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The fury over the ill-fated pasty tax should have warned David Cameron to stay well clear of Britain high street eateries. But the prime minister wandered into a café a cup of coffee to a decidedly frosty reception – when he was told to get in line by an acid-tongued waitress.卡梅伦早该警觉人们对注定倒霉的馅饼税的愤怒,远离主街道上的食品店但首相却踱入一家咖啡店买咖啡,结果遭到店员的断然冷待——一位刻薄的女店员要他排队等候,不要插队If that wasnt enough, when he turned tail the premier was given a ticking off taking his custom next door.这还不够,当他折回咖啡店的时候,这位首相又因携带邻家餐点入店再遭数落Mr Cameron was visiting Plymouth Armed ces Day when he stopped at The Sandwich Box Plus in search of a pick-me-up.那天,卡梅伦正要前往普利茅斯出席军人节庆祝大会,他把车停在The Sandwich Box Plus店外,想进去买杯咖啡提提神Café worker Sheila Thomas failed to recognise the Tory leader and told him she was busy serving other customers.咖啡店员工席拉#86;托马斯并未认出这位保守党领袖,告诉卡梅伦说她现在很忙,正在为其他顾务;I didnt realize it was him at first,; she said.她说:;我一开始根本没意识到是他;;I was in the middle of serving a customer so I was running around trying to do something and didnt take too much notice, to be honest.;;我正在为一位顾务,跑来跑去地干这干那,确实没太在意;;He asked if we served takeaway coffee and I said, ;Yes but Im in the middle of serving somebody; and he said, ;Im so sorry;. It was only afterwards somebody told me it was the prime minister.;;他问我这里有没有外卖咖啡,我说‘有,但我正在为别的顾务他就对我说,‘很抱歉事后才有人告诉我,刚才那位客人是首相;After a ten-minute wait, Mr Cameron aides popped to Warrens bakery next door to buy the peckish premier a jam doughnut and a cup of tea.卡梅伦等待了分钟还没买到咖啡,于是卡梅伦的助手赶紧到隔壁Warrens面包店买了一个果酱甜甜圈和一杯热茶拿给饥肠辘辘的首相He sat outside in the sunshine bee heading back inside The Sandwich Box to pose a photograph with teenager Josh King.卡梅伦坐在店外明媚的阳光下喝茶,随后重新进入The Sandwich Box与一名叫乔希#86;金的少年合影But Mrs Thomas had words with Mr Cameron when he returned. ;He came back in afterwards and I told him off not getting a coffee here,; she said. ;He shook hands and was very pleasant.;但当卡梅伦再次进入店内时,席拉又责备了他;他后来回来的时候我责备他带着别家的咖啡进店,;她说:;但他态度非常友好,一点也不在意,继续跟店里的人握手;The incident comes after other recent ays into the ;real world; backfired.最近,在此事发生之前,首相就曾试图体察;真实世界;却反遭诟病Last month the prime minister left his eight-year-old daughter Nancy in a Buckinghamshire pub after a Sunday family meal.上个月,卡梅伦在周日家庭聚餐后将8岁的女儿南希落在了白金汉郡的一家酒馆And on holiday in Italy last year, he was ced to carry a tray of drinks to his table when a waitress told him she didnt have time.去年在意大利度假时,他不得不自己用托盘将酒水端回餐桌,因为务员告诉他她没时间He left without tipping but returned later to make amends.他走的时候没有付小费,但后来又回来补付 1895

Being a mother is simply the greatest achievement of my life. It has taken me on an unexpected journey that can constantly surprise, educate and confuse me! The emotional connection I feel towards my children brings boundless elation and joy as well as the inevitable worry and concern.做一个母亲是我人生中最大的成就,给了我一段意想不到的旅程,而且持续带给我惊喜、教育我、有时也会让我迷惑和孩子们的感情联系带给我无限的喜悦,同时也有难以避免的操心和担忧They are a wonder to me every day. From a teenage son through to a toddler daughter, each moment of every day is filled with different energies, activities, feelings and a lot of comedy. From playing sport to lounging on the sofa, each of my children fill every second with laughter, music and discussion. They are kind hearted and well-mannered and have incredibly enquiring minds, and I feel incredibly blessed to be surrounded by these phenomenal human beings.每一天,他们对我来说都是一个奇迹从青少年的儿子到蹒跚学步的女儿,每一天的每一个瞬间都充满了不同的能量、活动、感受以及大量的喜剧无论在哪里,我的每一个孩子的生活都充满了笑声,音乐和讨论他们心地善良,举止得体,求知欲强我很庆幸有这样一个家庭Being in a position where they live such a privileged life, it is important that our children understand humility, that they appreciate how their parents have worked very hard to create this life the family and that they, too, have a responsibility to work hard, be respectful and never, ever take anything granted.