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1, One goal: a boat without a goal can be easily affected by the wind in any direction. 一、一个目标:一艘没有航行目标的船,任何方向的风都是逆风 /200912/92742Apple's Find My Friends app is designed to make it easier for friends to meet up, showing a live location on screen via GPS which your friends can watch. 苹果的找朋友的软件的设计目的是为了让朋友遇见,它通过朋友间能看到的卫星定位在屏幕上活灵活现的现实你所处的位置。 The idea is to make it easier to find friends on a night out, or ensure that people don't get lost on holiday. 这是为了在晚上更容易找到外出的朋友,或者保节假日出去玩人们不会走丢。 But one wronged New York husband claims that the app—which uses GPS to let designated friends 'see' where you are - has revealed that his wife was lying to him. 但是一位来自纽约的先生声称由于能用卫星定位系统看到朋友所处的位置,他甚至发现了他的妻子有外遇了。 He did, however, have to activate the app on her phone without her knowlege first. The service is "opt in", so friends have to agree to 'watch' one another. 首先他没有经过妻子允许就进入了这个在妻子手机中的应用程序,所以朋友不得不同意进行视频。 The unnamed New Yorker, who posted on Mac forums, said, "I got my wife a new 4s and loaded up Find My Friends without her knowing. She told me she was at her friends house in the east village." 在苹果论坛上的一位匿名的纽约人说,“我用我妻子的新的4s手机下载了找朋友这个软件,当然她其实并不知情。她那时告诉我她在东边的村庄的朋友家。” "I've had suspicions about her meeting this guy who live uptown. Lo and behold, Find my Friends has her right there." “我一直怀疑她在和某个生活在城区中的人幽会,你看,这个软件就告诉我她就在那里!” He claimed that the app showed that she was in Manhattan, not where she claimed she was. 该男子说这个软件显示说她妻子在曼哈顿,显然不是之前所说的东村的朋友家。 "I just texted her asking where she was and the dumb b***h(某个骂人的词) said she was on 10th Street." “我发短信问她到底在哪,到底和谁在一起鬼混,她说她在第十大道。” "Thank you Apple, thank you App Store, thank you all. These beautiful treasure trove of screen shots going to play well when I meet her at the lawyer's office in a few weeks." “我太感谢苹果了。这些东西在我几周前在律师事务所见她的时候还没有这样好呢。” The technology isn't new, either. Users of previous versions of Apple software could have used the Find My iPhone software in much the same way, if they had someone's MobileMe password. 其实这个技术并不是新技术了。之前苹果的叫做找电话的软件就和这个类似,如果别人有你的帐户密码,这样做也是可以的。 Google's Latitude service offers a similar opt-in user-tracking service also. But so far, Latitude lacks the mainstream appeal of Apple products, and remains a niche technology 谷歌的纬度务也提供了一个和这个类似的务,但是,该项务并没有像苹果的务一样被大众广为接受,它只是个小型的技术而已。 /201110/157991A new study shows women need 60 minutes of moderate exercise a day to prevent weight gain as they age if they consume a normal diet.一项新的研究显示,随着女性年龄的增长,在正常饮食的情况下,她们需要每天进行60分钟中等强度的运动,才能避免体重增加。The findings suggest women need more exercise than the current federal guidelines of 150 minutes a week, or 30 minutes five days a week, of moderate-to-intense activity.研究结果显示,女性需要的运动量要大于目前联邦指南建议的每周150分钟中等强度至高强度运动(相当于每周锻炼五天,每天30分钟)。The study is being published in the March 24/31 edition of the Journal of the American Medical Association.该研究报告发表在3月24日-31日的《美国医学会期刊》上。 "I don't want people to throw up their hands and say 'I can't do it','' said I. Min Lee, the study's lead researcher and a doctor and associate professor at Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston.该研究首席研究员、哈佛医学院和波士顿布里格姆妇女医院医生兼副教授I. Min Lee说,我不希望人们举手投降说,“我做不到”。 /201006/105666

Loss of memory and other brain function can start as early as age 45, posing a big challenge to scientists looking for new ways to stave off dementia, researchers said, Reuters reported.路透社报道,研究人员表示,及其它大脑功能最早从45岁便开始衰退了,这给寻找痴呆治疗法的科学家提出了新的难题。A research team followed more than 7,000 British government workers over a period of 10 years. Participants were assessed three times during the study, using tests for memory, vocabulary, and aural and visual comprehension skills.在过去10年中,一组科研人员跟踪观察了七千多名英国政府工作人员。期间,研究人员用、词汇、视听领悟力测试对参与人员进行了3次评估。Over the 10-year period, there was a 3.6 percent decline in mental reasoning in both men and women aged 45-49 at the start of the study, while the decline for men aged 65-70 was 9.6 percent and 7.4 percent for women.10年中,研究刚开始时,45至49岁男女的智力推理能力下降了3.6%,而65至70岁男子的能力下降9.6%,该年龄段女子的能力下降了7.4%。Since the youngest individuals at the start of the study were 45, it is possible that the decline in cognition might have commenced even earlier.由于研究开始时最年轻的个人为45岁,思维能力开始衰退的时间可能更早。The finding contradicts previous notions that cognitive decline does not begin before 60 years of age, and it could have far-reaching implications for dementia research.该发现有悖于以前的观念,之前人们认为,认知能力下降不会在60岁前开始。该发现对痴呆研究会有长远的影响。Pinpointing the age at which memory, reasoning and comprehension skills start to deteriorate is important because drugs are most likely to work if given when people first start to experience mental impairment.明确、推理能力和理解力在哪个岁数开始衰退很重要,因为人们在开始感到智力衰退时便药,药效最好。 /201202/169784

汉语“去方便一下”是一句婉转语,即“去洗手间”。如今在一些正式场合,很少有人会说“去厕所”。在过去,“厕所”本来也是婉辞,原意是“侧面的房子”。(“茅房”过去也是婉辞,因为居住的正房多用瓦盖,而厕所则比较简陋,通常用茅草盖。)英语里表示“厕所”的婉辞更多。在多年前的英语课堂上,我们认识了washroom和WC(water closet的缩略语,原指“盥洗室”)。这两个词如今在美国已很少被使用,现在美国人一般说restroom或bathroom,英国人则多说lavatory(在美语中,只有火车或飞机上的厕所才被叫做lavatory)。此外,英国人常用toilet指厕所或马桶,而美国人则只用其指马桶。一些文化人还给“如厕”起了许多有趣的名称,比如:comfort station, cloakroom, retiring room, public convenience, house of amusement, chamber of commerce, old soldiers' home。在英国,人们有时将“厕所”称为loo,据说由于英国许多门牌号为100号的房屋多为厕所,loo与数字100形似,故而得名。在一些非正式场合,表示“想去方便一下”的说法则更多:男士:I'd like / I want / I am going...to go somewhere, to go into retreat, to go to the bank, to go to the john, to go to my private office, to go to Egypt, to go to tap a kidney, to cash a check, to pluck a rose, to shake hands with an old friend, to ease oneself, to shoot a lion, to release one's nature, to water the lawn, to shake dew off the lily.女士:I'd like / I want / I am going...to fix one's face, to powder one's nose, to freshen up, to get some fresh air, to go and see one's aunt.在聚会时,英美朋友如需要去方便一下,他们有时并不明说,而是说May I be excused?或May I adjourn? 这时,你千万不要问他/她要去哪里。当然,小朋友们通常会直截了当地说:I wanna pee pee/piss/make water/go to the pot. 如果你在外国朋友家做客,想去方便又不知道厕所在哪,不妨婉转地问主人:What is the geography/layout of the house? /200907/79252

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