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武汉新洲区不孕不育预约孝感治疗阳痿哪家医院最好武汉华夏男科怎么样 特别声明:该节目中的迷你对话选自口语书籍,其余部分由未经可可许可。迷你对话:A: Henry, don’t get out of doing housework.A: Henry,别尽想着逃避责任。B: It’s none of my business.B: 那不关我的事。A: You mean that is my business.A: 那你的意思就是说是我的事情喽!B: I don’t say that. But it seams to me the housewife should do that.B: 我没那么说,但是我认为好像是家庭主妇应该干吧!A: I’m your wife, not a housewife. I have my own work.A: 我是你的妻子,但不是家庭主妇,我有我的工作。B: Hum...B:哦......地道表达:get out of解词释义:out of的意思是“与......无关”或者“不牵连在内”。get out of则引申为“逃避责任”。注意of是介词,后面要跟动名词形式。持范例:Eg. It is easier to get into debt than to get out of debt. 负债容易还难。Eg. They couldnt, even if they would, get out of trouble by themselves. 即使他们想摆脱,也无法独立摆脱困难。口语句型:1. It is none of my business.这件事情与我无关。Eg. Its none of my business but I think her dress is a bit too loud. 虽说不干我的事,可我觉得她的裙子有点太花哨了。 Eg. They put people off with the remark, ;It is none of my business!”他们应付大家的话是:“不关我的事。” Eg. It is none of my business. Don’t put me involved with it. I don’t want to get in trouble.这不关我的事情,不要把我牵连进去,我不想惹是非。2. It seams to sb+从句从与某人来说似乎......提示:seems这谓语动词要随句子的时态而进行变化。Eg. It seems to me that either of these methods is perfectly legitimate. 在我看来这些方法的任一种都是完全合理的。Eg. It seems to me we ought to celebrate this occasion in some way. 我认为我们应该用什么方法庆祝这件大事。Eg. It seems to me I scheduled something else. 好像我还安排了什么别的事情。Eg. It seems to me you just do the thing that seems best at the moment. 我觉得做事总应该首先考虑当前如何最为有利。 /201209/199572荆州市洪湖县治疗男性不育多少钱

武汉哪里治疗非淋比较好迷你对话:A:Does he know that he has aly at his wits end?他知不知道他已经山穷水尽了?B:I think he has realized that. But he is still whistling in the dark by putting up an act.我想他已经意识到了吧。但他仍装腔作势为他壮胆。A:He might be driven up a wall. You should not handle your relation with him with kid gloves.他快就被逼得走投无路了。你应该用温和的手段对付他。B:But when I noticed that he was left in the cold, I could not help wanting to help him to get out of the situation.但当我看到他孤家寡人的时候。我就不自由自主地想帮助他摆脱这种状况。词海拾贝:at ones wits end:不知如何是好,山穷水尽讲解:该习语出自《圣经》。Wit指;智力;或者;思考能力;。At ones wits end常用来表示一个人;一筹莫展;;不知如何是好;;山穷水尽;;想不出解决问题的办法;。Eg.I only had ten minutes to get to the station, but I could not find a taxi. I was at my wits end.我只有十分钟的时间赶到火车站,但是我找不到一辆出租车。我不知如何是好。Eg.Even when he was out at elbows and at his wits, end for money he kept up a bold face.即使到了一贫如洗,一筹莫展的地步,他也满不在乎。Eg.I am at my wits end, penniless, in a strange city.我流落在一个陌生的城市里,身无分文,一筹莫展。Eg.I tried to think up some way to get that money, but I were finally at my wits end.我试图想出一个法子来弄到这笔钱,谁知还是一筹莫展。n the dark:在黑暗中,秘密地Eg.He was feeling about in the dark for the electric-light switch.他在黑暗中摸索,找电灯开关。Eg.Its a wonder (that)you didnt lose your way in the dark.