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2019年10月14日 22:13:51 | 作者:求医在线 | 来源:新华社
Friday, Puerto Rico reported its first case of a baby born with microcephaly as a result of Zika. 周五,波多黎各报道了首例因塞卡病毒造成的婴儿出生畸形。Officials say the medical condition was not identified until the mother was eight months pregnant. 官员表示,直到母亲怀八月,身体状况才被确定。The newborn has severe brain defects, hearing, and vision problems, and remains in the hospital in the capital of San Juan. 这名新生儿有严重的脑缺损,以及听力和视力问题,现在待在首都圣胡安的医院里。31,500 Zika cases have been reported in Puerto Rico, including in over 2,400 pregnant women. 波多黎各有31,500例寨卡病毒报道,包括超过2,400名妇。The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention expects an influx of babies born with severe deformities in Puerto Rico in upcoming months.美国疾病控制和预防中心预计在接下来的几个月里,波多黎各会有严重畸形婴儿出生潮。译文属。201610/475237Subject: I am sorry for getting in your hair. 第一、迷你对话A: I am sorry for getting in your hair.对不起,给您添麻烦了。B: It doesn’t matter.没关系。 第二、地道表达get in one’s hair 1. 解词释义Get in one’s hair美国常用的俚语,其意思是“惹恼某人,是某人烦恼,给某人带来麻烦”等意思。 2. 拓展例句e.g. Dads all right as long as you dont get in his hair.只要别去惹怒父亲,他这个人还是很好相处的。e.g. She constantly getts in my hair, overseeing everything I did.她一直很烦人,我做什么她都盯着。e.g. I am doing my job. Go away, you are getting in my hair.我在工作,走开,别烦我。 /201503/365557第一, 迷你对话A: I am so angry with him that I wouldn’t talk to him any more.我真生他的气,我不愿意再和她说话了。B: What’s up?怎么啦?A: I told him to hush up the incident and he promised. But he…我告诉他不要把这件事情张扬出去,他已经答应了,但是……B: He didn’t keep it secret?他没有保密?A: You said it. To my surprise, he told it to everybody he knows.是的,使我吃惊的是,他告诉他所认识的每个人。第二, 地道表达hush up something1. 解词释义Hush up something的意思是“不张扬某事”“遮掩某事”。2. 拓展范例e.g. Although they tried to hush up the news, it sp all over the town.尽管他们极力隐瞒这个消息,但它依然传遍了全镇。e.g. The President tried to hush up the fact that his adviser had lied.总统试图掩盖他的顾问说谎的事实。e.g. Its impossible to hush a thing like this up.这种事情是不可能遮掩的。第三, 咬文嚼字be angry with sb. :对…..生气e.g. Dont be angry with me for not having written.别因为我没有写信而生我的气。e.g. She wrote me a letter so apparently she is not angry with me.她给我写了一封信,所以看来她没有生我的气。keep something secret:保密某事,不要说出某事e.g. You can speak quite freely in front of me. I promise you to keep secret what you say to me.你有话可以坦率地对我说,我保帮你保密。e.g. It is absolutely vital that the matter be keep secret.这件事要保密,这是至关重要的。to one’s surprise:使某人惊奇的是……e.g. To my surprise, he was not hurt in spite of his fall.使我惊奇的是,他摔了下来,却没有受伤。e.g. To my surprise, he refused to cooperate with us.令我吃惊的是,他不肯与我们合作。第四, 口语短句You said it. 你说得对。 /201611/478740

