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  Next time you raise an eyebrow at the views of your partner, friend, sibling or colleague, remember they could be helping to make you smarter.下一次当你被伴侣、朋友、兄弟姊或同事的观点惊到时,请记住他们可能会帮你变得更聪明一点。New research shows that intelligence is not fixed but can be boosted throughout adulthood by family members, bright mates and intellectually stretching careers.一项新研究显示,智力不是固定不变的,而是在整个成年期都会受到影响,家庭成员、聪明的配偶以及拓展智力的职业都会促进智力的提高。Stimulating households where people talk, make jokes and challenge each other can boost IQ levels by several points, as can jobs that mentally energise employees.可以谈话、说笑、互相叫板的这种活跃的家庭,以及能激励员工思考的工作,都可以使智商水平提高几分。The study challenges the commonly held notion that intelligence is ‘static’ by the age of about 18.人们普遍认为,智商到了18岁左右就“静止”了,此研究否认了这个说法。Current scientific consensus suggests that intelligence is controlled by genes, with environmental factors such as schooling and nutrition playing a part up to this age. After this point, IQ scores stabilise.目前科学界的共识表明,智力由基因控制,教育和营养等环境因素在18岁之前也有一定的影响。18岁之后,智商就稳定了。But James Flynn, Emeritus professor of political studies and psychology at the University of Otago in New Zealand, argues that people can ‘upgrade’ their own intelligence throughout their lives.但是新西兰奥塔哥大学政治学和心理学退休荣誉教授詹姆斯#8226;弗林说,人们能一辈子“升级”自己的智商。He believes intellectual stimulation from others is crucial as the ‘brain seems to be rather like a muscle – the more you use it, the stronger it gets’.他认为,他人的智力刺激非常关键,因为“大脑似乎和肌肉非常像——你用得越多,就越强壮。”However, the reverse is also true – so people who share a home or workplace with the intellectually challenged risk seeing their IQ levels nosedive as a result.然而,反过来说也成立——所以,与脑筋不太好使的人同居一室或一起工作,会有智商直线下降的风险。Professor Flynn analysed US intelligence tests from the last 65 years and correlated the results with people’s ages. This enabled him to compile new IQ ‘age tables’.弗林教授分析了美国过去65年的智力测试,研究了测试结果与年龄的相关性。通过这项研究,他编制了新的智商“年龄表”。He found the ‘cognitive quality’ of a family alters the IQs of all members, especially children.他发现一个家庭的“认知特性”能改变所有家庭成员的智商,特别是孩子。It can ‘lift’ or hold them back, depending on the ‘gap between their brightness and that of their siblings and parents’.他们的智商提高或降低,取决于“他们本人的智力水平和兄弟、父母智力水平的差异”。A bright ten-year-old with brothers and sisters of average intelligence will suffer a five to ten point IQ disadvantage compared to a similar child with equally bright siblings, the ‘age tables’ revealed.“年龄表”显示,一个10岁大的聪明孩子,如果兄弟智商平平,智商会比有同样聪明的兄弟的相似孩子低5到10分。However, children with a low IQ could gain six to eight points by having brighter siblings and special educational treatment to help pull them up.但是,低智商的孩子,如果有更聪明的兄弟,并受到特别的教育,智商就可以提高6到8分。Professor Flynn, whose book, Does Your Family Make You Smarter? comes out next month, also concluded that although genetics and early life experiences determine about 80 percent of intelligence, the remaining 20 percent is linked to lifestyle.弗林教授也总结说,尽管基因和早年人生经验决定80%的智商,还有剩下的20%受生活方式的影响。弗林教授的书《你的家庭让你变聪明了吗?》将在下月出版。This means that people can raise their IQ, or allow it to fall, by ten points or more.这说明人们可以提高自己的智商,或任其下降,幅度可达10分或更多。Professor Flynn suggests that the best way to boost IQ levels is to socialise with bright friends, find an intellectually challenging job and marry someone cleverer.弗林教授建议说,提升智商最好的方法就是和聪明的朋友交往、找一个挑战智力的工作,以及同比你聪明的人结婚。 /201606/447430

