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赣州人民医院新院网上预约挂号江西赣州市妇幼保健院治疗宫颈糜烂好吗I need this knot to be big enough to swing out and over there这个节要打的很大 达到甩上去后and to get snagged and hooked on that railing.足以勾住铁轨but my arms are just ruined after the climb.但攀爬之后 我的双臂已经酥软无力I almost caught this one.这次差点勾住Im balanced on one foot,holding on with one hand,我靠一脚来保持平衡 一手抓住and trying to swing a 30 pound chain above my head.试图把30磅重的铁链甩过头顶Just needs a bit more length there.Its caught, its caught.需要再长一点 勾住了 勾住了Its officially time for a courage pill.Im up.考验勇气的时候到了 我爬上来了I can still see my hands shaking.These tracks are shiny.双手还在不停颤抖 铁轨十分光滑That means theyre still in use.Im gonna follow them.这说明它们还在使用 我要沿着它们走下去But be aware,you can follow them for days with no signs of life.但要知道 走上几天几夜你可能连个影子都看不到Through straight through this tunnel.咱们径直穿过这条隧道Itll be quicker and easier than going over it as well to get through.直接穿过去会更快 也简单许多But theres always a risk walking into a railway tunnel this narrow.但走在这种狭窄的火车隧道中 就好比与危险共舞Hang on. Stop, stop.The tracks are viberating.等等 停下 停 轨道在颤抖Theres a train comming.we need to move. Go, go, go, go, go, go.火车来了 我们得离开 冲 冲 快跑Keep up with me! run!跟上我 快跑201608/463001寻乌妇幼保健院做血常规检查 And the simplest way is for the pilot to flip the plane upside down and drop me out.最简单的办法是 飞行员让飞机倒着飞 然后把我扔出去Okay, Bear, were coming up on 8,000 feet now.You better get y to jump.贝尔 我们已爬升到八千英尺了 你最好准备好跳伞了So, he had to actually get out of the canopy,get onto the top of the plane,实际上 他不得不离开座舱 爬到机体之上and then if he jumped off the plane from that point,he wouldve hit the tail fin.但如果他在那就跳了的话 他会被尾翼打到的So the only way to get his body further away,we had to flip the plane upside down so he would just fall away.所以我们必须倒飞 这是让他远离尾翼的唯一办法 这样他就可以安全跳落了Bears feet being next to me here,literally in a heartbeat,his feet were now complete 180.当时贝尔的脚就在我旁边 就在这 而就在转眼间 他就来了个一百八十度转身Brilliant moment -- it was a brilliant moment.I absolutely love that moment.精的时刻 太精了 我爱死那个时刻了To this day, it still makes me smile that we pulled this one off.我至今仍很高兴我们渡过了那个难关Theres the plane out ahead!I dont know where the hell Im gonna land!我头顶上有架飞机 我都不知道我会落到什么鬼地方Coming up, my two favorite moments.Will you agree?我最爱的两个时刻即将上演 你同意吗Im Bear Grylls.Welcome back to my 25 greatest moments.我是贝尔·格里尔斯 欢迎回到25个精片段集锦So far, Ive made some grand entrances,had some very close shaves,put my stomach through some tough tests.目前为止 有闪亮登场 有过与死神擦肩而过 拿我的胃做了一些极端的实验But now its time for my top two moments.现在是时候揭晓 最为精的两个时刻201612/484832The Matterhorn, its summit too steep to hold a snowfield.马特洪峰,高峻挺拔的峰顶甚至无法附着积雪Mont Blanc, the highest peak in Western Europe.勃朗峰--西欧最高的山峰The distinctive jagged shapes of the Alps阿尔卑斯山峰具有与众不同的尖齿状外形were carved by those great mountain sculptors, the glaciers.这些杰作出自一位伟大的山峰雕刻家之手,冰川Immense rivers of moving ice, laden with rock,一望无际的流动冰河满载着岩石grind their way down the mountains, gouging out deep valleys.碾磨出一座座尖峭的山峰,刨削出一个个深邃的山谷Theyre the most powerful erosive force on our planet.它是地球上最大的侵蚀作用A moulin, a shaft in the ice opened by meltwater as it plunges into the depths of the glacier.冰川瓯穴--由冰融水凿成的直达冰川深处的圆筒状竖井Like the water running through it, the ice itself is constantly moving,正如奔腾不息的流水,冰川也在不断移动flowing down the valley with unstoppable force.一刻不停地刨蚀着深谷。201703/500558赣州全南妇幼保健院产前检查好吗

