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Burning cash has become alarmingly fashionable among Chinese internet companies, many of whom have taken to paying customers massive subsidies to use their services in hopes that their competitors go out of business before they run out of money. 中国的互联网公司极其流行“烧钱”,已到了令人担忧的程度。很多公司都习惯了向用户付高额补贴,以吸引用户使用它们的务,指望在它们花光钱之前,竞争对手们会先破产。 One start-up, Emao.com, which aims to be an online platform for car dealerships, has based its entire marketing strategy around losing money. “We burn cash from our investors to win the hearts of car shoppers,” a recent ad says. 初创公司一猫汽车网(Emao.com)希望打造一个汽车经销商的在线平台,其整个营销战略都是围绕着赔钱建立的。“烧投资人的钱,买车人的心”——该公司近期打出这样的广告词。 Travis Kalanick, chief executive of Uber, boasted earlier this year that the ride-sharing app’s China affiliate was losing more than bn a year, in part because of the subsidies it was paying to grab market share. A local car hailing app, Didi Kuaidi, is waging a fierce price war against Uber in several cities. 优步(Uber)首席执行官特拉维斯#8226;卡兰尼克(Travis Kalanick)今年早些时候吹嘘,这款共乘应用的中国分一年亏损逾10亿美元,部分原因是付补贴以抢占市场份额。本土叫车应用滴滴快的(Didi Kuaidi)正在多个城市与优步大打价格战。 Uber’s competitors have made it clear they will not be outspent. Jean Liu, Didi’s president, said in September that “we wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for burning cash”. The company’s chairman, Cheng Wei, said the company spent bn last year in what he called “market fostering”. 优步的竞争对手们表态说,它们在花钱上不会落于人后。滴滴快的总裁柳青(Jean Liu)去年9月表示:“不烧钱我们走不到今天这一步。”该公司董事长程维表示,去年滴滴快的花费40亿美元进行“市场培育”。 Executives from another rival carhailing app, Yidao Yongche, said last month that they are “entrapped in a cash burning vortex”. Zhou Hang, the chief executive, said recently: “We have prepared at least Rmb3bn-Rmb5bn of ammunition for the year.” 另一家叫车应用易到用车(Yidao Yongche)的高管们上月表示,他们“卷入了烧钱的漩涡”。该公司首席执行官周航近期表示:“我们为今年准备了至少30亿到50亿元人民币的‘弹药’。” “Burning cash” may not sound like a viable business model, but these young companies argue that paying customers to use their services is necessary to build their brands and achieve the scale needed to compete. This is especially true in China, where a shift from an investment-driven to a consumption-led economy, which the government insists is under way, makes the goal of buying Chinese consumers — in hopes that one day they will buy your wares — look appealing. “烧钱”听起来可能不像是一种可行的商业模式,但这些创立不久的公司主张,为了建立品牌,获得与人竞争所需要的规模,付钱让用户使用它们的务是必不可少的。在中国尤其如此,中国正在从投资驱动型经济转向消费拉动型经济——政府坚称转型正在进行中——这使“收买”中国消费者的目的——即希望有一天他们会购买你的产品——显得很有吸引力。 At least some see it this way. Others claim the Chinese internet fad for burning cash heralds the top of an internet bubble. Just as Silicon Valley companies convinced investors that profits no longer mattered during the 1990s dotcom bubble, China’s internet companies have made a fetish out of losing money. 至少有一些人是这么看的。还有一些人则认为,中国互联网行业热衷烧钱的风气预示着互联网泡沫快胀到头了。在上世纪90年代的网络泡沫时期,硅谷公司说投资者,利润不再重要,如今中国的互联网公司也一样迷上了亏钱。 “A lot of these companies will be forgotten when the money runs out,” said Ma Jihua, founder of Datareal consulting, who estimates that as much as Rmb50bn a year is being poured into subsidies aimed at connecting Chinese consumers via their smartphones to taxis, massages and car washes. “钱用光后,很多公司都会被遗忘,”达睿咨询(Datareal)创始人马继华表示。他估计,为了吸引中国消费者通过智能手机使用打车、和洗车等务,互联网公司每年用在补贴上的资金多达500亿元人民币。 But he concedes that companies have little choice. “In this market, if you don’t burn cash you won’t get market share which means you won’t get funding, consequently meaning you won’t stand a chance against competitors that do burn.” 但他也承认,企业别无选择。“在这个市场上,如果你不烧钱,你就无法获得市场份额,这就意味着你吸引不到投资,结果是你在烧钱的竞争对手面前毫无机会。” ‘A big party for consumers’ “消费者的盛宴” Funded largely by venture capital and private equity firms, along with larger — and profitable — internet companies like Tencent and Alibaba, most of the subsidies are going into apps that aim to be the Uber of massages or the Airbnb of car washes. These “online to offline” services, or O2O, are the hottest investment theme in China’s internet sector. 投资主要来自风险资本公司、私募公司,以及腾讯(Tencent)、阿里巴巴(Alibaba)等规模更大并且盈利的互联网公司。大部分补贴投向各类应用,它们都希望成为务业的优步,或者洗车务业的Airbnb。这些“线上到线下”(O2O)务是中国互联网行业时下最热门的投资主题。 The potential benefits to the market leaders help explain why they are so willing to spend: according to HS, China’s O2O sector is a Rmb10tn market that is only 4 per cent penetrated, and grew 80 per cent year on year in the first half of 2015. HS estimates that in five years the “profit pie” in the industry would be worth Rmb26bn. 市场领军者的潜在利益有助于解释它们为何如此乐意花钱:根据汇丰(HS)的数据,中国O2O市场有10万亿元人民币规模,而目前渗透率只有4%,这个市场在2015年上半年同比增长了80%。汇丰估计,这个行业的“利润蛋糕”在5年内将达260亿元人民币。 “O2O right now is a big party for consumers,” said Meng Xing, CEO of Helijia, a health and beauty app, in an interview last month. “We have no plans to make profit in the near future, because the VCs are still offering money.” 健康美容应用河狸家(Helijia)首席执行官孟醒上个月在一次采访中表示:“眼下O2O对消费者而言就像一场盛宴。我们没有在近期实现盈利的计划,因为风投还在提供资金。” Over the past year, his company has “burnt several hundred million renminbi,” he said, though he has cut back on subsidies after his main competitor went out of business. “That’s just how the Chinese internet is, it’s too popular. There are so many VC and [private equity] companies that are willing to fund these wars.” 