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嘉兴医院排名嘉兴腋臭哪家医院治疗好嘉兴有割双眼皮的吗 Since introducing its Camry family sedan in 1983, Toyota Motor Corp. has brought out an all-new version of the model every five or six years, making slighter modifications and enhancements in the interim.This time, Toyota is accelerating the pace of change. Just three years after the seventh generation Camry was introduced, Toyota is revamping the car extensively, in keeping with an exhortation from CEO Akio Toyoda to “make better cars.” While not quite a complete makeover, Toyota has replaced about a third of the Camry’s 6,000 parts and restyled the exterior and interior to make it more eye-catching and less bland.Though Toyota won’t disclose how much it invested, the sum is likely in the neighborhood of 0 million, an unexpectedly large investment to keep Camry at the front of a pack of midsize sedans that includes Honda Accord, Nissan Altima, Chevrolet Malibu, Hyundai Sonata and Ford Fusion.“The midsize family sedan segment is three million units a year,” said Bill Fay, group vice president of Toyota’s U.S. sales organization. “It’s still the biggest segment in the U.S. market and very important to us.”Twelve years running Camry has been the No. 1 best-selling car in the U.S. In 2014 it leads the segment again and likely will reign as top-seller for a thirteenth year in a row. Toyota’s decision to invest half a billion dollars in Camry just two years ahead of its likely next full-model change is an aggressive move, difficult to justify on financial grounds alone, yet reflective of the automaker’s determination not to cede leadership.Last April, at the New York Auto Show when the Camry prototype was unveiled, Fay said Toyota knew the car had to be far more visually expressive to compete with bolder styling from Ford’s new Fusion and Hyundai’s new Sonata. The midsize family segment also faces new competition from lower-priced sedans by Mercedes-Benz and other luxury manufacturers.The most noticeable styling change is Camry’s new fascia, which is bold, open and forceful, like a mouth about to devour whatever is in front of it. Except for the roof, the entire exterior is new. Toyota engineers also added to the rigidity of the car’s body with more spot welds, as well as more insulation to make the cabin quieter.Following Akio Toyoda’s ascension to chief executive in 2009 in the midst of the automaker’s sudden-acceleration troubles, his mandate to subordinates was clear: shake up the company and improve the products. Among the organizational changes in the U.S. is a move for the company’s headquarters to Plano, Texas from Torrance, California.Toyota’s impressive financial strength gives it the latitude to embark on a costly mid-cycle upgrade for a key model like Camry. The goal isn’t just to sell more cars and at higher prices: Executives know Volkswagen and General Motors are gunning for Toyota’s title of No. 1 globally in sales.The new Camry symbolizes Toyota’s determination to maintain a lofty status with consumers, reviewers, credit ratings agencies and others who assigned high grades to the company’s vehicles and financial performanceThat won’t be easy: As many big, successful companies have discovered, complacency can be the subtlest and deadliest of enemies.