在这样一个优越的成长环境中,我们的孩子懂得谦卑非常重要,让他们学会感恩父母为全家人创造优越生活所付出的努力,并且让他们知道,他们同样有责任去努力奋斗、尊重他人,并且永远不要觉得一切理所当然My mother and father always encouraged me and my siblings, to have ambitions, and I hope that I can do the same with my children. I hope that I, together with their father, inspire them to dream big and be the best version of themselves that they can be.我的父母经常鼓励我和我的兄弟要有抱负,我也希望我可以这样教导孩子我希望我和他爸可以鼓励他们勇敢做梦,并做到他们的最好Like so many working mothers all over the world, I feel the constant struggle to be the best mother I can, whilst setting a good example to my children to work hard. I travel work when it necessary, and I miss them all the time when I am away. But they hide notes in my suitcase, which I love to find when unpacking, and I always bring photographs of all the family and put them by my bed so they are the first thing I see when I wake up and the last thing I see when I go to sleep. I love to hear their voices on the phone and seeing their faces—thank goodness FaceTime. That sense of feeling connected makes being apart that little bit easier.跟世界各地的许多职业母亲一样,我感受到了要成为一个最棒的母亲所面临的持续挑战,同时,我要努力工作为我的孩子树立一个好的榜样有时候我不得不出差,当我不在他们身边的时候,我一直在想念他们但是他们会在我的行李里藏小纸条,我喜欢在开箱的时候去寻找,我一直喜欢出差时带着全家人的照片,把照片放在床头,这样我醒来的第一眼和我睡前的最后一眼看到的都会是我的家人我喜欢听到他们的声音看到他们的面孔,幸亏有FaceTime那种联结的感觉让分离的痛苦少一些I have always been a great believer that women should support women, and my admiration goes out to mothers everywhere, as they constantly put their own needs behind those of their children, embracing daily uncertainties and entering the new uncharted territories that each day brings, to be, in return, rewarded with joy and unending love.一直以来,我都坚信女性之间应该相互扶持,我很钦佩世界各地的母亲们,因为他们总是把自己的需求置于孩子的需求之后,每天都会遇到各种意想不到的事情,进入到各种未知的领域,同时,他们也收获了快乐和无尽的爱 373876

  A source close to the pair exclusively tells E! News that Perry broke up with Mayer within the last few days.有知情人士独家透露给E!News,水果凯蒂·佩里和约翰·梅尔在过去的几天内分手了No other details about what prompted the ;Dark Horse; singer decision were thcoming, but Mayer was noticeably absent from Perry side on her recent trip to London and Milan. She returned home to Los Angeles on Friday.有关促使这位演唱了《Dark Horse的女歌手做出这一决定的其他细节并未透露,但是最近佩里现身伦敦和米兰时,梅尔都不在她身旁佩里周五回到了洛杉矶Despite some early ups and down, the musical pair fast became one of Hollywood hottest couples, sweetly gushing about each other in interviews and collaborating on the song ;Who You Love,; off of Mayer latest album, Paradise Valley.经过早些时候的起起落落,这对音乐届的金童玉女已经成为好莱坞最炙手可热的情侣,他们在访谈中甜蜜地谈论着对方,还一起录制了属于他们的甜蜜恋曲《Who You Love,这首歌收录在梅尔的新专辑《天堂谷中The duo have been the center of engagement rumors quite some time now, with the most recent round of are-they-or-arent-they being sparked by the huge diamond ring Perry was wearing at the Elle Style Awards last week in London.Perhaps the glittering accessory was just style after all.关于二人订婚的消息也传了一阵子了,尤其是最近佩里上周在伦敦出席Elle风尚大奖时戴的大钻戒,让人们更加猜疑“他们是不是要订婚了”也或许这个闪闪发光的配饰只是起装饰用? 7836

  Batman is one of America most beloved superheroes, and comic book first anti-heroes. Over the years he been in movies, games and television and has gone through many changes. While virtually everyone knows something about Batman, there a lot that many dont know. Here a list of some things you probably never heard about the Caped Crusader.作为漫画作品中第一个反英雄角色,也是美国人民最喜欢的超级英雄之一的蝙蝠侠,他的形象多年来活跃于各种媒体之中,包括电影、游戏、电视剧等,其人物设定和剧情也经历了多次变化接下来,小编将带领大家一同了解这位;黑暗骑士;背后不为人知的故事.Batman the gunslinger.;老爷;原来也用It took a little time Bob Kane to refine the Batman character. Nowadays, Batman not only refuses to use guns, but hates them completely. This is logical, considering a gun killed his parents, and ever since he has stalwartly refused to use firearms in his crime fighting. However, in early issues Batman was something of a costumed Sherlock Homes, doing more detective work than fighting, but still carrying a six-gun at his side on his night patrols. Bob Kane soon changed this, saying that Batman wearing a gun didnt ;Feel Right;.