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泰州包皮手术多少价格-百度泰州男科哪个医院比较好90后成“白帽黑客”主力 -- ::38 来源: 中国首份《白帽黑客调查报告昨天发布,此次调查由国内知名安全团队KeenTeam创办的安全极客社区GeekPwn发起报告显示,90后的年轻人成为中国白帽黑客的主力军More than 0 white-hat hackers attend the final of a national competition designed to find new talent to work in the network security sector in Nanjing, Jiangsu province, on May .A total of ,500 people from home and abroad entered the competition. Sun Can Xinhua请看《中国日报的报道:The majority of Chinese white hat hackers are young people born in the 1990s, according to China's first report on the subject.据中国首份《白帽黑客调查报告显示,90后的年轻人成为中国白帽黑客的主力军“白帽黑客”也就是业界所称的“白帽子”,可以用英文white hat hackers 表示,指用自己的黑客技术来维护网络安全的黑客,他们实质是信息安全从业人员(inmation security personnel )与之相对应的是“黑帽黑客”(black hat hacker),也就是骇客(cracker),即闯入计算机系统或网络系统者这种说法缘于美国早期西部片以白帽和黑帽区分正邪双方媒体报道中,黑客一词常指那些软件骇客(software cracker)“黑客”是“hacker”的音译,原指用斧头砍柴的工人,1960年代这个词汇才被引入计算机圈 “骇客”是“cracker” 的音译,就是“破解者”的意思还有一些以“黑客”自居并沾沾自喜的初学者,称为脚本小子(script kiddie)《白帽黑客调查报告指出,90后(post-90s)白帽黑客的比例已达到了61%,80后则占30%,70后占%左右51.8%的白帽黑客承认进入黑客圈主要还是通过自学(self-taught),%是专业出身,%左右是因为工作需要泰州治疗急性前列腺炎医院 新加坡樟宜机场一波音777客机着火 原定飞往米兰 -- ::50 来源: 当地时间6月7日,新加坡航空一架飞机在降落时机翼起火,机上名乘客和19名机组人员全部安全撤离,没有人员伤亡 (CNN)A Singapore Airlines plane burst into flames Monday after an emergency landing at the city-state’s Changi Airport.(CNN)星期一,新加坡航空一架客机紧急降落在新加坡樟宜机场时起火Images posted to social media show flames leaping from the plane’s wing.社会媒体上有很多图片显示,客机的机翼起火"We were so close to death!! I am still in the plane with all passengers. But I think we are safe now..." passenger Lee Bee Yee posted on Facebook.乘客Lee Bee Yee在脸书上发文称,“我们差点没命啦!我和所有乘客都还在飞机里不过现在我们都没事了”From her seat, Yee could see the fire from inside the plane, and the aftermath as firefighters doused it with foam.从她的座位上能够看到机侧的火光,以及消防员用泡沫灭火后的状况Flight SQ368, a Boeing 777-300ER, took off from Changi Airport around :5am on June 7 carrying passengers and 19 crew, Singapore Airlines said.据新加坡航空表示,航班号为SQ368的波音777-300飞机,于7日凌晨时5分从樟宜机场起飞,机上共有名乘客和19名机组人员The flight had been expected to arrive in Milan at 8:5 a.m. local time. Instead, just two hours into the flight, an engine oil warning message ced the pilot to turn back an emergency landing.航班原定于当地时间上午8:5分到达米兰然而,大约飞行两小时后,由于燃油报警,飞机被迫回到新加坡紧急降落On arrival in Singapore, the plane’s right engine burst into flames.到达新加坡后,客机右翼起火According to statements by Singapore Airlines and Changi Airport, the fire was extinguished within minutes and all passengers and crew were safely evacuated from the plane.据新加坡航空和樟宜机场发布的一份声明,大火在几分钟内被扑灭,所有乘客和机组人员被安全疏散The passengers would be transferred to another flight due to depart Milan later on Monday.乘客被安排搭乘当天飞往米兰的另一个航班Singapore Airlines said they will be cooperating with authorities in their investigations.新加坡航空公司表示,他们将配合相关部门对事故原因展开调查国际护士节为什么也叫“南丁格尔节”? -- :: 来源:chinadaily 头戴燕尾帽,身穿白制,语调温柔,笑容甜美……提起护士这一职业,很多人脑海中都会浮现出这样的女性形象然而在不少医院里,也活跃着一群阳刚帅气的男护士“5.”