自1983年凯美瑞(Camry)系列轿车诞生以来,丰田汽车公司(Toyota Motor Corp.)每隔五六年就会做一些微小改动和增强,在此基础上推出一款全新车型。不过这一次,丰田加快了更新的步伐。为了响应社长丰田章男的训诫:“做更好的汽车”,第七代凯美瑞推出不过三年,丰田就对其进行了大规模的改进。尽管这并非一次彻底的改造,但丰田替换了凯美瑞6,000个部件中的大约三分之一,改变了汽车的内外风格,让它变得更加吸引眼球,而不是平淡无奇。尽管丰田并未透露具体的投资额,但这次改造的花费很可能在5亿美元左右,这是一笔出人意料的大投资,目的是为了让凯美瑞在包括本田(Honda)雅阁(Accord)、日产(Nissan)Altima、雪佛兰(Chevrolet)迈锐宝(Malibu)和福特(Ford)Fusion在内的中型轿车市场保持领先地位。美国丰田销售公司副总裁比尔#8226;费伊表示:“美国每年要卖出300万辆中型家用轿车,这仍然是美国汽车市场中最大的一块,对我们而言十分重要。”凯美瑞已经连续12年成为全美最畅销汽车。2014年,它再次在该领域名列前茅,很可能将连续第13次摘得销量桂冠。丰田决定在凯美瑞上投资5亿美元,并将可能进行的下一次产品更新提前两年,可谓是进取心十足的举动。我们很难单从经济效益的角度对其做出判断,但此举体现出了丰田不愿意将领先优势拱手让人的决心。在今年4月的纽约国际汽车展(New York Auto Show)上,丰田展示了新款凯美瑞的原型。费伊表示,丰田清楚这款汽车在外型上还需要更具视觉冲击力,才能与风格鲜明的新款福特Fusion和新款现代(Hyundai)索纳塔(Sonata)抗衡。中型家用轿车市场也面临着来自梅赛德斯-奔驰(Mercedes-Benz)和其他豪华汽车厂商低价车的竞争。最引人注目的风格改变出现在凯美瑞的新仪表板上,它的设计大胆开放,充满力度,就像一张将要吞噬面前一切的大嘴。除了车顶以外,汽车的外表有了彻底的变化。丰田的工程师增加了车身的焊点,使得车身硬度增强,此外还强化了其隔音效果,使车内环境更加安静。在2009年丰田深陷汽车突然加速的麻烦时,丰田章男接任社长。此后,他对下属的指令就十分明确:重组公司,改进产品。而丰田在美国进行的重组中,有一项就是把总部从加利福尼亚州托伦斯迁到德克萨斯州普莱诺。丰田强大的财力让他们有能力对凯美瑞这样的关键车型进行价值不菲的中期升级。公司的目的不仅是以更高的价格卖出更多的汽车:高管们都知道,大众汽车(Volkswagen )和通用汽车(General Motors)都在努力从丰田手中夺取全球销量第一的宝座。新款凯美瑞象征着丰田的决心:维持公司在顾客、员、信用评级机构和其他对丰田汽车及其财务业绩赞誉有加的人士心中的崇高地位。这点并不简单:正如许多成功的大型企业发现的那样,自满可能是最隐蔽却最致命的敌人。 /201409/332268Scientists on Tuesday pushed the hands of the infamous ;Doomsday Clock; forward one minute from last year, signalling their increasing pessimism about the efforts of world leaders to handle global threats.周二,科学家们把邪恶的;末日之钟;的指针拨快了一分钟,相对于去年更加逼近;末日; ,表示他们对于世界领袖应对全球威胁的行动感到越来越悲观。;It is now five minutes to midnight,; the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (BAS) said in a sober assessment of current trends. ;Two years ago, it appeared that world leaders might address the truly global threats that we face. In many cases, that trend has not continued or been reversed.;《原子科学家公报》冷静地分析了现在的趋势,指出:;现在是午夜11时55分,两年前世界领袖们看上去好像真的能解决我们面临的全球威胁。但是很多情况下,这一乐观的趋势并未持续或者说已经逆转。;In January 2010, the clock#39;s minute hand was pushed back one minute from five to six minutes before midnight. Midnight symbolizes humanity#39;s destruction.2010年1月,;末日之钟;的分针从11时55分调回11时54分。午夜零时象征着人类的毁灭。The clock setting, which has been a staple since 1947, represents the severity of the perceived threat to humanity from nuclear or biological weapons, climate change and other human-caused disasters. When it began this annual tradition, the BAS set the time at seven minutes to midnight. Following the first test of the hydrogen bomb, the doomsday clock ticked to two minutes before midnight in 1953. When the ed States and Russia began reducing their nuclear arsenals in 1991, the Bulletin set the clock at 17 minutes to midnight.;末日之钟;于1947年设立,代表了人类感受到的来自核武器或生化武器、气候变化及其它人为灾难等威胁的严峻程度。《原子科学家公报》杂志每年都有调整;末日之钟;的惯例, ;末日之钟;最初设定在午夜11时53分。美国1953年试爆第一颗氢弹后,;末日之钟;调整至晚11时58分。美俄于1991年开始减少核军火库规模之后,;末日之钟;又调整到11时43分。In explaining its latest move, the BAS bemoaned the ability of global leaders to move ahead on ridding the world of nuclear weapons.对于这次最新的调整,《原子科学家公报》解释称,他们为全球领袖未能在清除核武器方面取得进展而感到惋惜。