  Shanghai plans to introduce an online appointment booking service for people wanting a divorce, in a bid to make the process more organized and convenient for the growing number of couples in the city looking to end their marriages.近日,随着上海市寻求离婚的夫妇人数不断增加,为使办理流程更有秩序、更便捷,上海市计划为想办理离婚的人士推出网上预约务。Since the launch of the amended Marriage Registration Regulation on Feb 1, an added procedure involving inquiries and questions has increased the length of the process to register for a divorce from around 25 to 35 minutes to a new time of between 45 and 55 minutes.自2月1日新《婚姻登记工作规范》发布以来,新增的询问程序导致办理离婚登记的耗时从25-35分钟左右延长至45-55分钟。Couples must now talk to staff at the registration office separately to independently confirm their willingness to proceed and statements they have made.现在,办理离婚的夫妇必须与登记处工作人员单独交谈,各自确认其离婚意愿、离婚协议。The additional work and slower process was part of the reason why Pudong district#39;s civil affairs bureau chose to reduce the number of appointments it would handle each day. That, in turn, has led to crowded waiting rooms.这些附加的工作和缓慢的进程是浦东新区民政局选择每天限号办理离婚的部分原因。这反过来又导致了等候室的拥挤。;We are discussing launching an online booking system for couples to select an appointment time in advance to shorten the waiting time and control the number of daily filings,; said Sun Xiaohong, deputy director of the marriage management department at the Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau.上海民政局婚姻管理处副主任孙晓红说道:“我们正在讨论推出一个在线预约系统,提前为夫妇选择预约时间,以缩短等待时间和控制日常的工作量。”More than 3.6 million couples divorced across the country in 2014, 3.9 percent higher than in the previous year.2014年我国共有超过360万对夫妇选择离婚,这一数字要比前一年高出3.9%。 /201603/433510。

  Misael Caldogno Abreu is three times the size of other children his age due to a syndrome which means he is unable to stop eating.据报道,一名名叫米萨尔·卡尔多尼·奥阿布鲁的男孩由于患上了一种无法停止进食的综合征,体形是同龄儿童的三倍。He is so heavy he often stops breathing while sleeping - leaving his terrified parents fearing that one day he may not wake up.Doting dad Manoel Abreu, 38, said: ;Everything is hard for him - he is a baby carrying an adult#39;s weight. His heart must be suffocated and working under a lot of pressure. If he doesn#39;t get the treatment he requires there is a very good chance he will pass away.;由于太重,他睡觉时经常会停止呼吸。他父母吓坏了,总担心有一天他会醒不过来。38岁的父亲曼诺尔·阿布鲁非常溺爱儿子,他说:“对他来说所有事情都非常艰难。他是个承载着成人体重的婴儿。他的心脏一定备受压迫,承受很大压力。如果不能得到应有的治疗,他很可能会过世。”Misael, from Espirito Santo, Brazil, was born a healthy 6lb 6oz, but immediately started piling on the pounds. Doctors believe he may be suffering from Prader-Willi syndrome, a rare genetic condition that leaves him with an insatiable appetite.He now weighs a hefty 178lb and is still gaining despite following a low-fat diet and walking for 40 minutes each day.米萨尔来自巴西圣埃斯皮里图州,出生时非常健康,体重6磅6盎司,但随后开始迅速发胖。医生认为他可能患了普瑞德威利症候群。这种罕见的疾病使得他无法控制自己的胃口。目前他重达178磅,尽管他每天坚持低热饮食并散40分钟的步,他的体重仍然在继续飙升。