为了塑造蝙蝠侠这一角色,漫画家鲍勃·凯恩(Bob Kane)可谓下了不少功夫现在的蝙蝠侠不仅拒绝使用,更是对械恨之入骨因为蝙蝠侠的父母均死于杀,所以在各种打击犯罪的活动中便都拒绝使用然而,在早期发行的漫画版本中,蝙蝠侠更像是身着披风的神探夏洛克,其角色定位更偏向于一个侦探,而不是打击犯罪的超级英雄,所以每次夜间巡逻时,他都会配备一把左轮在身上但是出版没多久,鲍勃·凯恩就改变了这一设定,因为他说总觉得别着的蝙蝠侠;感觉不对;9.The Seduction of the Innocent9.《纯真的诱惑In 195, Dr. Frederic Wertham a German-American Psychiatrist published the infamous ;Seduction of the Innocent; A book that claimed comic books, with their violent imagery, were contributing to juvenile delinquency. Most of the book focused on crime and horror comics, but superhero comics were targeted in a few instances. One notorious claimed that Batman and Robin were a depiction of a gay couple. Of course, this is ridiculous, but many think this claim is what inspired writers to make Batman (or more accurately, Bruce Wayne) a shameless womanizer to help chase off the rumor.195年,德裔美国心理学家弗雷德里克·魏特汉士(Dr. Frederic Wertham)出版了《纯真的诱惑(Seduction of the Innocent)一书,宣称漫画中的暴力情节会诱导青少年去模仿,从而引发犯罪行为,因为当时大多数漫画都以犯罪与恐怖为主题,而超级英雄系列漫画更可以说是其中的;佼佼者;于是,便出现一种言论抨击《蝙蝠侠含有同性恋内容的暗示,认为漫画中把蝙蝠侠与罗宾描绘成了恋人的关系毫无疑问,这种质疑是荒谬的不过也有人认为,若非这项看似荒谬的质疑,;老爷;也不会为了避嫌而被刻画为如今我们所熟知的这位了8.Hugh Hefner8.休·海夫纳的贡献If there anything that Hugh Hefner is passionate about, aside from lovely ladies, it comic books. Hefner admits that, aside from publishing, one of his early projects was cartooning. Much later in life, he still liked to throw comic-book themed parties. In 1965, at the Chicago Playboy club, the Hef decided to have a Batman themed party that celebrated the campiness of the comic. He had actors dressed as Batman and Robin at the party, using the goofy ;Golly gee whiz; lines from the comic, and the old Batman movie serials were screened. Little did Hef know, Yale Udoff , an A executive was attending. When he saw the crowd positive reaction to the goofy Batman and Robin, he immediately ran to a pay phone and called A with an idea a new Batman TV show. So was born the campy but lovable 1960 Batman series.如果说除了金发女郎以外,还有什么能让休·海夫纳(HughHefner,世界著名色情杂志《的创刊人及主编,以及企业的首席创意官—译者注)充满的话,那就只有漫画了海夫纳曾坦言,早年时候的自己忙于杂志的出版,唯一的消遣就是看漫画,甚至到了老年时期,他还依然热衷于举办漫画主题的派对1965年在芝加哥俱乐部,海夫纳决定举办一个蝙蝠侠主题派对,为这部;基情四射;的漫画点赞在派对上,他让演员们装扮成蝙蝠侠和罗宾的形象,口中呆萌地念叨着漫画书中的台词;Golly gee whiz;海夫纳并不知道,时任美国广播公司的执行总监耶鲁·尤多夫(Yale Udoff)也参加了那次派对在派对上,尤多夫看到大家对呆萌的蝙蝠侠和罗宾异常喜爱,于是便立马给美国广播公司打电话,提出做一档有关蝙蝠侠的电视节目的构想可以说正是由于这次的契机,才诞生了后来充满基情而又惹人喜爱的60年代版蝙蝠侠系列电视节目7.The Real Names7.角色本名的那些事儿Everybody knows batman real name is Bruce Wayne. Robin is, of course, Dick Grayson. But there were other Robins, namely Jason Todd, Tim Drake and briefly, Stephanie Brown. The main villains are fairly well know: Catwoman is Selena Kyle, the Penguin name is Oswald Cobblepot, and The Riddler is Edward Nigma (E-Nigma . . .get it?) Two-Face name was Harvey Dent (that one obvious thanks to the recent movie), and Bruce Wayne loyal butler Alfred full name is ;Alfred Pennyworth;. The name of the thug who originally murdered Batman parents was Joe Chill. More mysterious is the real name of The Joker, who many years was a character without a real origin, and his real identity (if he could be said to have one) was never revealed. Only recently The Joker got an origin story, and thereby a real name: Jack Napier – named after Alan Napier who played Alfred in the Batman TV series.大家都知道,蝙蝠侠的本名是布鲁斯·维恩(Bruce Wayne),第一任少年助手罗宾的本名是迪克·格雷森(Dick Grayson),之后漫画中还有过很多任罗宾,分别由杰森·托特(Jason Todd),蒂姆·德雷克(Tim Drake)和斯蒂芬妮·布朗(Stephanie Brown)等角色担任漫画中的那些坏人也给人们留下深刻的印象,猫女赛琳娜·凯尔(Selena Kyle),企鹅人奥斯韦德·科波珀特(Oswald Cobblepot),谜语人爱德华·尼格马(Edward Nigma,剧中化名E-Nigma,知道了吧?),双面人哈维·丹特(Harvey Dent,此角色因近期电影而再次走红),还有蝙蝠侠布鲁斯·维恩的老管家,他的本名是阿尔弗雷德·潘尼沃斯(Alfred Pennyworth)以及漫画一开始杀害了蝙蝠侠父母的犯罪分子乔·切尔(Joe Chill)然而,最令人感到神秘的是小丑这个角色,多年以来,漫画中都没提及他的出身,所以其身份一直是一个谜直到最近,我们才知道了小丑的身世:小丑本名为杰克·内皮尔(Jack Napier),姓从电视剧《蝙蝠侠中饰演老管家阿尔弗雷德的阿兰·纳皮儿(Alan Napier)6.Batman first Movie6.