孟醒表示,过去一年他的公司“烧掉了几个亿的人民币”,不过在最大的竞争对手倒闭后,他已经降低了补贴。“这就是中国互联网的情况,太火了。有很多风投和(私募)公司愿意为这些战争提供资金。” Start-ups are busy raising funds from investors at ever more dizzying valuations, only to plough them back into subsidies. Recent funding rounds have valued Didi Kuaidi at bn, up from bn last July. Uber China was valued at bn in a January funding round, while the merger of Meituan and Dianping, the two largest food delivery and group discount sites, was valued at bn-bn in November. 各家初创公司都在忙着融资,它们的估值一次比一次惊人,筹得的资金大多用于补贴。滴滴快的去年7月估值为150亿美元,在最近几轮融资中已达到200亿美元。中国优步(Uber China)在今年1月的一轮融资中估值为70亿美元。去年11月,中国最大的两家美食外卖和团购网站——美团(Meituan)和大众点评(Dianping)合并,估值为150亿-170亿美元。 Many of these companies do not publish financial statements, so it is impossible to see what the true scale of cash burn is. Mr Zhou estimates that Rmb20bn was burnt by car-hailing apps like Yidao, Uber and Didi Kuaidi on rider subsidies in 2015, while Meituan Dianping, the biggest seller of restaurant reservations and cinema tickets in China, put out a cryptic press statement in February that said it had “saved food lovers Rmb58bn” in 2015. 这些公司大多没有公布财务报表,所以外界无法得知它们实际的烧钱规模。周航估计,2015年易到用车、优步和滴滴快的等打车应用在乘客补贴上烧掉了200亿元人民币。美团大众点评在2月份发布了一份含糊的新闻稿,称2015年“为吃货节省了580元人民币”,该公司是目前中国最大的订餐及电影票销售网站。 Last year, 84 O2O companies went bankrupt, but the sector also attracted huge headline investments. Alibaba and its payment affiliate, Ant Financial, announced they will each invest Rmb3bn to develop a food delivery service called Koubei, while search engine Baidu has said it would invest Rmb20bn in Nuomi, a group discount and food delivery app. 去年中国有84家O2O企业倒闭,但该行业也吸引了大量引人瞩目的投资。阿里巴巴及旗下付公司蚂蚁金(Ant Financial)宣布将各自投入30亿元人民币,发展送餐务“口碑”(Koubei)。搜索引擎百度(Baidu)则表示将向旗下团购和送餐应用“糯米”(Nuomi)投入200亿元人民币。 JP Gan of Qiming, a venture firm that is funding the Helijia app, says there is method to the subsidy madness. “Most sophisticated venture capitalists are looking at the same model — you buy users, you buy service providers, you scale up the platform to 100 cities or 200 cities, and you build up a concentrated workforce to provide services to the parts of the cities where there are customers,” he says. 启明创投(Qiming)是投资河狸家应用的风投公司之一,该公司的甘剑平(JP Gan)表示,这种狂热的补贴行为是有章法的。他说:“多数资深的风险资本家都在盯着同样的模式——你买用户,买务提供商,把平台扩展到一二百个城市,召集大量人手,向城市中消费者集中的区域提供务。” But the pitfalls are obvious in a sector where the providers are fragmented and the services closely resemble each other. Ken Xu of Gobi Capital, a VC firm in Shanghai, says the problem is that “the user has no loyalty to anybody in these sectors; they only go for the apps that have the subsidies. In car-hailing apps, everybody is starting to realise they are subsiding the same group of people who either use Uber or Didi Kuaidi, depending on who is paying them more.” 但是O2O行业的缺点也是显而易见的,比如供应商分散,务同质性很高。上海风险投资公司戈壁创投(Gobi Capital)的徐晨(Ken Xu)表示,问题在于“用户对这些行业的任何企业都没有忠诚度,他们只使用有补贴的应用。在打车应用领域,所有人都开始认识到,他们补贴的是同一群人,这群人既用优步也用滴滴快的,谁补贴多就用谁”。 ‘Last man standing wins’ “最后还站着的人就赢了” The O2O model has been subjected to scrutiny elsewhere, especially in the US, where many apps that form the basis of the “gig economy” have failed after venture funding dried up. That experience has spawned worries in China about whether the same will happen once the era of “VC welfare” ends. 在其他地方,O2O模式已经遭受过审视,尤其是在美国,许多组成“零工经济”(gig economy)基础的应用都在风险资金枯竭后失败。这些经验在中国引发担忧:一旦“风投福利”时代终结,是否也会发生同样的情况? One difference between the US and China, however, is that the offline shopping and services are so much farther developed in the US that “business is not desperate for the internet to make it more efficient or attractive”, says Duncan Clark, head of Beijing technology consultancy BDA and author of a forthcoming book on Alibaba. In China, bricks-and-mortar commerce is often overpriced or simply dismal, he says, so investors are betting that the internet will be the primary way that Chinese connect to services in the future. 不过中美之间有一个区别,就是美国的线下购物和务要成熟得多。北京达克咨询公司(BDA China)的董事长邓肯#8226;克拉克(Duncan Clark)表示:“美国企业并不渴望用互联网来提高效率或增加吸引力。”邓肯写的一本关于阿里巴巴的著作即将出版。邓肯表示,在中国,实体商业往往产品定价过高,或者不能提供愉快体验,因此投资者相信未来互联网将成为中国消费者与务“连接”的首要方式。 “In the west, we’ve had efficient retail for a long time,” Clark adds. “In a sense China is leapfrogging the west.” “在西方,我们的零售长期以来是高效的,”克拉克补充称,“在某种意义上,中国正在超越西方。” Another advantage for China’s high tech economy is a distinctly low-tech factor: labour costs. Couriers are 10 to 20 per cent the cost of what they are in the US. 中国高科技经济的另一个优势是一个低技术含量的因素:劳动力成本。中国快递成本是美国的10%至20%。 Hans Tung, a managing partner at GGV Capital, said that cheap labour and urban population density in China are among the main reasons why the O2O services are economic, compared with the US, where the sector has struggled. “In the US there has been uneven uptake of this so-called gig economy because consumers are more sp out, delivery cost is higher, usage frequency is lower,” he says. “It is harder, besides Uber and Airbnb, for start-ups in this category.” 纪源资本(GGV Capital)的管理合伙人童士豪(Hans Tung)称,廉价劳动力和城市人口密集是O2O务在中国具有经济效益的两个主要原因,而在美国,这个行业发展困难。