Mum, Josiane de Jesus Caldogno Abreu, 37, said: ;He has been putting on a lot of weight since he was a baby - even when I was breastfeeding him it was more than expected. But it was only when he was one and a half years old that we began to worry. He was gaining 3kg (6.6lb) a month and was starting to get very heavy.;37岁的母亲乔西安·杰西·卡尔多尼奥·阿布鲁说:“从他还是个婴儿时就一直在长肉。即使在我给他哺乳期间,他体重的增长仍然超乎预期。但直到他一岁半时我们才开始担心。他每月增重3kg(6.6磅),开始变得越来越重。”;His situation is complicated. We know we could lose him at anytime. Sometimes when he is sleeping I watch him to see if he is breathing. I cry a lot because we want to help him. But I am also very proud of him because he is a child who doesn#39;t surrender.;“他的情况很复杂,我们都清楚随时可能失去他。有时候,我会在他睡觉时看他是否仍在呼吸。我们时常以泪洗面,因为想要帮助他。但同时我们也为他感到骄傲,因为他是个永不屈的孩子。”Misael visits a doctor every three months to try and control his condition but currently there is no cure for Prader-Willi syndrome.Paediatric neurologist Lucio Coelho Miranda said: ;Every appointment we have had he has put on a lot of weight - sometimes up to 5kg (11lb). I think Misael could get help from someone outside of Brazil - both medically and financially - so he can get the laboratory and genetic testing he needs.;米萨尔每三个月要去看一次医生,努力控制病情,但目前还没有普瑞德威利症候群的治疗方法。儿科神经学家露西娅科埃略米兰达说:“每次会诊他都会长很多斤。有时会长5kg(11磅)。我觉得米萨尔能够从国外专家那里得到包括医学和经济上的帮助。这样他就能得到他需要的实验室测试和基因检测。” /201606/448124

  Would you stop if you saw a 6-year-old girl alone in a public place?当你看到一个6岁的小女孩孤零零站在公共场所的时候,你会停下来对其提供帮助么?A social experiment conducted by UNICEF shows how differently people reacted — depending on the girl#39;s appearance.联合国儿童基金会最近进行了一项社会实验,观察人们会因为女孩不同的着装而做出何种不同的反应。The posted to YouTube features a 6-year-old child actor named Anano. When Anano was dressed in a nice dress and coat, people stopped to ask if she was lost, tried to comfort her and made phone calls on her behalf.该视频上传到了YouTube网站上,而参与这次实验的6岁小女孩名为阿娜诺。当阿娜诺穿着时尚整洁的衣站在街边时,人们都会停下来询问其是否迷路,并试图安慰她,有些行人还会主动打电话为其提供帮助。Then makeup artists covered her face with soot and dressed her in dirty sweats and a knit cap. The shows people walking right past her without a second glance.随后,化妆师在阿娜诺的脸上涂上煤灰,并让其换上了破旧的毛衣,戴上一顶脏兮兮的针织帽。视频显示,当阿娜诺以衣衫褴褛的面貌站在街边时,来往行人无人问津。UNICEF then repeated the experiment inside a restaurant. When Anono was clean and dressed nicely, diners welcomed her at their tables. Strangers smiled at her, patted her arm and even rubbed her cheeks.联合国儿童基金会随即又将饭店作为实验地点。当阿娜诺穿着整洁得体的衣出现在餐厅时,很多用餐的顾客都非常欢迎她坐在自己身边,冲她微笑,拍她的手臂甚至还抚摸她的脸颊以示喜爱。When she returned to the restaurant in the dirty sweats and knit cap, people clutched their purses and bags when she passed by. One man signaled to an employee and asked, ;Can you take her out please?; The shows Anano running out of the restaurant in tears.当她换上破旧的脏衣再次出现在饭店时,情况却截然不同。有些顾客特意将自己的包远离阿娜诺,还有一位顾客直接向店员表示将阿娜诺赶出餐厅。视频的最后显示阿娜诺流着眼泪跑出了饭店。;We stopped the experiment because Anano became too upset,; UNICEF said.;由于阿娜诺情绪特别低落,我们的拍摄工作便没有再继续进行下去。;联合国儿童基金会表示。;Every day, millions of children living in poverty are ignored, pushed aside and deprived of everything they need to thrive,; UNICEF stated on YouTube. ;It doesn#39;t need to be this way. Our 2016 State of the World#39;s Children Report is a call to action for the world to treat its least fortunate children the way it treats its luckier children.;联合国儿童基金会在YouTube上公开发布:;世界上平均每天有数以百万计的儿童处于贫困的境地。