首部蝙蝠侠电影What was Batman first movie, ever? Well, casual fans will point out Tim Burton 1990 ;Batman; but more savvy fans will no doubt point out that Adam West starred in a Batman movie in 1966 that was theatrically released. In truth, theyre both wrong. The first time Batman that was ever depicted in a movie that had any kind of release was ;Batman, Dracula; in 196, directed and produced by none other than Andy Warhol. Few people have seen it, and all prints are thought to be long gone, but what we do know is that the detective was played by longtime Warhol collaborator, Gregory Battcock, and it was completely unauthorized by DC Comics. Some surviving footage appeared in a later Warhol film ;Jack Smith and the destruction of Atlantis;史上第一部出现蝙蝠侠的电影是什么?普通粉丝也许会说是1990年蒂姆·波顿(Tim Burton)导演的版本,而铁粉则会斩钉截铁地说首部剧场版是1966年由亚当·威斯特(Adam West)主演的版本但事实上,蝙蝠侠的形象第一次出现在大荧幕上是196年由安迪·沃霍尔(Andy Warhol)执导并出品的《蝙蝠侠,吸血鬼(Batman, Dracula)虽然这部电影的底片已经遗失多年,看过这部电影的人也不多,不过能够确信的是,此部影片由沃霍尔及其合伙人约翰·班特库克(Gregory Battcock)共同完成,且完全未经过DC 漫画公司(DC Comics)授权,只有在沃霍尔之后的电影《杰克·史密斯和亚特兰蒂斯的毁灭(Jack Smith and the destruction of Atlantis)中,人们才得以看到一些此部电影残存的片段翻译:毛志遥 编辑:陈艳冲 来源:前十网 3976。


  They are pretty much essential, but you may want to ditch your mobile phone ever after ing this.手机在我们的生活中不可或缺,但你在看完这篇文章后可能永远也不想用手机了The average handset carries 18 times more potentially harmful germs than a flush handle in a men's toilet, tests have revealed.有关检测表明,一个普通手机上所携带的有害细菌量是男厕所一个冲厕手柄所携带细菌量的18倍An analysis of handsets found almost a quarter were so dirty that they had up to ten times an acceptable level of TVC bacteria.一项对手机的研究分析发现,近四分之一的手机十分肮脏,所携带的细菌量高达可接受细菌安全值的十倍One of the phones in the test had such high levels of bacteria it could have given its owner a serious stomach upset.其中一只受测手机细菌携带量十分之高,足以导致使用者出现严重腹痛症状

  At the age of , most girls are battling with their parents to get their ears pierced, learning the ropes at senior school and preparing life as a teenager.岁的年纪,大多数的小女孩都还在向父母争取打耳洞的机会,努力适应高中生活,从青少年时代开始为将来做准备 Maddie Ziegler, from Pennsylvania, life couldnt be more different.但来自宾夕法尼亚州(Pennsylvania)的玛蒂#86;齐格勒(Maddie Ziegler),她的人生完全不是这么一回事The tween is a huge star with three million Instagram followers, whose music s with the popstar Sia have been viewed more than a billion times on YouTube.这个岁的女孩已经成为了在Instagram拥有300万粉丝的超级巨星,她和流行歌手希雅(Sia)合作的MV在YouTube上点击量超过亿因为参加了一档电视真人秀节目《Dance Moms,来自宾夕法尼亚州的岁明星玛蒂#86;齐格勒火爆全球,澳大利亚流行歌手希雅的多首歌曲的MV中也有她的身影(图)Until four years ago, Maddie was an unknown eight year old who enjoyed dancing and went to a local primary school.四年前,玛蒂还是一个默默无闻的8岁小女孩,她喜欢跳舞,就读于当地一所小学Then in , her mother Melissa was signed up to appeared as part of the Lifetime reality series Dance Moms.年,她的妈妈梅丽莎(Melissa)报名参加Lifetime频道的真人秀节目《Dance MomsThe programme focuses on the early careers of the children that are enrolled in the Abby Lee Dance Company in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.这个节目围绕宾夕法尼亚州匹兹堡(Pittsburgh)的Abby Lee舞蹈学校里面的小孩子展开As the title suggests, the show also features the mothers of the pupils and the way that they often pit their children against each other.顾名思义,这个真人秀节目还专门拍摄学生们的母亲,展现母亲如何教育孩子与他人竞争 37557