“在美国,由于消费者更加分散、配送成本更高、使用频率更低,这种所谓的零工经济发展不均衡,”他称,“除了优步和Airbnb外,这一类的初创企业是比较艰难的。” In China these factors are all flipped in favour of the industry. “The costs of delivering O2O services are lower, urban population is denser, and therefore, the fundamentals of the sector can be better once there is consolidation around category leaders,” he says. 在中国,这些方面的因素都有利于O2O行业的发展。“O2O务的配送成本更低,城市人口密度更大,因此,一旦行业领头羊出现整合,行业的基本面可能更好,”他称。 But it is clear that subsidies still play a defining role. 但显而易见的是,补贴仍然起着决定性作用。 Companies are giving massive discounts to tempt consumers. At Rmb99 on the app goodchef.com, it is cheaper to invite a chef over to your house to cook a five-course Sichuan meal than to go to a restaurant, where the same meal might set you back Rmb200. Taking an Uber ride a short distance for Rmb8 is two-thirds the price of a ride in a licensed taxi, whose fares are aly held low by government fiat. 企业以极低的折扣来吸引消费者。在“好厨师”应用上,只要99元人民币就可以请一名大厨上门做5道川菜,而去餐厅吃同样一桌菜可能要破费200元。用优步短途出行只需要8元人民币,是乘坐有牌照出租车的价格(已经被政府法令压低了)的三分之二。 A driver for both Uber and Didi, who gave his name only as Mr Guo, says both companies pay subsidies that often amount to two to three times the cost of the ride. 一名只透露自己姓郭的优步兼滴滴司机称,两家公司付的补贴通常相当于行程成本的两到三倍。 “Subsidies are an essential part of the income. Because of the competition, the fare is very low,” says Mr Gou. “Without subsidies, the fare is not enough to cover the gas — it wouldn’t pay off.” “补贴是收入中必不可少的部分。由于竞争,车费已经非常低了,”郭先生称,“如果没有补贴,车费还不够油钱——划不来。” The ultimate viability of this business model depends on what happens when the money stops, as it inevitably will, say analysts. 分析师称,这种商业模式最终的可行性将取决于停止烧钱——这是不可避免的——后会发生什么。 Last year, there were aly signs that investors have had enough of “cash burn”. Pressure from investors was thought to be behind the merger last year of Didi Dache and Kuaidi Dache, two reigning taxi apps, who no sooner had solved their cash burn problem than Uber appeared on the scene. Later in the year, Meituan and Dianping merged, only to be confronted with search engine Baidu’s competing platform Nuomi. 去年已经出现了投资者受够了“烧钱”的迹象。来自投资者的压力,被认为是去年滴滴和快的合并背后的原因。这两家领先的打车应用刚解决了烧钱的问题,优步就登场了。去年末,美团和大众点评合并,只是为了对抗搜索引擎百度旗下的平台糯米。 “That’s the story of the Chinese internet — the last man standing always wins. And sometimes when there are two last men standing they will merge,” says Mr Gan of Qiming. “这就是中国互联网的故事——最后一个站着的人总会赢的。有时,如果最后还站着的是两个人,他们会合并,”启明的甘剑平称。 Brian Viard, an economist who teaches at the Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business in Beijing, says platforms like Uber and Airbnb depend on large numbers of customers and sellers to achieve a critical mass, which drives down costs. But he said the fundamental model of “burning cash” is more about optimism than economics. 在北京长江商学院(Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business)授课的经济学家布赖恩#8226;维亚尔(Brian Viard)称,优步和Airbnb这类平台依赖于大量的消费者和商家来形成足够大的规模,从而拉低成本。但是他称,“烧钱”的基本模式更多与乐观有关,而不是成本效益。 “A lot of these companies have one thing in common — their perceptions of the odds of success are higher than they actually are,” he says. “这些企业大多都有一个共同点——他们心目中的成功几率高于实际情况,”他称。 /201604/437709。

Freedom 251 smartphone’s shipping starts, how far can the company go自由251智能机开始发货了,公司能走多远 He has done the easy part. On July 8, Mohit Goel, founder of Ringing Bells, the maker of what has been touted — with more than a fair bit of derision — as the world’s cheapest smartphone, personally hand-delivered the first Freedom 251 to Ankita Birla, a 27-year-old vendor coordinator at an electronics company in Noida’s special economic zone.7月8日,铃响公司的创始人Mohit Goel,也就是生产出世界最便宜智能机的那家公司的创始人,亲手把自由251智能机递给第一位客户,27岁的Ankita Birla。 Like many who would have placed an order for the smartphone, Birla was sceptical about actually receiving it. “I never thought they would deliver. I too thought that the company is a fraud,” says Birla, who had become the butt of jokes in her social circle for registering with the firm online. A flurry of negative reports about the company and the controversies they were mired in, such as relabelling an existing brand, defaulting on vendor payments and flouting safety norms, only reinforced her suspicion.跟许多已经下单的客户一样,Birla 也是怀疑是否能真的收到货。“我从来没想过他们会发货。我也以为这家公司是骗子。”Birla因为在网上订购这部手机而在自己的社交圈子成为笑柄。随后传来这家公司的一系列负面报道和争议,比如重新贴牌已有品牌,拖欠客户款,违反安全标准等,这些问题进一步加强了她的怀疑。 Goel uses the moment — and the photo-op — as an opportunity for redemption. From being branded a fraudster to being accused of running a Ponzi scheme, Goel was “crucified” on the cross of cynicism. “They wrote my obituary,” says the 29-year-old Goel, visibly relaxed in the corner room in his office in Phase II of the Noida SEZ. “But I have delivered what I promised.” Goel利用这个自我救赎的机会。从被标榜为骗子,到被指责策划了一场庞氏骗局,Goel被“钉上了”十字架。“他们写下我的讣告。”29岁的Goel说。“然而我已经兑现了承诺。” The last statement may, of course, be premature. Goel may have convinced Birla that Ringing Bells “is for real” but now he’s got to do it at least another 1.99 lakh times. After all, the company had promised to deliver 2 lakh handsets out of 7.5 crore people who registered for Freedom 251.最后一句也许说得太早了。Goel也许已经让Birla相信铃响公司是“来真的”,然而他也许至少要重复19.9万次。毕竟,公司已经承诺向订购自由251智能机的7500万人中的20万人发货。On Friday, Goel claimed Ringing Bells delivered some 2,200 handsets — most of them via courier. He promises to deliver the remaining 2,800 — 5,000 is the target set for the first phase — by Monday.周五,Goel称铃响公司已经发出了大约2200部手机,大多数是他通过快递发出的。他承诺在周一前发出剩余的2800部手机,而5000部手机是第一阶段的发货目标。 /201607/453857。