他们被人忽视,被人冷落,被剥夺了他们成长所需要的一切。事实本不应该如此,2016年世界儿童状况报告就曾呼吁全世界用平等的方式对待所有的孩子,无论其贫穷还是富有。; /201607/454258Japanese gymnast Kohei Uchimura apparently ran up a ridiculously expensive Pokémon Go bill after heading to Rio on July 20. However, what is really interesting is that you can’t play Pokémon Go in Rio.日本体操名将内村航平7月20号出征里约,却因“口袋妖怪”游戏收获了天价账单。但真正有趣的是,你在里约根本抓不了小精灵。Aside from athletes being robbed, subpar accommodations, feces in the water, and the Russian doping scandals, one of the big stories of the 2016 Rio Olympics is that you can’t catch any Pokémon in Brazil.运动员遭打劫、住宿水平不达标、水里有排泄物、俄罗斯爆兴奋剂丑闻,除这些外,2016里约奥运会还有件重要的事:在巴西,你一只小精灵也逮不着。British Olympian Joe Clarke posted a photo showing the lack of Pokémon in the area to his Twitter account:英国奥运选手乔#8226;克拉克在推特上发了张图,显示周围没有小精灵:No Pokemon in Deodoro Olympic venue! Or in Brazil! @NianticLabs @PokemonGoApp @Pokemon #PokemonGO德奥多罗奥运场馆没有小精灵!还是巴西都没有??@NianticLabs @PokemonGoApp @Pokemon #PokemonGOSo when you hear Uchimura ran up a 500,000 yen, or ,000, phone bill while playing Pokémon Go, the first question you probably have is: how?因此,当你听闻内村抓小精灵而累积了50万日元,也就是5000美元手机话费时,可能首先会疑惑:他是怎么玩的?Well, apparently Uchimura didn’t get the memo that there are no Pokémon to be caught in Rio, which means the gymnast must’ve been walking around building up crazy roaming charges, all while never catching anything.好吧,内村显然不知道里约没有小精灵可抓。也就是说,他肯定在四处溜达时欠下了巨额漫游费,却什么也没逮住过。Luckily for Uchimura, he was spared from having to pay the entire bill after pleading with the phone company. Instead, the company agreed to charge him a flat rate of around per day and waive the extra cost, according to USA Today.所幸的是,在向手机运营商解释之后,内村不必付全额账单。据《今日美国》报道,运营商同意只收取他每天30美元的固定费用,免除了额外收费。“I really lucked out,” Uchimura told Kyodo News, a Tokyo based news company.内村告诉日本共同社:“我真算是走运了。”共同社是总部位于东京的新闻机构。For all the other Olympians going to Rio, let Uchimura serve as a lesson. Keep the Pokémon Go app closed while you’re in Brazil. There is nothing to catch.里约的其他奥运选手还是从内村这儿吸取教训吧。在巴西时把《口袋妖怪Go》的软件关掉。并没什么可抓的。 /201608/458715

  Two questions mainly occupied me on my long run yesterday. Firstly, would I rather - like the RideLondon cyclists I intersected with twice - be cycling 100 miles or running 20? Secondly, how much, theoretically, would I offer that passing man for his oh-so-delicious looking bottle of water? I don#39;t take water on my long runs, instead putting a coin or a bank card in a pocket if I really need it. And god, I needed it yesterday. I don#39;t know if it was the effects of a mild virus I#39;ve had all week, or humidity, or tiredness, or all of the above, but I#39;ve never felt so dehydrated on a run. And so think about the total absence of water fountains along the 20 miles of Thames I covered.昨天长跑时,我主要思考了两个问题。第一,我会不会宁愿像伦敦全民骑行的车手们一样骑100英里或跑20英里?我跑步时与他们碰面了两次。第二,从理论上来讲,对从我身边疾驰而过的车手们拿着的十分美味的水,我会出价多少?长跑时,我不带水,但如果真的需要喝水,我会在口袋里放些硬币或带张卡。上帝啊,昨天我真的需要喝水了。我不知道这是不是由于几周以来我感染的轻微病毒或湿气或是疲倦亦或是三者皆有导致的,但跑步时我从未感觉如此脱水过。