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A: Excuse me. Could you help me with something?打扰下,你能帮我找下东西吗?B: Ill certainly try.我当然能帮你A: Im looking a nice sweater.我正在找一件漂亮的毛衣B: What size do you wear in a sweater?你穿什么尺寸的?A: Medium is my size shirts and sweaters.我穿的衬衫和毛衣都是中号的B: Here a medium. What do you think?这件是中号的你认为如何?A: I like it. Where can I try it on?我很喜欢我去哪儿能试下衣?B: We have a large fitting room in that corner.那边角落里有试衣间

A model with six-inch long facial hair has become the youngest woman in the world to have a full beard, according to the Guinness World Records.根据吉尼斯世界纪录显示,一位长有6英寸长胡子的模特,成为了世界上最年轻的长胡子的女性Harnaam Kaur, , from Slough, Berkshire, said it was ;humbling; to be included.今年岁的哈纳姆·卡吾尔来自英国伯克郡斯劳,她表示对自己进入吉尼斯纪录感到“诚惶诚恐”The girl expressed her excitement on her Facebook page with a picture holding the award and a message stating ;I can now proudly announce that I am a Guiness world record book holder!;这位女孩在自己的脸书主页上表达了自己激动的心情,她上传了一张自己获奖的照片,并配文道:“我现在要骄傲地宣布,我是吉尼斯世界纪录书的获得者!”Ms Kaur has polycystic ovary syndrome, a hormonal condition that can result in the growth of excess facial hair.卡吾尔患多囊卵巢综合征,这种荷尔蒙的变化会导致身体长出过多的毛发However, the young damsel refuses to take it as something not normal and is proud of it.尽管如此,这位年轻的女子并没有把这视为奇怪的事情,相反对其感到很自豪In March she became the first female with a beard to walk the runway at London Fashion Week.年3月,她成为第一位在伦敦时装周上走秀的长胡子的女性 66763

  Heading away from the deadly smog of Beijing a few months work may sound like the ideal tonic tired lungs, but people still misses home.对疲惫不堪的肺来说,离开北京的要命雾霾、去别处工作几个月或许听上去像是理想良药,但人们还是会想家British entrepreneur Dominic Johnson-Hill, who sees the opporty and is selling hundreds of cans of Beijing Air 3 pounds a go.英国企业家江森海发现了这个商机,他目前正在以每罐3英镑(约合人民币5元)的价格出售数百罐北京空气Johnson-Hill ring-pull cans are decorated by city scenes, the warning ;choking hazard; and the admission that they are actually made in Shenzhen.江森海出售的易拉罐上印着城市景观、;有窒息危险;的警告字样以及它们实为深圳制造的说明More than 0 cans of the bizarre souvenir are sold daily on the shopping site Taobao.这种另类纪念品在购物网站淘宝上每天能售出0多罐;When I really miss Beijing I will open a can and sniff it,; Mr Zhang, 6, said. ;I love this city and the air quality is getting better.;6岁的张先生说:;在我特别想念北京的时候,我就会打开一罐闻闻我爱这座城市,它的空气质量正在改善; 3677



  A woman has filed a complaint with German police alleging she was told to squeeze her breast at airport security to prove she was lactating.日前,一位女子向德国警方提出投诉,称她被要求在机场安检处挤压她的乳房,以明她正在哺乳Ms Bose, who was travelling alone, said she was on her way to board a flight to Paris last Thursday when she was stopped at the security screening station.独自旅行的斯女士表示,她上周四正要乘坐飞往巴黎的航班时,在安检处被警察拦住了The 33-year-old Singaporean said that after her carry-on bag, which contained her breast pump, went through the X-ray machine, she was taken aside questioning.这名33岁的新加坡人称,在她装有吸乳器的随身包经过X光机后,她便被带到一旁询问;They had an incredulous tone. You are breastfeeding? Then where is your baby? Your baby is in Singapore?,; she said.她说道:“他们带着怀疑的语气问:‘你在母乳喂养,那你的宝宝在哪里?你的宝宝在新加坡吗?”Ms Bose said the officers did not seem to believe her when she insisted the device was a breast pump.斯女士表示,当她坚持称其设备是一台吸乳器时,警察似乎并不相信她They kept her passport and she was then led to a room by a female police officer further questioning, she said.