国际护士节到来之际,让我们对他们说一声,感谢有你【International Nurses Day】【国际护士节】International Nurses Day is celebrated around the world on May each year to appreciate the contributions of nurses towards people's health. The day is held coinciding with the birth anniversary of Florence Nightingale. 每年的5月日是国际护士节,以感谢护士们为了人们的健康所付出的辛苦这一天也是(现代护理学科的创始人)弗洛伦斯bull;南丁格尔(Florence Nightingale)的生辰纪念日【Theme】【国际护士节主题】Each year, there is a particular theme chosen the day. 每年的国际护士节都有一个特别的主题年5.国际护士节的主题是: Nurses:A ce change:Improving health systems' resilience 护士:变革的力量,提高健康系统的适应性【Facts about Nursing Profession You Did Not Know】【关于护士工作你不知道的几件事】1. The Date of May was chosen coinciding with the birthday anniversary of Florence Nightingale, who is considered to be the founder of modern nursing. 国际护士节选在5月日是为了纪念现代护理学科的创始人弗洛伦斯bull;南丁格尔,这一天是她的生辰. There is something really interesting about Florence Nightingale's name. She was born in Florence—hence the name. Similarly her sister, Frances Parthenope Nightingale, was born in 'Pathenopolis', a region of Naples. 弗洛伦斯bull;南丁格尔的名字很有趣,她出生在意大利佛罗伦萨,这就是她名字的由来她的弗朗西斯bull;帕斯诺普bull;南丁格尔则出生在意大利那不勒斯的帕斯诺普地区3. Originally, the word 'Nurse' would mean wet nurse, and were employed to breastfeed aristocratic babies. 'Nurse'(护士)这个词最初指奶妈,一些贵族雇佣奶妈来母乳喂养自己的宝宝. The modern meaning of the word evolved after 'nurses' were referred to any woman who looked after children. 之后'nurses'泛指所有照顾孩子的人,慢慢演化成了如今“护士”的含义5. In the US military, approximately one-third of all nurses are male. 在美军中,大约的护士都是男性6. The New England hospital Women and Children, established in 186, was the first nursing school in the country. 新英格兰妇女儿童医院于186年创立,是该国第一所护理学校【南丁格尔誓约】【The Florence Nightingale Pledge】I solemnly pledge myself bee God and in the presence of this assembly,to pass my life in purity and to practice my profession faithfully.I will abstain from whatever is deleterious and mischievous,and will not take or knowingly administer any harmful drug.I will do all in my power to maintain and elevate the standard of my profession,and will hold in confidence all personal matters committed to my keeping and all family affairs coming to my knowledge in the practice of my calling.With loyalty will I endeavor to aid the physician in his work,and devote myself to the welfare of those committed to my care.余谨以至诚,于上帝及会众面前宣誓:终身纯洁,忠贞职守勿为有损之事,勿取或故用有害之药尽力提高护理之标准,慎守病人家务及秘密竭诚协助医生之诊治,勿谋病者之福利谨誓!(中国日报网英语点津 yaning)泰州治疗梅毒需要多少费用

泰州东方男科医院男科咨询里约奥运村环境太差 澳大利亚代表团拒绝入住 --9 :00:57 来源:chinadaily Teams are housed in tower blocks at the Olympic Village in Rio de JaneiroAustralia are refusing to move their athletes into the Rio Olympic Village because of concerns about the state of their accommodation.澳大利亚拒绝让运动员搬进里约的奥运村,因为他们担心那里的住所状况不佳Problems include "blocked toilets, leaking pipes and exposed wiring", according to team boss Kitty Chiller.据澳大利亚团队主管凯蒂?