He confirms he received no money from the movie, adding of his tangential experience of Hollywood: When I was told that there was going to be a film made about me, it was a scary thing, one of the most terrifying things I can imagine. 他实自己没从这部电影拿到一分钱,倒是对好莱坞多懂了一点皮毛。当我被告知有人要拍一部关于我的电影时,感觉很吓人,这是我能想到的最可怕的事情之一。But, looking back, I hope it helps, I’m cautiously optimistic that it will.但回过头来看,我希望它能有所帮助,我谨慎乐观地认为它会有作用的。He looks back over the period since the revelations and reflects that all three branches of government in the US — Congress, courts, president — have changed their position on mass surveillance. 他回顾了爆料以来这段时期的情况,认为美国政府的三大柱——国会、法院和总统——已经改变了对大规模监听的立场。We can actually start to impose more oversight on spies, rather than giving them a free pass to do whatever simply because we’re scared, which is understandable but clearly not ethical.真的,我们可以开始对间谍实施更多监督了,而不能仅仅因为我们害怕,就给他们一张可以为所欲为的免费通行,这可以理解,但显然不道德。What of subsequent developments in the UK, where the government’s response has been to propose laws that not only sanction, post hoc, the intelligence activities that were revealed to be happening, but extend them? He says it was not his intention to tell the world how to structure their laws, but to give people a voice in the process. 英国后来的情况怎么样?英国政府的回应是提议立法,不仅批准那些被披露正在进行的情报活动,还要扩大范围。The laws have gotten worse in some countries. 他表示,自己的本意不是要告诉世界如何制定法律,而是让人民有机会在这个过程中发声。France has gone very far, so too, of course, countries like Russia, China. 在有些国家,法律已经变得更糟。法国已经走得很远,俄罗斯、中国等国当然也是这样。In Britain there’s an authoritarian trend.英国出现了一种威权主义趋势。We don’t allow police to enter and search any home. 我们不允许警察入室搜查。We don’t typically reorder the operation of a free society for the convenience of the police — because that is the definition of a police state, he says, mopping up the last of the rice. 通常,我们不会为了方便警察行事而重新安排一个自由社会的运转秩序——因为那便是警察国家的定义,他说着大口吃完最后一点米饭。And yet some spies and officials are trying to persuade us that we should. 但一些间谍和官员正试图说我们应该这样做。Now, I would argue there’s no real question that police in a police state would be more effective than those in a free and liberal society where the police operate under tighter constraints. 我得说,警察国家的警察无疑会比一个自由、开放社会的警察更高效,因为在自由社会,警察的行动受到更严格的约束。But which one would you rather live in?但你更愿意生活在哪一种社会呢?He has finished his curry and pronounces it quite good. 他吃完了咖喱饭,说非常好吃。The crab cakes are abandoned after a bite. Less good, he says.蟹饼只咬了一口就被放到一边,不太好吃,他说。 We order ice cream — vanilla, strawberry and chocolate for him, sorbet for me. 我们点了冰淇淋,他要了香草、草莓和巧克力口味的,我选了冰沙。The voice on the phone launches into a complicated explanation of why, with five scoops in all, we can have a discount.电话那头的人详细地解释了为什么我们可以享受折扣——总共给了我们五把勺子。Does he never lose sleep at night wondering whether Isis terrorists might not have gained some useful advantage from the information he disclosed?他在夜里从来不失眠吗?他难道不会琢磨伊斯兰国(ISIS)恐怖分子是否从他披露的信息中获得了一些可以利用的优势?Well, firstly, he says, in all the recent European attacks the suspects were known to the authorities, who thus had the ability to target them without having to scoop up everyone else’s data as well. 噢,首先,他说,在欧洲最近发生的所有袭击事件中,当局知道这些嫌疑人,他们有能力把他们列为目标,而不必搜集所有其他人的数据。Secondly, he points out, Osama bin Laden stopped using a mobile phone in 1998 — not because of leaks to newspapers but because there is an aggressive form of Darwinism in terrorist circles. 其次,他指出,奥萨马#8226;本#8226;拉登(Osama bin Laden)从1998年就不使用移动电话了——不是因为谁对报纸泄的密,而是因为恐怖分子的圈子里有一种生猛的达尔文主义。Long before we, the public, know about any of these surveillance measures, they have aly known for years because, if they had not, they are aly dead.早在我们——公众——知晓任何这类监听措施之前,他们已经知道好多年了,因为如果他们不知道的话,他们早就死了。But, he goes on, let’s say that the newspapers had decided this should not be public. 但是,他接着说,假设那些报纸决定这些资料不应被公开。Let’s say the intelligence services had been able to continue using these programs in secret. 假设情报机构能够继续秘密进行这些监听项目。Would it have stopped any of the terrorist attacks that have occurred in the last three years? There’s no public evidence that that’s the case. 那样能阻止过去三年发生的任何一起恐怖袭击吗?没有公开据能明这一点。In fact, there’s no classified evidence that that’s the case, or else we’d be ing it in the newspapers.实际上,也没有秘密据能明,否则我们就会在报纸上看到。We move on to talking about stories alleging Russian hacking of the NSA itself and of the Democratic party’s governing body, the Democratic National Committee. 我们接着谈论美国国家安全局本身以及美国民主党的管理机构——民主党全国委员会(Democratic National Committee)遭到俄罗斯黑客入侵的传闻。The former involved a group calling itself the Shadow Brokers, who threatened to auction very sophisticated alleged NSA surveillance tools. 前者涉及一个自称影子经纪人的组织,威胁要拍卖非常先进的据说是美国国家安全局所使用的监控工具。The latter was a collection of DNC emails published — to general embarrassment — by WikiLeaks in July.后者涉及维基解密(WikiLeaks)7月公布的民主党全国委员会的一批邮件——让民主党上下都脸上无光。The Shadow Broker leak, says Snowden, doesn’t strike me as a whistleblower: that strikes me as a warning. 斯诺登说,影子经纪人泄密事件并未让我觉得他们是泄密者,我觉得这是一次警告,是通过信息泄露的方式传达政治信息。