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Hot tea. Cheese and pickle. Keep away from those mince pies热茶。奶酪和黄瓜。可不要吃那些肉饼。Any last minute requests?又是小孩子的愿望?Oh no, just bills.不,就是一些账单。Fly Safe. Dont forget Australia!安全飞行。不要忘了澳大利亚!I wont! Easily done. Rudolph, harrr!我不要会的!简单。鲁道夫,我们走!Dear Mrs Claus. My name is Jake and I am 6 years old.亲爱的圣诞奶奶,我的名字是杰克,我今年6岁了。Jake! Stop taking my things!杰克!不要拿我的东西!Ive a big sister called Anna who is tall and sometimes angry.我有个叫安娜,很高也很容易生气。Get out! Dad! Jake!出去!爸爸!杰克!I also have a dog called Tiger who loves eating things.我也有只,名字叫泰格,爱吃东西。Kill Tiger kill! Jake stop! Stop! Im sorry.快,泰格。杰克,停下来!抱歉。This Christmas, I need your help.今年的圣诞节,我需要你的帮助。Because I want something. And I know you can get it for me因为我知道有些东西你可以给我。Tiger, shhh!泰格,嘘。Dad! Did you? Dont look at me! Alright come on!爸爸!是你吗?不要看我!来吧!To Anna, Jake wanted you to have this. With Love, Mrs Claus.送给安娜,杰克想把这个给你。爱你,来自圣诞奶奶。Oh! Jake! Oh thank you so much Jake!哦,杰克。谢谢你,杰克!You might think I dont like my sister very much. But I do. I love her a lot.你可能会觉得我不爱我的。但是我爱她。我非常爱她。And I want her to be happy at Christmas. Love Jake. Age 6, but 7 in 2 weeks.我想她有一个快乐的圣诞节。爱你的杰克。还有两个月就7岁了。Merry Christmas. How was your night?圣诞快乐。昨晚怎么样?Oh you know, quiet.你知道的,安静。How did that get there?你是怎么拿到这个的?Well it wouldnt be fun if you knew all my secrets如果你知道我的所有秘密,就不好玩了。201612/481037。

  • Shooters have attacked a popular cafe in Bangladeshs capital, Dhaka, taking hostages and leaving several people dead.数名手袭击了孟加拉国首都达卡一咖啡馆并劫持人质,造成数人死亡。Around eight to 10 armed attackers stormed the Holey Artisan restaurant, located in a upscale neighborhood that houses many of the citys diplomatic buildings. CNN reports as many as 20 people are being held hostage.大约8到10名武装袭击者冲进霍利工匠餐厅,那里位于一高档社区,坐落着许多城市外交建筑。美国有线电视新闻报道称,多达20人被当做人质。The attackers have fired on police and detonated explosives; at least two police officers have been killed and 30 more injured. The terrorist group ISIS has claimed credit for the attack, according to the site Intelligence Group.袭击者向警察开并引爆了炸药,造成至少2名警察遇难,30多人受伤。根据现场情报组,恐怖组织ISIS已经宣称对这次袭击负责。The U.S. Department of State said it had accounted for all diplomatic personnel in the country but hadnt confirmed whether any private U.S. citizens were caught up in the attack.美国国务院表示,已经联系孟加拉国所有外交人员,但没有实是否有任何美国公民被卷入袭击。译文属。201607/452358。
  • And thats why you need to break things down to bite-sized chunks.所以要把事情分开 分成若干小部分You try and reach one goal,get to there, reassess,and then go for the next one.先制定一个目标 完成目标 再审时度势 为下一个目标做准备It just means jungles become about lots of little successes rather than one big failure.由此丛林探险是由 诸多细小的成功组成 而不是只是一次失败Two things you can guarantee in the jungle dense undergrowth and sudden downpours.丛林中有两件事是可以确定的 即茂密的植物 以及突降的倾盆大雨Rain. youve got to love it, eh?A good-sized river, this.下雨了 好好享受吧 一条相当宽的河You know, really, I want to stick to my plan of heading north.我想一直按照计划继续向北走Which means weve got to get across it.