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  • Bush: Strong Action Being Taken on US Economy布什:政府为经济采取强有力行动 President Bush says the U.S. economy is facing challenging times. The president says the government is taking decisive action. 美国总统布什表示,美国经济面临富有挑战性的时期。但是布什还表示,政府正在采取决断性的行动。As a jittery U.S. stock market opened for business, the president sought to reassure the American people. 星期一美国券市场开盘时令人极度紧张不安。Speaking to reporters after a meeting with his top economic advisors, Mr. Bush said his administration is on top of the situation. 布什总统谋求让美国人民安心。他在跟高层经济顾问开会后对记者说,他的政府在掌控局面。"One thing is for certain - we are in challenging times," he said. "But another thing is for certain - that we have taken strong and decisive action." 他说:“有一件事情是肯定的。我们处在富有挑战性的时期。但是另一件事情也是肯定的,我们正在采取强有力的决定性行动。”He signaled his support for steps taken in recent days by the U.S. central bank to cut interest rates and to provide financial markets with a sense of stability - in large part by rescuing the crisis-ridden investment firm, Bear Stearns. And he praised Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson for his efforts to promote calm and correct the economic slump. 布什表示持美国中央最近采取的行动,削减利率,向金融市场提供稳定感,主要手段是拯救危机四伏的贝尔斯登投资公司。布什称赞财政部长保尔森努力镇定局面,扭转经济衰退。"You have shown the country and the world that the ed States is on top of the situation," he said. "Secondly, you have reaffirmed the fact that our financial institutions are strong and that our capital markets are functioning efficiently and effectively." 布什说:“你们向美国和全世界表明,美国在掌控局面;第二,你们再次明这样一个事实,我们的金融机构强劲有力,我们的资本市场在有效运转。”President Bush stressed that his administration will continue to monitor the situation and will take additional action, as warranted. He emphasized once again that the fundamentals of the U.S. economy are sound, saying in the long run, everything will be fine. 布什总统强调,他的政府将继续监视局势发展,并将采取有根据的额外的行动。他再次强调,美国经济的基本面是健康的。他说,从长远来看,一切都会好起来。His comments - which were added to his schedule on relatively short notice - were aimed at easing economic concerns both at home and abroad. The slump in the U.S. economy - caused in part by problems in the home loan market - has had an impact around the world.  布什的是在他的原定日程上额外附加的,而且事先通知的时间很短。这次讲话的目的是缓解国内外的经济关切。美国经济衰退的部分原因是房屋贷款市场的问题。美国经济衰退在全世界都造成影响。Stock prices are down in many countries, the dollar has hit record lows against the euro and the yen, and oil and gold prices have hit new highs. 在许多国家,券市场都在下跌。美元对欧元和日圆的比价已经下降到创记录的低点。石油和黄金价格则上升到新的高位。200803/31096。
  • Scripts:Behind The Wheel this morning, Toyota is in hot pursuit of the title of the world’s biggest automaker in global vehicle sales. This morning the company has released its plan to dethrone GM. And joining us this morning with more is CN’s auto reporter Phil Lebeau. Phil, looks like they got a shot of this, doesn’t it?Yeah, it could happen this year, Carl. The latest number is coming out of Tokyo this morning with Toyota’s president giving a press conference outlining the goal. And take a look at where the sales are for Toyota and General Motors. Last year, this year. Now this year, it's an estimate halfway through the year, they are probably gonna end up tied. Toyota might be slightly ahead but next year Toyota is expected to pull ahead at 9.8 million vehicles. And then look at , they are projected to build 10.4 million vehicles which would be the greatest number of vehicles built by an automaker ever in one year. Whether or not Toyota can match that was brought up to the President of Toyota Katsuaki Watanabe.and here is what he had to say this morning in Tokyo. He said that the company will take on all risks that are out there and all markets. And for Toyota that means aggressively expanding, not only in Europe and the ed States where they come on strong, but also in China, India, Russia. That’s really where the growth globally is gonna come for Toyota. Quickly