生官员及科学家表示,Oxitec公司的项目将受感染区域的蚊子数量减少了90%,但出于技术原因,政府阻止了该项目的扩展。“If politicians start pandering to those opposed to genetically modified mosquitoes without scientific basis to their arguments,” warned Tanjim Hossain, a research fellow at the University of Miami who specializes in mosquito control, “they are going to end up really hurting people.”“如果政治人士开始迎合那些没有科学依据就反对转基因蚊子的人,”迈阿密大学(University of Miami)蚊虫控制研究员但吉姆·侯赛因(Tanjim Hossain)警告称,“他们最终会给人民带来严重的伤害。” /201602/427027


  Freight train 79213 loaded with nearly 200 motorcycles set off from Guangdong#39;s Foshan railway freight station at 11 a.m. on Jan. 26. This is the first freight train carrying motorcycles in the history of China for Spring Festival.1月26日上午11点,装载着近200台托车的79213次货运专列从广东佛山铁路货运站驶出。这是中国铁路春运历史上开行的首趟;托货运专列;。The freight train is set for the migrant workers who ride thousand miles home by motorcycles during the Spring Festival. The first train departed from Foshan of Guangdong province on Jan. 26 is expected to arrive at Guigang, Guangxi, on Jan. 27.据悉,该货运列车是为了那些在春节期间需要使用托车骑行千里回家的农民工设置的。于1月26日第一列驶出广东佛山的列车预计将于1月27日抵达广西贵港。In recent years, some migrant workers in Guangdong from Guangxi, Hunan and Guizhou provinces braved the cold to ride a thousand miles back home, due to not being able to buy train tickets or needing to use motorcycles after returning home. The Guangzhou Railway Group specifically organized a freight train this year so that the motorcycles could also be taken home.近年来,在广东务工的广西、湖南和贵州等地的务工人员,因春节回家买不到票或需要在家里使用托车,不少人都顶着寒冷骑行千里回家。因此今年广铁集团特地开行了货运专列,将返乡务工人员的托车也送回家。Lu Shangfeng, deputy director of the Guangzhou Foshan Railway Freight Center, said that it is the first that a freight train is arranged to carry motorcycles in the history of railways in China. As the gasoline inside the motorcycles is flammable, all motorcycle fuel tanks have been emptied before the shipment. The train cars will be well ventilated at the same time. To ensure the safety of this novel consignment, the railway sector organized experts and technical staff to conduct feasibility studies and ultimately determine the loading reinforcement program. Before implementing the program, the railway sector has made three loading tests on five motorcycles.广州佛山铁路货运中心副主任鲁尚锋表示,开行托车货运专列,在国内铁路货运史上尚无先例。托车中的汽油属于易燃易爆物品,装运前须把托车内的汽油抽放干净,同时保持运输途中通风良好。为了运输安全,铁路部门多次组织有关专家和技术人员进行论,最终确定装载加固方案,并在方案正式实施前,专门找来5台托车经过3次装载试验,确保无疏漏。 /201602/425377

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