It’s political messaging being carried out through information disclosure. 至于民主党全国委员会遭攻击事件,正如他所言,人们普遍认为这是俄罗斯黑客所为。And the DNC hack, where, as he observes, the conventional wisdom is that it was the Russians? This is part of the problem of this surveillance free-for-all that we’re allowing to occur by refusing to moderate our own behaviour. 这是这种不加限制的监控行为带来的一部分问题,正是我们拒绝克制自己的行为才使得这种状况得以发生。We’ve set a kind of global precedent that anything is possible and nothing is prohibited.我们树立了一种全球先例——一切皆有可能,没有什么是被禁止的。Now, the fact the DNC got hacked is not surprising and interesting. 民主党全国委员会被侵入的事实并不令人觉得惊讶和有趣。We’re hacking political parties around the world, so is every country. 我们会侵入世界各国的政党,每个国家都在这样做。What makes it interesting is that some of the things taken from this server were published afterwards. 这件事有趣的地方是,从该务器窃取的一些信息后来被公之于众。That’s quite novel. 这一点非常新鲜。I think.我觉得。Which makes him think what? That it’s for political effect.什么让他这么想?这是为了起到政治效果。He says — as someone who used to try and do this sort of thing to the Chinese — that it would be easy to attribute the hack to whoever had done it. 他说,很容易将这次攻击算到做过这种事的人头上——就像某些人过去常常试图这么对待中国人。But this creates a problem because, let’s say, the NSA has the smoking gun that says the Russians hacked the DNC, and they tell us the Russians hacked the DNC, how can we be sure? It presumes a level of trust that no longer exists.然而,这会带来一个问题,因为,假设说,美国国家安全局掌握了俄罗斯人侵入民主党全国委员会的确凿据,并且他们告诉我们俄国人侵入了民主党全国委员会,我们又如何确信呢?这么做假定了一种不复存在的信任度。The ice creams arrive along with an espresso, replacing the first set of dishes on the bed. 冰淇淋和意式浓缩咖啡一齐到了,换掉了床上的第一套餐具。Snowden spills a bit of chicken curry on the duvet and apologetically mops it up with a towel.斯诺登不慎把一点鸡肉咖喱汁洒到了羽绒被上,他带着歉意用纸巾拭去。Aren’t we beginning to discover that no digital databases are secure? We are living through a crisis in computer security the likes of which we’ve never seen, he says. 我们不是正开始发现没有哪个数字化的数据库是安全的?他说:我们正在经历一场计算机安全危机,类似危机我们从未见过。But until we solve the fundamental problem, which is that our policy incentivises offence to a greater degree than defence, hacks will continue unpredictably and they will have increasingly larger effects and impacts.然而,我们的政策对攻击的鼓励多于对防御的鼓励,在我们解决这个根本问题以前,黑客攻击还会以不可预测的方式继续出现,其后果和影响也会越来越大。The answer, he thinks, is that there ought to be some form of liability for negligence in software architecture, such as would apply in the food industry. 他认为,要解决这个问题,应该规定在软件架构的设计中存在疏忽行为须得承担某种责任,就如食品行业的做法一样。He adds, drily: People from my tribe will be extraordinarily mad at me for suggesting regulation in the terms of negligence for software security.他淡淡地接着说道:我提议针对软件安全的过失方面制定规章,圈子里的人听到会气得发疯。He has finished his ice cream and declines coffee. 他吃完了冰淇淋,谢绝了咖啡。Life in Moscow is getting better, he says: I’m more open now than I’ve been since 2013. 他说,在莫斯科的生活越来越好了,比起2013年事情发生后的一段时期,我现在更开放了。He sees few people — such meetings as this are rare — and divides his time between public speaking (which pays the bills) and devising tools to protect the digital security of journalists. 他见的人很少,类似这次的会晤十分少见。他的时间主要用在公开演讲(由此带来的收入用于付各种账单)和设计供记者使用的保护数字信息安全的工具。He would rather not go into the family stuff or how often he sees Lindsay Mills, his partner, who was left behind in Hawaii when he quit his job for the NSA there and disappeared to Hong Kong.他不愿谈及家事,也不肯透露多久见一次林赛#8226;米尔斯(Lindsay Mills)。后者是他的女朋友,在他从美国国家安全局离职跑到香港以后被留在了夏威夷。His American lawyer, Ben Wizner at the American Civil Liberties Union, is reported to be preparing to launch a petition to President Barack Obama to grant Snowden a pardon before he steps down. 据报道,他的美国律师、美国公民自由联盟(American Civil Liberties Union)的本#8226;维茨纳(Ben Wizner)正准备向美国总统巴拉克#8226;奥巴马(Barack Obama)请愿,希望奥巴马在卸任前赦免斯诺登。Snowden will only say: Of course I hope they’re successful but this has never really been about what happens to me. 对此斯诺登只表示:我当然希望他们成功,不过这完全与我个人境遇无关。No matter how the outcome shakes out, it’s something I can live with.不论结果如何,我都可以接受。His chances of a happy ending under President Donald Trump would be zero, I observe. 我看,若是唐纳德#8226;特朗普(Donald Trump)当了总统,他这事得以善终的可能性必然为零。What about under President Hillary Clinton? You’re trying to drag me into a political quagmire, he protests. 但如果是希拉里#8226;克林顿(Hillary Clinton)总统呢?他抗议道:你在把我拖入一个政治难题。He collects himself, looking intensely at the ground, before sidestepping the question: I think we should have better choices. 他紧紧地盯着地面,凝神想了一会儿,还是没有正面回答这个问题,而是说道:我认为,我们应该有更好的选择。We’re a country of 330m people and we seem to be being asked to make a choice between individuals whose lives are defined by scandal. 我们是个拥有3.3亿人的国家,而我们却似乎被要求在各个丑闻缠身的人之间做出选择。I simply think we should be capable of more.我就是认为,我们应该能有更多选择。If he’s tough on the options in US politics, his willingness to tweet criticism of Russian politics to his 2.3m followers has not gone unnoticed. 如果说他在谈到美国政治的选择空间时措辞严厉,那么人们没有忽视的是,他很愿意在Twitter网站上,向他的230万粉丝发表对俄罗斯政治的批评。A lot of people who care about me tell me to shut up, but if I was married to my own self-interest, I never would have left Hawaii.许多关心我的人让我闭嘴,然而如果我只在乎个人利益,我就不会离开夏威夷了。I can’t fix the human rights situation in Russia, and realistically my priority is to fix my own country first, because that’s the one to which I owe the greatest loyalty. 