令人惊奇的是你在黑暗中竟未迷路。Eg.Hawthorne, by comparison, worked in the dark.霍桑相形之下是默默无闻地工作的。Eg.We were kept completely in the dark about his plan to sell the company.对他计划将公司出售一事, 我们一直蒙在鼓里。drive sb up a wall:使某人走投无路,使某人受不了,促使一个人非常紧张、难受或者是使他很烦燥Eg. People like that just drive me up a wall!那种人真是让人受不了。Eg. That guy in the next apartment has been playing his trumpet for four solid hours now and its driving me up the wall! I about y to go next door and tell him to stop all the noise.隔壁那套房间里的人吹喇叭已经吹了整整四个小时了。这简直快把我逼疯了。我真是要跑到他那里去,叫他不要再吹了。Eg.Mary and I have been friends more than ten years. Shes very nice and I like her a lot. But she likes to criticize me whenever I wear a new suit. It drives me up the wall every time she does it.玛丽跟我交朋友已经有十多年了。她是一个很好的人;我也非常喜欢她。但是,我一穿新西装,她总是喜欢批评我。每次她挑剔我衣的时候,我真是非常恼火。with kid gloves:巧妙地, 温和地, 委婉地handle with kid gloves:小心应付Eg.He gets angry ever easily; you must handle him with kid gloves.他动辄发脾气,你要小心地对付他。Eg.We must treat the whole situation with kid gloves.我们必须谨慎处理整个形势。Eg.Such overly sensitive people must is handled with kid gloves.对这种过分小心眼儿的人必须妥善应付。Eg.Mary is easily distressed. Youll have to handle her with kid gloves.玛丽动不动就伤心,你对待她得温和谨慎些。leave sb in the cold:冷淡对待某人,对人冷酷无情,不理睬某人,冷落某人Eg. Every time I see you, you leave me in the cold.每次我见到你,你都不睬我。cannot help doing something:禁不住做某事,忍不住做某事Eg.He cannot help feeling considerable qualms about it.他仍然不禁对它感到疑虑重重。Eg.Whenever I hear the story, I cannot help crying.每次我听这故事,就忍不住要哭。Eg.I cannot help worrying to hear that there is no steamer this week.我听到本周没有船的消息,禁不住担忧起来。get out of:逃避, 戒除, 由 ... 出来Eg.Shell need luck to get out of a tight corner like that.她要靠运气才能摆脱那样的困境。Eg.I cant get out of the habit of waking at six in the morning.我早上一到六点就醒,这习惯改不掉了。Eg.I wish I could get out of the habit of smoking.我希望我能改掉吸烟的习惯。 /201206/185564武汉大学人民医院治疗包皮包茎多少钱 Subject: He is such a bean brain.第一,迷你对话A: He is such a bean brain. He actually did not know my favorite flower is orchid.他真是个大笨蛋,竟然不知道我钟爱的花是兰花。B: What did you expect? All men are the same.你又期望什么呢?所有的男人都一样。第一, 地道表达bean brain1. 解词释义A bean brain的字面意思是“一个豆子那么大的脑袋”,比喻“(一个人)笨得要命”“白痴,蠢材”的意思。2. 例句拓展e.g. Hes just full of wind and a bean brain!他空话连篇, 是个蠢材!e.g. In examination a bean brain ask questions that the wise cannot answer .在考场里,蠢材会问些天才也答不出的问题。e.g. He is not a bad fellow, though he is a bean brain in his profession.他这个人不错,虽然就他的本行来说,他纯粹是个笨蛋。e.g. What a bean brain! Couldnt he use his eyes?十足的笨蛋!他没长眼睛吗? /201504/371432武汉哪个医院可以洗刺青

