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重庆和平医院在哪里重庆医科大学附属第一医院价位表A long time ago in China lived the Jade Emperor. It was his birthday. He wanted to measure time to know how old he was.很久很久以前住着一位玉皇大帝,有一天他的生日到了,他想测量一下时间,好让他知道自己已经多少岁了。All the animals arrived. The Emperor decided to have a race to give a name to each year of the Chinese Zodiac.所有的小动物们都到了,玉帝决定举行一个比赛,来决定每一年的名字。The rat and the cat couldn’t swim very well. “Can you take us across the river?” “Yes, jump and quick!”老鼠和猫都不太会游泳,(他们对牛说)”你能带我们过河吗?“ ”可以,快来上来吧。“They swam across the river. Then the rat pushed the cat into the water and jumped on to land.他们游到河边,然后老鼠把猫推下了河,自己跳到了岸上。(这就是为什么十二生肖中没有猫的原因了)”Well done,Rat! The first year will be the Year of the Rat and the second will be the Year of the OX.”“干得好,老鼠! 第一年就是鼠年,第二年是牛年。”“Look! Here’s the tiger. He’s very tired. The third year will be the Year of the Tiger.”“看!老虎来了。它很累,第三年就是虎年了。”“The rabbit can’t swim but he’s very clever. The fourth year will be the Year of the Rabbit.”“兔子不会游泳但他很聪明,第四年就是兔年。”“Why are you late, Dragon? You can fly!” “I had to make some rain for thirsty people to drink.” “Well done! The fifth year is the Year of the Dragon.”“龙,你为什么迟到了?你会飞啊!” “我必须给干渴的人们制造雨水。”(龙王爷是掌管下雨的)“干得好!第五年就是龙年了!”“What’s this? I can hear a horse. No, it’s a snake. So the snake has the sixth year.”“谁来了?我好像听到了马的声音。不,是蛇,所以第六年是蛇年。”“Well done! It is good to see you working together! The goat is eighth, the monkey is ninth and rooster is tenth.”“干得好!很高兴看到你们齐心合力干活!第八是羊,第九是猴子,第十是鸡。”“Sorry I’m late. The water is clean and I needed a bath.” ” The eleventh is the Year of the Dog.”“抱歉,我来晚了。河水很干净,我得洗个澡。” “第十一年就是年。”Be“You are the last.” “Yes, I had to eat and sleep on the way.” “The last is the Year of the Pig.” And that is how the Emperor chose the animals for Chinese Zodiac.“你是最晚的。” “是的,我得在路上吃个饭、再睡个觉。” “最后一年就是猪年吧。” 玉皇大帝就是这么排列中国的生肖的。 /201309/257716渝北区中医院去痣多少钱 In the animal world, the male is usually the fancy dresser. But in the masculine jungle of global politics, it is the first lady who has to seduce a fickle public on behalf of her dully plumaged partner.在动物世界,外表花哨的往往是雄性。但在男人主导的全球政坛,第一夫人们却不得不代替她们衣着毫无亮点的丈夫,吸引浮躁公众的注意力。Peng Liyuan, the glamorous wife of Xi Jinping, China’s new president, triumphed on her first foreign outing this week. Like many modern first ladies (think particularly Michelle Obama and Carla Bruni Sarkozy) Ms Peng, a popular Chinese singer, is a career woman. Also like her peers, she has adopted the practice of taking to the official catwalk dressed entirely in homegrown designer labels. This does more to advertise Chinese couture than any fashion show. But why should only the wives of the world’s leaders be held to such high fashion standards? If anything, the men are more in need of flair than today’s first ladies.中国新任国家主席习近平的迷人夫人彭丽媛,在上周的首次外事访问中大获成功。