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都江堰市哪家妇科医院好金堂县妇幼保健院在那ANNOUNCER: See, if you can I.D. me. 看你能否鉴别出我。I#39;m a U.S. military decoration. 我是美国的勋章。I was established in 1861 for the Navy, and in 1862 for the Army. 我于1861年为海军设立,为海军设立在1862年。I#39;m the country#39;s highest military honor. 我是美国最高军事奖章。I#39;m the Medal of Honor and among more than 40 million U.S. military veterans I#39;ve been awarded fewer than 3500 times.我是荣誉勋章,在美国四千万退伍军人中,发奖的次数不超过3500次。AZUZ: Many of those medals have been awarded posthumously. 这些奖章很多都是在死后颁发的。Before this week, there were five living recipients from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. 在这周之前,只有五名从伊拉克和阿富汗战争中生还的战士获得了这一荣誉。Now, there are six.现在,有第六个了。In what he described as monumental event, former Army Captain William Swenson received the Medal of Honor yesterday for his actions during a battle in Afghanistan in 2009. 前陆军上尉威廉·斯温森因为他09年在阿富汗的表现获得了荣誉勋章,他觉得这事件意义重大。The statement nominating him for the honor talks about how Captain Swenson ;wilfully put his life in danger multiple times in service of his fallen and wounded comrades.;提名他获奖的陈述中是这样描写斯温森上尉的:“多次置生死于度外,来帮助他倒下的、受伤的战友。” /201310/261873锦江区治疗早孕哪家医院最好的 Malaysia#39;s prime minister has announced there is no longer any doubt that missing Malaysian flight 370 went down in the southern Indian Ocean. In a short press conference late on Monday night, Rajib Razak said the conclusion was reached following new satellite data.大马首相已经宣布失联马航370在南印度洋坠毁。在周一的简短的新闻发布会上,Rajib Razak 表示该结论是根据最新的卫星数据所达成。For more on this, our reporter James Chau is standing by in Kuala Lumpur and Tony Cheng in Perth, Australia.让我们连线我台记者James Chau 和Tony Cheng ,听听他们分别从吉隆坡和珀斯发回的消息。James, what can you tell us about the mood of the passengers#39; families there?James,你好,能否向我们介绍下目前乘客家属的心情如何?Have Malaysian authorities provided any further evidence?大马官方是否有提供其他进一步据? Article/201403/282095L#39;Oreal#39;s green future Richard Quest talk to L#39;Oreal CEO Jean-Paul Agon about his company#39;s sustainability strategy.”And this is where the magic takes place. These are the magicians making sure it happens. L#39;Oreal wants to make mother nature remain beautiful, the world#39;s biggest beauty company has announced a sustainability strategy that includes reducing its carbon footprint by 60% through to the year 2020. Earlier, I spoke to L#39;Oreal chief executive Jean-Paul Agon who was in Paris and I asked him when it comes to the strategies, you have to do more than just lip service.During the past few years, we redefined a lot by the L#39;Oreal company. We redefined the mission which is to offer beauty to all women and men around the planet. We redefined our strategies which we call the universalization. We redefined the objective which is to win over one billion new consumers.And now we think it#39;s the time also to redefine our commitment in terms of sustainability and that#39;s why we made this announcement today. A great commitment in terms of sustainability until 2020.If it hits the bottom line. Now I know there is an arguement that says if you do sustainability right, it actually increases profit ability over the long run.But in the short run, are you prepared for an increasing costs if that comes along?If comes along,yes, but as you just said,very truely, we really believe that it is a visual cycle. Becuase in effect, sustainability improves your business. Because, you know, what we have to understand is that consumers and stake holders all over the world are now expecting companies to behave sustainably. So for us, it is the only way to go.We must just finally and very briefly talk about economics and what you are seeing in the business. Europe is finally out of recession and growing again. The U.S. has its problems and as you look at your business, how are going to manage these very challenging economic moments?In fact for us, the beauty market is still growing. Of course, the growth is different depending on the regions of the world, there is the market that is alomst flat in the western Europe.But L#39;Oreal is growing thanks to market share gains. The market is slightly growing, you know, two,three peicent in the U.S. and north America in general and we are growing faster than that. Thanks again to market share gains and the market is still very dynamic in many places in the world, you know in China,in India, in Brazil. /201310/262446内江市妇幼保健院女子有做阴道松弛的

