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会昌县人民医院体检多少钱赣县第二人民医院医生名单简介: Do it correctly and make sure you go the extra mile.go the extra mile 意为 put more effort and work to make sure that the job is done well and correct.译文:正确完成此事并尽全力确保万无一失。 /200612/9783赣州信丰医院好不好 VOA流行美语 52: TO BE CANNED / TO KISS UP TOto be cannedto kiss up to今天Michael和李华下了班以后就去逛街。他们边走边聊,李华会学到两个常用语:to be canned和to kiss up to。M: Man, it was crazy at work today!L: 真的?你们办公室今天发生什么事啦?M: My friend George was late again, so the boss canned him!L: 你的朋友George今天上班迟到,你们老板对他怎么了?对他大喊大叫吗?M: No, it's much worse than that. The boss canned him. In other words, the boss fired him!L: 什么?你是说George被解雇了。所以To be canned就是被解雇的意思啊?M: Yeah, here, "canned" is the past form of "to can," which means "to put something in a can," or slang for "to throw something in the trash can".L: 噢,这里canned就是把什么东西扔到垃圾桶。可这跟解雇人有什么关系呢?M: Hehheh, when your boss "cans" you, he's getting rid of you. It is like he is throwing you in the trash can.L: 原来这是一种比喻啊。不过这种说法听起来挺吓人的。Michael, 你觉得George应该被解雇 吗?M: To tell the truth, George was not a very good employee. If I were the boss, I would have canned him too.L: 哎呀,Michael,你这么说你的朋友未免太过份了吧!George又没做坏事,为什么要解雇他 啊?M: Well, George was often very late to work. This month, he came in late a least four times. The boss warned George many times before he finally canned him.L: 看来你一点也不同情George。要是我的朋友碰上这种倒霉事,我至少也会替他难过啊。M: Hmph. When George was late, it caused me and the other employees a lot of trouble. No one is really sad that he was canned.L: 也许你说得没错。如果每个人都象George这样老迟到,那会给其他人造成多大的麻烦啊。M: Well, you are right and wrong. Because George was canned, we all have a lot more work to do right now.L: 对,希望你们公司会赶快雇一个人来接替George的工作。M: I'm sure they will.音乐间隙L: 哎,Michael,你有没有担心过自己有一天会被老板解雇呢?M: Me? Not at all. I'm a good worker, and I kiss up to the boss all the time.L: 你说你工作表现很好,而且你还经常亲你的老板。哎呀,Michael, 你好恶心哦,你的老板 不是男的吗?M: No no no...I said I "kiss up to" my boss. To "kiss up to" someone is to try to be extra friendly to someone so they will treat you well.L: 那你到底是怎么样"kiss up to"你的boss呢?M: Well, when I want to "kiss up to" the boss, I might bring him coffee, or help him clean the office. I also try to say nice things about him and his family, or tell him he just looks really cool.L: 噢,现在我懂了。你不用说的那么好听,"kiss up to"无非就是拍什么人的马屁嘛。哎呀, 真没想到,你还是个马屁精啊。你不怕同事看不起你啊?M: No, not at all. All of the employees kiss up to my boss. Actually, there's nothing wrong with that, because our boss is a really nice guy.L: 如果你的老板真象你说的那么好,或许讨好他也没什么错。M: I Guess kissing up to someone can be useful, but not so that everyone hates you.L: 你说的没错,拍马屁有时候是挺管用的,不过要是搞得人人都讨厌你,那就太不值得了。M: Don't worry about me. I don't want the boss to do anything for me, I just don't want to be canned.L: 其实我才应该向你学几招,去讨好讨好我的老板,也让他对我另眼相看。今天李华学会了两个常用语:to be canned和to kiss up to.To be canned在这里就是被解雇的意思,kiss up to是讨好某人,拍马屁的意思。 /200602/3127Thank you so much! Ms. Janelle Monáe! Come on out here and give a bow! Thank you so much. So in addition to Janelle Monáe, please give Kendrick Lamar a big round of applause! Here he is, right here. So on behalf of all of us, obviously we were hoping to share their incredible talents with 5,000 people out on the South Lawn. And the Fourth of July is about family, its about the American family, its about us getting together with the people we love most. We all know that our freedoms are dependent on an incredible group of men and women in uniform and their families who look out for us every single day. Some of them are in attendance here today – please give them a big round of applause. For those in our military who could not attend, we just want to say how much we admire, respect and appreciate everything you do to fight for our freedom every single day. And obviously the Fourth of July – we enjoy the hotdogs, we enjoy the burgers, we enjoy the barbecue, we enjoy the day off for a lot of us, we enjoy the fireworks. But its important to remember what a miracle this country is. How incredible – how incredibly lucky we are that people, generations ago, were willing to take up arms and fight for our freedom. And then people, inside this country, understanding that there were imperfections in our union and were willing to keep on fighting on behalf of extending that freedom to all people and not just some. And that story of independence is not something that happens and then we just put away. Its something that we have to fight for every single day. Its something that we have to nurture, and we have to sp the word, and we have to work on. And it involves us respecting each other. And it involves us recognizing that there are still people in this country who are going hungry – and theyre not free because of that. There are still people in this country who cant find work – and freedom without the ability to contribute to society and put a roof over your head or look after your family, thats not yet what we aim for. And so on a day like this, we celebrate, we have fun, we marvel at everything thats been done before, but we also have to recommit ourselves to making sure that everybody in this country is free; that everybody has opportunity; that everybody gets a fair shot; that we look after all of our veterans when they come home; that we look after our military families and give them a fair shake; that every child has a good education. That is what we should be striving for on Independence Day. So to all of you who are here in this amazing gathering, we love you and were grateful that you could join us. To our incredible artists, thank you for always sharing. Ive got to tell you I have to tell you that these two Ive gotten a chance to know, and they are both amazing artists and talented and popular and doing great things, but theyre also very conscious about their responsibilities and obligations. And they put in a lot of time and effort on behalf of a lot of causes that are important. Were really proud of them for that. And just because its a job of a father to embarrass his daughters Ive got one last job. It just so happens that we celebrate our countrys birthday on the same day that we celebrate my oldest daughters birthday. So just a quick happy birthday for Malia. Thank you, everybody. God bless you. God bless America.201607/456930会昌县看乳腺检查多少钱