let's take a look at a chart comparing the shares of Toyota VS General Motors over the last three years. Every time I show this, I hear from investors who say enough aly. We realize there is no comparison here, but it is worth we taking a look at, look at that up 43% over the last three years. And again, Toyota's expecting to set a record a one year sales by of 10.4 million vehicles. Carl?You are not piling on, Phil, you are just bringing in the facts, right? (There you go.) You're just bringing in the facts. Stick around because we wanna dig deeper into what this means for the future of both Toyota and the big three. We're bringing in Michael Robinet. He is a vice president of Global Vehicle Forecasts with CSM worldwide. Uh, Michael, good morning to you. Good morning.Uh, I guess the question is (how) where is Toyota exposed? Compared to where GM is exposed, Toyota has aly mentioned things like sub-prime here in the US, as some headwinds they are gonna face.I think there is no doubt, everybody's gonna be facing its headwinds, Toyota, Honda, General Motors, everybody. But it is the different levels. Within North American though, Toyota is still putting the full-court press on Lexus, new full-size pickups, new Camry. They have a Corolla coming out next year. It’s relentless, they're, they are not gonna stop. Are they , are they , err, more exposed to...to those growth markets like Russia and China that Phil was just talking about?Uh, they're, they are very exposed to those growth markets. And, but that’s uh, that’s all been within the plan. They look at the brisk locations--the Brazil, Russia, India, China locations and they also look at what we call non-Japan Asia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Tailand. They are gonna go very strong after those markets. They have the best bth of any company on earth when it comes to the automotive industry. Phil, err,I guess how, how easily could the big three unwind their own problems and get to a production level, a level of efficiency that would match Toyota’s?Well, I think when you are looking at Toyota and General Motors on a global scale that GM has done a phenomenal job about leveraging its resources, particularly in Asia and in Korea and the Chevy brand is growing very aggressively over in Asia as well as in Europe. The key for General Motors is going to be to leverage that international exposure and those international assembly factories to do even more in those developing markets. You know, we focus so much on GM, Ford and Chrysler here in the ed States. Yes, it’s the largest market in the world and they have problems here. But the future really is going to depend on what they can do globally. And that’s why you see even Chrysler realizing hey we have got to be more aggressive growing overseas because it’s primarily a North American automaker right now. Yeah, China, is it the fastest growing automaker in China, Uh, Toyota is,uh, Michael? Toyota is doing very well, so is General Motors actually. They are both doing extremely well in China. The real growth market that a lot of OEMs are looking at vehicle manufacture (is) India. That is one market that a lot of manufacturers are looking at. And right behind it is Russia.Are the emerging markets’ margins are noticeably higher or lower out there?Well, it,it’s a , it's a margin, it's a margin play but it’s also a market share play. If you can be well-set and get a good distribution network in those markets. You will be set for years to come but if you are late, you'll get a real problem. Interesting, Michael, Phil, I mean I guess we will be talking about it when , if and when moment comes, but until then it’s awfully interesting to speculate about, Michael Robinet and our own Phil Lebeau.Notes:full-court press: originally a basketball term, now refers to one's unrelenting best effort.200807/44110。
