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Huaping Specialty— A Legend of Kapok in Panzhihua (the second version)华坪特色菜—攀枝花-木棉传说(版本二) In Zhuang culture, there exists the worship for several kinds of trees: camphor, maple, kapok, and banyan tree. In Zhuang myths, camphor trees were the first trees that appeared after the creation of the world, being the pillars supporting the sky. Maple trees were the origin where people got the seed of fire from, being meritorious for offering fire. kapok trees were the warriors of Bu Luo Tuo, the first ancestor of Zhuang ethnic group, fighting against the enemies bravely with torches in hand. Even when being killed, they still stood straight, finally transformed into kapok trees full of red flowers. The banyan tree, flourishing with luxuriant foliage, symbolizes the blessing of many descendants. Consequently, all of these trees are planted around the Zhuang villages, particularly around the shrines of their tutelary gods.在壮族民间中就普遍存在着崇拜几种树木,即樟树、枫树、木棉树、榕树。在他们的神话传说中,樟树是宇宙开辟时最早出现的树木,有顶天之功;人们从枫树身上找到了火种,它有献火之功;木棉是壮族始祖神布洛陀的战士,在与敌人战斗时,它们手执火把,英勇顽强,就连牺牲时也都站立着,变成了满身红花的木棉树;榕树则枝繁叶茂,象征子孙昌盛。因此, 在壮族的村寨边都种有这些树木,各村寨所建立的社亭(敬奉村寨保护神之地)周围,也要种植这些树木。 /201505/374440Dutch designer Jeffrey Heiligers#39; latest clothing line – #39;Posture#39; – targets people who spend most of their time hunched over a computer. By preventing the wearer from slouching, the clothes help people improve their posture in the long run. The concept is simple – every time you slouch, the shirt will tighten uncomfortably around the back, forcing you to sit upright again!荷兰设计师杰弗里·海里格斯最近推出的装系列——“姿势”——针对那些整天在电脑前弯腰驼背的人群。这种衬衫通过阻止人们驼背来帮助改善长期坐姿。它的原理很简单——每次你驼背的时候,衬衫背部就会很紧,让你很不舒,不得不直起腰来。“I engineered a tailor-made remedy that corrects poor posture, nowadays very common amongst the digital generation, not by constraining the muscles, but by training them,” Heiligers told Dezeen magazine. “Posture offers a solution integrated in the clothes you wear. By repositioning the seams in such a way that they start to feel uncomfortable when hunching, it stimulates you to sit up straight.”“现在的数字一代,很多人都习惯弯腰驼背,我设计了一个量身定做的治疗方式,来纠正错误的坐姿,不是通过约束肌肉,而是训练肌肉。”海里格斯告诉《设计》(Dezeen)杂志,“姿势系列装将解决驼背的办法融入到你的衣中。通过重新定位衣接缝,在你驼背的时候,这些衣就会让你感到不适,刺激你端正坐姿。”Heiligers revealed that a physiotherapist was involved in the designing process. They began by identifying the various sitting and standing positions that cause neck, shoulder, and back pain. Heiligers then cut the fabric across the back, in order to make the clothes tighten slightly when the wearer slumps forward. The discomfort will remind the wearer to adjust their posture, and their muscles will eventually get trained to sit and stand the right way.海里格斯透露,这款衬衣的设计过程还有理疗师的参与。他们确定了对颈,肩,背造成伤痛的一些站姿和坐姿。然后海里格斯把背部的衣料剪开重新缝接,穿衣的人驼背时衬衫就会稍微收紧。背部的不适感会提醒人调整姿势,最后他们的肌肉会得到训练,矫正姿势。The Posture range includes cotton shirts, felted cardigans, and knitted wool jumpers that are all constructed differently to normal garments. Heiligers pointed out that the clothes are special because the more they are used, the less they are needed. He chose to use only a minimum palette of colors – white, grey, navy – because he wanted to create an everyday collection.姿势系列装包括纯棉衬衫,毡制开衫和针织羊毛套衫,它们的结构都和普通款不同。海里格斯指出,这些装的特别之处在于,穿着次数越多,就越不需要穿。他只使用白,灰,深蓝等少数几种颜色,因为他想让该系列适合日常百搭。“I would like the fashion industry to be inspired by the blueprint I created and them to buy/adopt it to prevent upper back problems in the future,” Heiligers said.海里格斯说,“我希望我设计的这些衣,能够给时装行业一些启示,未来更多地将这个设计用在时装中来防止背部问题。” /201505/376749

