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2019年08月25日 11:11:46

Israel Hints at Uprooting Settlements in Peace Deal利夫尼称定居点不是和平进程障碍 Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni indicated Sunday Israel may uproot some of its West Bank settlements as part of a peace accord with the Palestinians. Livni spoke at the start of a meeting Sunday with visiting U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. 以色列外长利夫尼星期天表示,作为以色列与巴勒斯坦人达成和平协议的一部分,以色列可能会拆除它在约旦河西岸的一些定居点。利夫尼是星期天在和到访的美国国务卿赖斯开始举行会谈时发表上述讲话的。Palestinians have bitterly complained about recent Israeli moves to add housing units to West Bank settlements, even as negotiators for the two sides are working for a peace accord by year's end, as pledged at last November's Annapolis conference. 巴勒斯坦人极力抱怨以色列最近在约旦河西岸的定居点增盖房屋的做法,尽管与此同时,双方谈判人员正在努力地按照去年安纳波利斯会议上所保的那样,在今年年底达成一项和平协议。But at a joint press appearance with Rice as the Secretary neared the end of a two-day visit to the region, Livni noted that Israel dismantled its Gaza settlements in the disengagement of 2005, and said that settlements are no barrier to the broader peace process: 但是,在赖斯国务卿对中东地区进行的为期两天的访问结束之前,利夫尼在和赖斯召开的一次联合新闻发布会上指出,以色列在2005年撤离加沙时拆除了它在加沙地带的定居点。她还说,这些定居点不是更广泛的和平进程障碍。"I would like to say clearly that while negotiating the final status issues - the borders and territory of a future Palestinian state, we showed especially in the disengagement plan from the Gaza strip that settlements are not an obstacle when it comes to - well it was not a peace process - but when there was a need for Israel to withdraw and to send a message of peace, we also dismantled the settlements," said Tzipi Livni. 利夫尼说:“我要说清楚的是,当我们在协商最后地位的问题时,即未来巴勒斯坦国的边境和领土问题,我们在撤离加沙的计划中特别地说明,定居点并不是和平进程中的一个障碍。 虽然它不是和平进程,但是,当需要以色列撤离并传达和平的信息时,我们也拆除了这些定居点。”Livni said the government of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert stopped building new settlements and confiscating land from Palestinians, and has no hidden agenda to effect a land grab before a peace accord is concluded. 利夫尼说,奥尔默特总理领导的以色列政府停止了修建定居点和没收巴勒斯坦人土地的做法。而且以色列没有秘密计划要在达成一项和平协议之前瓜分土地。Earlier Sunday in Ramallah, Rice heard harsh criticism of Israeli policy from Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, who accuses Israel of undermining peace talks by settlement building and refusing to remove hundreds of security checkpoints in the West Bank. 星期天早些时候,赖斯在拉马拉听取了来自巴勒斯坦权力机构主席阿巴斯对以色列政策的严厉批评。阿巴斯指责以色列建造定居点和拒绝撤除约旦河西岸的几百个安全检查站。他说,这种做法削弱了和平会谈的进程。Israel promised to remove 50 roadblocks during an earlier Rice visit in March, but Palestinians say many of those taken down were in remote places and their removal has not materially improved West Bank movement and access. 以色列在赖斯3月份早些时候对中东地区的访问过程中承诺要撤除50个路障,但是巴勒斯坦人说,许多被撤除的路障都位于偏远地区,撤除这些路障并没有从根本上改善他们进入约旦河西岸的状况。Rice told reporters she had raised the checkpoint issue earlier Sunday with Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak and that she is interested in not just the quantity, but also the quality, of Israeli steps to improve the everyday lives of Palestinians. 赖斯对记者们说,她星期日早些时候和以色列国防部长巴拉克提起了过境点问题。她说,她不仅想知道以色列为改善巴勒斯坦人的日常生活采取了多少措施,还想知道这些措施的执行情况。As to settlements, she said the ed States opposes action by either side that would prejudge the outcome of negotiations: 至于定居点问题,赖斯说,美国反对巴以任何一方对谈判结果进行过早的判断。"The ed States continues to hold the view that settlement activity is contrary to Roadmap obligations, and continues to raise with the Israelis the importance of creating an atmosphere that is conducive to negotiations of the final-status agreement," said Condoleezza Rice. "And that means doing nothing certainly that would suggest there is any prejudicing of the final terms for final status negotiations." 