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武隆区哪家医院脱毛好重庆星辰美容几点关门Section 1:Today Im going to talk about work. And the question I want to ask and answer is this: ;Why do we work?; Why do we drag ourselves out of bed every morning instead of living our lives just filled with bouncing from one TED-like adventure to another? Now, I know of course, we have to make a living so we wouldnt work if we didnt get paid, but that not why we do what we do. And in general, I think we think that material rewards are a pretty bad reason doing the work that we do. When we say of somebody that he ;in it the money,; we are not just being descriptive. Now, I think this is totally obvious, but the very obviousness of it raises what is me an incredibly profound question. Why, if this is so obvious, why is it that the overwhelming majority of people on the planet, the work they do has none of the characteristics that get us up and out of bed and off to the office every morning? How is it that we allow the majority of people on the planet to do work that is monotonous, meaningless and soul-deadening? Why is it that as capitalism developed, it created a mode of production, of goods and services, in which all the nonmaterial satisfactions that might come from work were eliminated? Workers who do this kind of work, whether they do it in factories, in call centers, or in fulfillment warehouses, do it pay. There is certainly no other earthly reason to do what they do except pay. Vocabulary:Descriptive, monotonous, soul-deadening, eliminate, no earthly reasonSection :So the question is, ;Why?; And here the answer: the answer is technology. Im talking about the technology of ideas. In addition to creating things, science creates ideas. Science creates ways of understanding. And in the social sciences, the ways of understanding that get created are ways of understanding ourselves. And they have an enormous influence on how we think, what we aspire to, and how we act. The father -- one of the fathers of the Industrial Revolution, Adam Smith -- was convinced that human beings were by their very natures lazy, and wouldnt do anything unless you made it worth their while, and the way you made it worth their while was by incentivizing, by giving them rewards. That was the only reason anyone ever did anything. So we created a factory system consistent with that false view of human nature. Whether he intended it or not, what Adam Smith was telling us there, is that the very shape of the institution within which people work creates people who are fitted to the demands of that institution and deprives people of the opporty to derive the kinds of satisfactions from their work that we take granted. The distinguished anthropologist, Clifd Geertz, said, years ago, that human nature is much more created than it is discovered. We design human nature by designing the institutions within which people live and work. And so you people -- pretty much the closest I ever get to being with masters of the universe -- you people should be asking yourself a question, as you go back home to run your organizations. Just what kind of human nature do you want to help design? Thank you. Vocabulary:Aspire to, Incentivize, consistent with, deprive of, derive from 3973重庆市江津区人民医院医生排名 铜梁区绣眉多少钱

