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长春阳光妇产医院打胎多少钱长春阴道炎的治疗吉大二院民康医院妇科挂号 长春治疗不孕不育的比较好的医院

吉林妇女儿童医院有无痛人流术吗One of China’s largest internet companies is intensifying its efforts to crack the African market with a bid to disrupt Facebook’s WhatsApp with a rival messenging service.中国最大的互联网公司之一正加紧努力开拓非洲市场,与Facebook旗下的聊天务WhatsApp展开竞争。Tencent has teamed with Africa’s largest media company, Naspers, to introduce its social media app across the continent. The service, WeChat, has more than 650m active monthly users in China, and it is cheaper than SMS.腾讯(Tencent)联手非洲最大的媒体公司Naspers,在整个非洲大陆推出其社交媒体app。微信(WeChat)务在中国每个月拥有超过6.5亿活跃用户,且费用低于短信。The Chinese-South African joint venture is betting on the rapid growth of smartphone sales to young people, who are increasingly using their mobile phones to shop, bank, search for jobs, listen to radio and order taxis and takeaways.这一由中国与南非合资的项目押注于面向年轻人的智能手机销售快速增长,这一人群越来越多地使用手机购物、储蓄、找工作、听广播、打出租和叫外卖。Naspers holds a 46.5 per cent stake in Tencent, making it one of the highest profile examples of South African and Chinese companies joining forces to expand across the continent. Its initial investment of m for the shareholding has paid off spectacularly, helping Naspers become South Africa’s biggest company by value and its chairman Koos Bekker to become a billionaire.Naspers公司持有腾讯46.5%的股份,成为南非与中国公司联手在非洲大陆扩张的最引人注目的一个例子。其3400万美元的先期投资已换来可观回报,帮助Naspers成为了南非市值最高的公司,也令其董事长库尔斯·贝克(Koos Bekker)成为亿万富翁。Brett Loubser, the head of WeChat Africa, said the average African would have their first ever experience of the internet through their mobile device.微信在非洲的区域负责人Brett Loubser表示,非洲普通人的首次上网体验将通过移动设备实现。“They’ve missed the entire desktop, PC, laptop, whatever thing, and because of that, I think we’re seeing innovation come out of Africa from a mobile perspective that is just leagues ahead of anywhere else on earth really,” said Mr Loubser.Loubser说:“他们已经错过了台式机、个人电脑、笔记本电脑之类,而正因为如此,我认为从移动设备的角度来看,非洲迸发的创新实际上远远超前于世界上其他地方。”WeChat offers users services far beyond the simple messaging functions available in WhatsApp.微信向用户提供的务,远远超越了WhatsApp所提供的单纯聊天功能。In an apparent bid to tie in other services to its system, WeChat has also launched a .5m venture capital fund to invest in new tech companies offering services that the app could offer. It has aly invested in Money for Jam (M4JAM), a micro jobbing (casual work) service.为了将其他务捆绑至自己的系统,微信还启动了一只350万美元的风险投资基金,投资于新兴科技公司,由其开发微信可向用户推出的务。它已投资了微招聘(兼职)务平台Money for Jam (M4JAM)。It is also introducing a “digital wallet” service in partnership with Standard Bank, Africa’s largest lender by assets, which is part-owned by China’s IC bank. This enables users to conduct financial transactions and make payments using mobile phones, even to recipients with no bank account.微信还与非洲资产最大的——标准(Standard Bank)合作推出了“电子钱包”务,该由中国工商(IC)持有部分股权。该务能让用户通过手机完成转账和付,即便对方没有账户。Mr Loubser declined to say how many users it had in Africa, but he acknowledged that competition was intensifying. World Wide Worx, a Johannesburg-based technology research company, estimates that WeChat, launched in the African market in 2014, has about 6m registered users in South Africa, compared with about 14m active WhatsApp users.Loubser拒绝透露微信在非洲拥有多少用户,但他承认竞争已愈演愈烈。据约翰内斯堡科技研究公司World Wide Worx估计,2014年推向非洲市场的微信,在南非拥有大约600万注册用户,相比之下WhatsApp拥有大约1400万活跃用户。“Given that WhatsApp is eight years old, we’re five years late to the party, and I think where we are at right now we are happy with,” Mr Loubser said.Loubser说:“考虑到WhatsApp已经8岁了,我们晚来了5年,我认为我们很满意现在的处境。”