迷你对话1A: I am so glad I can meet you at the registry office.在报名处能见到你,真是太高兴了。B: Me too. I have mastered the manner of greeting each other in China. You Chinese are used to press the fresh when meet, right?见到你我也很高兴。我已经学会你们中国打招呼的习惯了,你们中国人见面时喜欢手握手。 地道表达:press the flesh1. 解词释义press的意思是“压,摁”。Press the flesh是较新的习惯用法,意思是“握手”。这个说法可以说来自于政界,想要进入政界的人都要参加竞选,例如竞选过会议会议员就得去选区和成千上万名选手握手。这个握手的过程就好像手掌肌肉一样,于是政界人士就把握手成为“press the flesh”。其英文解释为:if politicians or famous people press the flesh, they shake hands with the public。所以,对话中,“You Chinese are used to press fresh when meet, right? ”的意思是“你们中国人见面的习惯是握手,对吧。” 2. 典型范例Even after 12 hours on the campaign trail, he was still meeting his supporters and pressing the flesh.甚至在持续12个小时的竞选后,他仍然还在会见他的持者并别和他们握手。Ps: used to something的意思是“习惯某事”,如果to后面接动词的话,要使用其动名词形式。例如:She is used to hard work. 她习惯于艰苦工作。 迷你对话2A: Why do they quarrel with each other in the hall? There are so many people queuing for enrollment.他两人为什么在大厅里吵架呢?这么多人拍着对等待着注册了。B: I don’t know the reason either. It takes two tango. I guess both of them are wrong.我也不知道他们吵架的原因,一个巴掌拍不响。我猜他两人都有错。 地道表达:It takes tow two tango.解词释义: take two tango 的字面意思就是“跳探戈舞需要2个人”。探戈舞源于18世纪的阿根廷,含有很大的诱惑力,色情成分。Tango的这层诱惑以及色情让人联想到它的同音异形词tangle,意思是“纠缠,扭绕在一起”,于是取谐音tango。“It takes two to tango.”是由英国俗语“It takes two to make a quarrel.”。于是“It takes two to tango.”的意思就是“一个巴掌拍不响。”此外,它还有“团结就是力量。”的意思。 Ps 1: quarrel with的意思是“和......吵架”。例如: I have no quarrel with what you say. 我对你的话没有反对意见。I dont quarrel with your system; Ive no doubt its excellent. 我并不反对你们的规矩,我毫不怀疑这是很好的办法。Ps 2: queue for是“排队等候做......”的意思。例如:If you want to see the film, you will have to queue for tickets . 如果你想看电影,只好排队买票。 /201310/258650

Congratulation on winning the championship. That is very exciting! Wow, thank you, thank you so much祝贺您赢得总冠军,那让人非常兴奋!Wow, 多谢,非常感谢I think I know the answer to this, but did it feel different this time, was this different我想我是知道的,但我还想问这次您有什么特别的感受吗,而又是怎么样的不同感受Yeah, it felt a lot different是的,这次太不一样了You know two years ago, I decided to go back home你也知道两年前我决定回到家乡And my main goal was to bring a championship to a place havent seen one over fifty plus years我的主要目标是给这个超过50年没拿过总冠军的地方赢来一座总冠军奖杯And the To be able to还有就是我想去成为一位You know, bring it back to the hometown, and do something that a lot of people didnt expect, but we believed then, I meant every thing你知道,在不被看好的情况下,我们为依然对自己有信心,并且最终为家乡赢来了总冠军。这意味着一切Yeah, thats... it, it... Congratulation, it was very very exciting是的,那……再次祝贺您,那实在是太令人兴奋了So, you went away. That, look like one of those pictures you are on a boat. Did you go, where did you go this summer你夏天去旅行了,比如这张你在船上的图片,这个夏天你去哪了I was in Italy, this past summer这个夏天,我去了意大利Had a great time with a couple of friends and family of mine. And uh..., just there did a little celebrating我和几个朋友,还有我的家人在那里玩得很开心,我们只是庆祝了一下Now, when you start cause you have the train consistently when you are playing(我们知道)你开始比赛后,你会保持训练But when you are on vacation, do you work out at all? A little bit但是,当你度假的时候,你是否还会训练?有一点吧You do? Like what? Like How often you work out? Every day你有训练?你会怎么训练,多久训练一次?每天都会训练更多精内容请关注微信公众号:篮球英文堂 新浪微:篮球英文堂201701/489474

听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):A new survey finds a majority of Americans (54%) lean toward regulations as the best way to increase our use of renewable energy versus relying on economic markets alone.Cary Funk is the associate director of research at the Pew Research Center. She says a majority of Americans say that increasing the use of renewable energy sources should be a top priority for the country’s energy policies.“But there’s a closer divide on whether or not government regulations are necessary or whether the private marketplace can ensure that businesses and consumers increase more reliance on renewables even without regulations,” she says.Unsurprisingly, that divide is largely based on political affiliation.“So what we see is a strong partisan divide with 65% of Democrats saying that government regulations are needed in order to have people rely more on renewable energy resources and 55% of Republicans say otherwise: that the private marketplace can do this even without regulations,” says Funk.The question of whether it’s possible to cut back on environmental regulations and still protect air and water quality also drew a sharp divide among Americans. Funk says 49% think that it is possible, while 47% disagree and say regulations are necessary to maintaining environmental quality.Funk says that although there are closely partisan divides when it comes to the environment, there are some things that Americans tend to agree on.“We see much closer agreement on things like whether creating jobs within the energy sector should be a top priority. About half of Republicans and half of Democrats say that should be a top priority,” she says.201705/510888

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