他们拿走了她的护照,随后她就被一名女警带到一个房间接受进一步的询问;She asked me to open up my blouse and show her my breast. She then asked how come I didnt have anything attached to my breast, if I was lactating and expressing breastmilk,; said Ms Bose.斯女士说道:“她让我打开衬衫,展示我的乳房,又问如果我正在哺乳并需要挤奶的话,怎么没有东西附在我的乳房上”;And I said, there is no such thing that is permanently attached, we usually place the pump to our nipple and the machine does the job. She wanted me to show her by hand-expressing a little.;“我说,没有永久附着的工具,我们通常把泵放在乳头上,用吸奶器去吸随后她想让我用手稍微挤一下”Ms Bose said she complied and squeezed her breast. ;I was just in shock, I was going through the motions. I was all by myself as well, and wasnt sure what would happen to me if they decided to make trouble me. It was only when I came out of the room that I began to slowly understand what had just happened. I just started to cry, I was terribly upset.;斯女士表示,她遵从了要求并挤了挤她的乳房“我当时很震惊,就照做了,而且当时我自己一个人,不知道如果他们决定找我麻烦会怎样当我从房间出来后,才开始慢慢地意识到刚才发生的事情,我才开始哭泣,我真的很生气”Ms Bose said the incident, which lasted nearly 5 minutes, was ;humiliating; and ;very traumatising;.斯女士称,整起事件持续了近5分钟,她感到“羞辱”、“非常受伤”;When they finally cleared me of the matter, I told them that this is not the way to treat someone. I said Do you know what you just did to me, you made me show my breast.“当他们最终确认我没问题之后,我告诉他们不应该这样对待别人,我说,‘你知道你刚刚对我做了什么吗,你让我给你看我的乳房”;The officer just said, Okay it is over now, please go. She was totally nonchalant, she didnt seem very remorseful or empathetic.;“这位警察只是说,‘好吧,现在结束了,请走吧她完全若无其事,并不觉得悔恨或同情”Ms Bose, a manager at a transport company who has a three-year-old child and a seven-month-old baby, said she was exploring the possibility of taking mal legal action.作为货运公司经理的斯女士,有一个三岁的孩子和一个七个月大的婴儿,她表示自己正在探索采取正式法律行动的可能性 9195第十二课: 购物 Lesson : Shopping 各位朋友好,欢迎您收听“旅游英语”教学课程的第十二课我是 澳大利亚澳洲广播电台的节目主持人马健媛 在第十一课中,我们学习了一些购物时常用的英语以及如何用英语 来表达元,角和分的概念在第十二课中,蒙纳女士仍然在装店 流连,考虑到底应该买哪些衣所以我们在这一课中就要学习一 些如何用英语对客人表示你会耐心等候他们的购物决定另外,我 们还要学习使用信用卡过帐时常用的英语句子在学习新的课文之 前,让我们先来复习一下这段对话的第一部份 Mai: Can I help you? Mona: I’m just looking, thanks. Excuse me. Mai: Yes? Mona: These shawls. How much are they in American dollars? Mai: All of these prices are American dollars. Mona: Oh. Why are they so expensive? Mai: They’re handmade. Mona: And this one? Mai: It’s pure silk. Mona: Hmm. Have you got one in purple? Mai: I’ll have a look. Yes, what about this one? Mona: That’s nice. 现在让我们进入第十二课的内容在这一课中,蒙纳还在继续挑选 披肩 Mona: Could I try the purple shawl again? Mai: Yes, of course. Mona: The silk feels better. But it’s so expensive. Sorry this is taking so long. Mai: No problem. Take your time. Mona: Oh, that’s nice! Mai: That hat? Mona: Yes. Could I try it on? Mai: Sure. Here you are. Page of 7 Mona: Oh, it’s lovely. How much is it? Mai: It’s . Mona: I’ll take it! Mai: Fine… If you’ll just follow me to the cashier…. 我们再来听一遍这段对话及中文翻译 蒙纳: 我能再试试那件紫色的披肩吗? Mona: Could I try the purple shawl again? 梅: 没问题 Mai: Yes, of course. 蒙纳: 丝绸的感觉真好呀可是有些太贵了 对不起,占用了您这么长时间 Mona: The silk feels better. But it’s so expensive. Sorry this is taking so long. 梅: 不客气您慢慢来 Mai: No problem. Take your time. 蒙纳: 噢,那个很漂亮呀 Mona: Oh, that’s nice! 梅: 您是说那顶帽子吗? Mai: That hat? 蒙纳: 对,我可以试试吗? Mona: Yes. Could I try it on? 梅: 当然可以,给您 Mai: Sure. Here you are. 蒙纳: 哦,真漂亮呀请问定价多少? Mona: Oh, it’s lovely. How much is it? 