There are about 19,500 nuclear weapons in the world today, according to the BAS, which cautioned that ;it is still possible for radical groups to acquire and use highly enriched uranium and plutonium to wreak havoc in nuclear attacks.;据《原子科学家公报》报道,现在全球有一万九千五百个核武器,并警告说;激进分子仍有可能获得并且使用高浓缩铀和钚来发动核袭击造成严重破坏;。It also referenced last year#39;s accident at Japan#39;s Fukushima nuclear facility, saying the disaster underscored the urgency of developing safer nuclear reactor designs as well as better oversight, training, and attention.该杂志还提到了去年在日本福岛核电站发生的核泄漏事件,认为这次灾难凸显了设计开发更安全的核反应堆、加强监督、培训和提高关注度的紧迫性。The gloom did not end there. The Bulletin believes that the world may have neared what it called ;a point of no return in efforts to prevent catastrophe from changes in Earth#39;s atmosphere.; It said that in the absence of finding alternatives to carbon-emitting energy technologies within five years,; the world will be doomed to a warmer climate, harsher weather, droughts, famine, water scarcity, rising sea levels, loss of island nations, and increasing ocean acidification.灾难带来的阴霾并不止于此。公报称世界或许已经接近了;地球气候变暖引发大灾难的不可逆转之点;。;如果五年之内找不到碳排放能源技术的替代方法;,世界注定会出现气候变暖、极端天气、干旱、饥荒、缺水、海平面上升、岛国消失和海洋日趋酸化。;Unfortunately, Einstein#39;s statement in 1946 that #39;everything has changed, save the way we think,#39; remains true,; said BAS co-chair Lawrence Krauss. ;The provisional developments of 2 years ago have not been sustained, and it makes sense to move the clock closer to midnight, back to the value it had in 2007.;《原子科学家公报》副主席劳伦斯bull;克劳斯说:;不幸的是,爱因斯坦在1946年所说的lsquo;一切都已改变,除了我们的思维方式rsquo;依然正确。两年前的短暂发展没有延续,所以把lsquo;末日之钟rsquo;调回2007年更接近午夜的时间是合理的。;词汇点津:arsenals: 军械库;兵工厂rid...of: 从;;清除 /201201/167924嘉兴武警医院修眉手术多少钱

嘉兴哪里可以做腋窝去毛Chinatakes a bite out of Apple: State media calls iPhone ;threatto national security; over its tracking capabilities.中国咬了苹果一口:国家媒体说iPhone的追踪能力“对国家安全造成威胁”。Chinese state media on Friday brandedApple#39;s iPhone a threat to national security because ofthe smartphone#39;s ability to track and time-stamp user locations.中国国家媒体周五称苹果iPhone是国家安全威胁,因为这种智能手机可以对用户的地点进行追踪和进行时间标记。A report by broadcaster CCTV criticized theiPhone#39;s ;Frequent Locations; function for allowing users to be tracked andinformation about them revealed.中央电视台的一篇报道中批评了iPhone的“常去地点”功能,该功能可追踪用户并显露相关内容。;This is extremely sensitive data,; said a researcher interviewed by thebroadcaster.“这些是非常敏感的数据,”一名接受该电视台采访的研究人员说。If the data were accessed, it could revealan entire country#39;s economic situation and ;even state secrets,#39;;the researchersaid.这名研究人员说,如果这些数据被获取,有可能暴露整个国家的经济状况,甚至是国家机密。Apple was not available for immediatecomment.没能联系到苹果公司对此事的看法。Apple has frequently come under fire fromChinese state media, which accused the company of providing user data to U.S.intelligence agencies and have called for #39;severe punishment#39;.苹果公司经常遭受中国国家媒体的批评,指责该公司把用户数据提供给美国情报机构,并呼吁对苹果公司进行“严厉的惩罚”。It has also been criticized for poorcustomer service.苹果还因欠佳的售后务而受到批评。The California-based company is not the only U.S. firm to suffer from Chinesemedia ire.这家加州公司并非唯一一家受到中国媒体指责的美国公司。Google services have been disrupted in Chinafor over a month, while the central government procurement office has bannednew government computers from using Microsoft#39;s Windows 8 operating system.