  The numbers are stunning: From through , women made up only 30. percent of all speaking or named characters in the 0 top-grossing fictional films released in the ed States. That’s bad enough to repeat: every .3 male characters who say “Dude,” there is just one woman saying, “Hello?!”这些数字很惊人:从年到年,在美国票房收入前0位的虚构类电影中,所有有台词或有名字的角色里女性只占30.%换个说法也同样糟糕:电影里每出现.3个男性角色开口说“伙计”,才会出现一个女人说,“你好”That is one of the findings in a study, “Inequality in 700 Popular Films,” being released on Wednesday, that looks at gender, race, ethnicity and what one of the report’s researchers, Stacy L. Smith, describes as an “epidemic” when it comes to lack of diversity. The report was produced by the Media, Diversity amp; Social Change Initiative at the University of Southern Calinia’s Annenberg School Communication and Journalism.这是周三发布的一项题为“700部大众电影中的不平等现象”报告中的一个发现,这项调查关注性别、种族、民族问题同时,报告的研究者之一,斯塔西·L·史密斯(Stacy L. Smith)还提出了所谓“流行病”的概念,意指缺乏多样性该报告由南加利福尼亚大学安娜堡传播与新闻学院媒体的多样性与社会变革倡导组织( Media, Diversity amp; Social Change Initiative)制作The report is crammed with numbers that show the extent of this misrepresentation when movies like “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” hit screens:这项报告提供了大量数字,表明《美国队长(Captain America: The Winter Soldier)等大片中存在的歪曲之处:The movies are white: 73.1 percent of all the speaking or named characters in the top 0 movies were white.电影是白人的:前0部票房大片中,所有有台词或有名字的角色里有73.1%是白人The movies are straight: Only 19 total characters were lesbian, gay or bisexual — none were transgender.电影是异性恋的:只有19%的角色是女同性恋、男同性恋或双性恋,没有跨性别者The movies are young: Only 19.9 percent of female characters were 0 to 6 years old.电影是年轻的:只有19.9%的女性角色是0到6岁The movies are male: Only 1.9 percent of the movies were directed by women.电影是男性的:只有1.9%的电影由女性导演Even many casual observers may now be aware of the hurdles facing female directors, particularly when they try to storm the big studios. Yet those problems, as this latest study confirms, are simply part of a far larger picture. In , not a single title in the top-grossing 0 fictional films starred a woman over 5. One reason is that Meryl Streep, the hardest-working woman in cinema, had only supporting roles, including in the Disney musical “Into the Woods.” That fractured fairy tale at least featured several women in pivotal roles, which isn’t the case in most movies, family-friendly or not. According to the “Inequality” report, , “girlswomen make up less than a third of all speaking characters on screen and less than a quarter of the leadsco-leads driving the story lines.” instance, that year, women made up only 1.8 percent of the speaking or named characters in action and adventure movies, where male superheroes and all manner of other bros dominate.甚至很多随意的观察者都能注意到女性导演所面临的困难,特别是她们需要和大制片公司打交道的时候然而正如这项调查所实的,这些问题只是更大的问题中的一部分年,在前0部票房大片中,没有一部是以年过5岁的女人为主人公的原因之一是电影界最勤奋的女人梅丽尔·斯特里普(Meryl Streep)当年只演了一些配角,包括迪斯尼的音乐片《魔法黑森林(Into the Woods)——这个离破碎的童话故事里至少还有几个主角是女人,大多数电影却并非如此,不管是不是合家欢的类型根据这项“不平等现象”报告,年,“在有台词的角色中,女孩女人只占,在推动故事发展的主角联合主角中,女性角色不到”比如,年,在动作类和冒险类电影中有台词或名字的角色里,女人只占1.8%,占统治地位的还是男性超级英雄和各种弟兄们A lot of the inmation in the report isn’t new, even if it remains newsworthy. Among other things, the findings are a blunt reminder that female-driven blockbusters like “The Hunger Games” and African-American dramas like “Selma” remain exceptions in a largely homogeneous field. Art may be a mirror of life, but it is often a badly distorted one in mainstream American cinema.这项报告中的很多信息都并不新鲜,不过也仍然颇具新闻价值比如,这些发现直率地提醒人们,《饥饿游戏(The Hunger Games)等由女性主导的大片和《塞尔玛(Selma)等非裔美国人题材的情节片在这个同质化严重的领域内仍然属于异数艺术或许是生活的反映,但在美国主流电影界,它也常常是一种扭曲的反映And, while women may be about half of the population — and years have bought half the movie tickets — they remain a persistent minority on screen. The same is true of certain races and ethnicities, despite the utopianism of movies like the “Fast amp; Furious” series. The report found that .9 percent of all speaking or named characters in the 0 top-grossing movies of were “HispanicLatino.” As the report points out, this low number is at odds with off-screen demographics: Latinos were .1 percent of the population in . And in , they were also 5 percent of what the industry calls frequent moviegoers.