He added: “WhatsApp has possibly the highest market penetration of any country on earth in South Africa. Fighting that as a newcomer is really tough, but in other African territories, smartphone penetration is pretty much non-existent: that’s an open market.”他补充说:“WhatsApp在南非的市场渗透率,可能是全球所有国家中最高的。作为一个新入者要与其竞争是非常困难的,但在非洲其他国家,智能手机的渗透率几乎还不存在,那是一个开放的市场。“WeChat’s short-term focus is on building its presence and offerings in South Africa, the continent’s most industrialised nation, where it has a team of 31 staff and scores of services available on its platform.微信短期内的重点是在南非这一非洲大陆工业化程度最高的国家落户,并推出更多务,微信目前在南非有31名雇员,其平台上提供数十种务。But it is also active in Ghana and Nigeria, the continent’s most populous nation, where it has a team of three and is working with Nigerian start-ups such as Jobberman, an online employment service, and Traclist, an online fashion shopping service.但它在加纳和尼日利亚也很活跃,后者是非洲人口最多的国家,微信在该国有一个三人小组,与当地初创企业展开合作,如在线招聘务Jobberman和在线时尚购物务Traclist。 /201602/425505长春市人工流产哪家医院好 长春市儿童医院四维彩超价格

长春哪个医院流产安全 Sebastian Thrun, former head of the Google X — the advanced projects lab set up to make big bets on the future — knows all about technological ambition. Driverless cars, high-altitude balloons providing internet access and contact lenses that monitor blood sugar levels were all products that flowered under his leadership.谷歌(Google)成立先进项目实验室Google X是为了对未来进行重大的。该实验室前负责人塞巴斯蒂安#8226;特伦(Sebastian Thrun)深谙什么才是科技雄心。无人驾驶汽车、提供互联网接入的高空轻气球以及监测血糖水平的隐形眼镜,都曾是他领导的研发项目。But when it comes to the Android operating system for mobile devices, Mr Thrun says this is not the time for Google to pursue bold new visions. With smartphone wars well advanced, he believes it is now all about smaller incremental advances, as Apple and Google slug it out for global advantage.但对于面向移动设备的Android操作系统,特伦说,现在不是谷歌追求大胆新愿景的时候。随着智能手机的竞争不断深化,随着苹果(Apple)和谷歌激烈争夺全球优势,他认为,现在的关键在于小步快跑。“You can have great visions, but change takes implementation, it takes small steps,” Mr Thrun said last week, after watching the opening presentation at Google I/O, the group’s annual technology showcase event. “What I saw was Android playing out, Android getting into the mature phase.”在看过上周谷歌年度科技展示大会(Google I/O)的开幕演讲后,特伦说:“你可以有伟大的愿景,但改变需要执行,需要走小步……我看到的是Android正在竭尽全力,正在进入成熟阶段。”Sameer Iyengar, a former Google employee who is now a co-founder of app maker Beautylish, questioned whether Google was being bold enough in laying out its tech vision: “The thought leadership is maybe absent, compared to where it was in the past,” he suggested.谷歌前员工、现为应用(app)制造商Beautylish联合创始人的萨米尔#8226;延加(Sameer Iyengar),质疑谷歌在阐述其科技愿景方面有足够的胆略:“与过去相比,思想领导力可能相对缺乏,”他提出。However, he credited Google with taking a lead in at least one area: machine learning — a form of artificial intelligence that the company says is being used to enhance its mobile software and make apps on Android work better.然而,他认为值得肯定的是,谷歌至少在一个领域保持领先地位:机器学习。该公司称,这种人工智能正被用于增强移动设备软件,并使Android平台上的应用更好运行。Applications of AI were among the most eye-catching demonstrations at last week’s event, underlining Google’s aims of using its massive computing base and advanced algorithms to make its services far more relevant and useful.人工智能的应用是上周大会上最受关注的演示之一,凸显谷歌的目标,即利用庞大计算能力和先进算法,使其务更具相关性和有用性。