她说:“美国依然认为,建立定居点的活动违背了中东和平路线图所规定的义务。美国不断告诉以色列,重要的是能创造一个有利于达成最终地位协议谈判的氛围。这意味着,不能对这一协商可能会达成的最终条款抱有成见,也不能按这种成见做事。”The Secretary took part in two trilateral meetings with Israeli and Palestinian negotiators. But she has avoided comment on the substance of the peace talks and scrapped plans to brief State Department reporters late Sunday. 赖斯同以色列和巴勒斯坦的谈判人员举行了两次三方会谈。但是她没有对和平谈判的内容进行,并取消了星期日晚上为美国国务院的记者们召开吹风会的计划。She scheduled a second meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Olmert for Monday before her scheduled departure for Washington. Olmert has become the subject of a police investigation on reported corruption charges, a development that could threaten the survival of his centrist coalition government. 在赖斯返回华盛顿前,她将在星期一同以色列总理奥尔默特举行第二次会晤。奥尔默特由于受到腐败指控而在接受警方的调查,这可能威胁到他所领导的中间路线联合政府的执政地位。Rice told reporters the probe is an internal matter for Israel. She said had a very good discussion with Mr. Olmert Saturday and expects the dialogue to continue as the drive for a peace accord in 2008 continues. 赖斯对记者们说,对奥尔默特的调查是以色列的内部事务。她说,她星期六同奥尔默特进行了富有成效的讨论。她希望,在继续推动2008年达成和平协议的同时,对话也能继续进行。 200805/37562长春都市丽人医院网址Well, Eric and Cathy are the definition of a work husband and work wife and they are here with us now, but it definitely begs the question guys. First of all, good morning.Good morning.Good morning Janet.Has it always been Platonic?Has it always been Platonic, Eric?Um, there was that one night in Rio, but er, it never really panned out.I had a dream once. It was quite disturbing actually.Disturbing?A little bit,(really, really, that makes me feel pretty good).You are like, you are like my brother.(Right, right.) Yeah, it's been Platonic since Day One.Yeah.Hey, Eric and Cathy, it's Matt in New York, uh, what, inyour obvious married couples, real married couples' fight, so what do you guys fight about?Usually whether or not we're platonic, Matt.Yeah.There it is.What it comes down to..It's the only thing we fight about.Yeah.You know what, it's, we have an advantage here that er, there, there's not a lot of fighting. A lot of the time we spend er, on the air is having a good time, and though the majority of our morning is spent er, on the air the whole time and once we leave here, we just go homes and fight with our regular spouses as usually.Oh, we love that.Yeah, exactly, all right, guys, thank you very much. We appreciate it. Good to see you both, and Janet, thank you as well, and so is an office spouse a good idea, is it a really bad one? Today's contributor Dr.Gail Saltz is a psychiatrist, Gail, good morning to you. Good morning, MattWhy do people form these types of, of husband-wife relationships at work?The same reason that people can get married even though the divorce rate is 50%, because in fact men and women do seek each other out. They bring something different to the table with each other, so you know, a...as opposed to a,a friendship between a woman and a woman, a man and a man, a man brings perhaps directness, honesty, cut to the chase, none of this emotional stuff. A woman brings perhaps more emotionality to it, more of the feeling state. I can really confide her in, men and women want that from each other.Yeah, yeah, but if you, if you are telling inside jokes, if you are confiding about your personal life, that's really close to the border of an emotional affair, (absolutely), and we talked about that on the show a lot. Absolutely, so that's the question, you have to be honest, not only with each other, but with yourself