奇利尔称,奥运村的问题包括“堵塞的厕所,漏水的管道和暴露的电线”Chiller said she had raised concerns with local event organisers and the International Olympic Committee, and was "pushing hard a solution".奇利尔说,她已要求当地的奥运会组织者和国际奥委会关注此事,并“大力催促他们给出解决方案”Australian staff are in nearby hotels with the first athletes due on Monday.澳大利亚的工作人员以及将于周一(75)抵达的第一批运动员住在奥运村附近的酒店Alternative accommodation team members arriving over the next three days has been arranged.未来三天将要抵达的团队成员的替代住所也已安排好Chiller, the head of Australia's Olympic delegation, said extra maintenance staff and more than 1,000 cleaners have been engaged to fix the problems but the faults, particularly the plumbing issues, have not been resolved.奇利尔是澳大利亚奥运代表团团长,她说,临时的维修人员和00多名清洁工已开始处理各种问题,但是各种故障,特别是管道问题,还没有得到解决She said in a statement on the Australian Olympic website: "Due to a variety of problems in the Village, including gas, electricity and plumbing, I have decided that no Australian team member will move into our allocated building.她在澳大利亚奥运网站的一份声明中说:“由于奥运村里存在包括天然气,电力和管道在内的各种问题,我已经决定不让任何澳大利亚团队成员搬进给我们分配的住处”"Problems include blocked toilets, leaking pipes, exposed wiring, darkened stairwells where no lighting has been installed and dirty floors in need of a massive clean."“这些问题包括堵塞的厕所,漏水的管道,暴露的电线,未安装照明设施的昏暗楼梯间,以及需要大规模清洗的肮脏地板”The British team have had staff in place several days and a spokesman told Reuters: "We are confident that our accommodation is y to receive athletes and will be to the highest standards within the village.英国奥运代表队已让工作人员在里约奥运村住了几天,一位发言人接受路透社采访称:“我们相信我们的房间已做好准备接收运动员,而且将是奥运村里最高标准的住所”"Whilst we have encountered some maintenance difficulties this is not uncommon with new build structures of this type and we have been working hard to overcome them."“虽然我们遇到了一些维修方面的困难,但这对此种新的建筑结构来说很常见,我们也一直在努力克困难”The 31-building village will house 18,000 athletes and officials at the height of the Games, which start on 5 August.里约奥运会将于8月5日开始举行,在比赛最火热的阶段,这个拥有31栋楼房的奥运村将容纳1.8万名运动员和工作人员英文来源:B翻译:实习生朱善美编审:yaning泰州第四人民医院男科专家 马云:中国山寨品质量优于正品 -- :00: 来源: 阿里巴巴的马云说,现在许多中国制造的山寨产品都比正品的“质量要好” Many Chinese-made counterfeit products are now of "better quality" than the genuine , the founder of ecommerce giant Alibaba has said.电商巨头阿里巴巴创始人说,现在许多中国制造的山寨产品都比正品的“质量要好”Jack Ma’s comments at Alibaba’s offices in Hangzhou, China, come amid concerns about the numbers of fakes sale on its platms like Taobao.就淘宝等平台上出售的山寨产品数目的担忧,马云在阿里巴巴杭州办公室如此道Alibaba has been accused by other retailers of tolerating the sale of counterfeits.阿里巴巴被其他零售商指责称允许山寨产品的销售But Mr Ma said the company would "do anything" to tackle the fakes.但马云说公司会“尽一切努力”打击山寨产品"The problem is that the fake products today, they make better quality, better prices than the real names," he said on Tuesday.“问题是如今的山寨品,比正品的质量更好,价格更优,”他在周二这样说道"The exact factories, the exact same materials, but they do not use their names."