梅: 两百元 Mai: It’s A woman from China central Hunan province recently set a Guinness World Record with her -month-long--pregnancy, local media reported on Aug. .据当地媒体8月日报道,中国中部地区湖南省一女子因怀胎个月,从而创下了吉尼斯世界纪录The woman, named Wang Shi, became pregnant last February. Her due date was Nov. , but the date came and went with Wang baby showing no intention of entering the world.该女子名为王师,于去年二月份怀她的预产期是月日,但是当这一天来临之时,腹中的胎儿却都丝毫没有出生的意愿Worried, Wang went to the hospital every seven to days after her due date passed check-ups.焦急之下,王师在预产期后每隔7至天就去医院检查一次Doctors ruled out a Cesarean in the th month of pregnancy because the fetus was still in stage two--not mature enough the operation.在她怀第个月的时候,因为胎儿仍处于Ⅱ级——发育不够成熟,无法进行手术,所以医生不建议剖腹产;Experts say there are women who gave birth after months of pregnancy, but never months. They cant explain the reason,; said Wang husband.王师的丈夫表示:;专家们说有怀个月后分娩的妇,但是从来没见过个月的他们也不能解释这个原因;Nevertheless, Wang is now in good physical condition. The baby weighs 3.8 kilograms. She says she will have the C-section by the 18th month.尽管如此,王师现在的身体状况很好胎儿重3.8公斤她表示,在第18个月的时候她会去做剖腹产 6953. 蒙纳: 我买了 Mona: I’ll take it! 561

  Is your career in the doldrums? Are you bored at work? If so, why don’t you shake things up in with one of the following whacky – but potentially lucrative – jobs available across the world?你的职业生涯正处于低迷阶段吗?你对你的工作已经反感了吗?如果是这样的话,为什么不在年改变一下呢?换一个以下提到的全世界最怪诞,但又颇具潜力且收益颇丰的职业呢?StandOutCV, a career counseling website in the UK, has found of the craziest jobs you can apply in .英国;出色简历;就业顾问网站日前总结出了年可以尝试的;十大最疯狂职业;1.Placenta chef, London1.胎盘厨师--英国伦敦The ancient Chinese tradition of eating placenta after giving birth has hit the West with a bang.中国古代吃胎盘的这一传统,在西方引起了轰动With celebrities such as Kim Kardashian embracing the benefits and TV chefs such as Jamie Oliver also a fan - he admitted to coming up with a placenta recipe after his wife gave birth to their second daughter in .美国社交名流金·卡戴珊已经从中受益为电视名厨杰米·奥利弗也说,年妻子生下第二个女儿后,自己想出了一个胎盘配方A new undisclosed restaurant is about to open in London that will take using natural ingredients to a new level. If you have a hardened stomach and are not repulsed by the thought of using placenta in recipes, then this job vacancy may be you.伦敦一家即将开放的餐厅就计划提供胎盘食物如果你有一个坚强的胃并且不会被吃胎盘的思想所影响,那么这份工作就是为你准备的Those that are interested in applying should reply through Craigslist and must have previous experience in cooking with placenta.值得一提的是,有意申请这份工作的人,要通过Craigslist回复,且必须具备烹饪胎盘的经验Salary: pounds per hour.薪资:每小时英镑.Astronauts future space missions.未来的宇航员Recently NASA announced its plan to launch a human mission to Mars. Despite the launch not happening until at least , NASA are aly advertising people to be aboard the ship when it takes off.美国宇航局近来宣布将推出人类登陆火星的任务尽管这项任务要至少年才能执行,但美国宇航局已经开始招募未来宇航员In order to apply, applicants must hold a degree in either biological or physical science, mathematics or engineering. Those looking to apply must also have at least three years’ experience in a relevant field or over 1,000 hours experience piloting a jet.申请者必须拥有生物学或物理学、数学、工程学学位,必须拥有驾驶飞机00小时的飞行经验和至少3年相关领域经验 those with the relevant qualifications, be sure to get your application in bee February 18 .如果满足相关资格,申请者还须在年月18日之前递交申请By the way – it’s likely to be a one-way trip.顺便说一句,这很可能是有去无回的单程任务哦Salary this position: Unknown.