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重庆第三人民医院激光去黄褐斑多少钱内江韩式隆胸多少钱重庆市星辰整形医院收费高吗 Learn how to plant carrots. Here Tom Cole from Capel Manor College in London shows you how to pant carrots from seed. Enjoy some fresh carrots from your own garden after watching VideoJug#39;s tips.学习一下怎样种植胡萝卜。来自伦敦坎贝尔蒙纳学院的汤姆·科尔向你展示怎样从种子开始种植胡萝卜。听了VideoJug的建议后,品尝自己菜园里种植的新鲜胡萝卜吧!Step 1: You will need1.你需要Seeds,A draw hoe,A cane or something similar,A plank of wood,A frame and horticultural fleece,A garden fork,A metal rake,A stake and string,A landscape rake,It is also useful to have plant labels种子,锄头,竹藤或类似的东西,木板,框架和羊毛装织物,叉子,金属耙子,木桩和绳子,园艺用耙子,准备一些植物标签也有用处Step 2: Prepare the site2.准备场地Carrots should be planted in sunny or partially shaded sites that are sheltered from the wind. Loosen the soil with a fork and remove any weeds or large stones. Use a rake to create a level surface. If you have poor soil you may want to add well-rotted organic matter before you start sowing.胡萝卜应该种植在阳光充沛或部分阴凉的避风的地方。用叉子松土,除掉任何杂草或大的石块。使用耙子把土壤表面整理平整。如果土壤贫瘠,在种植之前可以施用一些分解良好的有机物质。Use the head of the rake to lightly press down the soil and lightly rake the surface once more.使用耙子顶部轻轻压一下土壤,再次轻轻耙平土壤表面。Step 3: Plant3.种植Carrots should be planted in shallow rows called #39;drills#39;. Lay a piece of string on the soil as a guide to make sure you dig the row in a straight line. Lay a plank of wood next to your line. Then, use a cane or hoe to dig a narrow drill about 1 centimetre deep.胡萝卜应该成行种植。在土壤上方拉一根绳子,保挖出的沟在一条直线上。在绳子旁边放置一块木板。然后使用锄头挖出深1厘米的沟。Drop the seeds into the drills at the spacing recommended on the packet. If you are planting more than one drill, leave a 15-20 centimetre gap between each one. Using a hoe, gently cover the seeds with soil. Then using the head of the metal rake,lightly firm the soil.按照包装上的说明向沟里撒种子。如果你计划种植不止一行,每行之间保持15至20厘米的距离。用锄头轻轻的把种子盖上土壤。然后使用金属叉子的顶部轻轻地把土壤压实。Step 4: Water4.浇水If the soil is dry, water the seeds in. The soil should be kept moist and free of weeds throughout the growing season. It is also useful to label your carrots so you know where and when they were planted.如果土壤很干燥,要给种子浇水。在整个种植季节,土壤应该保持湿润,没有杂草。给胡萝卜贴上标签也很重要,这样你就可以知道何时何地种植的。Step 5: Protect5.保护To protect your plants from late frosts in Spring, build a frame to cover the drills. Push the sides of the fabric into the soil, or fix it in place with canes. Remove the fleece when the seeds germinate and the plants are visible through the soil.为了保护植株免于春季的霜冻,在土壤上方建造一个框架,把织物的边缘埋在土壤中,或者用竹藤固定。种子发芽,在土壤上看到植株之后就可以拆除织物了。Thanks for watching How To Plant Carrots.感谢收看“怎样种植胡萝卜”视频节目。 Article/201211/210981TL3v6%@6G)SIa9|)KquoX,TP4wOovToday in History: Saturday, September 01, 2012历史上的今天,2012年9月1日%OjPb*MB1hHS!76。