On at least one measure, Android has been a spectacular success. Conceived by Google as a defensive strategy to ensure its internet services were not locked out of mobile handsets by companies such as Apple or Microsoft, the software has turned into the dominant smartphone platform, accounting for about 80 per cent of the market worldwide.至少从一个方面衡量,Android已经是一个巨大的成功。当初谷歌研发Android系统是作为一种防御性策略,目的是确保其互联网务不被苹果或者微软(Microsoft)等公司的移动设备挡在门外。如今该软件已成为占主导地位的智能手机平台,占全球市场约80%的份额。But there is a hard slog ahead. With a disparate group of handset makers in the Android camp, the platform has struggled to match the more polished set of services and hardware that Apple has built around the iPhone, such as Apple Pay and, more recently, Watch.但前方的路也很艰难。由于Android阵营包括形形色色的手机制造商,该平台一直难以赶上苹果围绕iPhone打造的、更为精致的务和硬件,如Apple Pay以及最近的苹果手表(Apple Watch)。Also, to make money, Google needs to reinforce the prominent position of its own services at a time when the open-source Android world threatens to break apart. Hardware makers, ranging from Amazon to Xiaomi, are now looking to use Android as a platform for their own app stores and services — displacing Google.此外,为了创收,谷歌需要在开放源的Android世界有分裂危险之际,加强自身务的突出地位。从亚马逊(Amazon)到小米(Xiaomi),很多硬件制造商正希望利用Android作为自己应用商店和务的平台,取代谷歌。“They have to make sure Android doesn’t just degenerate into low-end devices and fragmentation,” says Al Hilwa, an analyst at IDC, the tech research firm.科技研究公司IDC的分析师阿尔#8226;希尔瓦(Al Hilwa)说:“他们必须确保Android不会就此沦为低端设备和割据状态。”If that were not enough, Google has to deal with the consequences of its own, expansive vision. This has taken Android into a broad array of new markets, from “smart” home appliances to cars. “Where Apple is always very focused on a few product categories, Google wants to be in everything,” says Jan Dawson of Jackdaw Research. “It’s hard for Google to keep making meaningful progress across all those different domains and keep up with Apple.”如果这些还不够,谷歌还必须应对其广阔愿景带来的后果。这一愿景已将Android带入了一系列新市场,从“智能”家电到汽车。“苹果永远紧紧聚焦于几种产品类别,而谷歌什么都想涉猎,”Jackdaw Research的简#8226;道森(Jan Dawson)表示。“谷歌很难在所有这些不同领域都不断取得有意义的进展,赶上苹果。”Winning the hearts and minds of app developers — the focus of Google I/O last week, and the rival Apple developer conference next week — has become a key part of the battle. Creating a marketplace where app developers can make money has been at the heart of Apple’s formula for encouraging them to do their best work first for its mobile devices.赢得应用开发者的拥护和持——上周Google I/O大会以及苹果下周的开发者大会的主要焦点——已成为这场竞争的关键部分。创建一个应用开发者能够从中赚钱的市场,一直处于苹果模式的核心,为的是鼓励他们首先尽心尽力为苹果的移动设备开发出最好的应用。But the Android world has been catching up. For most developers, the calculation is now finely balanced. Like many, Mr Iyengar says his app reaches far more people on Android devices but, on an individual basis, iOS customers are more profitable for his company.但是,Android世界在紧紧追赶。对大多数开发者来说,如今两边的份量差不多。和许多人一样,Beautylish的延加称,虽然其应用面向多得多的Android设备用户,但就每个用户而言,iOS用户为其公司带来的利润更多。Google’s Play Store had been gaining ground as a source of income for developers, but the momentum in recent months turned back to Apple. Tero Kuittinen, managing director of Magid Associates, a consultancy, and an adviser to several gaming companies, says app makers were “taken aback” by the shift, which followed the launch of larger iPhones. However, according to at least some industry estimates, the sheer weight of numbers is finally starting to play in Android’s favour — even if Google is not the only beneficiary.谷歌的Play Store作为开发者的收入来源一度取得进展,但最近几个月势头又转回了苹果。咨询公司Magid Associates董事总经理、为几家公司提供咨询的特罗#8226;库伊蒂宁(Tero Kuittinen)说,这一转变是在苹果推出更大的新款iPhone之后发生的,应用制造商对这种转变“大吃一惊”。