谷歌在中国的务已经被中止了一个多月,而中央政府采购办公室已经发布禁令要求政府新采购的电脑中停止安装微软的W8操作系统。Other U.S. hardware firmssuch as Cisco and IBM have experienced a backlash in Chinafrom what analysts and companies have termed the #39;Snowden Effect#39;, after U.S.spying revelations released last year by former U.S. National Security Agencycontractor Edward Snowden.其他的硬件公司比如思科和IBM在中国都经历过波折,分析者和企业将其称为“斯诺登效应”。 /201407/311467嘉兴哪个医院可以整歪鼻 嘉兴市妇幼保健院韩式三点多少钱

嘉兴那个医院脱腋毛The release of Apple’s latest mobile software system, iOS 8, was riddled with major bugs, and Apple customers actually seem to care. They are adopting the new software update more slowly than they did past releases.苹果(Apple)发布的最新移动软件系统iOS 8出现了各种重大漏洞,而苹果用户似乎对此相当在意。与该公司过去发布新系统时相比,用户现在更新软件的步伐要慢得多。The company said on a webpage that as of Sunday 47 percent of Apple mobile devices are running iOS 8 after it was released about two and a half weeks ago. That is much lower adoption rate than that of the previous version, iOS 7, which was running on about 70 percent of device about two and a half weeks after its release, according to an estimate by Mixpanel. The blog MacRumors earlier spotted the statistic.苹果公司在网站上表示,该公司在大约两周半之前发布了iOS 8系统,截至周日,47%的苹果移动设备运行了该系统。据Mixpanel估计,新系统的采用率远低于之前的iOS 7,在发布大约两周半后,iOS 7的采用率约为70%。客网站MacRumors早些时候公布了这一数据。There are a couple of popular theories for why people might be picking up iOS 8 more slowly. For one, they could have heard about the serious bugs, like the one that temporarily caused some users’ phones to stop working. For another, the software update requires a significant amount of storage on the device — about five gigabytes — when it is installed wirelessly over the Internet.至于人们更新步伐较慢的原因,有两种比较普遍的观点。一个原因是,他们可能对这些严重漏洞有所耳闻,比如有一个漏洞会导致一些用户的手机暂时停止运转。另一个原因是,通过网络无线安装升级软件要求设备拥有大量存储空间——大约5G。Why should anyone care? For Apple, it is a big plus when a large amount of people grab the latest iOS: The newest system is made to work best on newer phones, and that encourages people with older devices to eventually buy new ones. As for third-party software developers selling apps through Apple’s App Store, it is more efficient to focus on building apps for a single audience running the same software system.为什么大家会关心这个问题呢?对于苹果来说,如果大量用户采用新版iOS系统,这将是一个有利因素,新系统为新版iPhone量身制定,在新手机上使用效果最佳,这会促使使用旧设备的用户最终购买新设备。对于通过苹果App Store出售应用程序的第三方软件开发商而言,集中力量为使用同一软件系统的单一用户群开发应用会更有效率。“If you’re a developer, you want the largest possible base of devices to be able to use your app, but if half the people with iPhones are on iOS 7 or earlier, the addressable market becomes a lot smaller,” said Jan Dawson, an independent technology analyst for Jackdaw Research.Jackdaw Research公司独立技术分析师简·道森(Jan Dawson)表示,“如果你是开发商,你会希望尽可能多的设备能够使用你的应用,但如果一半的iPhone用户使用iOS 7或更早的版本,潜在市场会变得小很多。”Apple declined to comment. But the company is expected to release soon the next update, iOS 8.1, which will probably be more stable than the current one and could persuade more people to update.苹果公司拒绝置评。但该公司有望很快发布下一个更新软件iOS 8.1,该软件可能会比当前的版本稳定,或许能吸引更多人进行升级。 /201410/333775 嘉兴双下巴抽脂哪家医院好嘉兴抽脂手术减肥多少钱



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