Striding behind each other on Downing Street, poised and confident, Malia, 16, and Sasha Obama, 14, seem to be the epitome of well brought up young ladies.16岁的玛利亚和14岁的萨沙一前一后走在唐宁街,淡定而自信的两人看上去就像是知书识礼的年轻淑女典范。Cutting elegant figures in vibrant attire, the First Daughters of the ed States have certainly blossomed since their last visit to the UK in 2013.两位美国“第一千金”优雅的身姿和充满生气的着装相得益彰,比起2013年访问英国时明显更加成熟。Almost overtaking their mother and First Lady Michelle Obama#39;s towering 5ft 11 frame, the pair have matured sartorially, ditching hoodies and jumpers for feminine dresses.两人现在已经几乎有妈妈米歇尔5英尺11英寸的身高(约1.8米),着装上也抛弃了卫衣针织套衫,而选择了更女性化的饰。During their unscheduled two-day visit to Ireland in 2013, both were seen sporting jeans, T-shirts and shapeless jumpers and hooded tops, as well as clunky trainers.2013年她们在计划外的两天爱尔兰访问行程中,都穿着运动牛仔裤、T恤、没有剪裁的套衫、连帽上衣和笨重的运动鞋。As they were on their holidays at the time the girls seemed less interested in making fashion statements, as they were with trawling idyllic Irish sights, including Glendalough, in Co Wicklow, and the Coastal village of Dalkey.那时候两人正在度假,似乎对体现自己的时尚主张没这么大兴趣。她们穿行在田园般的爱尔兰风景中,拜访了威克洛郡的格兰达洛、海滨小村达尔基。But today the wardrobe transformation in just two years was evident.而仅仅两年后的今天,两人的衣着变化是如此明显。With her hair in groomed waves, oldest daughter Malia sported a sleeveless fuchsia lace dress with a scalloped hem and classic black pumps.长女玛利亚一袭卷发,身着紫红色的无袖扇形裙边蕾丝连衣裙,配以经典的黑色舞鞋。Younger sister Sasha sported a stylish turquoise dress with box pleats and dainty nude pumps, while clutching a matching cardigan.小女儿萨沙则身穿时尚的青绿色箱形褶裥连衣裙,配上一双考究的裸色舞鞋,手里还拿着一件配套的开衫。This remarkable style overhaul was also noted as the two First Daughters alighted the plane at Stansted Airport this week.本周两人在斯坦斯特机场下飞机时,我们就注意到了她们着装风格上的这种变化。The pair opted for stylish yet elegant shift dresses, Malia in a fun sunflower print and Sasha in a monochrome polka dot number, hair scraped back in a sleek ballerina bun.两人都选择了时尚而优雅的宽松直筒连衣裙,玛利亚的是向日葵印花,萨沙的是黑白圆点,还绑了芭蕾发髻。Both girls have come a long way from the wide-eyed children that they once were, often trussed up in overly mature gowns and stiff high-collared dresses. Today#39;s wardrobe choices are more fitting, whilst still feminine and smart.两个女孩都不再是从前的天真孩童了。过去她们常常穿着过于成熟的礼和僵硬的高领连衣裙。今天她们的衣着选择更加适宜、更有女性味、更整洁。Over the past few years, the emerging style of the two girls, especially self-assured 16-year-old Malia have been closely observed by the world.过去几年中,两个女孩的时尚风格渐渐成型,特别是自信的玛利亚,我们见了16岁的她形成了自己的衣品。Before and directly after Obama was elected president on November 2008, the election process called for repeated cases of formal wear and co-ordinating clothing that was much older than the two girls#39; years.2008年11月,奥巴马当选前后,两个姑娘在选举过程中一直穿着比自己年龄老气的正装,以配合选举。It wasn#39;t until 2012 when Malia had just turned 14, that her own style began to appear, with the teen opting for more age-appropriate trend-led pieces.直到2012年,玛利亚14岁时,她自己的时尚风格才开始形成,她会选择更适合自己年龄的流行饰。Clunky shoes began to be replaced by slim-fitting colourful pumps, and shapeless, old-fashioned dresses with short-sleeved skater dresses and Peter Pan collars.鲜艳修型的舞鞋取代了笨重的运动鞋,小圆领短袖溜冰裙取代了没有剪裁的过时连衣裙。Navy blazers were layered on top of cotton shorts, and witnessing older sister Malia#39;s style overhaul, younger sister Sasha began to follow suit.看着玛利亚的时尚风格转变,萨沙也有样学样穿起深蓝色的运动衫和棉布短裤。Childish headbands were discarded for curly, glossy hairstyles, and she too began to sport colourful skater skirts, vibrant shell-tops and fashionably retro Mary-Jane shoes.萨沙也不再佩戴儿童发带,而选择了有光泽的卷发,搭配鲜艳的溜冰裙、动感的无袖上衣和时髦的复古娃娃鞋。 /201506/381675

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