about how close you're,you are coming up to the boundary and you have to have clear boundaries.As you say, it's very important: Meet the real spouse.Absolutely, if you are being secretive from your real spouse about what's going on with the relationship at work, then you are having an emotional affair, so you have to meet this spouse, you have to have interaction, you have to have openness. Keep business about business.That's right, so we are not talking about touching, we are not talking about flirting, dressing provocatively, drinking a lot together. When you do those things, then somebody is gonna have an accident and cross the line.And,and beware of the emotional red flags, I would imagine one if you are starting to look forward to Mondays more than you are looking forward (oh, yes) to Fridays, you are in big trouble.Oh yeah, you are in big trouble. And if one of you is having trouble in your own marriage and you are talking a lot about that you are in trouble. If somebody is cheating and they are talking about that, that's a red flag as well.How do you break up an office marriage?Well, you know what. Breaking up any relationship is difficult, but if you don't cross these boundaries and you don't get into what's more of an emotional affair, it would be easier to cut off because you'll have more of the business, business, you know, this isn't working out from a business perspective, so keep it back there and it's easier to end.Someone who's just been through an amical...amicable divorce with a, an office spouse, you know.You could say that would be true, right?Exactly right.You could say that would be trueGail Saltz, thank you very muchI'd love to. 200809/50532九台市中心医院宫颈糜烂多少钱8 保险费用3句英文任你选The extra premium insured is to be paid by the buyer.额外保险费由买方承担。The premium is calculated according to the premium rate or rates for risks to be covered.保险费是根据投保险别的保险费率计算的。The premium for insurance covering All Risks and War Risk will natura11y be higher than that covering WPA.投保综合险和战争险的保险费当然比投保水渍险的保险费高。半个句型要记牢premium(保险费)Tip:premium作名词时,有;溢价,过高价值;的意思,表示额外费用具体指保险,红利等,所以在保险业就指保险费,短语有pay a premium for (付…佣金)。还可作形容词,意思是;高级的,优质的,特级的,高价的;。If you are employed , your employer will pay most of the premium. (假如你有工作,你的雇主将承担你的大部分保费。) /201605/434147Pakistan Army Moves Against Pro-Taliban Militants巴军队进攻边境地区亲塔利班分子 Security forces in Pakistan have begun an operation against pro-Taliban militants in a tribal region bordering Afghanistan and serving as a major route for trade and supplies to U.S-led foreign forces based there. The offensive has provoked an al-Qaida-linked self-proclaimed commander of the Pakistani Taliban to suspend peace talks with the government. 巴基斯坦安全部队开始向靠近阿富汗边境的部落地区的亲塔利班激进分子发动进攻。这一地带是美国领导的外国军队基地获得供应的主要渠道和贸易通道。这次攻势导致巴基斯坦的塔利班组织自称的领导人暂停同政府的和平谈判。这位领导人跟基地组织有联系。Officials say paramilitary forces are leading the offensive in the Khyber tribal region and have destroyed key militant bases without any significant resistance. They say that most of the militants have retreated to mountains close to the Afghan border. 官员们说,准军事部队是这次攻势的主力。发动攻势的地点在开伯尔部落地区。攻势摧毁了几个关键的激进分子的基地,没有遇到有效抵挡。官员们说,多数激进分子撤退到靠近阿富汗边境的山区。 The government began the crackdown following increased sightings of Taliban militants in parts of the nearby city of Peshawar, just two hours drive from the Pakistani capital.  巴基斯坦政府开始这次镇压之前,越来越多的塔利班激进分子在白沙瓦附近地区出现,那里距离巴基斯坦首都只有两个小时的车程。In a major extremist action earlier this month in the northwestern city, suspected Taliban fighters briefly kidnapped some 16 members of the minority Christian community. There were also reports of militants warning traders against and music business.  