会昌医院妇产科怎样In this American English pronunciation , were going to study American English by looking at a short text. Topic: free time.在这段美语发音视频中,我们将会通过一小段文字来学习美式英语。话题:空闲时间。I call this a Ben Franklin exercise.我把这个方法称为本.富兰克林练习。This is when you take very good notes, very detailed notes, on what youre hearing.这种方法就是根据你听到的内容做详细的笔记,And then go back and try to record yourself based on what youve written down, the notes.然后回过头来根据你所做的笔记试着自己录音。Did you write down a Flap T, or the way two words link together?你记下了一个浊音T,还是两个单词的连读方式呢?After youve recorded yourself, compare it to the original. Did you do everything that you wanted to do?给自己录完音后,与原录音进行对比。你做到想做的一切了吗?In this , were going to take notes together.在这个视频中,我们会一起来做笔记。One of my favorite things to do with a free day is to ride my bike. Sometimes Ill ride along the Hudson River or in Central Park,我在空闲时间里最喜欢做的事情之一就是骑自行车。有时我会沿着哈德逊河骑行或在中央公园骑行,and sometimes Ill go visit friends in Brooklyn.;One of my favorite things to do.;有时我还会去布鲁克林拜访我的朋友。最喜欢做的事情之一。;One of my favorite.; I definitely hear ;one; and ;fav-; as being stressed.“One of my favorite.” 我在这里听到了重音是“one”和“fav-”。;Of my; is very quick, very different than ;one; and ;fav;. ;Of my, of my, of my, of my, of my.;“Of my”的发音很快,和“one”与“fav”很不相同。“Of my, of my, of my, of my, of my.”So Im using the schwa here, and I am giving the V sound: ;of my, of my, of my, of my, of my;, but its very flat and quick.所以我在这里会弱读,并且读出V音:“of my, of my, of my, of my, of my”,但它是浊音,并且很快。;One of my favorite.; ;One of my favorite.; ;One of my favorite.;最喜欢做的事情之一。最喜欢做的事情之一。最喜欢做的事情之一。I notice that Im dropping the middle, unstressed syllable in ;favorite;. So its not ;FA-vo-rit;, but simply, ;FA-vrit. Favorite. Favorite things.;我注意到了我把“favorite”中间的非重音音节给省略掉了。所以它就不是“FA-vo-rit”,而是,“FA-vrit. Favorite. Favorite things.”And I notice that I am making that a Stop T, Im not releasing it. Im going straight into the TH. ;One of my favorite things.;我还注意到我在结尾的T处停顿,没有再发出这个音。我直接发TH的音。“One of my favorite things.”;One of my favorite things to do with a free day.;;One of my favorite things to do with a free day.;;One of my favorite things to do with a free day.;空闲时间里最喜欢做的事情之一。空闲时间里最喜欢做的事情之一。空闲时间里最喜欢做的事情之一。;One of my favorite things to do with a free day.; So I notice both the words ;free; and ;day; have a lot more length than the others.“One of my favorite things to do with a free day.” 我注意到单词“free”和“day”都比其他单词的音要长很多。;Things; is a content word, it is a noun, but its more generic than ;free; and ;day;, I think thats why I didnt give it as much time.“Things”是个实义词,名词,但是它比“free”和“day”要更常见,所以我没有给它同样的长音。;One of my favorite things to do with a free day.;空闲时间里最喜欢做的事情之一。;One of my favorite things to do with a free day.;;One of my favorite things to do with a free day.;;One of my favorite things to do with a free day.;空闲时间里最喜欢做的事情之一。空闲时间里最喜欢做的事情之一。空闲时间里最喜欢做的事情之一。I notice, with the word ;to;, I am reducing that to the schwa sound. Its not ;to do;, its ;tdo, ttt, tdo;.我注意到我把“to”略读成一个弱读音。它不是“to do”,而是“tdo, ttt, tdo”。;To do,To do,To do with a free day.;空闲时间里做的,做的,做的事情Also the article ;a;, of course, is a schwa. Now I pronounced the ending TH unvoiced, ;with a, with a;.当然,冠词“a”要弱读。结尾的TH不发音,“with a, with a”。