职位薪资:未知3.Chick sexers, UK3.小鸡性别区分师--英国The British Poultry Council is currently experiencing a shortage of chicken sexers, despite offering a salary of 0,000 pounds per year. This means that there are an abundance of chicken sexer jobs available within the UK.尽管开出了万英镑的年薪,英国家禽协会仍然短缺;小鸡性别区分师;这也意味着英国有很多小鸡性别区分师的职位空缺The main role of a chicken sexer is to determine whether a chick is male or female so they can be reared appropriately.他们的主要工作是区分小鸡的性别,以便用正确的方法饲养小鸡 those interested in applying, expect to complete three years of training in order to be able to carry out the duty properly.有意申请的人需要先接受3年的培训,这样才能正确履行职责Salary: 0,000 pounds per year.薪资:每年万英镑.Beer smeller, Aberdeen.啤酒品尝师--阿伯丁 the beer fans out there, BrewDog has the job you. The Scottish start-up is currently looking someone to smell and drink beer to help them find the best attributes in each product.对于啤酒迷来说,苏格兰初创企业BrewDog可为你提供一份工作这家公司正寻找通过闻啤酒或品尝啤酒找出每种啤酒的最佳品质的人To be in with a chance of being a ‘sensory analyst’ BrewDog in Aberdeen, a science degree is desirable and ‘profesional’ experience is essential.要想成为阿伯丁BrewDog的啤酒品尝师,你还需要科学学位和专业经验Salary: Negotiable depending on experience.薪资:根据经验可以商谈5.Animal therapy handler, Scotland5.宠物治疗师--苏格兰Although not a paid position, animal owners in Scotland can share the fun pets bring with people in residential homes, hospitals and special needs schools.尽管这是个没有薪酬的职位,但苏格兰的动物主人却可在民居、医院以及特殊学校分享饲养宠物的乐趣Pets As Therapy and Canine Concern Scotland Trust are always looking volunteers to help combat stress and loneliness felt by those within the above organisations.苏格兰宠物疗法与犬类关注基金会都在寻找志愿者,帮助减少宠物的压力和孤独感Being an animal owner and lover is essential, previous experience is not necessary.申请者必须是自己饲养动物或者爱好动物,有无经验不重要Salary: None.薪资:无6.Train pusher, Japan6.地铁推运工--日本If you think the London Underground is bad, you clearly haven’t been to a train station in Japan. The stations often get so busy that professional pushers are required to push people onto the overcrowded trains.如果你认为英国的地铁很糟糕,那你肯定不了解日本的车站日本地铁站非常繁忙,经常需要专业的推手将人们推入拥挤的车厢中Pushers are also required to pull off those sneaky passengers that have attempted to board the train too late or when they decided the train is too full.此外,推送员还需要将那些登车太晚或车厢中人满为患时,将部分乘客推下车Those interested in the position should know that they will be required to wear a unim with white gloves and will generally be required to work between 7am and 9am and 7pm and 9pm.这个有趣的职位还要求申请者身穿白色制,在早7点到9点、晚7点到9点之间上班The role is considered part-time and is often carried out by students. If interested, visit one of the train stations in Japan to find out more.这份工作可以兼职,经常有学生做这种工作有过有兴趣,去日本的任一一个地铁站参观,都能发现许多这样的人Salary this position: Undisclosed.岗位薪资:没有透露7.Master Lego builder, US7.乐高建筑大师--美国Lego offer the opporty to become a Master Lego Builder. Lego will handpick Master Lego Builders to work at one of its theme parks or discovery centres. As you can imagine, the role is incredibly competitive and highly selective. Currently, Lego only has 0 Master Lego Builders in the world.乐高公司正在提供一个成为;乐高建筑大师;的机会目前该公司将亲自为其主题公园和探索中心挑选建筑大师正如你所能想到的,这个职位的竞争日益激烈目前,乐高在全球也仅有0位乐高建筑大师In order to apply, applicants must check out their website at the beginning of to find out about opporties available.