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上饶韩美整形美容医院磨骨上饶市激光除斑多少钱上饶德兴市大腿抽脂价格多少 The U.S. House of Representatives has approved a bill aimed at securing the nations computer networks from cyber attackers, but opposed by the Obama administration because of privacy concerns.美国国会众议院通过了一项旨在保护美国电脑网络免遭攻击的法案。但由于涉及隐私问题,该法案遭到奥巴马政府的反对。The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, which passed Thursday ((by a vote of 248-168)), allows private companies to voluntarily share data about potential threats or attacks on their networks with U.S. government intelligence agencies. House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers, the bills chief sponsor, says the measure will protect the nations intellectual property and infrastructure from nations like China and Russia, as well as criminals and terrorists.星期四以248票赞成68票反对获得通过的网络情报共享和保护法案将允许私营公司自愿将可能对它们网络构成威胁或发动攻击的数据转交给美国政府情报部门。该法案的主要发起人、众议院情报情报委员会主席罗杰斯表示,法案将保护美国的知识产权和基础设施免遭中国和俄罗斯这样的国家以及犯罪分子和恐怖分子的攻击。But President Barack Obama has threatened to veto the bill because it does not adequately guard American citizens personal information, a position echoed by civil liberties advocates. Mr. Obama is supporting a bill in the Senate that would place the Department of Homeland Security in charge of overseeing domestic cybersecurity, with the authority to set security standards.但美国总统奥巴马威胁将否决这项法案,原因是该法案未能充分保护美国公民的个人信息。民权自由倡导者也赞成这一立场。奥巴马持参议院的一项法案,即让国土安全部负责美国国内的网络安全,并有权制定网络安全标准。House Speaker John Boehner criticized the presidents stance, saying Mr. Obama wants the government to have total control over the Internet.众议院议长贝纳对奥巴马的立场提出批评。他说,奥巴马希望政府完全控制互联网。来 /201204/180029上饶市第五人民医院隆胸多少钱

上饶哪家丰胸医院好Part Useful Expressions第四部分 旅游实用句1.Is there a nice restaurant near the hotel?1.请问饭店附近有没有不错的餐厅?.Are there any good Chinese restaurants in this area?.这附近有没有好吃的中国餐厅?3.Any cheaper restaurants here?3.这附近有便宜一点的餐厅吗?.Do I need a reservation?.我需要预约吗?5.Could you please phone the restaurant and reserve a table me?5.你可以帮我打电话到那家餐厅订位吗?6.Do you take telephone reservations?6.你们接受电话订位吗?7.Hello. Id like to book a table.7.喂,我想订一张餐桌8.Id like to reserve a table six at 7 p. m. tomorrow.8.我想订一张6人桌,明天晚上7点9. how many guests, please?9.请问有几位客人?.Im alraid we dont have any tables open at that time..很抱歉,那个时段已经客满了.Do you have a dress code?.你们有装规定吗?.Have you made a reservation?.你有订位吗?l3.Im Jason White. I reserved a table two at 8..我叫杰森·怀特我预订了一张8点钟的双人桌.I dont have a reservation..我没有订位.A table three, please..我要一张三人桌.Have you got a table eight?.你们有八人桌吗?.Is this place vacant?.这个座位有人吗?18.Can we take the small table by the window?18.我可以坐靠窗的那张小桌子吗?19.Sorry, madam, the one by the window has been booked by others.19.对不起,女士,靠窗的那张桌子已经有人预订了.Do you have a corner table two?.请问靠角落有两个人的位置吗?1.Ill show you to your table.1.我带您到预定的餐桌.Your table is y now, sir. Come this way..先生,您的餐桌已经准备好,请这边走3.Here is your table. Is it all right?3.这是您的餐桌,还可以吗?.Will this table be all right?.坐这里可以吗?5.What about that one?5.坐那里好吗?6.Would you like to sit over there near the door?6.您愿意坐在靠近门的地方吗?7.This one is very good. Well take it.7.这个位子不错,我们就坐这里了.Can we change tables?.我们可以换桌吗?9.Can we change to the non-smoking area?9.我们能换到禁烟区吗?30.Sorry, all our tables are full now.30.很抱歉,我们现在满客31.How long do we have to wait?31.我们需要等多久?3.Do we have to wait a long time?3.我们需要等很久吗?33.May I see the , please?33.请给我看一下菜单好吗?.Do you have a Chinese ?.你们有中文菜单吗?35.Can we have the wine list?35.我们可以看一下酒单吗?36.I want to have a drink bee the meal.36.饭前我想喝点饮料37.May I take your order now?37.您可以点菜了吗?38.Are you y to order, sir?38.先生,您要点菜了吗?39.We would like to order now.39.我们要点餐0.Not y yet.0.还没好 39999波阳县卫生学校附属医院激光去斑手术多少钱 A: Good morning, Madam. What can I do you?早上好,女士我能为您做些什么吗?B: I need to have some money transferred from the UK, from my company. It kind of an emergency.我需要从英国转账一些钱,是从我的公司转,是急用的A: That shouldnt be a problem, Madam. Vm sure we can sort this out you quickly.那不是个问題,女士我相信我们能很快为您处理此事B: That would be wonderful. The problem is I dont have an with you. That is a problem, isnt it?那太好了问題是我在你们这里没有开账户这有点儿麻烦,是吗?A: Well, to be honest, it will slow things down a little. But it not a big problem. You can do it by TT.嗯,说实话,这样的话进展会慢一点儿但这不是个大问题您可以通过TT方式办理B: TT? What on earth is that!? Sorry, but Ive never heard of it.TT?那究竞是什么呀?对不起,但我从来没听说过A: It means ;telegraphic transfer;. So, if you use this way it fast and secure and can be done from anywhere, to anywhere in the world.这就是;电汇;的意思也就是说,如果您用这个方式的话,转账快速并且安全,可以从任何地方转到世界各地 6上饶妇保医院激光去黄褐斑多少钱

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