本月早些时候在巴基斯坦西北部城市白沙瓦,极端分子发动重大行动,被怀疑是塔利班作战分子的人短时间绑架了占人口少数的基督教社区的16名成员。还有报道说,激进分子警告商贩不要从事录像和音乐买卖。Regional police chief, Malik Naveed Khan, tells VOA that criminal gangs were behind the kidnapping and other incidents but, as he puts it, media blew them out of proportion. He says the operation in the adjoining Khyber tribal region is meant to punish tribal criminals responsible for these attacks. The police chief says security forces are focusing on the town of Bara, which borders Peshawar.  当地警察总监马利克·纳威德·汗对美国之音说,这些绑架和其他意外的策划者是犯罪集团。这位警察总监说,媒体的报道夸大了这些事件。他说,在临近的开伯尔部落地区的军事行动目的是惩罚部落犯罪分子。这些人发动了上述攻击。警察总监说,安全部队正集中清剿靠近白沙瓦的巴拉镇。"There were only some incursions from the tribal gangs in which unfortunately some Christians were kidnapped who were immediately released within ten hours," he explained. "And after that we strengthened our positions on the [city] borders and after that no such incident has taken place. The government has launched an operation in Bara against these miscreants, and they have successfully pushed them back and they have taken successful action against them." 他说,“部落犯罪集团只发动了几次袭击。有些基督徒被绑架后10个小时之内就被释放了。随后,我们加强了在边境的阵地,那以后没有再发生过这种事件。政府在巴拉镇发动了军事行动,打击这些歹徒。军队把他们击退。我们的行动是成功的。”Residents say that paramilitary soldiers have set up bunkers in areas of Peshawar close to the scene of military action and patrolled the streets in vehicles mounted with machine guns.  当地居民说,准军事人员在白沙瓦靠近清剿敌人军事行动的地带构筑了掩体,并乘坐车辆巡逻街道,车辆上配有机关。Saturday's anti-militant operation in the northwestern border region of Khyber marks the first major military action the new Pakistani government headed by Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani has launched.  星期六的打击激进分子的行动发生在巴基斯坦西北部的开伯尔地区边境地带。这是吉拉尼总理为首的巴基斯坦新政府发动的第一次重大军事行动。Speaking to reporters by telephone from his stronghold in the South Waziristan tribal region, self-proclaimed commander of Pakistani Taliban, Baitullah Mehsud, demanded the government immediately halt the security operation.  自称是巴基斯坦塔利班组织指挥官的马苏德在南瓦济里斯坦的据点通过电话对记者说,要求政府立刻停止安全行动。The militant leader says he is suspending peace talks with the government and his fighters will retaliate until the offensive is stopped.  他说,他将中止跟政府的和平谈判。他的战士将采取报复行动,直到政府军的攻势停止。Prime Minister Gilani started the peace dialogue with militants through tribal elders several months ago to try to end militancy and violence in tribal regions along the border with Afghanistan. 吉拉尼总理几个月前开始同激进分子和平对话,对话管道是部落长老,吉拉尼试图结束靠近阿富汗边境部落地区的激进行动和暴力。Commanders of the U.S.-led coalition forces and Afghan authorities have long maintained the Pakistani border regions are being used by Taliban and al-Qaida militants for attacks in Afghanistan. They have criticized the government's peace talks, saying such deals will lead to more attacks on Afghan and foreign forces. 美国领导的联军指挥官和阿富汗当局一直坚持说,塔利班和基地组织的激进分子利用巴基斯坦边界地带向阿富汗发动进攻。他们批评巴基斯坦政府的和平谈判,并表示和谈达成的协议将导致阿富汗和驻阿富汗的外国军队受到更多的攻击。200806/43022朝阳区中医院治疗宫颈糜烂好吗

长春医院哪个人流好长春妇幼保健哪家好Experts Say US Voters Withholding Judgment on Obama美选民意向未决 奥巴马小幅领先With less than 100 days until the U.S. presidential election on November 4, public opinion polls show most Americans disapprove of the job President Bush is doing and would generally prefer a Democrat to succeed him in the White House next year. But the polls also show that the presumptive Democratic nominee, Senator Barack Obama, is only slightly ahead of his Republican opponent, Senator John McCain. 距离11月4号美国总统大选只有不到100天了,民意调查显示,多数美国民众对布什总统的工作不满意,希望明年能有一位民主党人来担任下一任总统。不过,民调也显示,几乎肯定会获得民主党提名的总统候选人奥巴马参议员目前只是以微弱优势领先共和党对手麦凯恩参议员。