Sometimes when people link the ending TH that is unvoiced into a voiced sound, like the vowel schwa,有时人们把结尾不发音的TH与发音的词连读,比如说弱读的元音,they will voice it and say ;with a, with a;. But I left that unvoiced: ;with a, with a, with a free day.;他们会把这个音发出来,说成“with a, with a”。但是我没有发这个音:“with a, with a, with a free day.”;With a free day.;;With a free day.;;With a free day.;空闲时间里。空闲时间里。空闲时间里。;Is to ride my bike. Ride, bike.; Those were the two longest words in that sentence fragment.“Is to ride my bike. Ride, bike.”这两个词是这一部分句子里发音最长的单词。;Is to ride my bike.; I notice again, I reduced this to the schwa sound.“Is to ride my bike.” 我又注意到了,我把这个to略读成了一个弱读音。Its not ;to;, its ;to, to, is to, is to, is to, is to ride, is to ride, is to ride my bike;.不是“to”,而是“to, to, is to, is to, is to, is to ride, is to ride, is to ride my bike”。;Is to ride my bike.; ;Is to ride my bike.; ;Is to ride my bike.;就是骑自行车。就是骑自行车。就是骑自行车。;Sometimes Ill ride along Hudson River.;有时我会沿着哈德逊河骑行。What did you hear as the most stressed syllables there? Im hearing ;some-, ride, Hud-, Riv-;.你听到的最重的几个音节是什么?我听到的是“some-,ride,Hud-,Riv-”。As you practice your own speech, listen to it and make sure that you can pick out stressed syllables in a sentence.你在练习自己朗读时,注意听,确保自己找出了句子中最重的音节。If you cant, then they all sound too much the same. And were lacking good rhythmic contrast.如果你找不出的话,那么它们的发音就过于相似了。我们缺少较好的节奏对比。So, its always good to study other speech, and to note what do you hear as being the longest syllables.所以,学习其他的演讲是一个很好的办法,要注意你听到的最长的音节。Usually it will go along with adjectives, adverbs, nouns, and verbs.通常它会伴随着形容词,副词,名词和动词出现。;Sometimes Ill ride along the Hudson River.;;Sometimes Ill ride along the Hudson River.;;Sometimes Ill ride along the Hudson River.;有时我会沿着哈德逊河骑行。有时我会沿着哈德逊河骑行。有时我会沿着哈德逊河骑行。What else do you notice?你还注意到了什么呢?I notice the ending S here is pronounced as a Z. ;Sometimes Ill ride.;我注意到了这里词尾的S发Z音。“Sometimes Ill ride.”Also, did you notice how I pronounced that contraction? I didnt say ;Ill, Ill.; I said ;Ill, Ill.;此外,你注意到我读这个缩写形式的方式了吗?我没有读成“Ill, Ill.” 我读的是“Ill, Ill.”So it sounded a lot like this word. In fact, it sounded just like this word. ;Ill, Ill.;所以,它听起来很像这个单词。事实上,它听起来就像这个单词。“Ill, Ill.”I used the ;aw; as in ;law; vowel. ;Sometimes Ill, sometimes Ill ride.;我使用了“law”里面的元音“aw”。“Sometimes Ill, sometimes Ill ride.”So, I reduced the contraction, which is aly a reduction of ;I will;, to ;Ill, Ill, Ill. Sometimes Ill ride.;所以,我略读了“I will”的缩写,把它读成了“Ill, Ill, Ill. Sometimes Ill ride.”;Sometimes Ill ride, Sometimes Ill ride , Sometimes Ill ride along the Hudson River.;“有时我会沿着哈德逊河骑行”;The Hudson River.; The word ;the; pronounced with the schwa.“The Hudson River.” 单词“the”是被弱读了。Sometimes its pronounced with an EE vowel. That would be when the next word begins with a vowel or diphthong.有时,当下一个单词以元音或复合元音开头时,单词“the”会被加上一个EE元音。Here it begins with a consonant, the H sound, ;Hudson, Hudson;, so it was a schwa. ;The Hudson, the Hudson River.;在这里下一个单词是以H开头,“Hudson, Hudson”,所以它要被弱读。“The Hudson, the Hudson River.”;The Hudson River.; ;The Hudson River.;;The Hudson River.;哈德逊河。哈德逊河。哈德逊河。Did you notice how the second and unstressed syllable of ;Hudson; was pronounced? Its written with the letter O, but theres the schwa vowel in there.你注意到“Hudson”的第二个非重音是怎样读的吗?它中间有个字母O,但这个字母是弱读元音。As an unstressed syllable, its very fast, ;-son, -son, -son;.作为一个非重读音节,它被读得很快,“-son, -son, -son”。