虽然女性或许占人口的半数,同时多年来也是一半票房的贡献者,但她们仍然是银幕上的弱势群体同样,对于某些种族和民族也是如此,尽管《速度与(Fast amp; Furious)系列等影片中有着乌托邦般的景象这项报告表明,年票房前0位的电影中,有台词或名字的角色里,只有.9%是“西班牙拉丁裔”这项报告指出,这么低的数字与生活中的人口调查数据完全相悖年,拉丁人口占据全国的.1%,年,他们占电影业所谓的“经常观影者”人群的5%The “Inequality” report comes at a time of increasing criticism about the industry’s on-screen and off-screen practices, giving further empirical support to what has become a steady stream of righteous complaint. In May, the American Civil Liberties Union sent letters to state and federal agencies seeking an investigation of the hiring practices of the major Hollywood studios, networks and talent agencies. That same month, Senator Barbara Boxer, Democrat of Calinia, and four other female senators sent a letter to the major studios asking them to respond to an earlier AnnenbergUniversity of Southern Calinia study that found that only .1 percent of top-grossing films over the last decade had female directors.这是一个对电影工业在银幕内外做法的批评越来越大声的时代,这份关于“不平等现象”的报告,对于源源不断的正义抱怨提供了进一步的来自经验主义的持五月,美国民权同盟(American Civil Liberties Union)给州立和联邦机构发去信函,要求调查好莱坞主要制片公司、网络和人才经纪机构的雇员情况同月,加利福尼亚民主党参议员芭芭拉·伯克瑟(Barbara Boxer)以及其他四位女性参议员发信函给各大制片公司,要求他们对安娜堡南加利福尼亚大学的另一项更早期发表的研究做出回应,该项研究指出,在过去年的0部顶级票房大片中,只有.1%是由女导演执导的The “Inequality” report is part of a growing wealth of data about the industry’s practices that are, study by study, making the case change. Dr. Smith also helped write that earlier study and was one of the principal researchers — along with Marc Choueiti and Katherine Pieper — on a widely publicized multiyear study done with the Sundance Institute and Women in Film on the crisis facing female directors. the “Inequality” study, they were joined by a team that swelled to an estimated 70 to 80 people; most of the team members are undergraduate students. Dr. Smith said on Friday that it was one of her students who had inspired her to start looking at the representation of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender characters, which is in keeping with studies that show that young Americans tend to be liberal in their political and social views. (She declined to name the student, citing privacy concerns.)通过这份“不平等现象”报告和其他的类似研究,关于电影工业的大量数据不断累积,成为了推动行业变革的力量史密斯士和马克·库埃蒂(Marc Choueiti)及卡瑟琳娜·皮珀(Katherine Pieper)同为核心调查者,参与了圣丹斯学院与“电影中的女人”项目的另一项广为宣传、历时多年的研究,内容是关于女性导演所面临的危机,她还协助撰写了研究的早期报告为了做这项“不平等现象”研究,他们三位参与到一个团队中去,这个团队最后扩展为大约七八十人,其中大部分是大学在校生周五,史密斯士说,她的一位学生给了她启发,让她开始研究电影中的男女同性恋、双性恋和跨性别角色,这与多项研究的结果是相吻合的——美国年轻人倾向在政治与社会观点方面持有自由主义立场(出于隐私考虑,她没有透露这位学生的名字)As that outspoken student suggests, moviegoers are doing their activist part, as exemplified by Every Single Word, a Tumblr by Dylan Marron that uses s to underline the (often few) words spoken by nonwhite movie characters. What Every Single Word underscores is that the roles often available to nonwhite permers — think of the ubiquitous black friend, the Latina waitress and the Asian storekeeper — are often little more than casting tokenism. The point isn’t that the mainstream studios are deliberately racist or sexist. As Mr. Marron said in an interview last month in The Washington Post: “I’m not saying that any of these films are racist. I’m not saying that any of these filmmakers are racist. I’m saying that the system that they’re contributing has some deeply racist practices.”这位坦率的学生说,观影者正在采取行动比如说,Tumblr上有个名叫“每字每句”(Every Single Word)的账号,是由迪伦·马龙(Dylan Marron)维护的,内容是电影中非白人角色说台词的视频,他们的台词通常寥寥无几“每字每句”强调的是,那些非白人演员经常能够得到的角色无非都是象征性的——比如普普通通的黑人朋友、拉丁美裔女招待和亚洲小店主马龙并不认为主流制片公司是刻意的种族主义或性别歧视在上个月接受《华盛顿邮报(The Washington Post)采访时,他说:“我不是说这些电影都是种族主义的,我也不是说这些电影人是种族主义者我是说,他们为之工作的整个体系有着根深蒂固的种族主义行为”The question now anyone who loves movies is obvious: What next?对于热爱电影的人来说,问题很明显了:接下来应该怎么办? 399