与很多时髦的第一夫人(尤其是米歇尔#8226;奥巴马(Michelle Obama)和卡拉#8226;布鲁尼#8226;萨科齐(Carla Bruni Sarkozy))一样,作为中国著名歌唱家的彭丽媛也是一名职业女性。而且,她也选择身着清一色的本土设计师品牌展开这场外交“T台秀”。这对中国时装的宣传效果要强于一切时装表演。但有什么理由只拿这些时尚高标准去要求世界政要的夫人们呢?其实,男人们比当今的第一夫人更需要一些时髦。David Cameron’s sartorial style can only be defined as bland. Fran#231;ois Hollande lacks the Gallic chic that should have been his birthright. And Vladimir Putin’s dress sense could be summed up as Rambo with a dash of Tarzan – but only at his dacha. At global summits he blends in perfectly with the sea of dull, dark suits.戴维#8226;卡梅伦(David Cameron)的着装只能用平庸来形容。弗朗索瓦#8226;奥朗德(Fran#231;ois Hollande)缺乏法国人本该与生俱来的雅致。弗拉基米尔#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)的着装品位像是兰(Rambo)中掺点人猿泰山(Tarzan)的味道——但他只会在私人别墅里这样穿。一到全球峰会,他便完美地融入到沉闷深色西的海洋中。If first-lady fashion is about using image to project soft power, the men should join in too. Mr Cameron could wear Paul Smith, whose “classic with a twist” approach fits with the “Conservative with a (caring) twist” brand. Mario Monti would cut a dash in Prada’s nerdy technocrat style. Mr Hollande could sharpen his image with Jean-Paul Gaultier’s edge, while Comme des Gar#231;on’s flowing shapes would reflect Shinzo Abe’s traditionalist instincts.如果说第一夫人的时尚是通过形象来传播软实力的话,那么男性也应当加入进来。卡梅伦可以穿保罗#8226;史密斯(Paul Smith)的衣,因为其“新意经典”符合首相“(关心民众的)新意保守派”的宣传。马里奥#8226;蒙蒂(Mario Monti)应该穿上普拉达(Prada),尽显书生气的技术官僚范。奥朗德可以借助让#8226;保罗#8226;高缇耶(Jean Paul Gaultier)的潮流款式,塑造鲜明的形象。Comme des Gar#231;on的流畅款型则能反映出安倍晋三(Shinzo Abe)的传统主义思维。Of course, leaders have to be sensitive to the hardships imposed by austerity. But the Duchess of Cambridge has won British hearts by showing that the UK’s high street can compete with haute couture when the right choices are made. A similar feat should not be beyond the capabilities of those we elect to lead us.当然,面对紧缩带来的艰难困苦,政要们必须留意成本。但剑桥公爵夫人(Duchess of Cambridge,即凯特王妃)赢得了英国人的心——她明如果选择得当,那么英国的大众装也能与高档时装相媲美。对于我们选举出来的领导人而言,仿效她的成功并不难做到。 /201304/233232重庆市星辰医学美容医院怎么样!

重庆市中山医院在哪里Advent is the period of preparation for the celebration of the birth of Jesus and begins on Sunday nearest to 30th November. The word Advent comes from the Latin adventus meaning coming. Traditionally it is a penitential season but is no longer kept with the strictness of Lent and Christians are no longer required to fast.从最临近11月30日的星期天开始的耶稣降临是为庆祝耶稣诞生做准备的一段时间。降临起源于拉丁语词汇“adventus”意义为来临。按照传统,这是基督教徒忏悔的时间,但现在基督教徒们已经不需要严格遵守这一规矩。Advent wreaths are popular especially in churches. They are made with fir branches and four candles. A candle is lit each Sunday during Advent.降临节花环是非常流行的一个装饰物,特别是在教堂里。它是由杉树树枝和四根蜡烛组成。在降临节的这个月里,每周星期日人们就会点亮一只蜡烛。Christmas Day is the Christian festival most celebrated by non-churchgoers, and churches are often completely full for the service late on Christmas Eve.圣诞节是基督教的节日中最广泛被非基督教徒庆祝的节日,而平安夜教堂中也会挤满了来做礼拜的人。 /201312/269906重庆市第一医院正规吗 重庆医科大学附属儿童医院是公立的

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