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四川半永久定妆学校彭州市纹绣哪里好 The time when dating shows created celebrities is over. Now we have moved into the next stage: celebrities date or even get married on TV.通过相亲节目出名的势头刚去,名人约会甚至结婚的真人秀就迎面而来“We Are in Love”, which premiered on April 19 on Jiangsu TV, was adapted from Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS)’s “We Got Married”. It pairs up celebrities to show what life would be like if they fell in love.月19日,根据韩国SBS电视节目《我们结婚了改编的真人秀节目《我们相爱吧在江苏卫视首播节目中,明星们组成情侣,展示他们的恋爱生活Cross-national couple Liu Wen, a Chinese model, and Choi Si-won, a member of South Korean band Super Junior, is the most eye-catching paring.目前,最抢眼的是一对跨国“情侣”,女方是中国模特刘雯,男方是韩国组合Super Junior的成员崔始源Choi, hailing from the country that first created this television mula, obviously knows well what audiences expect. their first date, the handsome hunk chose a white church and prepared beautiful flowers and exquisite gifts. He even learned to say “you are beautiful” in Mandarin from his Chinese teammate in advance, although his mentor plays a trick on him.来自此类节目创始国韩国的崔始源深谙观众的期待第一次约会,这位帅哥就把地点选在了一座白色教堂,还准备了美丽的花束与精致的礼物;他还事先向中国队员请教如何用汉语说“你很漂亮”,不过,他的队员“老师”给他开了个小小的玩笑An from Guangzhou Daily credited the popularity of “We Got Married” to the flawless relationship and marriage it displays. “It stimulates audiences’ longing a relationship like that,” says the .《广州日报曾在一篇文章中将《我们结婚了的走红归结于其中展现出的完美爱情与婚姻,“它挑起了观众对于完美爱情的期待”In “We Are in Love”, Choi and Liu show a perfect example of ideal dating. When they first met, Liu strutted down the imaginary runway to Choi wearing a casual yet trendy dress from Stella McCartney and carrying a limited edition Chanel cosmetic bag. Then on Choi’s birthday, Liu learned to cook noodles her partner, wearing a gorgeous dress that was a gift from Choi.在《我们约会吧中,崔始源和刘雯的约会堪称理想中的完美典范初次见面时,刘雯身穿斯特拉#86;麦卡特尼随意而时尚的裙装、手拿香奈儿限量版化妆包,从教堂的走道上昂首阔步地走向崔始源随后,在崔始源生日时,刘雯身穿崔始源送给自己的华丽裙子,为“男友”学做面条We all know nothing about these relationships is authentic. But scenes showing two adorable-looking people sharing romantic moments together just make us wish they were.我们都知道他们并非真正的情侣,但是看到一对璧人在你面前“秀恩爱”,我们还是会忍不住希望一切都是真的“It was a combination of the pairs pretending to really be in love and the fact that we all knew it couldn’t be true that kept us all watching, waiting, and hoping that virtuality could become reality,” K-pop site Mwave wrote.韩国新闻网Mwave则这样写道:“他们假装恋爱,我们也知道他们的恋情是虚构的,但就是这些让我们更想围观、等待、希望假戏成真”Another couple in the show, actress Ruby Lin and actor Ren Zhong, however, are still looking the right tempo. Some viewers believe it’s because of Ren, a typical northern man who is conservative and knows little about romance.与“石榴夫妇”相比,节目中的另一对“情侣”林心如和任重则还没有找到合适的节奏一些观众觉得,这是因为作为地道北方男人的任重有些保守、不懂浪漫But maybe it’s their awkwardness that gives us a sense of reality about the show. Wu Qiaoya, 7, an enthusiastic fan of Korean TV shows, said: “The embarrassing atmosphere between Lin and Ren reminds me of when I went a blind date, while Liu and Choi’s dates are what I dream of.”但也许,恰恰是他们的尴尬,为节目增添了真实感今年7岁的吴倩亚(音)是一个狂热的韩剧粉,她说:“林心如和任重之间的尴尬气氛让我想起自己在相亲时的种种经历,而刘雯和崔始源的约会则是我梦寐以求的” 37成都/素秀国际半永久学校做眉毛的画法多少钱