  It may be a fairly ordinary task if you're doing it in your kitchen. But standing in the middle of the street on what was only her third official engagement, Kate Middleton could be given feeling a little shaky. On a surprise visit to Belfast, both Prince William and Kate attempted the difficult flip a charity fundraiser to mark Shrove Tuesday - Pancake Day. William tossed his pancake with aplomb leaving Kate under pressure to perm.   距威廉王子与未婚妻凯特在威斯敏斯特教堂的大婚典礼可以用“指日可待”来计算了,这位准皇室夫妇非但没有“积极”筹备婚礼,反倒进行他们的“政治使命”前往北爱尔兰贝尔法斯特进行非正式访问谁也没有想到,还没有正式嫁入“皇室豪门”的凯特,已经迫不及待尝试厨房内的“烹饪绝技”,试图在告诉大家,她才是真正的王妃,也是威廉的妻子据悉,凯特与威廉在参观某慈善机构时,被要求“抛煎饼”(当天是煎饼日)来庆祝当地的节日,看得出凯特在抛煎饼的时候承受着巨大的压力,幸好,煎饼没有落地,一切安然无恙 The Royal couple are touring the UK ahead of the wedding in April and by the looks of things, there is little doubt that she is settling into her new role with confidence and ease. And a refreshing change, Kate opted to wear an on-trend ?650 Burberry trench coat with skirt detailing, a notable contrast to the more mal attire we have seen over the last two weeks - swapping her flat boots high-heel courts. Perhaps Kate, 9, has been taking note of the fashion critics who have called the future Princess to adopt an edgier, younger look.   虽然月的婚礼已经“迫在眉睫”,但是近在咫尺的皇室身份并没让凯特十分适应,在陪同威廉访问贝尔法斯特的途中,凯特表现得十分不自然,还没有表现出完全的自信在正式场合中,凯特选择身穿一件价格高达650英镑的巴宝莉新款米色外套、脚踩黑色高跟鞋示人有人猜测,也许凯特是听从了时尚员的建议,最近的着装打扮偏年轻化,展现出了9岁女性的特有风采   There have aly been reports that Kate has decided to have her wedding dress designed by Alexander McQueen's avant-garde protegee Sarah Burton - a welcome choice in the fashion world. And although the rumours have been heavily denied, it seems Kate's slight but bold sartorial adjustment today is a statement that she intends to make conscious fashion decisions when it comes to her wardrobe.   关于凯特在婚礼中所选择的“嫁衣”一直是媒体们好奇、并想要探听的秘密,据悉,凯特有可能选择时尚大师“亚历山大·麦昆”的作品,而被亚历山大·麦昆器重的设计师莎拉·伯顿 (Sarah Burton)也是凯特的选择之一也许对于凯特的嫁衣的猜测不到最后时候都不会公布,但是从今天在北爱的着装上可以看到,凯特还是有可能会选择“稳重”“端庄”的穿衣风格 777。


  Fitness classes are becoming more popular these days, and not only do they offer an intense workout, but enjoyment as well. Fitness classes are a great way to exercise with friends without getting bored and are usually offered free at your local health club. Most fitness classes are designed to target the cardiovascular aspect (getting the heart rate up) while only a few integrate the entire body into the workout. Below is a list of the most popular fitness classes.如今,健身运动越来越流行,它不仅能提供大强度的运动,还能给你带来快乐不仅能让你与朋友一起进行有效地锻炼,还能为你摆脱枯燥和乏味,有时还能得到当地健康俱乐部为你提供的免费务大多数健身运动的目的,旨在提高人体心血管系统的机能(加快心跳速率),使整个人体全身心地投入其中下面向大家介绍一些最为流行的健身运动 Spinning:Spinning is an aerobic exercise that takes place on a stationary bike. The class is designed to target the heart rate as well as the lower body (quads, hamstrings, and glutes). Each class typically consists of loud motivating music combined with varying speed and resistance levels to maximize the workout. Spinning is an intense workout that burns around 600-00 calories per hour (depending on the person). This is a great class those with kneeankle problems and varying fitness levels due to the fact that you can exercise at your own pace. Give it a shot!动感自行车动感自行车是在固定的自行车上进行的有氧运动该项目运动不仅可以锻炼下肢(股四头肌,腘绳肌和臀大肌),还可以提高心率通常在动感十足的音乐节拍下,结合不同的速度及阻力练习,使运动达到极至效果动感自行车是一项大强度的运动,每小时能燃烧600-00卡路里的能量(依个人不同而有不同)由于这项运动能依自己的节奏决定运动的快慢,所以对于膝关节踝关节有问题及健康状况不同的人都是一项极好的运动试一把看看! 70

  Angelina Jolie recently admitted that her life with Brad Pitt is far from a fairy tale, and that the Hollywood couple have their problems. The 0-year-old Oscar winner spoke about their relationship in Vogue November issue. She also clarified that their upcoming film, By The Sea, in which she stars with Pitt as a couple in the 1970s, ;is not autobiographical.;安吉丽娜·朱莉近期坦承,她和布拉德·皮特的婚姻生活并不像童话故事那么美好,这对好莱坞夫妇也有他们自己的问题现年0岁的奥斯卡得主朱莉在《饰与美容杂志(Vogue)月刊中谈及他俩的关系她还表示,虽然在新片《海岸情深中二人再度合作,饰演一对生活在世纪70年代的夫妇,但这并非他们婚姻生活“自传式”的写照;Brad and I have our issues, but if the characters