然而,至少某些行业评估显示,数量优势终于开始有利于Android——即使谷歌不是唯一的受益者。Apple’s App Store accounts for around 45 per cent of the revenue that developers make from apps, compared to 29 per cent for Google’s Play, according to Digi-Capital. But, counting in the income from handsets in China where Google’s apps are blocked — meaning it makes no money — pushes the overall Android share to 52 per cent, Digi-Capital calculates.精品投资Digi-Capital的数据显示,开发者从应用获得的营收中,约45%来自苹果App Store,29%来自谷歌Play Store。但是,根据Digi-Capital的统计,若加上来自中国的手机的收入(谷歌的应用在中国遭封锁,意味着谷歌本身无钱可赚),Android的整体市场份额将升至52%。Last week, matching and trying to surpass Apple was a strong subtext of Google’s pitch to developers. New features included Android Pay, a rival to Apple Pay and a fresh attempt to break into mobile payments after the disappointment of Google Wallet.上周,赶上并试图超越苹果是谷歌传递给开发者的强大潜台词。新的功能包括与Apple Pay竞争的Android Pay,这是自Google Wallet令人失望之后谷歌进军移动付领域的新尝试。A new Google Photos app, with the promise of software that can automatically organise libraries of pictures, also echoed capabilities that are aly offered by Apple.一款承诺可自动整理照片图库的新款谷歌照片应用Google Photos,也呼应了苹果早已提供的功能。But in other areas, Google seemed unprepared. While smartwatches based on last year’s Android Wear technology have been put in the shade by the recent launch of Apple Watch, Google had little new to show off in response. This was a sign that it is surrendering early leadership in wearables to Apple, according to Carolina Milanesi, an analyst at Kantar Worldpanel.但在其他领域,谷歌似乎毫无准备。虽然近期Apple Watch的推出使基于去年Android Wear技术发布的智能手表相形见绌,但谷歌没有任何新技术作为回应。Kantar Worldpanel分析师卡罗琳娜#8226;米拉内西(Carolina Milanesi)表示,这标志着谷歌正向苹果让出可穿戴设备领域的早期领先地位。Yet some of the latest attempts to extend the Android universe clearly play to Google’s strengths. Its new photos app, for instance, offers free storage for an unlimited number of pictures, echoing the launch of Gmail, the company’s free email service, in 2004, although the cost of storage has fallen greatly since then and has become less of a competitive differentiator.然而,最近一些扩展Android世界的尝试显然有助于发挥谷歌的优势。例如,谷歌新的照片应用可提供无限量的免费图片存储,呼应了2004年谷歌推出Gmail免费电子邮件务之举,尽管自那以来存储成本已大幅降低,不再是那么大的竞争差异化工具。Sucking in large volumes of photos also presents a new opportunity for Google to add to its aly substantial mass of data about users. Company executives say they have not made plans to scan the pictures for advertising purposes but make no secret of the fact that a person’s photo library comprises a highly valuable source of information about them.吸收海量的照片也为谷歌提供了新的机遇,可扩大其已拥有的大量用户数据。谷歌高管表示,他们并没有为广告目的而扫描图片的计划,但并不掩饰这样一个事实,即一个人的照片库包含有关他/她的极有价值的信息。Meanwhile, to improve the experience of using Android handsets in emerging markets, where low-end hardware and unreliable networks often hamper performance, Google has announced new ways of using its services offline. These included the ability to view maps and directions while not connected.同时,为了改善在新兴市场中(低端硬件和不稳定的网络经常妨碍性能)使用Android手机的体验,Google发布了离线使用其务的新方法,包括在没有网络连接的情况下查看地图和导航。They all represent attempts by Google to shift more of the value to its own services rather than embed it in the Android open-source software, says Mr Hilwa — a way to ensure that Google remains at the centre of the Android universe.IDC的希尔瓦说,这些都表明谷歌试图将更多的价值转移到自己的务中,而非嵌入在开放源代码的Android软件中,以此确保谷歌始终处于Android世界的中心。 /201506/378549春城医院几级榆树市妇幼保健医院能用医保卡吗



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