x0MIE+Pi[iW_fYKo+!On Sept. 1, 1939, World War II began as Nazi Germany invaded Poland.1939年9月1日,纳粹德国入侵波兰,第二次世界大战开始YF.8V^fQXs~jSse。4V9%eFji5B ]k(7xRgpId~9dI1905 Alberta and Saskatchewan became the eighth and ninth provinces of Canada.1905年,艾伯塔省和萨斯喀彻温省分别成为加拿大第八和第九个省份|9f_WxGGve5。ja(q@[F9Sn17Wj!,4)O m(F%dPpYrzBYt1942 A federal judge in Sacramento, Calif., upheld the wartime detention of Japanese-Americans as well as Japanese nationals.1942年,加州萨克拉门托的一位联邦法官维持了对日裔美国人以及日本公民战时拘禁-K@-k_iFnI.GeEr^L。3^.ZtOVJZ_ 2k*QHs+vpmCxcnd,|d1951 The ed States, Australia and New Zealand signed a mutual defense pact, the ANZUS treaty.1951年,美国,澳大利亚和新西兰签署了一份共同防御条约——新美条约riuu~Vn^sP1N。-[eK@ao4[4CmM. S9GzNRr1^B;FeGlQB1969 A coup in Libya brought Moammar Gadhafi to power.1969年,利比亚发生政变,穆阿迈尔·卡扎菲上台执政,aqdRM|#F8o!R1#Ud。Hn0)SlKQ24Dg FZ@RWu.F-@kan.];w(1972 American Bobby Fischer won the international chess crown in Reykjavik, Iceland, defeating Boris Spassky of the Soviet Union.1972年,美国鲍比·菲舍尔在冰岛雷克雅未克击败苏联选手鲍里斯·斯帕斯基赢得国际象棋冠军BBa-3*B(ggG2UeGX_%*^。ydTxGCF;RH1hJSk85CH 6@n[1WB]o1j~j1981 Albert Speer, a close associate of Adolf Hitler who ran the Nazi war machine, died at a London hospital at age 76.1981年,搅起纳粹战争的阿道夫·希特勒的亲密助手艾伯特·斯皮尔在伦敦一家医院去世,生年76岁7d7b.Jn;JG8S。GPHOabfh,Z oyiBYW@G4cJt,EWK@q11983 A Korean Air Lines Boeing 747 was shot down by a Soviet jet fighter after the airliner entered Soviet airspace; 269 people were killed.1983年,韩国航空公司波音747班机因进入苏联领空后被其喷气式战斗机击落,造成269人死亡;oVBpY1Qxxi%4Pl。bm,HGjQyV@,Tf7]J jG6PU^jeB2004 More than 1,100 people were taken hostage by heavily armed Chechen militants at a school in Beslan in southern Russia; more than 330 people, most of them children, were killed during the three-day ordeal.2004年,在俄罗斯南部别斯兰的一所学校,1100多人被全副武装的车臣激进分子绑架,在为期三天的折磨中330多人死去,其中大部分是儿童S1xrEYXHKpiyKZwyc_s。,m_crJKsKFF@rAE%a*Z k,C*-g^8uKC2009 A law allowing gay marriage took effect in Vermont.2009年,在佛蒙特州出台了允许同性婚姻的法律qqDodD!*l0-@COvG。1FdxC4a;a|]7cBO%z-)T)y48WmAFQKRWZ,.lT(oE /201209/197583重庆市星宸美容哪个好

北碚区儿童医院是正当的吗She was absolutely loathed. Everyone hated her.她被人唾弃 人人都恨她The Parisians hated her because she wasn#39;t an aristocrat.她由于不是贵族而招致厌恶The aristocrats hated her贵族厌恶她because she wasreallylittle better than a streetwalker.是因为她和娼妓没两样But, the King adored her, and he made her very happy.但国王对她极其爱慕 让其非常快乐Louis XV went far too far,路易十五做得太过了and he was seen, really, as slumming it.他被视为自贬身份It was beneath the dignity of the King有这样的孽恋to have these sorts of liaisons.实在有损国王的威严There is no doubt that毫无疑问的是Louis XV was somebody who was seen as becoming路易十五变得愈发increasingly dissolute, even degenerate,荒淫无度甚至自甘堕落and who was just failing to live up to the standards他完全不具备expected of a man who was king.