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苏仙区看男科医院郴州看男科哪些家医院最好For more on what the reforms mean for China, we earlier spoke to Fraser Cameron, the Director of the EU-Asia Center in Brussels. He said it would be best if China developed according to its own actual conditions.今天早些时候我们连线位于布鲁塞尔的欧盟-亚洲中心主任Fraser Cameron,就改革对中国的意义进行采访。他表示如果中国发展其自身条件进行发展会更好些。 Article/201311/264832湖南省郴州人民中妇幼保健医院治疗生殖感染价格 As recently as the 1980s, scientists believed直到80年代 科学家们还相信the answer to why only some of us put on weight lay in the genes只有一部分人会发胖的原因来自that control the body#39;s metabolism,人体里控制新陈代谢的基因the rate at which food is broken down and turned into energy.即食物消化并转化成能量的速度They reasoned that if the body didn#39;t burn他们详尽论述说 如果人体不能足够快地food fast enough, you put on weight.将食物转化成能量 人就会发胖A view shared by members of the water ballet troupe,水上芭蕾队;丰满百合花;的队员the Padded Lilies.有一个共识I would say that probably the reason we#39;re fat我觉得我们发胖的原因可能是is because our metabolism is slow.因为我们的新陈代谢速度缓慢To suddenly be 32 pounds at a year old,我一岁时就突然长到32磅I don#39;t see any other reason除了新陈代谢之外 for that than metabolism.我看不到还有其他原因Thin people can eat a tremendous amount and still be thin.瘦人大吃大喝也不会发胖Fat people can eat next to nothing and still be fat.而胖人几乎什么都不吃却仍旧很胖The amount I#39;m eating isn#39;t what#39;s making me fat.我的食量根本不至于让我发胖My metabolism, my genetics,我的新陈代谢水平 我的基因this combination of things is what made me fat.这些结合起来才让我变这么胖The question of metabolism was a key issue for my own research.新陈代谢问题是我研究的关键I myself was involved in a Horizon programme in the #39;90s我本人90年代参与了地平线的一个项目to examine if this really was the case.以验这个观点 Article/201306/244686This is the 10th season since you arrived in European football,这是你在欧洲联赛的第十个赛季了,much have changed in your life since then,what have you changed?你生活中发生了很多变化,究竟什么变了?You know, I have more champions, I have more money,你看,我有更多冠军,我有更多钱,I have even more desire to win than I have before.我甚至有更多的赢得比赛的渴望。重点词汇:desire 渴望例句:She had remarried and desired a child with her new husband.她又结婚了,并且渴望和新任丈夫生个小孩。 Article/201406/306737郴州做包皮手术哪家医院

郴州市包皮太长手术费郴州妇幼保健院治疗睾丸炎多少钱 So anti-oxidants do not hold the key to ageing,因此抗氧化剂不是揭开衰老秘密的钥匙though some of us will carry on taking them just in case,虽然我们中的有些人仍然会使用它hoping as ever for the elixir of youth.并希望它就是长生不老的仙丹But what exactly are we hoping for?不过我们渴望的到底是什么呢If we think about it, we#39;d like more years but仔细想想 兴许我们只会在probably only if we had a decent body to take us through them.身体还像样的情况下 渴望活得更长So how long do we want to live?我们到底想活多久呢Until I fell apart, you know, 85, 90.85岁 90岁吧 直到我散架I would expect, I#39;d expect I#39;d have to stop dancing around 85.我觉得我到85岁应该不能再跳舞了#39;As long as I#39;m enjoying my life, then I want to keep going.只要我还能享受生活 我会希望一直活下去And if that takes me to 100, so be it.如果能这样到100岁 那就活100岁#39;My grandfather, Alan,我的祖父艾伦he#39;s very fit and he#39;s always been very active.他十分健康 而且一直充满活力#39;For his 80th birthday他80岁生日时we climbed Snowdon我们爬了斯诺登山 and we sang Happy Birthday at the top.在山顶唱了生日快乐歌#39;And I think yeah,我希望I#39;d like to do that when I#39;m 80. That would be brilliant.#39;我80岁时也可以做同样的事 那会很棒We#39;re going to sit you on the chair.来坐一会儿 Article/201303/231674湘南学院附属医院尿科

郴州医院哪家治疗性病比较好 Understanding why we age has been a major scientific mystery.弄明白我们衰老的原因成了一个科学之谜I think all of us kind of know what ageing is all about我想我们都知道什么是衰老because we#39;ve either experienced it, I mean even if we#39;re young,因为我们都经历过 即便我们还年轻we#39;ve seen our parents, our grandparents age,我们目睹我们的父母 祖父母变老but understanding the mechanism,只知道这是不可避免的this would be the mystery of the mysteries.这就成为了谜中迷It#39;s a very young field and that#39;s probably the reason why这是一块未成熟的领域 那可能是we don#39;t know much about我们不了解它it and why there are so many competing models,所以才有五花八门的观点and I think the real key is probably in understanding我认为真正关键在于搞懂how these different pathways relate to each other.这些不同观点是怎样相互联系的If you were a Martian coming to this planet, and you saw someone假如你是火星人来到这个星球 你看到in her #39;90s and her granddaughter of sixteen,90多岁的人和她的16岁孙女then you would say ;Gee, there#39;s not much difference.;你会说 咦 没什么区别啊On the other hand, if all of a sudden the house caught on fire另一方面 如果突然房子着火了and the people ran, you would immediately be able to say,人们跑了出来 你会立刻说;Oh, this one really didn#39;t make it very far.;噢 这人跑不远We don#39;t really have a我们真的不知道clue for exactly what#39;s happening in ageing.在衰老时到底发生了什么 Article/201303/229051郴州东方门诊部上下班时间郴州东方医院检查精液



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