所以想想看我沿着泰晤士河跑了20英里,而我却完全缺水!I also managed - and you really would think that given I#39;m training for marathon number six I#39;d know better - to take my first energy gel far too late. I#39;m a loyal user of SiS Go gels (I find the ones with caffeine help more with the mental battle that is a long run) but even they can#39;t help if you take them 20 minutes after you probably should have done. With gels, timing is everything.我第一次吃能量胶时也已经有点晚了。你们可能会认为我是马拉松6号选手,我接受相应的训练,应该对能量胶有更多的了解。我是SiS Go能量胶的忠实用户(我发现含有咖啡因的能量胶对精神长跑更有作用),但在你本应跑完的20分钟后吃能量胶是没有效果的。吃了能量胶,时间就是一切。Of course, inevitably when you mention gels, someone will reply something along the lines of ;In my day we ran marathons on a sip of water and 10 pints in the pub the night before;. To which my reply is, yes, well, imagine how much faster you might have run it with proper nutrition and hydration!当然,当你提到能量胶时,总会有人回复你这样一些话;想当年我跑马拉松的时候,我会在马拉松开始前一天晚上去酒吧喝10品脱的酒,只抿一小口水。;对此,我的回答则是:哇塞,有这么多的营养和水分,可以想象你跑的有多快了!Could I run 20 miles without them? Do a marathon without them? I could, yes. But it wouldn#39;t be a good one. Despite hitting the wall fairly hard in my training run yesterday, I#39;ve never yet hit one in an actual marathon race, which I#39;m sure is a combination of training and getting the gels/water right on the day.没有能量胶我能跑20英里吗?还能跑马拉松吗?是的,我可以。但可能效果不好。尽管昨天训练时,突然跑不动了十分困难,但真的在马拉松过程中,我还没有跑不动过,我确定这是训练以及比赛当天吃了能量胶/喝了水的结果。译文属 /201608/458574


  1. These sad ninjab cookies:这些哀伤的忍者饼干:;Ninja NO#39;s!;“绝对算不上忍者!”2. This Frozen fail:失败的《冰雪奇缘》“Pinterest fail on a Frozen-themed birthday cake for my daughter. I gave up and called a bakery.”“按照Pinterest网上的一个图片给女儿做的《冰雪奇缘》主题生日蛋糕失败了。我放弃了,给面包店打电话。”3. This chocolate chip disaster:巧克力碎屑饼干的灾难:;I tried to make these chocolate chip cookies filled with Funfetti frosting, and clearly Pinterest was a freaking lie…;“我尝试做这种带有碎巧克力的饼干,里面满是Funfetti糖霜,很显然Pinterest网站上都是骗人的……”4. This shitty mug cake:做坏了的杯子蛋糕:;I tried to make a mug cake #39;cause they looked so fun#39;. I#39;m not sure what went wrong here.;“我试着做个杯子蛋糕,因为看起来很有趣。我不知道哪出错了。”5. This single vodka gummy bear container:一个一个的伏特加小熊软糖大集合:;Vodka gummy bears! Oops.;“我的伏特加小熊软糖们呀!” /201606/451432。

  Fifteen years ago, Patrick Hardison, then a 27-year old firefighter, suffered a massive burn injury to his face when he ran into a burning house and the ceiling collapsed. He lost his ears, lips, eyelids and most of his nose.15年前,27岁的消防员帕特里克·哈迪森跑进一座着火的房屋救火时,天花板掉落导致他脸部大面积严重烧伤。他失去了耳朵、嘴唇、眼皮和大部分的鼻子。Hardison made history in 2015 when he became the recipient of the most extensive face transplant ever. His surgery is part of an innovative and controversial shift in the field of organ transplantation.哈迪森在2015年成为了史上最大面积脸部移植手术的接受者。他的手术在器官移植领域属于既有创新又有争议的移植手术。People are now getting transplants of organs that may not save their lives, like a heart, but can dramatically improve them, like a new face.现在人们接受器官移植手术不一定是要挽救生命,例如心脏;也可以极大改善自身形象,例如一张崭新的脸。Before his face transplant, Hardison grew depressed, lost his tire-selling business, became addicted to painkillers and split with his wife of 10 years.在脸部手术之前,哈迪森变得很沮丧。他失去了轮胎销售的生意,对止疼片产生了依赖性,并和结婚10年的妻子离异。He went under the knife 71 times to improve the look and function of his face, yet almost always hid behind a baseball cap and sunglasses.