“出自一样的工厂,使用一样的材料,只是不用品牌的名字”But he said Alibaba was "more and more confident than ever that we can solve the problem."但他说阿里巴巴“比以往任何时候都更有信心解决这个问题”Taobao, Alibaba’s popular online shopping platm, tightened controls earlier last month on its sale of luxury goods, requiring sellers to show proof of authenticity.淘宝作为阿里巴巴热门的线上购物品台,在上月对奢侈品的销售收紧控制,要求商家提供产品真实性的明China’s People’s Daily newspaper also reported that authorities were launching a campaign to clean up e-commerce, counterfeit and poor quality products.人民日报也报道称官方发起了一项运动清理电商、山寨品和质量低下的产品In May, Alibaba was suspended from the International Anti Counterfeiting Coalition (IACC) watchdog over piracy concerns.五月份,阿里巴巴因盗版原因被国际反假冒联盟封锁More than 50 members, including Gucci America and Michael Kors, had said they would leave the IACC in protest at Alibaba’s membership.超过50家会员,包括古奇美国和迈克高仕称他们会离开国际反假冒联盟,以反抗阿里巴巴的会员身份The company later said the IACC’s decision was a "step in the wrong direction and regrettable".该公司其后说国际反假冒联盟的决定是“错误的一步且令人遗憾”泰兴市第二人民医院男科咨询

泰州治疗非淋尿道炎北美票房 星际3夺冠冰川5失利(双语) --30 18::19 来源:sohu 上周末北美票房,《星际迷航3:超越星辰 首映三天票房突破5960 万美元,不费吹灰之力便将周末票房冠军揽入囊中,领跑周末票房同时,该影片也收获了自影迷至媒体的一致好评 At the North American box office over the weekend, Star Trek Beyond beamed up a strong .6 million, winning the weekend and marking one of the best openings of summer to date. 该影片预计9月日在中国大陆与影迷们见面,下面让我们一起欣赏下预告片: 尽管如此,《星际迷航3:超越星辰的票房与年《星际迷航:暗黑无界和年《星际迷航相比,仍下降了% The third chapter came in percent behind the opening of 's Star Trek Into Darkness and the film Star Trek. 不过,与《冰川时代5:星际碰撞相比,%的下降就大巫见小巫了——《冰川5本周末美国国内票房成绩不佳,与 年《冰川时代:大陆漂移相比下降 万美元,形成了近55%的差距,成为了该动画工作室近年最不卖座的影片 Still, percent is a relatively modest drop. And it's nothing compared to Ice Age: Collision Course, which fell off a cliff in its domestic debut with million — 55 percent behind the launch of Ice Age: Continental Drift and the worst showing an animated studio tentpole in a decade. 动画电影方面,美国观众的首选是《爱宠大机密,该片以其第三个周末930万美元的票房名列排行榜第二名其他影片,超自然的恐怖电影《关灯以后这部制作成本不到500 万美元的影片,票房出人意料的达到了万美元,与《超能敢死队 并列排行榜第三名 When it came to animation, U.S. audiences preferred The Secret Life of Pets, which placed No. in its third weekend with .3 million . Elsewhere, supernatural horror film Lights Out, which cost under million to make, tied with Ghostbusters No. 3 with a better-than-expected .6 million. 上周末北美票房榜单: 1. 《星际迷航3:超越星辰 35960万美元 Star Trek Beyond .6M . 《爱宠大机密 930万美元 The Secret Life of Pets .3M 3. 《超能敢死队 万美元 Lights Out .6M . 《关灯以后 万美元 Ghostbusters .6M 5. 《冰川时代5:星际碰撞 7万美元 Ice Age: Collision Course .M 6. 《海底总动员 60万美元 Finding Dory .M 7. 《泰山归来:险战丛林 50万美元 The Legend of Tarzan .M 8. 《网聘女伴 0万美元 Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates $.M 9. 《Kabali 万美元 Kabali (Tamil amp; Telugu) $.1M . 