Three months before Election Day, the presidential race between Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain appears to be close. 离选举只有三个月了,奥巴马和麦凯恩之间的竞争似乎很激烈。卡伦·鲍曼是美国企业研究所研究公众观点的专家。"The structure of the race has been remarkably stable all summer," said Karlyn Bowman, who monitors U.S. public opinion at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington. "In Gallup's national daily tracking [poll] for June and July, Obama has averaged a three percentage point lead over John McCain." 她说:“整个夏天,竞选格局一直非常稳定。根据盖洛普在全国范围内进行的每日民意测验,六、七两个月里,奥巴马平均领先麦凯恩三个百分点。”But many experts say that three points seems a small lead given polls that show Americans are weary of the Bush administration, increasingly concerned about the economy and generally favor Democratic approaches on many issues. 很多专家认为,美国民众普遍对布什政府感到厌倦、对美国经济日益感到担忧、多数人持民主党在很多问题上的立场。在这种情况下,三个百分点实际上是很微弱的优势。Quinnipiac University pollster Peter Brown says there is one main reason why many voters seem to be holding off in deciding between candidates McCain and Obama. 格林尼匹亚大学负责民调的彼得·布朗恩说,很多民众在麦凯恩和奥巴马之间迟迟不能作出选择,主要是出于这样的原因:"Candidly, I think this election is about Senator Obama," he said. "And he has a threshold to cross in order to close the sale. He is ahead. We know that. A number of voters are not sure yet whether they want to vote for him. They do not necessarily want to vote against him. In fact, voters want to elect a Democrat. They are just not sure they want Barack Obama." “坦率地说,我认为这次选举的关键问题是,是否选奥巴马。他必须跨越一个门槛,才能赢得这次选举;他目前领先,这一点大家很清楚。一些选民目前还不确定他们是否要投奥巴马的票。这并不一定意味着他们会投他的反对票。事实上,人们希望选一位民主党人,但是他们还没有最后决定是否要选奥巴马。”The McCain campaign is doing what it can to raise questions about Obama's experience and leadership capabilities. In effect, McCain is trying to define Obama for voters, and not in a positive way. 与此同时,麦凯恩的竞选班子在尽一切可能,对奥巴马是否有足够的经验和领导能力提出质疑。麦凯恩阵营实际上是在为奥巴马定位,而且不是正面的定位。It is a tactic that has been effective in recent presidential elections. Democratic candidates Michael Dukakis in 1988 and John Kerry in 2004 were unable to overcome Republican depictions of them as so-called tax and spend liberals from Massachusetts. Senator McCain has stepped up his attacks on Senator Obama in recent days on a range of issues, from his iness to be commander in chief to his stand on tax cuts and energy prices. 近几天来,麦凯恩在领导军队的能力、税收政策以及能源价格等问题上,加紧了对奥巴马的攻击。"Senator Obama says he is going to change Washington, but his solution is to simply make government bigger and raise your taxes to pay for it," he said. "We have been doing that for years, my friends, and it has not worked." 麦凯恩参议员说:“奥巴马参议员说他要改变华盛顿,但是他提出的解决方式只是要让政府机关膨胀,提高税收,来持庞大的政府。朋友们,这种做法已经实施多年了,可是它根本行不通。”Polls show voters generally prefer Obama to handle the weakened U.S. economy, but place more trust in McCain to handle the war in Iraq and national security in general. 民调显示,选民们更愿意让奥巴马来管理美国经济,不过在伊拉克以及各种国家安全问题上,他们更信任麦凯恩。"The question of whether Obama is a suitable commander-in-chief is one which I think voters will continue to mull over the course of the campaign," said Michael Barone, a Washington-based political analyst and author. "He is clearly at a disadvantage to John McCain on this dimension at the moment."For his part, Senator Obama is trying to depict Senator McCain as someone who would continue the policies of President Bush, mindful of public opinion surveys that strongly suggest Americans are looking for change this election year. 而奥巴马则在把麦凯恩描述成要想继续布什总统的政策。奥巴马认为,民意调查强烈显示,美国人希望这个选举年能带来变化。In recent speeches, Obama has become more forceful in rejecting McCain's attacks and a television ad that compares Obama's celebrity status with pop culture icons Britney Spears and Paris Hilton. 