他经受了71次开刀手术来改善面貌,完善面部功能。但还是要藏在棒球帽和太阳镜的遮蔽之下。When his doctor told him that his lack of eyelids was destroying his sight, that was the last straw. ;I hated life,; Hardison says.当他的医生告诉他眼皮缺失导致视力受损时,他再也无法忍受了。哈迪森说:;我痛恨生命。;Last August, Hardison underwent a 26-hour surgery to replace his face with that of a 26-year-old bike mechanic who#39;d been killed in a cycling accident.去年8月,哈迪森经历了一场26小时的换脸手术,;换;上了一名死于自行车赛事故的26岁自行车手的脸。Dr. Eduardo, head of the NYU Langone Medical Center face-transplant program, told Hardison he had only a 50% chance of surviving the procedure, since no one had successfully transplanted as much face and scalp tissue before.纽约大学朗格尼医学中心的脸部移植项目带头人爱德华医生告诉哈迪森,他只有50%的机会在这过程中活下来,因为先前从未有人成功移植过如此多的脸部和头皮组织。A year after the surgery, Hardison says he#39;s doing great. Though he remains on potent drugs to prevent his body from rejecting his face, so far, that hasn#39;t happened.手术后一年,哈迪森表示自己过的很好。尽管他留存了强效药物以防身体对脸产生排斥,但是目前为止这还未发生。He#39;s happy with his new life and recently took his five children to Disney World, where he was able to swim with them for the first time since his face injury in 2001.他对新的生活感到很幸福。最近,他带着5个孩子去了迪斯尼乐园,并且在2001年受伤后终于能够首次游泳。;I would#39;ve given up a long time ago if it wasn#39;t for them,; Hardison says of his kids.哈迪森提到他的孩子时表示:;如果不是为了他们,我很早之前就放弃了。; /201609/464314


  During a medal projection segment on Saturday night#39;s Olympic coverage, the broadcaster incorrectly displayed Chile#39;s flag instead of the Chinese flag.周六晚间,在奥运专题节目中的奖牌一览环节里,该广播公司错误地把中国国旗显示成了智利国旗。Chinese viewers reacted angrily, posting to social media about the mistake, and mentioning that even while the show#39;s host spoke, he did not pick up on the mistake.中国观众们的反应很愤怒,他们把这个错误发布到了社交网络上。他们还指出:主持人在讲话的时候也没有去指出这个错误。Hours later, a petition was created, calling for an apology from Channel 7, and expressing the hurt anddismay felt by the creator, Yuming Fan.几小时后,大家就写好了一封请愿书,要求第7频道道歉。同时,执笔人范玉明(音译)还在请愿书上表达了自己受伤、沮丧的感受。#39;I was so much in shock when I saw the national flag of China was actually the national flag of Chile,#39; they wrote.他写到:“当我看到所谓的中国国旗实际上是智力国旗的时候,我是如此地震惊。”#39;This is really not acceptable for a national TV broadcast across Australia to make such unprofessional or rather say irresponsible mistake.#39;“对于这样一个覆盖全澳大利亚的国家级电视广播公司来说,犯下这样一个不专业(甚至可以说不负责任)的错误,真的无法让人接受。”[en]One commenter believes the slip up was a #39;jealous set up against the recent years success of China#39;.一位者相信,这个疏忽实际上是故意为之,是出于对中国近几年成功的嫉妒。Australia#39;s Olympic broadcaster Channel Seven apologised ;unreservedly; for its own Chinese flagbungle. Having aly upset Chinese viewers in Australia by cutting to a commercial break during China#39;s entrance in the opening ceremony, it later used Chile#39;s flag, instead of China#39;s, in a projected medal tally graphic. An online petition calling for an apology had gathered more than 8000 signatures by Monday. The network said the mistakes were ;accidental;.对于自己搞出的中国国旗乌龙事件,澳大利亚的奥运广播7台进行了“无保留的”道歉。之前,该台在开幕式中国队入场时插播广告,已经触怒了在澳的华人观众;之后,它又在播出的奖牌计数图表中将中国国旗用成了智利国旗。到周一为止,一封要求电视台道歉的网上请愿书已经收集到了超过8000个签名。而电视台方声称这些失误“纯属意外”。 /201608/459817

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