我无法改善俄罗斯的人权状况,而且说实在的,我首要关心的是先改善我自己的国家,因为它才是我怀有最大忠诚的国度。But though the chances are it will make no difference, maybe it’ll help.尽管很可能改变不了什么,但也许会起作用呢。He gathers up his dark glasses: it’s time for him to melt into the Moscow crowds. 他拿起墨镜——隐入莫斯科人群中的时间到了。A final question: the Stone film shows him spiriting his trove of secrets out of the NSA on a micro-SD card hidden in a Rubik’s Cube. True or false?我提了最后一个问题:在斯通的电影中,他通过藏在一块魔方里的内存卡,把大量机密带出了美国国家安全局,这是不是真的?Oliver confirmed in an interview recently that that’s a touch of the dramatic licence, but that’s only because I wouldn’t confirm or deny how it really happened. 奥利弗在最近一次访谈中实这是戏剧手法,但他这么说只是因为我不愿实真实情况是怎样的,也不愿否认。I will say that I gave Rubik’s Cubes to everyone in my office, it’s true. 我只会说我给办公室里的每个人都送了魔方,这一点是真的。I really did that. 我确实这么做了。And with that he is gone.他说完这句话就走了。 /201609/468076。

Xiaomi has sealed a deal to buy some 1,500 patents from Microsoft, a move that will help the Chinese smartphone maker expand exports and earn the US technology giant some badly needed goodwill in Beijing.小米(Xiaomi)与微软(Microsoft)达成一项协议,将向微软购买约1500项专利,此举将帮助这家中国智能手机制造商扩大出口,并为这家美国科技巨头在中国获得一些亟需的商誉。The transaction addresses a key weakness facing Xiaomi, which is seeking to sell its devices in countries outside its home market but has been hindered by its relative lack of intellectual property to fend off lawsuits.这笔交易化解了小米面临的一项主要弱势,该公司希望在本土市场以外的国家销售其产品,但由于相对缺乏知识产权来抵御诉讼,这方面的努力受阻。“In terms of patents we are a young company,” Xiaomi said yesterday, adding that the Microsoft deal was “a big milestone for us. It will help us with operations in new markets.”“从专利的角度来看,我们是一家年轻公司,”小米昨日表示,该公司补充称,与微软的协议“是我们的一项重要里程碑。它将有利于我们在新市场的业务。”The agreement comes on the eve of a visit to Beijing by Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella. The US company is still the subject of an antitrust investigation in China over the bundling of software, and its offices were raided by Chinese authorities in July 2014.该协议是在微软首席执行官萨蒂亚#8226;纳德拉(Satya Nadella)访华前夕签订的。微软仍因软件捆绑问题在中国面临反垄断调查,2014年7月,中国当局曾突击搜查该公司驻华办事处。The patents deal includes Xiaomi installing Microsoft’s Office and Skype software on its phones. Financial terms were not made public.这项专利协议包括小米将在其手机上安装微软的Office和Skype软件。交易金额没有公开。Xiang Wang, senior vice-president, said Xiaomi was “excited” to be working with Microsoft and the deal demonstrated the Chinese company was “looking to build sustainable, long-term partnerships with global technology leaders”.小米高级副总裁王翔表示,小米对于与微软合作感到“激动”,该协议明,小米“希望与全球科技领军企业建立可持续的长期合作”。Other US tech groups facing setbacks in China have looked to do deals with local champions, partly as a way to win favour with Beijing. Last month Apple invested bn in Didi Chuxing, China’s version of Uber, which some analysts said they believed was at least partly motivated by government relations.其他在中国受挫的美国科技集团也已寻求与中国冠军企业做生意,在一定程度上是为了赢得中国政府的青睐。上月,苹果(Apple)向中国版优步(Uber)滴滴出行(Didi Chuxing)投资10亿美元,一些分析人士表示,他们认为,此举至少在一定程度上受到政府关系的驱使。Xiaomi said it had applied for 5,700 patents over the past two years but declined to give any detail on the number it has been awarded and where. The deal was a drop in the bucket for Microsoft, with its 60,000 patents.小米表示,过去两年该公司已申请5700项专利,但拒绝透露有关获得批准的专利数量以及在何处获批的详细数据。对于拥有6万项专利的微软而言,该协议只是很小的一部分。A lean patent portfolio has hindered Xiaomi’s efforts to ramp up exports. In the smartphone industry, patent litigation is a serious challenge and access to a large number of patents allows companies to reduce their vulnerability to lawsuits by cross-licensing and trading patents.专利组合薄弱迄今阻碍着小米扩大出口的努力。在智能手机领域,专利诉讼是一项严峻挑战,获得大量专利将让公司通过交叉许可和专利交易减少诉讼带来的影响。In India, its largest prospective foreign market, Xiaomi last year faced a patent lawsuit in a Delhi High Court by Swedish telecoms equipment maker Ericsson.在印度,瑞典电信设备制造商爱立信(Ericsson)去年在德里高院(Delhi High Court)起诉小米专利侵权。印度是小米最具潜力的海外市场。The case continues, though Xiaomi won a reprieve in a subsequent ruling barring it only from importing and selling phones containing components linked to the Ericsson dispute.该案仍在审理中,尽管小米在随后的裁决中赢得喘息空间,仅被禁止进口和销售含有与爱立信纠纷相关的部件的手机。Xiaomi currently exports to seven countries outside of China and Hong Kong, including Malaysia, India and Brazil.除了中国内地和香港以外,小米目前还向7个国家销售产品,包括马来西亚、印度和巴西。Expanding exports is part of a strategy to bolster sales, which are sagging in China. Xiaomi was the best-selling smartphone brand in China in 2014 and part of 2015 but has been eclipsed by Shenzhen-based rival Huawei.扩大出口是提升销售的战略的一部分,如今小米在中国销售疲弱。在2014年全年和2015年部分时期,小米曾是中国最畅销的智能手机品牌,但现在已被总部位于深圳的竞争对手华为(Huawei)超越。Xiaomi sold more than 70m phones in 2015, up from 61m the year before but missing both its original target of 100m and a revised goal of 80m.小米在2015年销售了逾7000万部手机,超过了2014年的6100万部,但没有实现最初制定的销售1亿部(后来调整为8000万部)的目标。Microsoft itself has had little success in trying to crack the global smartphone market. It acquired Nokia’s hardware business in 2013 for .2bn but the deal has been disastrous. Microsoft said last month it would take an additional 0m writedown, having aly written down .6bn from its mobile phone operations and laid off 7,800 staff.微软自己在进军全球智能手机市场方面乏善可陈。它在2013年斥资72亿美元收购了诺基亚(Nokia)的硬件业务,但该交易是灾难性的。微软上月表示,将再次减记9.5亿美元,它之前已经对其手机业务减记了76亿美元,并裁掉了7800名员工。Bryan Ma at IT consultancy IDC in Singapore said of the deal: “It’s a win-win, with one side building up its patent collection and the other building up its ecosystem. But this deal alone won’t change either of their fortunes overnight.”新加坡IT咨询公司IDC的马伯远(Bryan Ma)谈到该交易时表示:“这是一笔双赢交易,让一方积累专利数量,另一方打造其生态系统。但单凭该协议不会在一夜之间改变它们的命运。” /201606/447439。