武汉东西湖区看前列腺炎好吗舌尖上的美国-道谢篇When someone invites you for dinner,you can bring flowers,candy or a bottle of wine.Sometimes people send a thank you note to the host or hostess a few days after the event.在美国,如果有人请你赴宴或者作客,你可以带点鲜花,糖果或一瓶酒。有时人们在赴宴后几天内还会寄上一封感谢信。首先我们来看一段对话,熟悉一下:A:Id better be going.B:So soon?Cant you stay a little longer?A:I wish I could,but its alreay late.B:Oh,its a shame that you have to leave.A:Thank you for a wonderful meal.B:Im glad you enjoyed it.中文译文:A:我得告辞了。B:这么早就走?不能再多待一会儿吗?A:我是想多待一会,但是时间已经晚了。B:哦,真遗憾,你必须离开了。A:谢谢你丰盛的一餐。B:我很高兴你能吃得满意。notes:1.I wish后面加名词从句,表示不可能实现的愿望,而hope后接名词从句则表示希望是可能实现的。2.Cant you stay a little longer?美语用否定问句往往含有期待肯定问答,并且显示主人殷切留客之意。3.Im glad you enjoyed it.此句是美国人对客人的赞美和道谢时常用的应答语。在这种场合中国人习惯说“饭菜不好,招待不周”之类的客套话,美国人则不这么说。下面介绍几种常用的道谢方式,最一般的Thank you就不说了,当收到礼物时:1. Thank you for the present. It’s just what I wanted.谢谢你的礼物,这正是我想要的。2. Thank you so much for the homemade cake.非常谢谢你作的蛋糕。3. I don’t know how to thank you for such a beautiful flower.真不知道要如何谢谢你,这么漂亮的花。4. I received your gift. Thank you for the lovely case.我收到你的礼物了。谢谢你可爱的盒子。、比较热情的说法:Youre one in a million.(你真是个大好人)I really appreciate it.(我很感谢)比较正式的说法:Im truly grateful for your help.我非常感激你的帮助。Your help was greatly appreciated.你的帮助备受感激。Id like to express my gratitude.我要表达我的谢忱。 /201208/194456 每一个女生都会拥有自己心爱的八音盒,旋转、起舞,然后成长。《Jasmin口语八音盒》,陪你在口语的世界舞动自己。可可的朋友大家好,欢迎来到《Jasmin口语八音盒》。Fast这个词估计学前班的小朋友都会念,也大概知道是什么意思。可是,在很多英文习语中,fast却并不一定表示;快速;。今天,我们就来看看下面这几个短语,一起来分辨一下fast在这里的意思。1. Life in the fast lane 竞争激烈、忙碌而快节奏的生活方式上过高速公路的人都知道,最左边的那条车道是快车道。在这条车道上行驶你能超过别的车道而遥遥领先,但是你也必须一刻不停地高速前进,否则后面的千军万马就会冲你而来。所以,life in the fast lane就是比喻;快节奏的,竞争激烈的、马不停蹄的生活;。Bill used to enjoy life in the fast lane in New York, but his family didnt. Now hes happier living a quiet life in a small town with his wife and two kids. 比尔原来喜欢纽约那种快速紧张的大都市生活,但是他家人却受不了了。于是他现在跟太太还有两个孩子在小城里安安静静地、舒舒地过日子。2.Go nowhere fast 毫无进展Nowhere这个词是由no和where两个词组成的,所以Go nowhere意思当然是;哪儿都不去;。而fast这个词的意思是;快;。Go nowhere fast比喻费了九牛二虎之力去做一件事,却毫无进展。Ive been working on this problem all evening and Im going nowhere fast! Could you help me out, because I just dont know how to do it. 我一晚上都在绞尽脑汁地解这道题,却毫无进展,你能帮帮我吗?因为我实在不知道该解。3. To play fast and loose 不负责任、不靠谱从字面上来解释,to play就是:玩,fast就是:快,loose用在这里,它的意思就是:轻率的,不在意的。要是说一个人play fast and loose,那这个人就是不负责任的,靠不住的,因为他对周围的人毫不关心,要是信任这样的人那就是大错特错了。To play fast and loose这个习惯用语往往用在男女之情方面。比如说,谈恋爱的一方对对方并不十分真诚,而只是想利用对方。这种情况就可以说是to play fast and loose。I feel sorry for Mary. Jim has been playing fast and loose with her affections too long. Why doesnt she make up her mind once and for all, and just get rid of the man? 我真是替玛丽感到难受,因为吉姆长期来对她的感情毫不在意。她干嘛不干脆下定决心和他分手算了?好了,以后面对fast我们就不再仅仅说快了。OK,今天的节目就到这里了,我们坚信说好英语口语不是难事。Practice makes perfect. 这里是《Jasmin口语八音盒》,我是Jasmin。感谢大家收听此次节目,下期节目,我们再见。JasminMSN: jasminecho@msn.cn /201111/162587武汉切包皮最佳年龄武汉人民医院包皮手术



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