江油市学半永久化妆While Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co. take each other on in the lucrative high-end smartphone market, there is another battle taking place in the less glamorous world of inexpensive smartphones in China. 苹果公司(Apple Inc.)和三星电子(Samsung Electronics Co.)在利润丰厚的高端智能手机市场上展开厮杀时,中国不那么光鲜时髦的廉价智能手机市场却正在上演着另一场争夺战 With a larger portion of China one billion mobile phone users replacing their basic cellphones, the market is exploding smartphones that cost about 1,000 yuan (US) or less. Major local players like Huawei Technologies Co. and ZTE Corp. are leaders in that segment, where eign players like Samsung and Nokia Corp. also compete. 中国有约亿手机用户,其中越来越多的人正在淘汰手里的普通手机鉴于此,售价约人民币1,000元(约合7美元)或更低的智能手机市场正在飞速增长华为技术有限公司(Huawei Technologies Co., 简称:华为)和中兴通讯股份有限公司(ZTE Corp., 简称:中兴通讯)等中国本土大型厂商是这一细分市场的领军企业此外,三星电子和诺基亚(Nokia Corp.)等国外商家也参与了这一市场的竞争 But the low-end segment of the smartphone market is now getting even more crowded, as Chinese Internet companies such as Alibaba Group Holdings Ltd. and Baidu Inc. jump on the bandwagon by teaming up with electronics makers to launch inexpensive smartphones. 但中国低端智能手机市场的竞争正在日益加剧阿里巴巴集团(Alibaba Group Holdings Ltd.)和百度(Baidu Inc.)等中国互联网企业正与电子产品制造商联手推出廉价智能手机,纷纷加入这一市场的竞争 ;There are too many new entrants in the low-end segment, and competition is getting more and more intense,; said Nicolas Baratte, CLSA regional head of technology research. Margins will be very thin and it will be difficult anyone to make money in that segment, he added. 里昂券(CLSA)亚洲科技产业研究部主管巴拉特(Nicolas Baratte)说,越来越多的企业涉足低端智能手机市场,竞争日趋激烈他还说,低端智能手机的利润将变得十分微薄,哪家公司都很难以从这个细分市场中获利 Last month, Baidu, China biggest Web search engine, teamed up with major Chinese TV maker Changhong to launch a smartphone priced under 1,000 yuan. Meanwhile, Alibaba, China biggest e-commerce company, and Haier, a major Chinese home appliances maker, said this month that they are together launching a smartphone, also priced just under 1,000 yuan. With the new smartphones, which run on operating systems that steer users to the Internet companies services, Baidu and Alibaba are trying to generate more mobile traffic their services. 上个月,中国最大互联网搜索引擎百度与中国大型电视机制造商长虹(Changhong)联手推出一款售价不到1,000元的智能手机另外,中国最大电子商务网站阿里巴巴集团和中国家电业巨头海尔(Haier)本月说,它们将合作推出一款智能手机,价格也略低于1,000元百度和阿里巴巴集团均希望通过推出新智能手机(采用引导用户使用各自务的操作系统),从而为各自的务带来更多手机流量 An increasing number of lesser-known Chinese brands are also selling smartphones that cost about a quarter of the local price of Apple latest iPhone S, fueling further growth in a market that is aly the world largest after it surpassed the U.S. late last year. 此外,越来越多不为人知的中国品牌也开始销售智能手机,而价格仅为苹果最新款iPhone S中国市场价的四分之一左右,助推中国智能手机市场进一步增长去年底,中国一举超越美国,成为全球规模最大的智能手机市场 1886 资阳彩妆学校四川省美甲培训



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