所以我们要横渡这条河Look, you can see those are big rapids up there.Dont want to get tangled up with those.看那 湍急的河流滚滚而来 千万不要陷入其中Try and find a safer place a safer place to cross downstream.试着找到比较安全的地方 可以顺流渡河的安全之地You cant underestimate the power of fast-flowing water.不要低估湍急河水的力量In 2007, 12 Guatemalans were swept away in their truck by a rain-swollen river.They were all killed.2007年 12名危地马拉人 被因下雨而涨满的河水 连人带车卷走了 无一生还Were well downstream in the rapids here.我们在急流的下方I reckon we should be able to cross it.我认为 我们应该可以穿过去Youre gonna need to stick with me on this.Okay, come on, lets go.一定要紧紧跟着我 好了 咱们出发吧201609/466756。
  • In 1636,they were triumphantly hoist aloft for all the world to see.在1636年 它们最终被吊到屋顶 迎接世界的注目There are three visions here of James benevolent rule.三幅场景刻画了仁慈的詹姆斯In one panel,James is depicted as the bringer of peace and prosperity.其中一幅 詹姆斯化身为和平与繁荣的使者In the central panel,Rubens gives us James being carried to Heaven as a god.而中央的那幅 鲁宾斯刻画了詹姆士上天成神的景象In the third,he is solomon being offered the two crowns of England and Scotland.第三幅画 他是所罗门的化身 被授予英格兰和苏格兰的王冠The Banqueting House in Whitehall simply takes your breath away by the sheer cheek with which it ignores the English Channel.白厅国宴厅的华美令人瞠目 它的两侧恢弘 胜过英吉利海峡Its a piece of Italy transplanted into Britain.Classical columns, tall windows,是移植了意大利风格的建筑 经典的廊柱 高大的窗户the ultimate architectural light box,designed to flood the Stuart monarchy with brilliance.简直是一栋华美的灯箱 用来展示斯图亚特王朝的繁荣昌盛It was also meant to pin any unbelievers to the floor through the heavyweight power of its muscled allegories,这也将所有质疑声 以神灵之名平息singing the virtues of the godlike king.歌颂神一般的国王So when you walked in here and you remembered that when the Stuarts had described kings as little gods on earth,当你走进这里 并且想起 斯图亚特王室奉国王为;天神下凡;you realised they were not kidding.你会了解到这并非儿戏The Banqueting House was Charless absolutist dreamland.白厅国宴厅是查理的梦想之地It was here that Charles could act out the grandest of his fantasies,正是在这 他能够获得最大的满足感that his three kingdoms, England, Scotland and Ireland,他的三个王国 英格兰 苏格兰和爱尔兰were finally yoked together in harmony under the ruler who was firm but just.能够在贤明公正的统治者手中 最终合为一家 /201703/495302。
  • She returns with nothing.这一次它无功而返Golden eagles patrol these cliffs in search of the weak or injured.金雕在悬崖边巡视,搜寻着老弱病残的动物With a two-metre wingspan, this bird could easily take a young markhor.靠着两米长的翼展,这些大鸟能轻松抓起一只小羊羔Eagles hunt by sight and the thickening veil of snow forces them to give up.金雕捕猎靠的是视力,雪越下越密,它们只好选择放弃For the leopard, the snow provides cover and creates an opportunity.不过雪却能为雪豹提供掩护,使它有机会捕猎The worsening weather dampens the sound of her approach,恶劣的天气掩盖了它逼近的脚步声allowing her to get within striking distance.它正逐渐进入攻击范围It was an act of desperation to try and catch such a large animal.它已被逼上了绝路,所以才会捕捉如此大的动物Wolves have made a kill, giving other hunters a chance to scavenge.狼刚进行完一场屠杀,为其它掠食者留下了残存的肢体。201704/502582。
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