作为一名国王应有的品质Whatever people said about him, the new relationship无论世人如何评判他 这段新恋情gave Louis the confidence to embark on a grand project,赋予路易修建一项伟大工程的信心to give his new heir, the future Louis XVI,为给他的继承人 未来的路易十六国王the greatest wedding of the century.举办世纪最盛大的婚礼The young Louis was due to marry年轻的路易将与奥地利公主Marie Antoinette of Austria,玛丽·安托瓦内特成婚and Louis wanted the ceremony to take place路易十五希望婚礼能在in a brand-new theatreinsideVersailles,凡尔赛的一个全新的剧院里行a project abandoned years before by Louis XIV.该剧院早在路易十四时期就已停工 Article/201205/184566重庆哪去疤痕 In July and August, 80% of the annual rainfall descent on southeastern Tibet. The Cang Qiong lives in the virgin forests of the Nanjiabawa Peak Area, which is the highest point in the southeastern Tibetan Plateau. Cang Qiong is the Tibetan name for this spruce. Red deer are the main animal in this area. This part tells the life of the spruce and red deers in the Tibetan Plateau. 在7月和8月, 西藏东南部的降雨量已经下降80%。苍穹生活在南迦巴瓦的原始森林中,这是青藏高原东南部的最高点。苍穹在西藏语中意指云杉,而红鹿是这一地区的主要动物。本期节目将带我们走进青藏高原云杉和红鹿的世界中。 Article/201111/159773重庆市第六人民医院去除狐臭多少钱

重庆市中心医院是大医院还是小医院?Living in herds of up to 200 in the remoter corners of the Tibetan plateau,居住在西藏高原偏远角落的野牦牛 群居的数量甚至可能达到200只wild yaks travel large distances,grazing on the alpine tundra.他们走过遥远的距离来到高山上的冻土地带寻觅食物Strong and secure over mountain passes and rivers,依靠着山口和河流牦牛在这里强大而安全The yak is in its element at altitude它们于这个海拔的环境是如此地连为一体so much so that it gets sick if it goes below 3,000 metres.以至于如果他们到达海拔3000米以下身体就会变得虚弱。Standing two metres tall at the shoulder and weighing more牦牛身高2米体重超过800千克than 800 kilos,the wild yak is both formidable and aggressive.不仅自身强大还很好斗But without this fearsome creature it#39;s unlikely that humans would have survived up here.但若没有这种看起来吓人的生物人类就不可能在这里生存。Once domesticated,the yak is an amazing animal,一旦被驯牦牛会让人惊异万分,providing the Tibetans with transport,它为藏民提供运输food,wool for clothes and tents,食物做衣物和帐篷的毛and manure for fuel.还有可以做燃料的粪便It#39;s held in such high regard牦牛很受如此器重以至于that its fur is even used to decorate the sacred prayer flag poles,人们用它的皮来装饰神圣的经幡番杆and yak butter is used as an offering to the gods.它的脂肪也被用作敬奉神的贡品The yak has even led the Tibetans to buried treasure.牦牛甚至还帮助藏民找到了地上的宝藏 /201208/195092 N6mLmOdW0Aqe]3fU#z)sBeEI;f;0jujfqLilVideoJug presents a guide covering everything you need to know when choosing an au pair.VpNMXD!UWehrVideoJug呈现给你的这个指南涵盖你选择寄居生时需要知道的一切po7(HKzm6fr。~XjZWTVeQCh3RoeP)o7r,w)YCvxeyh.x]1u_8m^RZd9jba0 Article/201206/185252重庆肿瘤医院怎么去重庆狐臭微创手术哪家医院好



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