《希拉里的美国:民主党秘史 370万美元 Hillary's America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party .7M 里约奥运,还没开就要完的节奏? -- :9:56 来源:chinadaily With just a few weeks left until the start of the Olympics, Brazil is still suffering from serious economic problems. The acting governor of Rio de Janeiro warned that the games could be a ;failure; if his state doesn't get its finances in order. 距离年奥运会开幕只有几周时间了,但巴西仍深陷于严重的经济问题之中里约热内卢州代理州长警告说,如果财政问题不解决,比赛或面临“失败” Brazil hasn't followed through on a promise to provide Rio with extra funding security and transportation, according to Dornelles. Police officers in the city aren't being fully paid and may not even have enough money gas. 根据多内莱斯的说法,巴西尚未兑现承诺为里约提供额外资金以解决安全和交通问题里约市的警察还没有拿到全部薪金,而且甚至可能连买天然气的钱也付不起 The missing funds are just the tip of Brazil's iceberg of turmoil. 未到位的资金只是巴西混乱的冰山一角 Crime 犯罪 A functioning police ce and transportation system are necessary, given the rising crime in Rio. Murder and robbery are up percent and 30 percent, respectively, since last year, NPR reports. The city is trying to get new buses off the ground to help tourists avoid the favelas — areas vulnerable to violence, theft and gang activity. 从里约上升的犯罪率来看,必须要有高效的警力和交通系统据NPR报道,自去年以来,谋杀和抢劫案件分别上升了%和30%城市正在努力引进不在地面运行的新公交车,以便帮助游客们避开贫民窟——那里太容易出现暴力案件、盗窃和帮派活动 Political Unrest 政局动荡 After months of protest from angry Brazilians, the Senate last month voted to impeach President Dilma Rousseff over allegations that she lied about the country's economic issues. Rousseff and several members of her cabinet are also accused of making billions off of the state-run oil company Petrobras. 在愤怒的巴西人民进行了数月抗议之后,上个月参议院终于投票弹劾总统迪尔玛;罗塞夫,因其遭到指控称其在国家经济问题上说谎,罗塞夫及其内阁数位成员还被控告涉嫌贪污国有石油公司Petrobras数十亿元资产 Wealth Gap 贫富差距 Economic inequality has long been an issue in Brazil. Recent figures indicate that the unemployment rate topped percent last month. Wages are also down. Meanwhile, those involved in the Petrobras scandal are said to have made over billion from bribes, kickbacks and money-laundering. 经济上的不平等问题长期以来一直困扰着巴西最近的数据显示上个月失业率已高达%,工资水平也非常低与此同时,据说与巴西石油公司Petrobras丑闻相关的人还通过贿赂、回扣、洗钱等手段贪污了50亿美元 The Worst Recession In Decades 几十年来最严重的经济衰退 Brazil is facing one of the worst recessions the country has ever faced. The economy shrank 5. percent in the first three months of the year, the government said. Additionally, as FT points out, export prices have shrunk, household debt has increased, and inflation has risen even more than expected. 巴西正面临着前所未有的一次最严重的经济衰退政府称今年前3个月经济缩水了5.%此外,正如FT指出的:出口萎缩,家庭债务增加,通货膨胀程度之高也超乎意料之外 Zika Fears 寨卡引发恐惧 The recent outbreak of the Zika virus has lead to athletes, journalists and other travelers vowing to skip the August games. Although the symptoms of Zika aren't serious, the virus can lead to severe birthdefects if contracted by a pregnant woman. There are currently no effective treatments or vaccinations. 最近爆发的寨卡病毒疫情使得诸多运动员、记者和其他游客发誓不会参加8月的赛事尽管寨卡症状并不严重,但如果期妇女感染却会导致严重的新生儿出生缺陷,而目前尚无有效的治疗手段或疫苗泰州治疗前列腺囊肿医院泰州哪里有专门治疗泌尿系统的医院



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