And when the schwa is followed by the N sound, you dont need to worry about making a separate schwa sound.当这个弱读音后面跟的是N音的话,你就不用去再发一个单独的弱读音了。It gets absorbed by the N. ;-Son, -son, -son,-son, Hudson. The Hudson.;它会被N音所包含。“-Son, -son, -son, -son, Hudson. The Hudson.”;The Hudson River, The Hudson River, The Hudson River or in Central Park.;“哈德逊河骑行或在中央公园.”I notice I did not reduce the word ;or;, that can be reduced to ;er,er. Hudson River or Central Park.; But in this case I didnt. I said ;or;.我注意到我没有略读单词“or”,它可以被略读为“er,er. Hudson River or Central Park.” 但在这里我没有略读。我读的是“or”。Wait, I just realized I missed the word ;in;.等等,我才发现我刚刚少读了单词“in”。;Or in Central Park, or in Central Park.; Do you hear how fast the word ;in; is?“Or in Central Park, or in Central Park.” 你听到单词“in”有多快吗?;Or in, or in, or in, or in Central Park. Central.; Stressed syllable of ;Central; is the first one. ;Cen-, Cen-.;“Or in, or in, or in, or in Central Park. Central.” “Central”里面的重音在第一个音节上,“Cen-, Cen-.”The second syllable has the schwa: ;-tral, -tral, -tral.;第二个音节要弱读:“-tral, -tral.”;In Central.; ;In Central.; ;In Central.;在中央。在中央。在中央。Did you notice? Im making more of a CH sound here instead of a T sound for the T in ;Central;.你注意到了吗?我在“Central”的T这里发的是CH音,而不是T音。;Cen-tral, -tral, -tral.; This can happen when the T is followed by an R.“Cen-tral, -tral, -tral.” 这种情况在R跟在T后面时会出现。;In Central, In Central, In CentralPark, and sometimes Ill go visit friends in Brooklyn.;在中央公园,有时我还会去布鲁克林拜访我的朋友。;And sometimes.; I definitely dropped the D in that word, ;and sometimes, and sometimes;, reducing the word ;and;.“And sometimes.” 在这里我把D音省略掉了,“and sometimes, and sometimes”,略读了单词“and”。;And sometimes.;;And sometimes.; ;And sometimes.;有时。有时。有时。Lets talk about stress in that last part of the sentence.让我们看一下句子的最后部分里的重音。;And sometimes Ill go visit friends in Brooklyn.;有时我还会去布鲁克林拜访我的朋友。What did you hear as being the most stressed syllables? ;Some-;, sort of, but even stronger, ;vis-, friends, Brook-;. Verb, noun, noun. The content words.你听到的最重的音节是什么?“Some-”,有一点重,但更明显的是,“vis-,friends,Brook-”。动词,名词,名词。实义词。And did you notice the contraction ;Ill;? Again, pronounced with the ;aw; as in ;law; vowel, reduced to ;Ill, Ill, Ill, Ill;.你注意到缩写形式“Ill”了吗?这里我又将它读成了“law”里面的“aw”元音,略读为“Ill,Ill,Ill,Ill”。;And sometimes Ill, And sometimes Ill, And sometimes Ill go visit friends in Brooklyn.;“And sometimes Ill(循环三次)go visit friends in Brooklyn.”Also, all of these words, as always in a thought group, were very connected.此外,这些词都是在一个意群里的,连接很紧密。I had a Stop T here in ;visit;, so I didnt bother to release it, which would have made a little gap in my line. ;Visit friends, visit friends.;“visit”后面有个顿音T,所以我就没有发出这个音,不然的话会使我的一句话中出现空隙。;visit friends,visit friends,visit friends in Brooklyn.;去布鲁克林拜访我的朋友。Also, the ending Z sound of ;friends; linked into the beginning vowel of the next word, ;friends in, friends in, friends in, friends in Brooklyn.;还有,“friends”结尾的Z音与下一个词开头的元音相连,“friends in, friends in, friends in, friends in Brooklyn.”;visit friends in Brooklyn.; ;visit friends in Brooklyn.; ;visit friends in Brooklyn.;去布鲁克林拜访我的朋友。去布鲁克林拜访我的朋友。去布鲁克林拜访我的朋友。One of my favorite things to do with a free day is to ride my bike.我在空闲时间里最喜欢做的事情之一就是骑自行车。Sometimes Ill ride along the Hudson River or in Central Park, and sometimes Ill go visit friends in Brooklyn.