奥巴马在最近的演讲当中,更强有力地反击了麦凯恩的攻击。麦凯恩阵营在一份电视广告里,把奥巴马在公众心目中的形象说成是和流行歌星布兰妮·斯皮尔斯以及扉闻人物帕丽丝·希尔顿同出一辄。对此,奥巴马予以反击。"They know their [Republican] ideas are used up, he said. "That is why they are spending all their time talking about me. And that is why they are spending all their time trying to convince you that I am a risky choice. But the real risk is doing the same thing." 他说,“共和党人知道他们已经没有什么新招数了,所以就把全部时间和精力都用来谈论我,把我说成是一个风险系数很大的选择。但是,实际上,维持现行政策才是最大的风险!”Obama and his supporters had hoped his recent trip to the Middle East and Europe would bolster his credentials in foreign policy and national security issues. 奥巴马阵营本来希望他最近出访中东和欧洲地区能够为他在处理外交政策和国家安全问题的能力方面树立良好的形象。But Quinnipiac pollster Peter Brown says that so far, there is little evidence to suggest that Obama got much of a public relations boost, or bounce, out of his trip.  不过,格林尼匹亚大学的民调专家彼得·布朗恩说,到目前为止,没有据显示,奥巴马的这次外交之旅,在公关方面有很大收获。Senator Obama had a good trip by all accounts to the Middle East and Europe," he said. "He met with leaders. They said nice things about him. He drew a huge crowd in Berlin. But he may have been making friends in Berlin, Germany, but he may not be doing as well in Berlin, New Hampshire.To many experts, the 2008 race is starting to look like the election of 1980 between President Jimmy Carter and his Republican challenger Ronald Reagan. 在很多专家看来,2008年的美国总统大选有点像1980年民主党人卡特和共和党人里根之间的竞争。Analyst Norman Ornstein says like this year, voters were in a sour mood in 1980 and looking for change, but unsure about putting Reagan in the White House. 分析人士诺尔曼·欧恩斯坦说,像今年一样,1980年的那次选举,人们也是对现状不满,盼望着变革,但是不能确定是否应该让里根入主白宫。"And I believe fundamentally that in 1980, the election was all about Ronald Reagan," he said. "People did not want another four years of Jimmy Carter. But they were not clear or comfortable for much of the way with whether Reagan got over the bar of acceptability to be commander in chief and president of the ed States." 欧恩斯坦说,“我认为,1980年的选举,归根到底,是要不要选里根。人们不希望卡特再执政四年,不过人们对里根是否能够胜任三军司令和美国总统一职,也有很多顾虑。”Could 2008 be a repeat of 1980? Public opinion analyst Karlyn Bowman says we should have a better idea after the major party political conventions in late August and early September. 2008年的总统大选会不会是1980年大选的重演呢?美国企业研究所的鲍曼女士说,等到民主党和共和党八月底、九月初的提名大会之后,局势将进一步明朗。"The last time we had an open contest, in 2000, around 60 percent of those surveyed by the University of Michigan said that they made up their minds at [during] the convention or after it," she said. "Of the candidate's supporters, one quarter still say that they could change their minds. So stay tuned." 她说,“上一次、也就是2000年大选,在竞争结果不明朗的情况下,接受密西根大学民调的选民当中,大约有60%说,他们是在提名大会期间或者是在那之后,才做出决定的。目前,选民当中,有四分之一的人说,还没有最后决定选谁。所以还要再等等看。”Experts do seem to agree that Obama does have one advantage over McCain at the moment - Democrats seem much more energized to turn out and vote this year than Republicans. 专家们似乎一致认为,奥巴马目前在一个问题上比麦凯恩要占有优势,那就是,民主党人比共和党人的选举热情更高,因此他们到时候投票可能会更踊跃。200808/45402吉大二院生孩子好吗独家专访加盟半岛电视台的前美军发言人Katie Curic: Is he a traitor or a pioneer this past week? The controversial Arab network al-Jazeera announced it's hired a very unusual choice to appear on its new English language news channel. He's a former US marine. Our national correspondent Jamie Gangel has the first TV interview with the man who finds himself at the center of a fierce debate. Jamie good morning. Jamie Gangel: Good morning, Katie. With 30 to 50 million viewers in the Arab world, al-Jazeera is both the most popular and as you said the most controversial Arab language network. But now it's getting new attention for its new star. In this country, al-Jareera is best known for exclusives like this: messages from Osama Bin Laden, graphic footage, of hostages and prisoners of war.