有意申请者从年初就要经常查看乐高网站,抓住机会Salary this position: ,500 per year.岗位薪资:年薪37500美元8.Video game tester, UK8.视频游戏测试师--英国Gaming geeks can do what they love full-time when they get a job testing the latest games. It may sound like the stuff of dreams, but game testers are in high demand.游戏爱好者可以申请这份全职工作,对最新视频游戏进行测试可能听起来像做梦一样但实际上这份工作的要求非常高Main duties include playing new games, reporting faults and ensuring quality. A huge number of game manufacturers are currently looking gamers including Sega and Rockstar Group.视频游戏测试师的主要职责包括玩最新游戏、报告漏洞以及评级包括世嘉和Rockstar集团在内的大量游戏开发商目前都在招募游戏玩家Attention to detail and a keen interest in games is required the majority of gaming roles and previous testing experience is often desirable.关注细节和对视频游戏的热爱是必须的,此外,还需要有测试经验Salary: ,000 pounds to 5,000 pounds per year, depending on experience.薪资:年薪依据经验,000英镑到5000英镑不等9.Dog poo picker upper, US9.粪便捡拾人--美国 those looking a career in the US, Poop Troops Pet Waste Removal Service is looking people to help them pick up dog poop. The ideal candidate shouldn’t be frightened of dogs, be able to work outdoors and in the rain and be able to pick up dog poop.美国宠物粪便清除务公司正招募新人,帮助他们捡拾粪理想的应聘者不能怕,能够坚持在户外工作,即使在雨天也能捡拾粪Experience isn’t necessary, high school education.有无经验皆可,需要高中学历Salary position: $ to $ per hour.岗位薪资:每小时到美金.Manager of Chelsea FC, London.切尔西足球俱乐部主教练--伦敦Finally, following the sacking of Jose Mourinho, Chelsea Football Club are seeking a new manager.最后一个,由于主教练穆里尼奥的下课,切尔西足球俱乐部正在寻找新的教练Applicants must possess a win-at-all cost mentality, the ability to come up with witty one liners and always be happy to give journalists the run around.应聘者必须拥有一个不惜一切代价的心态,拥有说出俏皮话的能力,并且能和记者和谐相处Key duties include leading a team of international stars.最重要的职责包括带领一队的世界级球星Salary: Millions, depending on experience!薪资:有经验的话,数百万吧! 18558


  A Swiss luxury watchmaker is pushing the limits of time and sense with its latest design – a watch that doesnt tell the time.日前,一家瑞士豪华手表制造商推出的最新设计,挑战了时间和固有观念的限制:一只不能看时间的手表The Playground Labyrinth watch, unveiled by Swiss timepiece firm Hautlence, has no dials or numbers and instead has a maze game the wearer to play.这款“迷宫游戏”手表由瑞士钟表公司豪朗时打造,没有表盘、数字,但有一个迷宫游戏供佩戴者消遣It is described on the designer website as a ;useless yet entirely essential object.; The 01 and Labyrinth models are part of a limited collection and will be sold ,000 Swiss francs each.设计师在网站上形容这款产品“无用但不可或缺”迷宫系列的01款和款为限量版,售价为每只1.万瑞士法郎(约8.1万元)In addition to the maze game, each watch comes with a satin-finished Louisiana alligator leather strap.除了迷宫游戏之外,每只腕表还配有缎光路易斯安那鳄鱼皮表带The wristwatch also has an extra-hard sapphire crystal crown that stops the polished platinum ball from escaping from the solid rose gold maze.这款手表表面还具有加硬倒角蓝宝石水晶的“王冠”,它可以防止抛光铂球从玫瑰金迷宫中掉出来Sandro Reginelli, co-founder and boss of Hautlence, said: Labyrinth is an old game that we have decided to bring back in a watch. What we are presenting here is a new vision of time and this new vision of time obviously doesnt show traditionally the time. We want people to disconnect and go to this dimension of time where you decide what you want to do.豪朗时的联合创始人及现任老板德罗·雷吉内利桑德罗·雷吉内利表示:“迷宫游戏是一个传统游戏,我们决定将它带回手表当中去我们在这里展示的是时间的新诠释,它显然不同于传统意义上的时间我们希望人们抛开时间,利用这方寸之地想想你到底要做什么” 379。




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