有时我会沿着哈德逊河骑行或在中央公园骑行,有时我还会去布鲁克林拜访我的朋友。I hope this has given you some ideas on how to take notes and study the speech of native speakers.我希望这些在你做笔记和学习英语母语者演讲方面有所帮助。Do this on your own. Take and audio clips that interest you or that have topics that are important to your field of work.自己来做一下这个练习。找一些你感兴趣的视频或音频片段,或者是与你工作领域相关的主题。After you take good notes, record the text yourself and compare to the original recording. What do you still need to work on, or what did you do well?在你做好笔记之后,录下你读的文章,然后与原录音进行对比。你在哪些地方还需努力,或者在哪里做得比较好?This is a great way to improve your pronunciation.这是一个提高发音的好办法。Thats it, and thanks so much for using Rachels English.这次的学习就到这里,非常感谢使用Rachels English。So this is what I like to do with a free day. What do you like to do with a free day?这就是我在空闲时间里喜欢做的事情,你喜欢在空闲时做什么呢?Record yourself talking about it, and post it as a response to this on YouTube. I cant wait to hear about it.将你说的话录下来作为对本视频的视频回复发表在Youtube上吧。我迫不及待地想要听听你的回答。201706/513161赣县区人民医院好嘛 It does look pretty dark and sinister, this tunnel.这条隧道看上去特别黑暗阴森No, but as long as Im feeling this wind on my face,不过只要我能感觉到这股风吹在脸上I know theres an airflow coming through here.我就知道这儿有一股冷气流通过And I can still see that light source.Its pretty clear.I reckon we can do this.我依然能看见那束光源 很清晰 我认为我们能做到This could be a way out,but its a narrow squeeze in this storm drain这可能是条出路 但是这个雨水渠很挤 with little headroom between the water level and the tunnel roof.因为水面到隧道顶部的空间特别狭小On the storm drains,they can fill up with water very fast, literally in minutes.在雨水渠里 水实际上能在几分钟内迅速将其灌满It is not a place to hang around.这可不是一个闲逛的地方Rain waters from outside can quickly fill up a storm drain,forcing out the air inside the tunnel,外面的雨水可以很迅速的灌满雨水渠 将内部的空气挤出隧道and right now, its aly getting hard to breathe.而且现在已经 这里越来越难呼吸了Gonna quell all the smoke build up now.要尽量把烟雾压下去My torch is using up precious oxygen and replacing it with noxious fumes.我的火把正在消耗宝贵的氧气 释放出有毒气体I want to get out of here, and fast.Just about enough room to get out of this.我想尽快离开这 空间刚刚够 来摆脱这困境Now let me get the torch through.现在让我们把火把弄过去There seems to be a way out,but this hole is getting tighter and tighter.那儿似乎有一个出口 但是这个洞越来越狭窄了Oh, god, man. Im hooked on this pipe.哦 天啊 我被这管道勾住了But Ive linked through to another tunnel,and theres a way out.但是我找到了连着的另一条隧道 那儿有条出路Well, were going up to the light here.Theres a manhole cover above me.Im gonna see if I can open it.我们上到了光亮这里 有个井盖在我之上 我来看看能否打开它We can get out of here.One final push, and the cover is off.我们可以从那里出去 最后一推 井盖打开了This takes us out onto the street,and for once, its not deserted.我们从这爬出去到了街道上 这一次 这里不是空无一物Back in the land of the living.Okay, dont get run over.重新回到有人烟的地方了 好了 小心别被车子撞了All I want now is to get cleaned up and head for home.我现在最想做的就是洗个澡然后直奔回家Using my wilderness skills, Ive shown you how to survive the challenges of the urban jungle.我用我的野外求生技能向你们演示了 如何在都市丛林的挑战中生存201610/471494全南人民医院医生有哪些

龙南月经不调哪家医院好的 栏目简介:Around 100 million Chinese people took an overseas trip last year, up 50 percent from 2014. Organizers of the upcoming 13th annual Shanghai World Travel Fair say travelers are increasingly interested in customized itineraries. Sun Caiqin has the details...201703/492630赣州定南妇幼保健院可以刷医保卡么赣州兴国医院有失败的案例吗



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