(Where all do you come from? Texas.) And while top Bush administration officials have done interviews with the network, they've also called it biased, inflammatory and dangerous. Donald Rumsfield: Lie, is what they do. They, they, they just simply put uh... things on television that are not true.) So why is this former US marine captain Josh Rushing going to work for an Arab news network accused of being anti-American? Josh Rushing: My personal goal is... I wanna represent to the world the best of what I think America stands for. When I traveled the world they had such harsh opinions about us right now. And I hope when they see me, maybe someone that they, can relate to, somebody to listen. Jamie Gangel: You think you are going to promote a pro-American message? Josh Rushing: Ab, absolutely. I've made no attempt to separate myself from my past, so no attempt to separate myself from being a marine of 14 years, a guy from Texas, a blue-eyed American son.But while Rushing, a former Public Affairs officer, was considered talented and smart by his marine corps superiors,conservative critics are saying the thirty-three-year old ex-marine is now being used. Cliff Kincaid(Accuracy in America): He's being naive and thinking that he is going to have any real impact over al-Jazeera . He's gonna be an American face, perhaps a punching bag that they can use in their news reports to say: "Hey! We are balanced. Look! We've got the American on the air. " Rushing insists he knows what he's getting into.Josh Rushing: They are not hiring me for my journalistic skills. They are hiring me to represent my viewpoint on the air as on their personality. So, do I think I'm being naive? No. So, why did al-Jazeera pick him? Rushing admits it was because of his appearance in this movie. Josh Rushing: I mean it's about the 23 million people of Iraq and bringing them freedom. Last year, Rushing became a minor celebrity as the accidental star of the documentary Control Room. A sympathetic behind the scene's look at al-Jazeera's coverage of the Iraq War. In the movie, Rushing is seen in his job as a liaison to the Arab language network.Josh Rushing: We don't wanna occupy Bagdad.(but you are) We don't want to keep troops here. At times he's critical of coverage. But he also develops a respect for the news organization. And he remains quick to defend al-Jazeera today. Josh Rushing: I wrote off al-Jazeera because you're biased. I'm afraid I have to write off not just the American media, maybe the world's media, you know. Show me a news station that doesn't have some kind of bias in the Senate. It's, I think, is impossible. Jamie Gangel: And to the naysayers, the people who think you are a fool, you're getting used?Josh Rushing: Who cares? I mean the marine's taught me do the right thing for the right reason. Damn the consequences! Everyone is gonna have their opinions. And if you are doing anything worthwhile, you couldn't have critics. Jamie Gangel: Rushing admits he doesn't even know exactly what he'll be doing in studio work or field reporting. The network K goes on the air next spring, and has yet to be picked up by the American Cable Company. Katie?Katie Curic: And Jamie, if he doesn't like it or if he feels he is being used, he can always quit, right? Jamie Gangel: Absolutely. But he doesn't really know yet how they are gonna use him and so it's a wait-and-see. All right.200807/44531长春市第三医院官网

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