重庆哪家三甲医院有整形美容科比较好Xiaohua: Hello, welcome to the Round table’s Word of the Week. This week let’s get a little bit sporty and talk about different kinds of exercises.John: Yeah, so first we are going to talk about aerobic exercise, sometimes known as cardio, and basically this is a type of physical exercise of relatively low intensity that depends primarily on the aerobic energy generating process. So aerobic literally means relating to, involving or requiring free oxygen.Xiaohua: 有氧运动aerobic exercises一般是指在人体氧气充分供应的情况下进行的体育锻炼一般来说,强度比较低,持续的时间也比较长一些John: Usually when we talk about aerobic or cardiovascular exercises, we are talking about medium to long distance running or jogging, swimming, cycling and walking.Xiaohua: 举例来说,有氧运动包括慢跑,游泳,骑自行车,还有走路John: And you can actually break it down into two different types of aerobic exercises. High-impact which means both your feet leave the ground simultaneously during the workout, so running, jumping rope, skipping, and things like that. And low-impact means that at least one foot stays in contact with the ground at all times, so things like walking or even technically, although there is really no feet involved, swimming or cycling are also considered low-impact.Xiaohua: high-impact就是高强度的高强度的有氧锻炼一般是指在运动中双脚都会离地的运动,比如说跳绳,跑步低强度的有氧训练是指比如走路,另外游泳也可以算在里面John: We’ll talk about what anaerobic means next week, but first I just want to give you a quick comparison. So anaerobic exercises deals with releasing energy through the creation of lactic acid, whereas aerobic exercise deals with creating energy through oxygen.Xiaohua: 跟有氧运动相对的是无氧运动无氧运动是指在运动中会产生大量乳酸的运动,一般都是强度非常高的有氧运动则是需要在氧气供应充分的情况下进行的锻炼John: Exactly. Let’s take a look at some different types of aerobic exercises. So as we mentioned bee, I think one of the most popular and easily available type of aerobic exercises is running.Xiaohua: 跑步,或者说慢跑John: Yeah, exactly. And looking at good running technique everyone interested, actually, leaning ward places a runner’s center of mass on the front part of the foot, which avoids landing on the heel. Also you want to make sure you have upright posture with a relaxed frame and keep your core upright and stable.Xiaohua: 跑步也有很多技巧首先是身体前倾,然后重心要放在前脚掌部分另外就是保持上身正直John: Now let’s take a look at some equipment. A tmill is device walking or running while staying in the same place. You’ll see that almost every signal gym that you go to is going to have some people on tmill.Xiaohua: tmill就是跑步机,a pretty interesting name as well.John: And now we come to my favorite piece of equipment in terms of aerobic exercises that elliptical trainer or sometimes even called the cross-trainer or X-trainer. And it’s a stationary machine that is used to simulate stair climbing, walking, or running without causing excessive pressure to the joints. So the two places where you put your feet, they actually move in ellipses which are basically just kind of oval sheet pattern.Xiaohua: elliptical trainer又叫做椭圆机或空中漫步机,也是经常看到的一种健身器械可能漫步机最主要的好处就是它最大限度地减少了跑步带来的运动伤害John: Yeah, so also looking at more pieces of equipment you can find in the gym, indoor rower or rowing machine, actually is used to simulate the action of watercraft rowing the purpose of exercise or training. Then there is a stationary bicycle which I think is fairly self-explanatory, just a bicycle or piece of equipment that simulates the experience of riding bicycle without going anywhere.Xiaohua: 还有划船机rowing machine和stationary bicycle室内自行车John: The last thing I do want to mention, because I think it’s very interesting, is high-intensity interval training. High-intensity interval training is very, very interesting. It becomes popular over the last couple of years and uses anaerobic exercises to produce aerobic benefits. Looking at certain studies, they found that .5 hours of sprint interval training produced similar muscle changes to .5 hours of endurance training.Xiaohua: HIIT( high-intensity interval training)最近在国内和国际都非常火,中文叫做高强度间歇性训练,其实就是在做无氧运动的情况下达到有氧运动的效果,but it’s extremely, extremely tiring.John: Yeah, that’s the whole point, because you know, there is the seven minutes interval training that becomes very very popular and the whole idea is that you do that and you’ll see metabolic changes in your body. Your actual metabolism will rise significantly throughout the entire day, example if you do it in the morning.Xiaohua: Exactly. That’s all we have Round Table’s Word of the Week.John: Tune in the next week when we talk about anaerobic exercise. 3656重庆星辰医学美容医院网址 重庆假体隆胸价格表

泸州比基尼脱毛多少钱 歌手出身的奎恩·拉提法90年代初开始了银幕生涯,以开朗的性格形象出现,并日益受到欢迎她在《冰川时代 和《冰川时代 中为Ellie配音本期专访来看看她在音乐声中如何“展现”自己吧Ladies and gentlemen, you knew she is Queen Latifah. Everybody.女士们,先生们,你们知道她是奎恩?拉提法每个人请致以热烈的掌声I dont know what to do.Me.我不知道要做什么我自己I dont know what to do.我不知道要做什么I dont know what to do if you got that bodyguard.如果你有保镖,我不知道要做什么He didnt show up many times and every he on here to automate from the very first second,他许久没有出现过,而且每次他在这里,都会马上出现you know, the huge difference and it is something is like were in heaven.你知道,这是某种巨大的差异,就像我们是在天堂一样Got to get a littlerainbowcheers.要得到一个小的虹庆祝Yeah, yes so.是的,就是如此I was standing by the stage and I was thinking I was missing all my body go and that it.我站在舞台上,我在想自己所有的身体已经失去的那种感觉,就是那样You know, because you know, you guys play music in the breaks.你知道,因为你知道,你们在休息时刻也表演音乐So like this, let go jump join on it.所以就像这样,让我们加入他们Hey, come on.嘿,来吧Yeah, yeah, exactly.是的,是的,确实All right, let calm down.Calm down.好吧,让我们冷静下来冷静下来Oh, my god.哦,我的上帝Sorry David.对不起大卫That all right. You dont need to apologize.没关系你不需要道歉I apologize now.我现在向你道歉注:听力文本来源于普特 199重庆打美白针医院价格重庆西南医院在哪里?



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