  • OECD Downgrades US Economic Outlook经济发展与合作组织对美经济悲观The Paris-based Organization for Economic Development and Cooperation (OECD) published a grim assessment Thursday of the ed States economy, saying it was close to recession. However, the OECD suggested European economies will likely fare better this year. 设在巴黎的经济发展与合作组织星期四对美国经济发表了一份悲观的评估报告,认为美国经济濒临衰退的边缘。但是该组织估计今年欧洲国家的经济状况很可能有所改善。The OECD downgraded its estimates for U.S. growth to just 0.1 percent for the first quarter of this year. Overall, the organization predicted the American economy would grow just 1.4 percent in 2008, far below its previous estimate in December of a two percent growth. 经济发展与合作组织估计,美国经济今年第一季度的增长率仅为0.1%。该组织预计,2008年美国经济的全年增长率为1.4%,大大低于去年12月作出的2%的预测。The OECD is an international economic research organization based in Paris.  经济发展与合作组织是设在巴黎的国际经济研究机构。OECD chief economist Jorgen Elmeskov says it might be premature to declare a recession in the ed States. But at a press conference in Paris, Elmeskov said the U.S. economy would be extremely weak for at least the first half of this year, hampered by a credit crunch and the collapse of the U.S. housing market. 该组织首席经济学家埃尔姆斯克夫说,现在就认为美国进入经济衰退还为时过早,但是他在巴黎举行的一次记者会上说,美国经济在信贷紧缩和住房市场崩溃的影响下,至少在今年上半年将极其衰弱。"It's hard to say how far advanced we are in the U.S. housing construction adjustments," he explained. "The share of GDP housing construction is probably down now to around somewhere like 3.8 percent of GDP. Which correspondents to the average level in previous slumps. But it is clear that this slump has got further to go. There are no signs from any indicator of construction activity that things are about to change."  埃尔姆斯克夫说:“还很难说美国住房建设调整究竟取得了多少进展。住房建设在美国国内生产总值中所占比例现在可能下降到3.8%左右,这和以前几次房市暴跌的平均水平相符。但是显然这次暴跌还有进一步向下的趋势,任何有关住房建设的指数都没有显示有出现转机的迹象。”The OECD said the so-called euro-zone economies - those European Union economies using the euro as their currency - have brighter prospects, and kept the prediction of 1.5 percent growth unchanged.  经济发展与合作组织表示,所谓欧元区经济体,也就是那些使用欧元的欧盟成员经济体的经济前景却比较光明,这些经济体的增长率仍然保持在原先做出的1.5%的水平。While a strong euro makes European exports more expensive, it also makes the price of oil cheaper. Still, the organization has raised alarm about possible inflation for the euro-area. 虽然欧元强劲使得欧洲出口商品的价格更加昂贵,但是同时也导致石油价格变得低廉,但是经济发展与合作组织依然对欧元区可能发生的通货膨胀做出警告。The OECD also issued a somewhat downbeat prognosis for Japan, predicting only a 1.5 percent growth rate for 2008, down from its earlier prediction of 1.6 percent growth. 该组织还对日本的经济前景发表了比较悲观的预测,认为日本2008年的经济增长率仅为1.5%,低于先前预测的1.6%。200803/31663。
  • Hello and welcome again to English at Work, where things are a little tense.你们好,欢迎回到职场英语,这里的情况有点紧张。Anna is finding it hard to work with new employee, Rachel.安娜发现很难和新同事瑞秋一起工作。Shes told Paul, the boss, about Rachels incompetence but hes done nothing about it.她告诉老板保罗瑞秋有多么不称职,但他却什么也没做。So Anna, how are you feeling today?安娜,你今天感觉怎么样?Frustrated.烦恼。All that work I put in, getting the contract for Imperial Lemons and Rachel has sent out a load of second-hand plastic oranges!我付出的所有努力换得皇家柠檬的合同,瑞秋却送出了一堆二手塑料橙子!I guess youre going to have to call your client and sort out the mess.我想你应该给你的客户打电话,解决这个烂摊子。I guess so.我想是的。Oh hi Tom.嗨,汤姆。Is she about?她在吗?The man-eater?少男杀手?No its all clear, shes gone out for a cappuccino.不,现在很安全,她出去买卡布奇诺了。Good good.Look I managed to call the guy she bought the second-hand oranges from, and I cancelled the order.很好。我给她买二手橙子的供货人打电话了,我取消了订单。Phew, great!太好了!Yeah, yeah… and last night I managed to order some Imperial Lemons and sent them to that company in France – Fruit Traders International.是的,昨晚我定了一些皇家柠檬,并发给了法国公司Fruit Traders International。Heres the paperwork.这是文件。Tom, thats brilliant!汤姆,太棒了!Here, let me give you a big hug – you saved the day!让我给你一个大大的拥抱,你扭转了危机。Ooh, thats a bit tight.有点紧了。 /201705/508475。
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