大邑县妇幼保健院有人工授精吗Each hectare of trees releases, as vapour,1公顷森林每年能蒸发almost 190,000 litres of water a year.将近19万公升水分This water passes into the atmosphere水分散布到大气中to be transported around the entire globe.被输送到世界各地That means the heart of the world#39;s weather那意味着地球天气的心脏lies in tropical forests.位于热带森林中Unfortunately, there#39;s an almost insatiable demand in Europe and China不幸的是 欧洲和中国正贪得无厌地for hardwood from these very forests.从这片森林里索取木材And that is having an enormous impact.那产生了巨大的影响As more tropical forest is felled,随着越来越多热带雨林倒下some scientists are seeing a correlation一些科学家发现了其与with changing storm patterns across Europe and America.欧洲和美国的暴风雨天气模式改变间的关联And it#39;s likely to become more extreme.那种改变有可能变得更为极端Staggeringly, 50% of the Congo Basin forest惊人的是 50%刚果盆地里的森林has been allocated for logging.已被分配为砍伐区域The future of Africa#39;s forest has never been more critical for us all.非洲森林的未来与我们息息相关 Article/201407/316404金堂县妇女儿童医院在那里 Black ants can be a pest in the garden. They build their nests here and there, and they come in an army of about 4000 to 7000 ants.花园中可能会有黑色的蚂蚁这种害虫。他们到处筑巢,一群大约有4,000只至7,000只。Today, I#39;m going to show you how to get rid of ants in the garden. Ants are mainly a problem in gardens during the summer months when the soil is warm. Black ants are the most troublesome, their nest can contain between 4000 and 7000 ants.今天,我来为大家讲述一下怎样清除花园中的蚂蚁。蚂蚁大量在花园中出没主要是在夏季土壤温暖的时候。黑色的蚂蚁是最麻烦的,每个巢穴中大约有4,000至7,000只。Here, I#39;ve got an ants#39; nest in my garden. Ants excavated the soil to build their underground nest and leave little parts of soil or quite big, in this case, of soil on the lawn. At plantadvice dot co dot uk, we like to promote organic methods ahead of chemical treatments.现在,我的花园里有一个蚁巢。蚂蚁挖掘土壤,建造巢穴,而在草坪的地面上留下部分土壤。在植物种植建议网站上,我们通常推广有机方法,而不是化学方法。Ants can be dealt with organically; there is no need to kill them. Here, you see I#39;ve used an upturn pot. What I did was I put the upturn pot over the ants#39; nest.蚂蚁也可以通过有机方法来处理,没有必要杀死他们。你可以看到,我有一个翻转的水壶。只要把翻转的水壶扣在蚁巢上方就可以了。The pot then soaks up the sun, making the ants#39; nest much warmer and the ants bring their cocoons and the nest right up to the above the soil surface. What I can then do is to shovel up the nest and take it away out of my garden somewhere else for the ants to live. Finally, if the problem with the ants is in the lawn, you could also let the grass grow a lot longer.水壶吸收阳光的热量,让蚁巢温度升高,蚂蚁就会带着它们的茧爬到巢穴上方的土壤表面上。然后,铲除这个巢穴,从花园里转移到其他地方,让蚂蚁能够生存下去。最后,如果造成蚂蚁横行的原因是草坪,你可以让草长的时间更长一点。What happens there is the temperature of the lawn will drop because the sun is not able to penetrate the surface of the lawn as much, and therefore, that makes that less desirable for the ants which are much happier building their nest on a shorter grass. And that#39;s how you get rid of ants in the garden.由于阳光不能彻底穿透草坪表面,草坪的温度会下降。这样的话,对于喜欢在较矮的草坪中筑巢的蚂蚁来说,环境就不是那么理想了。这样就可以消灭花园中的蚂蚁。Thanks for watching How To Get Rid Of Ants In The Garden.感谢收看“如何消灭花园中的蚂蚁”视频节目。视频听力节目由。 Article/201308/251209成都治疗尖锐湿疣的价格

四川省妇幼医院好么 If the warm weather is around the corner and your wardrobe needs an update, focus on your feet to spring your closet into the next season.温暖的天气呼之欲出,你的衣柜也需要更新了,挑选几双合适的鞋子,为衣柜增添春天的气息。You Will Need你需要Time to shop购物时间Steps步骤Step 1 Choose bright colors1.选择明亮的色Choose a pair or two of inexpensive bright-colored sandals. They may only go with a couple of outfits but they will brighten your mood when you wear them.挑选一双或两双比较便宜的,色鲜艳的凉鞋。或许只能和几套外衣搭配,但是穿在脚上可以让你的心情也畅快起来。Step 2 Steer clear of over-the-top trendy2.避开过分时髦的鞋子Steer clear of over-the-top trendy styles if you want to wear your shoes for more than a year or two.如果你想多穿两年,一定要避开过于时髦的鞋子。Choose a patent leather sandal instead that will be acceptable for years to come.选择两面磨光的皮凉鞋,这样未来的几年也不会过时。Step 3 Add a pair of flats3.准备一双平底鞋Add a pair of ballet flats to your shoe wardrobe. These are great for giving your legs a rest from the heels or just when you want to dress down for the day.鞋柜中添加一双芭蕾平底鞋。穿高跟鞋之后换上平底鞋可以让双腿得到休息,或者碰巧你那天就想穿平底鞋。Step 4 Look for a formal pair4.一双正式的鞋子Look for a formal high-heeled sandal. Wear them to dress up jeans or with a summer dress or skirt.准备一双正式的高跟凉鞋。搭配牛仔裤,或夏季的长裙和短裙。Tan, nude, or metallic colors will match just about everything.黄褐色,肉色或金属色跟任何单品都可以搭配。Step 5 Choose comfort over style5.舒适最重要Buy comfortable shoes. Do not waste your money on shoes that do not feel nice to wear.购买舒适的鞋子。不要浪费钱来购买穿上不舒的鞋子。If the shoes you buy hurt your feet, chances are you will only wear them once.如果你买的鞋子磨脚,你可能只会穿一次。Step 6 Go shopping6.购物Shop your favorite stores and try on many styles. Try on all the styles that you think are cute and reflect your personality even if they look uncomfortable. Your never know -- you may just fall in love with a new brand.到你最喜欢的商场去购物,多试几种款式。尝试一下你认为很可爱,可以反映你的个性的所有款式,尽管看上去可能不那么舒适。你永远不知道,说不定你会爱上一个新品牌。视频听力栏目译文属。 Article/201303/229658新都区儿童医院收费怎么样四川省成都一院剖腹产需多少钱



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