Just 10 percent of the 30 million Chinese currently suffering from depression are getting proper medical care due to a lack of psychiatrists and social prejudice against mental illness, experts have said.At a meeting in Shanghai last week, mental health professionals said that China has just 17,000 registered psychiatrists, or one for every 76,000 people.Most Western countries have a 10-times better ratio.Hao Wei, vice-director of the Chinese Psychiatrists' Association, said that more than 60 percent of those currently suffering from depression could greatly benefit from proper medication or professional psychiatric help."But there are just too few doctors available," Hao said, adding that investment in mental healthcare was also insufficient.Hao said that about 25 percent of depression cases are first diagnosed by physicians."We need to help our physician colleagues recognize the early signs of depression, so that they can refer those patients to psychiatric professionals," Hao said.However, the greatest problem, Hao said, comes from society, in the shape of the widesp prejudice people have toward those with mental health problems.Because of public prejudice, many patients are reluctant to visit hospitals specializing in mental care, he said. As a result, 75 percent of all anti-depressants are prescribed by physicians.Some patients are reluctant to take such pills, as they are concerned about the side effects, Hao said.The economic cost of depression, in terms of medical bills and lost manpower, is about 60 billion yuan a year, experts said.A survey conducted recently in Zhejiang and Hebei provinces found that depression was more prevalent in rural communities. Women were also more likely to suffer from it than men, the survey said. 据专家介绍,由于精神治疗医师的缺乏及对于心理疾病社会偏见的存在,在我国目前3000万的抑郁症患者中,仅有10%的人正在接受正规治疗。出席上周在上海召开的某会议的心理健康专家们说,中国目前仅有1万7千名注册心理医师,即每76000人仅有1名心理医生。这一比例在大多数西方国家要高出10倍。中国精神医师协会的副主席郝威说,在目前的抑郁症患者中,超过60%的人通过适当的药物治疗或专业的心理咨询务可以使抑郁症状大大减轻。据他介绍,由于在心理保健方面的投资不够,“这方面的医生太少了。”郝威说,约25%的抑郁症是由内科医生诊断出来的。他说:“我们要帮助内科医师识别判断抑郁症的早期征兆,这样内科医师便可以建议这些病人向精神科医师求助。”然而,最大的问题来自于社会上对于心理疾病患者的广泛歧视和偏见。他说,由于社会歧视的存在,很多病人不愿意去心理疾病专科医院就诊。这造成75%的抗抑郁药物都是由内科医师开具的。有些病人不愿用这些药物,因为他们担心这些药会产生副作用。据专家介绍,从医疗费和损失的人力上来看,抑郁症所造成的年经济损失达到600亿元。浙江省和河北省近日开展的一项调查发现,抑郁症在农村地区更为普遍。而且女性比男性更容易患抑郁症。 /200805/39038。

In the folklore of the startup world, few figures loom larger than the teenager. 在创业界的传说中,没有谁像青少年这个群体那样令人关切。Teenagers see the future, set trends and spend money, or compel parents to spend it for them. 他们能预见未来、引领潮流、花钱或迫使父母为他们花钱。Their behavior has become an obsession for entrepreneurs.企业家痴迷于他们的行为。This would seem to bode well for Musical.ly, an app that is young in every sense of the word. 对应用程序妈妈咪呀(Musical.ly)来说,这似乎是个好兆头。The Shanghai-based company founded in 2014 claims more than 100 million users, most of whom, the company says, are in the 13-20 age bracket. 从各种角度讲,它都是一个年轻的应用。这家上海公司创立于2014年,号称拥有逾1亿用户。该公司称,他们大多在13岁至20岁这个年龄段。In August, the company teamed up with MTV for a promotion tied to the Video Music Awards.今年8月,该公司与MTV合作,与音乐录影带大奖(Video Music Awards)捆绑推广。What is striking about the app, though, is how many of its users appear to be even younger than that. 不过,这个应用引人注目的一点是它的很多用户似乎比它所宣称的还要年轻。Musical.ly has not just found the coveted teenage audience — it may have gone lower. 妈妈咪呀不仅找到了这些令人艳羡的青少年观众,而且还可能找到了年龄更小的用户。And it points to a growing tension between younger users, technology companies, and the norms and laws that regulate them both.而且它展现出更年轻的用户、技术公司以及管控他们双方的规范与法规之间的紧张关系。The app encourages a youthful audience in subtle and obvious ways. 该应用以巧妙、明显的方式鼓励年轻观众。It lets users create short s in which they can lip-sync, dance or goof around to popular songs, movie scenes and other audio sources, and then post the s to an Instagram-style feed.它让用户创作短视频,他们可以在里面跟着流行歌曲、电影画面或其他音频资源对口型演唱、跳舞或玩闹,然后把视频发布到一个类似Instagram的订阅源。Its featured feed includes stars popular with young listeners, including Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez, as well as lesser-known talent and social media personalities who have crossed over from services like Vine. 它以年轻听众喜欢的巨星,比如爱莉安娜#8226;格兰德(Ariana Grande)和塞琳娜#8226;戈麦斯(Selena Gomez),以及一些从Vine等网站转过来的不太出名的明星和网红发布的视频为号召。And its tool for posting s includes an entire category for songs from Disney films and TV shows.其发布视频的工具包括从迪士尼电影歌曲到电视节目等各种分类。The app does not collect or show the age of its users, but some of its top-ranked users, whose posts routinely collect millions of likes, called hearts, appear from their s and profile photos to be in grade school. 该应用不收集或显示用户的年龄,不过从它的一些顶级用户(他们发布的视频通常能得到好几百万的心型赞)发布的视频和头像来看,他们都是小学生。Until recently, the app had a feature that suggested users to follow based on their location. 直到前不久,该应用推出一项功能,建议用户根据自己的位置进行关注。In New York, that feature revealed a list composed largely not just of teenagers, but of children.