兴国治疗不孕不育哪家医院好的突破口语之情景对话(19):How about going to the cinema tonight?今晚去看电影怎么样?David: How about going to the cinema tonight?Lily: That's great. What's on tonight?David: I am not sure about the name of the film, but I know it's a romantic one.Lily: Romantic? I am afraid I like thrillers better.David: Don't you think it's too bloody?Lily: On the contrary, very exciting.译文:大卫: 今天晚上去看电影怎么样?莉莉: 太好了。今晚放什么?大卫: 名字我不太清楚,但我知道那是一部爱情片。莉莉: 爱情片?恐怕我更喜欢恐怖片一些。大卫: 你不觉得那太血腥了吗?莉莉: 恰恰相反,非常刺激。注解 :1) romantic (adj): 浪漫的例: Valentine's Day is the most romantic time for lovers.情人节是情侣们最浪漫的时刻。2) thriller (n) : dracula movie 恐怖片3) bloody (adj) : brutal 血腥的,残忍的4) on the contrary : 相反 /200708/16440赣州于都人民医院好不好 全南县陂头中心卫生院治疗妇科炎症好吗

南康市镜坝卫生院哪年成立5_10 I’m sorry. I’m sorry. 我很抱歉. I apologize. 我道歉. It’s my fault. 是我的错. I was wrong. 我当时错了. You are right. 你是对的. Please forgive me. 请原谅我. I didn’t mean it. 我不是有意的. It wasn’t on purpose. 那不是故意的. It won’t happen again. 这种事不会再发生了. /200706/14168 赣州仁济男子医院男科赣州信丰医院做人流好吗



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