were even remotely close to our problems we couldnt have made the film,; Jolie told Vogue magazine in their November issue. ;As artists we wanted something that took us out of our comt zones. Just being raw actors. It not the safest idea. But life is short.;“布拉德和我有我们自己的问题,但如果电影中角色的感情问题和我们有丝毫相关,我们就不会拍这部电影了,”朱莉在十一月号《Vogue的采访中说道,“作为艺术家,我们也走出安逸,只做个新手这不是最保险的做法,但生命短暂,要做的事还很多” 作为艺术家,我们想要拍些更有挑战性的东西,而不只是表现自己这不是最保险的想法,但生命短暂,值得一试Angelina Jolie directed the film, and the project marks the first time the couple has acted on screen together since , when they fell in love on the set of Mr. amp; Mrs. Smith.安吉丽娜·朱莉执导的这部电影标志着二人继《史密斯夫妇后再度在银幕合作,年的《史密斯夫妇是两人的定情之作Over the last few months, a possible divorce between the two Hollywood stars has often been spoken of. Citing a previous report from Hollywood Life, the magazine In Touch recently reported that one of the most stable marriages in Hollywood could come to an end. A source close to the famous couple allegedly revealed that Brad had filed divorce from Angelina. The alleged reason is that the actor can no longer stand the pressure and control the actress has on him.近几个月里,坊间一度传言这对好莱坞明星夫妇可能要离婚美国的八卦杂志“接触”(intouch)最近引用了八卦网站“好莱坞生活”(Hollywood Life)此前的报道称,这对好莱坞感情最稳固的情侣之一可能要分道扬镳一位与这对知名夫妇交好的知情人士称,因皮特受不了朱莉给他施加的压力和要控制她不让她给他施压,已向她提出离婚;He says she controlled him from day one of their relationship,; the source told the publication. ;Although he liked her taking charge at first, he come to resent the power he allowed her to have over him.;“他说,从确立关系的第一天起她就一直束缚着他,”该消息人士说,“尽管最初他喜欢让她掌管一切,但渐渐地他开始厌恶这种被压迫的感觉”Furthermore, the drastic decrease in Angelina Jolie weight is reportedly also causing problems in her marriage. A new report says the actor has given an ultimatum to his wife to seek help her eating disorder or he will file divorce. According to reports, Brad has tried months to help Angelina with her weight loss battle, but it is believed that it is not helping at all. That why this time, he has asked Jolie to seek intervention or else he will have no choice but to leave with their children.此外,据悉,安吉丽娜·朱莉最近体重急剧下降,也成了他们婚姻问题的导火索一项新的报告称,他给朱莉下了最后通牒,要求她寻求治疗饮食失调的方法,否则就要提出离婚该报告还称,皮特几个月来一直试图帮助安吉丽娜同她的减重作斗争,但据说收效甚微这就是为什么他这次才要求朱莉寻找其他方法,否则,他别无选择,只能带着孩子离开According to Star Pulse, the main concern about the mother of six is a reported ;grave; health crisis that has left her down to a paltry 83 pounds.据八卦网站“明星动态”(Star Pulse)消息称,这个六个孩子的母亲所面临的主要问题是“严峻的”健康危机,她现在体重已掉到不到83磅;She always been thin, but it never been this bad bee. She at an all-time low,; said the source. ;He tried months to help her, and Brad is at the end of his rope. He told her if she doesnt check into rehab her eating disorder, he leaving and taking the kids with him.;该消息人士说,“她一直很瘦,但从来没这么瘦过,这是她有史以来最轻的体重了”皮特几个月来一直试图帮她,其实他也别无他法了皮特告诉她,如果她不去康复中心治疗厌食症,他就要带着孩子离开她The tabloid suggested that Angelina and Brad have had serious fights about her alleged anorexia nearly a year. The constant arguments have reportedly affected the actor. However, a report from Gossip Cop claims to debunk the allegation, calling the report ;totally untrue.;该小报还认为,将近一年时间,朱莉和皮特都因为这个传闻中的厌食症打得不可开交据悉,不断的争吵给皮特带来不小的影响然而,网站“八卦警察”(Gossip Cop)对这一报道进行了反驳,称它“完全失实”The following text is an excerpt from Gossip Cop report saying that the divorce rumors are false.下面这段话摘自“八卦警察”对离婚传言进行辟谣的报道:;This is all very dramatic and, more importantly, inaccurate. The magazine has a shameful history of making up claims about the couple, and using Jolie health and body to do so is the true all-time low. A source close to the stars exclusively tells Gossip Cop the report is totally untrue, not to mention despicable.;“这个说法很戏剧化,更重要的是,完全失实这个杂志一直以来有着捏造关于皮特夫妇传言的黑历史,用朱莉的健康和身体状况来做噱头才是最可耻的 一位与皮特夫妇交好的线人向Gossip Cop独家爆料,这个报道’完全是胡编乱造’, 而且低劣至极” 86

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