在纽约,那项功能显示出大部分用户不仅有青少年,而且有儿童。This is no question the youngest social network we’ve ever seen, said Gary Vaynerchuk, chief executive of VaynerMedia, an advertising agency that focuses on social media. 这无疑是我们见过的最年轻的社交网络,专攻社交媒体的广告公司VaynerMedia的首席执行官加里#8226;维纳查克(Gary Vaynerchuk)说。Vaynerchuk, who has helped clients produce campaigns for the platform, said he first spotted the app in the iTunes App Store charts, and through Musical.ly s reposted to other services like Instagram.维纳查克帮助客户为该平台制作广告。他说,他最初是通过iTunes的App Store列表以及转发到Instagram等网站上的妈妈咪呀视频注意到这个应用的。I would say that Snapchat and Instagram, they skew a little bit young, he said. 我得说,Snapchat和Instagram的用户偏年轻,他说。But with Musical.ly, you’re talking about first, second, third grade.不过,妈妈咪呀的用户都是一年级、二年级、三年级的学生。This puts Musical.ly in a strange position. 这将妈妈咪呀置于一个奇怪的位置。Websites and online service operators that target users under 13 must meet federal requirements regarding the collection and sharing of personal information, which is defined broadly to include names, photos or s, or persistent identifiers, such as usernames. 以13岁以下的儿童为目标用户的网站或在线务运营商必须满足联邦政府关于收集和分享个人信息的要求,包括名字、照片、视频或长期身份,比如用户名。The restrictions are part of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule, often called COPPA, enacted by the Federal Trade Commission.这些限制是联邦贸易委员会(Federal Trade Commission)制订的儿童网络隐私保护规定(Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule,通常被称为COPPA)的一部分。Services that are more openly marketed toward children often stringently adhere to COPPA’s privacy rules. 更公开地向儿童进行推广的务商往往会严格遵守COPPA的隐私规定。Vine Kids, for example, is a limited and largely passive service with no usernames or posting capabilities; similarly, YouTube Kids is essentially an app full of streaming children’s programming, walled off from the rest of YouTube’s ecosystem. 比如,Vine Kids是一个有限的、很大程度上非常被动的应用,它没有用户名或视频发布功能。同样,YouTube Kids本质上是一个儿童节目在线播放平台,与YouTube生态系统的其他部分隔开。In contrast, Musical.ly, like Snapchat or Instagram, is a full-functioning social network, popular with young people but not openly marketed to them.相比之下,妈妈咪呀和Snapchat或Instagram一样,是一个功能齐全的社交网络,在年轻人中很受欢迎,不过不是公开向他们推广。Such discussions about privacy can feel strained against the backdrop of technological change. 这些关于隐私的讨论在技术变革的背景下显得有些勉强。The first version of COPPA became law in 1998, almost a decade before the iPhone was introduced. COPPA的第一版是1998年通过立法的,那几乎是在iPhone推出10年前。Last year, the research firm Influence Central said that, on average, parents who give their children smartphones do so at age 12. 去年,调查公司Influence Central称,平均来讲,父母在孩子12岁时给他们智能手机。And once they have a phone, they get apps.孩子们一旦拥有手机,就开始接触应用。In a study of the law published in 2011 by the academic journal First Monday, researchers suggested that COPPA created intractable issues. 在学术期刊《First Monday》2011年发布的一项关于该法律的研究中,研究者认为,COPPA制造了一些棘手的问题。To remain compliant, tech companies either cut off young users or claimed ignorance of their presence, while parents, for whom the law is meant to provide guidance and comfort, often ended up helping their children circumvent sign-up rules.为了遵守法律,技术公司要么不让年轻用户使用,要么佯装这些用户不存在,而父母们虽然认为这项法律是为了提供指导,让人安心,结果却往往是帮助孩子们绕过注册规定。Increasing the current style of enforcement, the report concluded, would only encourage firms to focus on denying access rather than providing privacy protection or cooperating with parents.这份报告认为,强化目前的执法形式只会鼓励公司把注意力放在拒绝访问上,而不是提供隐私保护或与父母配合上。In short, children are using their smartphones much like the rest of us, whether or not they are comprehensively addressed by regulations or by broader cultural conventions.简而言之,儿童使用智能手机的方式和我们其他这些人很像,不管他们总体来讲是否受到法规或更广泛的文化传统的关注。Alex Hofmann, president of Musical.ly, said the company tries to be mindful of its popularity with younger users.妈妈咪呀的总裁亚历克斯#8226;霍夫曼(Alex Hofmann)说,该公司努力关注它在更年轻用户中的流行。One of the differences to other apps, he said, is that we don’t only talk to the musers — the company’s term for users — we talk to the parents.我们与其他应用的一个不同之处在于,他说,我们不仅与muser(该公司对用户的称呼)交流,还与他们的父母交流。He keeps close counsel with a network of a few dozen top users, and some of their families, and frequently asks for feedback from both regarding everything from user safety to new features. (The company’s support page contains an entire section directed toward parents — one that notes the app is intended for 13-plus only.)他与几十名顶级用户和其中部分人的家庭保持密切联系,经常征求从用户安全到新功能是否好用的各种意见(该公司的持页面有一部分内容完全是写给父母的,点明该应用仅面向13岁以上的用户)。Ultimately, Hofmann said, he expects the app to diversify its audience.霍夫曼说,他期望该应用最终能让自己的用户更多样化。We really see ourselves as a real social network, and as a network for different age groups, he said.我们真的认为自己是一个真正的社交网络,面向不同的年龄层,他说。For now, the company will have to navigate a peculiar if widely envied situation — capitalizing on its apparent popularity with an audience that it cannot fully acknowledge, watched over by wary but increasingly complicit parents.目前,该公司将不得不在一个独特而广受艳羡的境况中前行——利用一个它不能完全承认的用户群对它的明显青睐,而这群用户受到警惕而又越来越串通一气的父母的监视。A year ago, there was basically nobody who was 40 years old on Snapchat, Vaynerchuk said. If Musical.ly can hold on, they will age up.一年前,Snapchat上几乎没有40岁以上的人,维纳查克说,如果妈妈咪呀能坚持下去,用户们也会慢慢长大。 /201609/467304。